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Friday, May 27, 2005



Memphis, TN -- Jerry "The King" Lawler's son Kevin has been arrested. Police busted him for burglary at a Raleigh apartment complex Monday night. A woman says she caught him in her house with his pants down. She says he was asleep on her pillow, wearing nothing but a red t-shirt.

"She approached her bedroom, and she saw an individual lying on the floor of her bedroom, partially clothed, and asleep with a pillow," says Memphis Police Sgt. Vince Higgins.

The victim tells NewsChannel 3 she ran to a neighbor's house because she was scared. She called police, and officers eventually caught Lawler near her home. She tells us she had never met Lawler before, and was very alarmed when she found him in her bedroom.

May 25, 2005 -- Update

Memphis, TN -- Kevin Lawler made his first court appearance on aggravated burglary charges Wednesday morning. He tells NewsChannel 3 this is a case of mistaken identity. He says he was working at the time of the burglary Monday night.

"I wouldn't rush to any judgements in this case because I feel quite certain you'll see some alibi witnesses when this case comes to a preliminary hearing," says Kevin Lawler's attorney Mark Mesler.

Lawler says he was on the job at 9:00 PM when the woman says she found him in her home. He says when he arrived home at 3:00 AM, three men approached him them chased him down. He was arrested a short time later, and the victim identified him as the burglar.

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