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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Review of NRW May 20th Show

By the time I made it the VFW 2093 about 5 minutes before doors open, there was already a decent crowd or eager fans lined up, ready to cheer on their favorites. The show started about 5 minutes late.

Scott Hall was introduced and said a few kind words before the show started.

The first match of the night was Stormy VS. Barney Rumble with Rico Moon. This match was a bit back and forth but Stormy had the upper hand for most of the match. Until Barney attacked referee Bad Boy. So that Rico could get in there and help Barney out. Causing the match to be a draw.

Rico threw a huge temper tantrum in the ring about how he was cheated again by "crooked commissioner" Lee Douglas. He also went as far as to state that Lee and Rico Casanova were to scared to come out and face him! Unfortunately for Moon they did come out to face him and Scott Hall came with them. Hall removed all the trash from the ring. Lee gave Stormy the win.

Match two was Mister Saint Laurent VS. Josh Rich. This match proved to be a good match even though MSL had the weight advantage. It was a great struggle for the win. Josh had a couple close calls but MSL proved to be to much of a challenge for him.

Match three was one of the more important matches of the night! The winner of this match gets to face the winner of The Dudes VS. Team No Respect for the tag team titles. This match was a three way tag team match. The participants for this match were SFX and Legion Cage VS. Big Daddy of Death Valley Crew and Destroyer VS. Rico Moon and Manson.

This match started out with two wrestlers in the ring but Lee came out and stated that one wrestler from each team must be in the ring at all time. This really got this match moving. I have to say I get more and more impressed with SFX'S ability every time I see him in the ring. He has some very impressive moves. SFX did get a pin fall over Destroyer causing Destroyers team to get disqualified. But Moon and Manson were able to get the upper hand in the match. Moon and Manson won the match getting a shot at the tag team titles.

Match four of the night was Bonez the Cutthroat VS. Frankie Capone. This match was typical of these two wrestlers. Insulting each other and not really doing anything overly impressive. Frankie was the winner of the match. By the end of this match though it did look like the ring was sagging slightly in the middle on the one side. I of course thought it was just me.

Rico Moon came out again to inform everyone that he has added a new member to his team. I think their Loonie Moonies or something. His new addition was Badd Boy.

Match five of the night was one I was really looking forward to The Dudes (Rouge and Dusty Michaels) Vs. Team No Respect (Tommy Marr and Blade Walker). After the way the Rouge and Marr match ended last month of course Rouge is going to be after Marr for taking his title. This match was a great match.

There was action going on inside and outside of the ring. Rouge was mainly feuding with Marr out side of the ring. But inside the ring Walker slammed Dusty on to the ring with such force you could see that the ring was breaking in the middle! While they continued to battle in the ring with the ring breaking more and more with every slam.

Marr and Rouge continued to beat the hell out of each other inside the ring. You really didn't know what action you wanted to watch more. But kept getting drawn to the action inside the ring waiting to see what would happen. Would it break with the force that the two wrestlers inside the ring were using or would it stay together.

Walker did end up pinning Dusty and chock slamming him with such force that the ring finally broke. Giving his team the chance to face Rico and Manson for the tag team belt that were forfeited by Axis and Python due to an injury. This match did not end a minute to soon, when the ring crew came out to look at it the one side of the ring collapsed.

At this point they had some wrestlers come back out to do more autographs and pictures like they had done during intermission. Scott Hall had been walking around and taking the time to talk to each and every one of the fans as well as the wrestlers.

Scott took this time to give one of the fans that is in a wheelchair a NWO action figure set featuring him and Kevin Nash that was autographed by both of them because he felt she had made an impact on his life. I don't care what anyone says about him I think he is a really great guy and a real asset to the wrestling community.

He isn't one that wants to keep his experience a secret he wants to share it with other wrestlers and help them become better wrestlers.

After about ten minutes Lee announced that while they were still trying to fix the ring there was going to be a falls count anywhere match with Kahagas Vs. Brian Gamble. Now let me just say I have seen Kahagas many many times and he is an awesome wrestler. Gamble on the other hand is an ex gladiator and ex roller jam skater that really hasn't found his groove in wrestling. I really don't think he will either! This match was very violent, but any match with Kahagas in it tends to be. This match was all over the VFW hall. To my disappointment Gamble got lucky and won the match.

After the match Lee got up and informed the crowd that the VFW was throwing us all out because we were too rowdy. Lee was very gracious and apologetic. Rico Casanova who is part owner of NRW never at any point got up and said anything or offered any type of compensation. I do feel that the VFW should have never booked a wrestling show if they were in fact looking for a night of bingo or a tea party!

I also feel that it was a great show even with the technical difficulties with the ring and getting thrown out but again I still feel that Rico C. should have offered some sort of compensation even if it was just a couple of dollars off at the next show with your ticket stub.

Just to show the fans hey you know what you got screwed just as much as we did but we appreciate you coming. Not well I have your money now so piss on you. Which I feel if Lee had the authority he would have because Lee is a great stand up guy!

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At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Rico Casanova said...

You know Heather, you are absolutely right and I apologize. It just had been a very long day and I was not really feeling well at all. I will charge $3 dollars at the next NRW show to the fans that were there. I was just in shock when the lady kicked us out and if anyone came to me to suggest what you said, I would have done it right then. I hope you accept my apology. My intention was not to make anyone feel that way.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Rico Casanova said...

$3 less per ticket that is.


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