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Thursday, May 12, 2005

ROH News

May 8th: A Tag Team Title match has been signed for this Friday's event in Dayton, OH at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Coliseum. Champions BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs will face the challenge of The Second City Saints of CM Punk & Ace Steel. Whitmer requested a title defense against Punk & Steel so he can "exorcise the demons of that street fight" (Death Before Dishonor II: Part 2). That match saw Punk & Steel win the feud against Whitmer & Dan Maff when Steel pinned Whitmer. It is perhaps the greatest hardcore style match in ROH history. Dayton will see Whitmer have a chance to even the score. We will have more matches for both Dayton and Saturday's event in Chicago tomorrow or the next day in the Newswire.

May 8th: Austin Aries has challenged Low Ki to a one-on-one match on June 12th when ROH returns to Manhattan with an afternoon event at The Super Club. Ki has accepted although ROH officials have yet to sanction this match. ROH officials refuse to grant Ki a title match. Aries has stated that he wants to defend the title in this match. Aries vs. Ki will happen on June 12th, but as of now it is a non-title match. This event will also feature the return of Six Man Mayhem and Jack Evans is the first man signed to this action packed contest. This all star show will be over in plenty of time to be able to enjoy dinner and catch the ECW PPV down the street. We will have a talent list tomorrow right here in the Newswire.

May 8th: Don't forget the 3/12/05 "Back To Basics" DVD is now in stock and available for immediate delivery at This event featured Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Spanky, James Gibson vs. Rocky Romero, Jack Evans vs. Spanky, Izzy & Deranged vs. Dixie & Azrieal with the winners getting the Special K, Homicide vs. Roderick Strong and much, much more!!! You can now get this on ROH's free shipping weekend. Check the main page of for details.

May 8th: Matt Hardy will have his first wrestling match anywhere since leaving WWE on the July 16th Woodbridge, CT event. Tickets on sale now at and Ticketmaster outlets. ROH officials have yet to begin to put together this card, but Hardy will be against a main event caliber opponent on this show.

May 8th: Jay Lethal suffered a severely injured neck at the Cop Killa/Double Stomp combo by Low Ki and Homicide at the end of last night's event. It is expected that Lethal will miss some time in ROH due to the injury. The way the move works is Ki actually double stomps Homicide's shoulders driving more force into the Cop Killa. ROH officials have already discussed banning the move since it is far too dangerous and guarantees injury. ROH officials have never banned a move in ROH history. We'll have more on this in the upcoming days.

May 8th: Jimmy Rave tried to destroy Punk with several vicious chair shots to the head at the end of last night's Dog Collar match. CM Punk cannot remember the end of the match. Punk instinctively cut a promo in the locker room right after the match and can't remember it either. Punk also suffered significant blood loss.

May 8th: Rap star Redman was in attendance at last night's show.

May 9th: ROH will keep the momentum going this weekend when it returns to two of its best crowds on Friday in Dayton and Saturday in Chicago. Tickets are available now at, by calling 215-781-2500 or at Ticketmaster outlets. The Steel Cage is coming to the Midwest for the first time ever and only time this year as each night is headlined by a huge Steel Cage grudge match. We'll have more on both main events later this week.

May 9th: ROH World Champion Austin Aries has become obsessed with having the toughest schedule of any ROH World Champion. Aries insists that he will go down in the record book as the best ROH World Champion ever. Aries better be careful because his title reign could easily come to an end this weekend. He will be faced with James Gibson on Friday in Dayton and either Homicide or Bryan Danielson on Saturday in Chicago if he gets past Gibson. It is tough enough to have one title defense against top opposition like that in a weekend, nevermind two. Aries is coming off a very punishing and tough title defense last weekend against Alex Shelley. It seems it is a matter of when, not if, this schedule wears down Aries.

May 9th: A New York City Street Fight has been signed for ROH's 6/12 afternoon event in Manhattan at The Super Club. It will be Dunn & Marcos going for revenge against Loc & Devito. This one is sure to make ECW fans happy. Loc & Devito brutally attacked Dunn & Marcos on 5/7 with hubcaps and a piledriver through a table.

May 9th: A talent list has been released for June 12th in Manhattan before the PPV down the street that night. Already signed: ROH Pure Champion Samoa Joe; The Rottweilers of Homicide & Julius Smokes; James Gibson; Colt Cabana & CM Punk of The Second City Saints; Roderick Strong & Jack Evans of Generation Next; Lacey's Angels of Deranged & Izzy; Dixie; Azrieal and The Embassy featuring Jimmy Rave. The main event has already been signed and it will be Austin Aries vs. Low Ki. Tickets on sale now at or by calling 215-781-2500.

May 9th: The 4/16/05 "Stalemate" VHS is now in stock and ready for immediate delivery at Many fans called this the best ROH event ever in the Boston area. You'll see the complete card including: Homicide vs. Bryan Danielson in a No DQ Lumberjack match; Austin Aries vs. James Gibson for the World Title; Samoa Joe vs. Nigel McGuinness vs. Alex Shelley vs. Colt Cabana in Double Stakes Four Corner Survival; CM Punk vs. The Embassy; Jay Lethal vs. Spanky for the Pure Title; Lacey's Angels vs. Dixie & Azrieal; Roderick Strong vs. El Generico; Kevin Steen vs. Vordell Walker plus backstage promos and more!!!

May 9th: Could Matt Hardy be the next ROH World Champion? Check out the Hardy article on the main page of for more info.

May 10th: In case you missed it one of the biggest matches in ROH history has just been signed for 7/16 in Woodbridge, CT as Matt Hardy will take on Christopher Daniels!!! This will be Hardy's ROH debut and Daniels' return to ROH. Finally, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will return to ROH on July 16th in a dream match vs. Matt Hardy. Tickets on sale now at, by calling 215-781-2500 or at Ticketmaster outlets. We will have much more on why this match is taking place in the upcoming weeks.

May 10th: New ROH Pure Champion Samoa Joe has stated that he is going to do the same thing for the Pure Title that he did for the ROH Title. Joe is the one that made the ROH Title into a World Title and he greatly raised the prestige of the belt. Now he will attempt to do the same for the Pure Title.

May 10th: Joe is off to a fast start in signing Pure Title defenses. He will put the belt on the line on 6/4 in ROH's Buffalo area debut against James Gibson!!! This first time ever match has all the makings of a classic. Can Gibson finally get a ROH title?

May 10th: now has new shirts for AJ Styles and Raven.

May 10th: Right now all attention is turning to the Midwest as ROH hits Dayton, OH this Friday and Chicago Ridge, IL on Saturday. There will be matches added to the show each night. Right now there is one more match officially signed for 5/14 in Chicago. It will see James Gibson takes on ROH Tag Team Champion BJ Whitmer!!! This is an important match for Gibson, who is yearning to get a ROH title belt around his waist.

May 10th: The tension has raised even higher between Colt Cabana and Nigel McGuinness. Last Saturday saw Nigel defeat Cabana after rolling him up after an accidental low blow. Cabana thinks that McGuinness might have done the low blow on purpose. Cabana went on to make fun of Nigel more in backstage segments, which raised the ire of McGuinness. Cabana picked his dream partner of Doug Williams to go up against McGuinness and his dream partner of Chad Collyer on Friday in Dayton. Saturday in Chicago will see perhaps the last singles match between the two. Who will get the best of this rivalry? To increase the stakes the winner of the Chicago match will get a Pure Title shot on 6/12 in Manhattan.

May 10th: Former Pure Champion Doug Williams sent word that he is very excited about his ROH return this weekend. He is really looking forward to wrestling both McGuinness and Collyer on Friday in Dayton as they all have similar styles. Williams said he has been studying recent tapes and is looking forward to getting back in the ring with Bryan Danielson or facing Homicide for the first time on Saturday in Chicago. Either way the fans will see a main event caliber match in Chicago.

May 10th: The sleeper match of the weekend could be the grudge bout pitting The Embassy's Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Sydal on 5/13 in Dayton. Sydal is definitely coming with something to prove. The athletic competitor was attacked by The Embassy last time in Dayton. Rave then made an example of Sydal by hitting him with the Rave clash. Now we'll see if Sydal can break out and even the score to get the biggest victory of his ROH and possibly entire wrestling career.

May 10th: What is ROH filming next with Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan? Stay tuned!!! This will be a very unique concept that has never been done before. currently has two editions of Straight Shootin' With Cornette & Heenan for sale and ready for immediate delivery. This is a wrestling education as both volumes see these legends exchange stories about their careers with lots of behind the scenes stories from every era. You can also see Heenan and Cornette oppose each other for the first time ever in a must for old school fans on ROH's "All Star Extravaganza II" double DVD set, which also includes the final Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk World Title match.

May 11th: "The Notorious 187" Homicide has stated that this is the biggest weekend of his life. The Rottweiler leader has the opportunity to win the possible feud of the year vs. Bryan Danielson in Dayton on Friday and then become World Champion in Chicago on Saturday. Homicide is on a roll of momentum after The Rottweilers dominated last week in Manhattan. Homicide will have to do it alone this weekend though, as all Rottweiler members have been banned from the shows so that we can get a decisive winner in the Homicide vs. Danielson Best Of Five series.

May 11th: ROH World Champion Austin Aries is scheduled to go to Tulancingo, Mexico for the X-Law promotion to wrestle Super Crazy this Sunday. This will be a ROH World Title match and the first time the ROH World Title will be defended in Mexico. However, Aries first must get past James Gibson on Friday in Dayton and either Bryan Danielson or Homicide on Saturday in Chicago. ROH officials are actually concerned that Aries might be taking on too ambitious of a schedule. Aries has been going nonstop since winning the belt at the beginning of the year. He has defended the belt in Florida for FIP, Iowa, Canada, Switzerland, Austria as well as other United States independents. Aries has truly brought back the days of the old school World Champion that would go to different territories to defend the title. Aries has also taken on the best in ROH and has beaten Colt Cabana in a Steel Cage, Samoa Joe in a rematch plus Homicide, Alex Shelley and a draw against James Gibson. The question is not if, but when will this schedule wear down Aries?

May 11th: James Gibson believes that Aries' title reign will come to an end on Friday in Dayton. Gibson fought Aries to a double pin on 4/16 at "Stalemate" in a bout that saw them unleash their entire arsenals on each other. Gibson even did a moonsault and springboard plancha, both of which moves he hadn't executed in about five years. These two will definitely be pulling out all the stops in Dayton. Gibson would make a very proud ROH World Champion. If Gibson wins the World Title on Friday, his Pure Title match on 6/4 in Buffalo against Samoa Joe will be changed. Gibson sent word that he is very happy he is getting a World Title match in Dayton. After the emotional response he received on 2/25, he considers Dayton a second home and he wants to give the crowd a memory they'll never forget.

May 11th: Make sure to check out the article on the main page of detailing the history of the CM Punk vs. Embassy feud including why the blood will flow this Saturday in Chicago. The Best Of CM Punk Vol. 2 "Straightedge" has been released on DVD and is ready for immediate delivery from You will see Punk in his famous feuds against Raven and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat plus Punk's best matches vs. Steve Corino, AJ Styles, Raven, Doug Williams, Bryan Danielson, Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and tag action with Colt Cabana as his partner.

May 11th: Tickets are off to a record start for both the 6/12 afternoon and 7/9 Manhattan events. Order now at or by calling 215-781-2500 for the best possible seats.

May 11th: Prince Nana has stated that AJ Styles must sign an open contract to wrestle anyone Nana wants on 6/18 in Morristown, NJ. Nana says this is the only way AJ might be able to get his hands on Jimmy Rave. We'll have AJ's response to this tomorrow right here in the Newswire.

May 11th: ROH officials attempted to add Jay Lethal to this weekend's double shot, but Lethal's neck is injured from the Double Stomp/Cop Killa combination delivered by Low Ki and Homicide at last Saturday's Manhattan event. Lethal says he probably won't be able to make 6/4 and is questionable for both 6/12 and 6/18 at this point.

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