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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Telling It Like It Arguably the most stressed out man in the world right now...LOL

This Week, I am not going to do a Best Champs ever, mainly because with a very nerve racking move to a new apartment, I have not had time to research my picks. So I am going to shoot on a few things this week.

First: I may have ben a little second guessing when I spoke of the Hassan-Davari angle. The real mistake has been to end it prematurely, which it looks like they are doing. I was never a fan of the angle, as I believe in these politically sensitive and dangerous times, storylines like that have no place. Maybe in 1986, but not now. But Hassan and Davari have shown they are excellent wrestlers for one main reason. They took a storyline that was not good on paper and made it work. Sometimes we do not like the gimmicks we are handed, or we look at them, and say "You want me to do THAT??!!?, but you make it work the best you can. I knew they had talent. Heck they were one of the top tag teams in the Indies for the last year, so you know they have potential. A variety of storylines can come from the possible breakup, so we will have to wait and see.

After a three year reign of Terror at RAW, it looks like The CANCER Cripple H may FINALLY be willing to accept a reduced role in the company. Rumor has it he may be going to Smackdown soon. With a loaded talent roster, Smackdown will be a change. Thankfully, this will allowRaw to develop more talent and push new stars, something Triple H hated doing.

Furthermore on Raw, I swear, this Chris Masters gimmick had better be going somewhere. It has remained stagnant for a while, and it is getting boring. Batista looks like he is feeling more comfortable with his role as Champion. Some guys just take time. But if Triple H leaves Raw and goes to Smackdown, hipefully it will help both promotions.

Sorry Hawk, but I cannot rejoice for ECW, the WWE version of the story, coming back for one night. As far as I am concerned, it is a farce. Unless I see Taz and Sabu going at it, along with Guerrero and Malenko, as well as some other great feuds, I am not interested. Well that is all for this week, take care and be well

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