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Monday, June 27, 2005

Andrew "Test" Martin


As you're taking bookings again, obviously you're back to full fitness. Are you just as strong and "ready to go" as you were before the injury?

I have completed my rehab and I'm in the best shape of my life! I'm stronger and more “ready to go” than ever before.

The topic of 'WWE releasing injured wrestlers' has come up again recently with the high profile firing of Matt Hardy. What happened in the run up to your release from WWE?

I had no idea what was coming. I had literally broken my neck for the company and was going through major surgery, and then extensive rehab when all of a sudden I received notice of my release.

Was there any signs prior to you getting the call that Vince was looking to offload you, especially since you were on the injured list?

No. None at all.

Prior to being off the road with injuries, you worked a lot with Scott Steiner. How did you find working with Scott?

Working with Scott was great. Anytime you get a chance to work with somebody of his stature in the business, you can only learn and get better from those experiences.

Given his well documented intensity out of the ring as well as in, did the two of you get along on a personal level as well as in the ring?

I have a great deal of respect for Scott. We got along very well both in and out of the ring. I just think he was misused by the WWE.

Your first real angle in the WWE (then the WWF) was the wedding angle with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. At the time, that made for great television. What was the locker room like when you first entered the WWF, and how much fun was that angle?

The WWE is a very political company. I tried to stay out of the politics as much as I could, but there was always some petty jealousy because I was chosen for that angle. It was exciting at first but then it became quite a hassle over time. I was glad when it was over to be honest.

Going back to 1999 and the Summerslam PPV. Your match with Shane McMahon was over huge with the fans, and it really looked like you could have made a push for a main event spot. Was that ever on the horizon at all?

Shane and I were and still are very good friends. I never tried to use our friendship in any way to gain an advantage. I have no idea why things did not progress beyond that match and I never asked Shane why.

Were their any issues with management or other wrestlers that prevented you from moving to the next level do you think?

None that I am aware of.

After Vince bought WCW, you became involved with the Alliance. Every wrestling fan in the world would have loved the opportunity to have booked the whole 'Invasion'. Personally, I think it was handled badly. How did you feel about it?

I agree. I thought it had a lot of potential that went unfulfilled.

During your time working for Vince, Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista have all come through the ranks. Do you see these guys as the people who can bring WWE and wrestling as a whole back to the levels experienced during the whole 'Attitude' era?

It’s the fans who will decide that through their support at the Arena's and the Pay-Per-Views. Based on the attendances, ratings and buy rates I am seeing now, I do not feel that the fans feel they are messiah's to bring things back to the way they were in the heyday of the company.

If you were booking for WWE, which guys would you be pushing who you feel have been overlooked?

No comment!

What memories (good or bad) did you leave WWE with? Which guys do you still keep in contact with?

I consider myself very fortunate to have had a great seven year run with the WWE. I am grateful that they gave me my start, and grateful for all the friends and experience I got while I was there. I still stay in touch with A-Train, Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn most.

Away from WWE, let's look at the present and the future. You're ring ready and fighting fit. What are the goals and aims for Andrew Martin in 2005?

My goals are to see the world, meet my wonderful fans and enjoy life to the max.

Is it safe to say the 'Testicles' catchphrase is now dead and buried?


It seems every time a wrestler leaves WWE, we get asked this question a million times, but have TNA expressed an interest in bringing you in?

Yes they have. There have been some discussions. But nothing firm has happened yet.

Finally, where can we see you in action in the near future?

My agent, Rob Russen, has booked dates both domestically and internationally for me. I began my comeback in Italy recently and have several future tours already scheduled there. I have many appearances scheduled in the U.S. including the huge WrestleReunion 2 show on August 27 in Valley Forge, PA, and I have a tour to Australia scheduled for October as well!

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