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Friday, May 27, 2005

Impact Review For May 27,2005

As you all know from either checking your TV guides or from just reading on the net today’s Impact will be the last one on Fox Sports Network. According to the TNA message board Impact tapings are canceled until Slammiversary on June 19, 2005. Now with rumors running rampant on the net you don’t know what is true and what is not unless it comes from an official site, but it seems that Impact is going to go on to WGN. The official announcement should be made any day as soon as the deal is official. Now on to my Impact review.

The first match of Impact started off with a bang! The match was 3LK BG James and “The Truth” Ron Killings VS. AMW. The match it’s self wasn’t the most exciting part it was what happened after the match. The winner of the match was 3LK. AMW started fighting after the match again. So again are they breaking up or are they turning heel like everyone is speculating.

I personally don’t think that AMW has the edge or the attitude to be a heel. The only thing they can work is a face they aren’t XXX. Turning “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels heel was one of the best choices TNA has made.

Next thing you know The Outlaw is running into the ring to attack Killings but BG got in the way. Then Konnan came out. Konnan and Killings attacked The Outlaw. Konnan and Killings left BG in the ring with The Outlaw on the outside. BG told The Outlaw to suck it and left.

Next Terry Taylor interviewed AMW asking them about their fighting. They basically said well teams fight. AMW will also be facing 3LK at Slammiversary.

The second match of the evening was Romeo VS. Zack Owen. Now anyone that watched the last PPV Hard Justice saw Zack in action during the 20-man gauntlet. He was the one legged wrestler. I have to give him a lot of credit for getting out there and wrestling with his disability.

There was some people making fun of him but I figure they were just too ignorant to see what an achievement he was able to make just to be able to overcome his disability enough to do something he wanted to do. I think the real highlight of this match was when Zack did a flip off the top rope. Zack did win the match by pin fall.

Next Terry Taylor was interviewing Chris Sabin about his 3-way match at Slammiversary. When Trinity came out to tell Sabin they should team up after what Traci and Michael Shane did to them. They decided to team up just to go after them.

Team Canada’s Scott D’Amore joined the announcer’s booth for the next match.

Match three was Phi Delta Slams Bruno Sassi with Big Tilley Vs. Lance Hoyt. This was a hard match for me because I like both of the participants. But in the end Bruno screwed up and lost the match. At this point Scott came down to the ring to tell Lance he was no match for his guys. Scott then told him he was going to go in the ring and kick his ass when Bobby Roode attacked Hoyt from behind.

Terry Taylor did an interview with The Naturals.

Match four of the night was Buck Quartermain and Lexx Lovvett VS. The Naturals. This match was not the best but it wasn’t bad. The Naturals won the match they are defiantly on a winning streak. Team Canada ran in and attacked The Naturals at the end of the match.

Terry Taylor interviewed Jeff Jarrett and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown about the king of the mountain match.

The next match was the main event of the evening featuring “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and AJ Styles. This was I think the best match of the night and not because it was the main event because we all know from experience the main events aren’t always as good as they should be. Abyss did come out to watch the match. Jarrett made a big mistake when he hit Monty with his guitar. AJ hit that new move he has been using (SFX’S finisher cutting room floor) causing the team of AJ Styles and Sean Waltman to win the match.

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