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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Thoughts

You know I must confess that I really don't watch a lot of WWE any more but my long time readers know this because I have stated this before due to the vulgar nature of WWE and not appropriate for children . When I do watch WWE it's normally Smackdown. But I do read on the net as well as what the other writers on my blog write.

I have to say I wasn't surprised when I read Mike's Raw review yesterday! The following is what really caught my attention about Mike's Review:

Next the crowd was awoken by one of the best shoot promos in recent memory.
Bischoff gloating about he killed ECW. Then Vince comes out. He reveals
that he DID financially support ECW. and the great stars that came from ECW
to the WWE. ECW music hits and Vince introduces my main man PAUL HEYMAN!!!!
Heyman goes on about the legacy of ECW!!! Whole crowd chants the ECW
thing. Vince then turns to Bischoff and says, "I killed WCW".

Now I'm sure I whole wrestling world gasped in shock and dismay! I mean really that was the perfect scam after all. I mean it is really a rich gets richer move and total brilliance on Vince's part not on Heyman's part. Heyman was nothing but Vince's puppet! Now I have to state for the record I don't like Vince. I really think he is heartless, cruel, and a dirty scoundrel. But he is the truest definition of shrewd business man. He will do what ever it takes for what is most important to him the all mighty dollar.

Now I am starting to feel like I am beating a dead horse on this subject after the column I wrote on March 19, 2005 after sitting watching "The Rise And Fall Of ECW". If you have not read that column or would like to reread it Click Here.

Now to my udder shock and dismay Mike felt the need to attack my post in his next column on April 1,2005. The following is the highlight of that column;

I was online the other day, and I saw an article about Paul Heyman. Now I know how some people I know feel about him, but I am going to put it all on the line. Paul Heyman is a dunce in Business Finance, but he is without a doubt, one of the best wrestling minds in recent history. For the rest of the column Click Here.

I knew when I wrote the column I was going to receive a lot of flack about it but I was prepared for this. I knew by far it would be the most controversial column I had written to date. I did have a comment posted by a reader saying to believe what I had written would be the death to everything he loved about ECW.

I understand how he felt because I to used to watch ECW, but at the same time I felt it was the right thing for me to do by witting a column about my suspicions. I take my writing seriously. I felt that was something that needed to be out in the open for the pubic to think about so when the time came that what I suspected turned out to be true it would help to soften the blow.

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