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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Allison Danger Interview

People tend to start interviews with wrestlers asking how you broke into the industry, what made you want to be a wrestler and so on. My first question to you is this: When you "retire" or choose to end your wrestling career, what will you have achieved?

I hope to have ended my time in wrestling on a positive note, with several more trips to Japan and hopefully some time working in Europe plus having expanded across the States more. I hope any humble contribution I may have made to women's wrestling was a positive one not just for myself but for fans of women's wrestling and future females in wrestling.

Over the past few years you've developed quite a following through your work in ROH, Chikara and elsewhere. Which of your matches to date stand out for you?

In ROH I have really enjoyed being a part of the three women's Four Corner Survival matches. Chikara has been wonderful too, working with Daizee Haze there and joining up with Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy. I am very proud of a lot of the stuff with Daizee, including our IWA Mid South matches.

You had the opportunity to be on TNA Xplosion a few months back. How was the setup down there, and has the possibility of returning been discussed at all?

I enjoyed the three times I was down in Nashville and given the opportunity to do Xplosion. The last time I went I was with Becky Bayless and we had a blast. Everyone there was very cool and made me feel welcome and it was an absolute pleasure to be there. To this point, no discussion has been made to me going back down but doors open and close everyday so you never know what may happen down the line.

ROH announced last week that you've parted company with them, saying it was simply a case of your run being over. Is the door open for you to return in the future to pick up from where you left off, perhaps to kick-start the whole Prophecy angle?

At this point, the run is over and no talk of me coming back or a restart of the Prophecy has been proposed. We had our time in the spotlight with the Prophecy and it saddens me to see it go as I adored the time I had there and was so lucky to work with the talented guys that I did. But the time has come to put it to bed.

Can you see ROH ever expanding to the same level as say TNA, and trying to land a TV deal?

Quite possibly. The sky is the limit for ROH. And with the talented men and women on their roster I have no doubt huge things could be in store.

Apart from your brother (Steve Corino), who has been a positive influence on you and your career?

Wow, a lot of people. I will keep it short for if I name too many and miss others I will feel awful. So many awesome people have crossed my path and I have been made better for the experience. Francine, Sandman, Mike Kehner, Rapid Fire Maldonado, Skayde, the gang at the Chikara Wrestle factory, Claudio Castagnoli, Christopher Daniels and Chris Hero.

Have you learnt anything about yourself from your experiences in the ring?

That I underestimate myself too much for fear of failing. But to not try at all is failing too.

Here in the UK, I don't believe we've had the pleasure to see you live, other than minimal coverage via The Wrestling Channel. Is the UK somewhere that you'd like to work? Do you follow the UK scene at all?

My knowledge of the UK scene unfortunately is very limited. I know of promotions and workers there from stories of friends who have had the honor of working in the UK. I would lbe priveleged to work there and see everything the UK has to offer.

So where can we see you in action over the next few months?

You will be seeing plenty of me in Chikara and various other independent promotions.

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