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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Telling It LIke It John Michael Newton

This Week: TNA FINALLY gets it right, and other things.

I never thought I would say it, but TNA FINALLY got its main event troubles straightened out. AJ Styles is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Now it is time to get some new blood running, and this is a real positive step. Another positive step is getting Abyss as the #1 Contender, and I think judging from their last match, a Styles-Abyss feud will tear the house down. Nice touch with the 10-bell Salute to Candido, and the undercard was once again stellar, ESPECIALLY the Raven-Waltman House Of Fun match, and the AMW-Naturals match. Bottom line is that TNA finally got the missing piece of the puzzle and realized that some new blood could work at the top, not old, out of shape, past-their-prime castaways. Just keep Jarrett in the midcard where he belongs. Overall, SUPERB Effort.

WWE Judgement day is this week. Big question is, will they put the belt back on JBL or will they keep it on Cena? My guess is JBL will get it back, as Cena is going to focus on his rap career. I was kind of dissappointed in Cena's title run, as he just didn't provide that spark that I thought he would. It is too bad that Guerrero could not have another title run, but I expect pigs to fly beforethat happens. And beware the Cripple H reign of Terror coming to Smackdown....I hope not.

Raw on the other hand, has experienced a resurgernce. Batista has really surprised me. I thank the LORD above that they are trying to get new names into the main event mix, although I am sick of seeing Michaels in the picture, as he is a Cripple H crony. As for Edge, toss him out entirely. He has no business being in a main-eventer.

Well that is all for now, take care and be well

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