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Friday, May 20, 2005

Telling It Like It John Michael Newton

This Time Around: Thoughts on Matt Hardy

"Very few of us can be totally ruthless. It isn't easy. It takes
strength than you can

-Excerpt from "Enter The

How many times have we seen this before? Vince McMahon loves twisting
knife and proving a point. I can shake a stick and go on forever at
many times he has done this, but I am going to stay on the latest
Matt Hardy.

About 2 months ago, Matt Hardy was let go from the WWE for undisclosed
reasons. Then an ugly story leaked out. Matt Hardy's real life
other, Amy Dumas (Yep, Lita) was having an affair with Adam Copeland,
known as Edge, who is married. Understandably, Matt was livid and made
feelings known. Yet he was the only one punished by Vince, in the form
his release from WWE. Fast forward to this past Monday. Lita turns on
and is now Edge's girlfriend. Such a mirror of reality.

Many wrestling fans were sickened by this, and rightfully so. But we
have seen this coming from a mile off. Vince and his band of writers
concocted this storyline for one reason only, to twist the knife in
Hardy's back a little more. But you know what? sadly it will work for
Vince McMahon. Why? This tactic has worked before: Destroy a
name before he goes to a rival promotion. This way, he can be no real
or draw. It was pretty much the worst kept secret that Matt had
from TNA, most notably his brother Jeff. So Vince Killed Matt's push
then made him the only scapegoat in Litagate, in which Edge and LIta
are now
the benefactors in the gift of a MAJOR push. Now he twists the knife
order to stain Matt's reputation.

The bottom line is this. Vince McMahon is a cold, ruthless,
individual. He is not above destroying a man's career to stay on top.
you do not believe me, ask Bret Hart. No one is going knock Vince off
top unless he is more ruthless and more calculating. Eric Bishoff came
close, but he made the mistake of being uncalculating (along with
too many people off). It is simply a sad truth to the business. Once
person comes along that can beat Mr. McMahon at his own game, then he
be on top. We may not like it, but it is a simple fact of life. You
by Vince's rules or you get destroyed. Can you blame Chris Daniels and
Styles for turning down contracts by Vince. They see what happened to
and do not want that to happen to them.

That is all for now. Feedback is welcome, especially on this issue, as
whole story has struck a nerve with a lot of fans. Take to all and be


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At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. "Let his feeling known"?!

You call disclosing the private info. of two other employees,-"letting his feeling known"?!
It doesn't matter what Matt Hardy's
role in the situation is.
Whether he was "victimized" by the two or not, he still made private
and potentially damaging info.
public and any organization cannot overlook this huge error by an
employee. Vince has no tolerance for this level of public stupidity(i.e Brian Lawler trying to
bring marijuana into Canada,Eddie Guerrero driving drunk/speeding).

2."Yet he was the only one punished by Vince, in the form of his release from WWE."

What exactly should Lita/Edge be
punished for? You want Vince to punish his employees for personal, non-illegal activity? He has no employee relationship clause in the WWFE.
He acted on what damaged his organization, plain and simple.


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