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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The following is a great blog a friend of mine Collin Bowman wrote on the ECW PPV. I think it is a great think piece you all will enjoy reading. For those of you that don't know who Collin has been involved in sports entertainment for a long time he owned WCW Magazine and also owned Roller Jam Magazine. He also worked in story development for WCW. He currently owns Notables and Notorious an awesome memorabilia store.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Current mood: Sad that WCW is Dead

I went round a friend's house last night to watch ECW One Night Stand. Enjoyed it very much, mainly I think because it was so different from what has been presented as Sports Entertainment over the past few years. That isn't a knock at any wrestling company, I understand the limitations of being on mainstream television. If ECW was ever to re-emerge again, I personally think it wouldn't succeed, because as great as last night was, you couldn't do any of that stuff and have a decent TV deal.

Bradshaw was out of order ... but then again what can be expected when the WWE talent was there probably against their will and was abused all night by the guys inside and outside the ring. You should be able to remain professional, and so there is no excuse other than they are human beings and adrenaline does take over. The full responsibility lies with whoever sent the WWE guys to the event in the first place ... they added nothing.

And that brings me to Eric Bischoff. It is no secret that Eric Bischoff hated me during my entire tenure at WCW. It is also no secret that as much as I admired a lot of what he achieved, I hated with a passion the way he treated people. Last night I actually felt sorry for him.

WCW was a phenomena that reached levels that have yet to equaled. (I am biased) ECW was a cult happening, but it wasn't mainstream, it couldn't reach the mainstream with the content and without Vince's money would've been gone a lot sooner than it was. It was great at finding talent or disguising the weaknesses a lot of the talent possessed and that is probably the most important job of any wrestling organization, and quite frankly a lost art. The WWE got it's butt kicked by WCW for an eternity, until they could no longert rest on their laurels and continue to produce the garbage they were forcing on the wrestling public. Then the bottom of the WCW glass boat shattered and I blame Eric as much as anyone, especially for all the money I personally lost. I believe that last night was Vince's ultimate payback to Eric. Reviving ECW ... giving them a PPV ... forcing Eric to be there and then be humiliated in the ring at the end. This was Vince saying WCW almost killed me, but I prevailed, I won, it will never exist again, see what I am doing to it's leader. It was similar to Ancient Rome, where it wasn't enough to beat your opponent, you had to humiliate them publicly before you kill them off.

I don't know if ECW will be back again, I do know that we won't EVER see WCW One Night Only. Not that any of the shining stars that made WCW would be able to perform at anything like the level of those guys last night and certainly not with that passion.

KUDOS to all involved.

On an unrelated matter ... how cool was The Devil's Rejects trailer?

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