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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Statement from Terri Runnels

The following post was posted on Terri Runnels official website in regards to an event that took place on April 25,2005 between her ex husband Dustin and his current girlfriend!

"As all of
you know by the wee hours of the morning on April 25th Dustin made
a very bad choice and assaulted his girlfriend at the HardRock Hotel. While
that is a horrible act was made reprehensible due to the fact
that (her daughter) Dakota was witness to it in both visual and audible
ways. She ended up going to the hospital with Dustin's girlfriend and
called me collect from the ER. I cannot tell you how helpless I felt as a
mother to be 2 hours away from her at that moment!

I have not ever made a public statement about Dustin that was negative in
any way and have always spoken positively to Dakota about her
father...however he has set a new precedent because of what he has exposed
her to therefore I will no longer cover for him. I never wanted Dakota to
see this part of her father for fear that as she got older she would see
such behavior as acceptable. It is not now and will never be acceptable!
While I am a private person and do not like my personal life exposed I
realize that I must now speak about this travesty. Years of lies and abuse
have been swept under the rug and would have stayed there had this and
other things not occurred in public. Dustin should not blame any of this on
anyone else as he has done in years past. He has to stand up and be
accountable for his actions or be completely disrespected by his child and
others around him. I do not wish anything bad for Dustin...just the
opposite. I have been supportive of him even when he was terrible to me.

I hope that he gets help and changes his life for Dakota's sake. This
doesn't have to be a horrible ending, I hope it will be a wonderful
beginning of truth, hard work and showing love not just saying it! Thanks
to all who have sent good wishes and prayers for Dakota. She is a tough
cookie and hopefully will be stronger as a result of the trials she has
been put through. Her innocence has been taken away far too early due to
the person who should have lived his life to protect her! I hope she never
has to experience anything like this ever again. Once again, thank you to
all of you who have shared love and support! Onward and upward!"

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