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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Impact Review

I arrived at Universal Studio 21 to find a very excited crowd of TNA fans! There was so much for them to talk about with the every impressive PPV Slammiversary on Sunday and all the TNA rumors in general that are flying around the Internet at great speed.

There was so much for the fans to talk about that the wait didn’t seem so bad. I think it is a very exciting time for TNA with them redoing the bleachers in Studio 21 to their TV negotiations! Plus there was talk about Raven the new NWA Heavyweight Champion going to the hospital after Slammiversary for stitches in his forehead on Sunday.

The first match of the night was Michael Shane with Traci VS. one half of AMW Cowboy James Storm with his tag team partner Wildcat Chris Harris. Of course as soon as the match started Traci had to get involved. I guess this is because TNA is seriously lacking a woman’s division! But I have to agree with what Jerry Jarrett said about the matter back in November there just isn’t the female talent out there to justify a woman’s division.

But with Traci’s involvement is gave Chris his chance to interfere as well. Senior Referee Rudy Charles finally decided that he should eject both Traci and Chris. But since Shane isn’t HBK by any stretch of the imagination no matter what he wants you to think he was unable to win the match on his own. So Traci brought Alex Shelley out on the ramp to beg him to intervene in the match. Shelley did a lot of “well I don’t know” but Shelley finally decided to run in at the last moment to help Shane win the match. Harris did run out to the ringside but it was to late to help his partner!

Something I forgot to mention for the next couple of Impact tapings they didn’t show us any vinveys! Which I was very happy about because I am totally bored with them and you can’t always hear them.

Match two of the night was David Young VS. Sharkboy. This match was so so because of Young I am really not impressed with his “skills.” I think there are a lot more indy wrestlers that could wrestle circles around him that are more deserving of a chance to prove themselves. But again on the bright side of the match it’s always great to see Sharkboy in action! I’m glad to see him back in TNA’s six-sided ring. Sharkboy won the match, which was no real surprise.

Match three of the night was Samoa Joe VS. Delirious. Sunday was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Samoa Joe in action and I have to say it was quite impressive, not that I am surprised considering the great wrestling family he comes from. Delirious on the other hand is a weird little freak that the second he comes out you want to see him get squashed like a bug! Which is exactly what Samoa Joe was doing until he got Delirious in a submission move that ended the match.

Match four of the night was “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels VS. “Primetime” Elix Skipper. The match started right away when Elix came out he ran up the other ramp and waited off to the side for Daniels and attacked Daniels as soon as he came out. This match was much better than the last time these two fine athletes met in the ring. I still don’t think the match gave us all they could but it was a very good match. Daniels did win the match but I don’t know how much longer he will get to keep his title with the other top x-division stars hot after his title!

Raven came out to the ring to talk about how glad he was that he got to fulfill his destiny by winning the title on Sunday. Of course being a huge Raven fan I hate to say this but I think he used this speech before after he won another title. Of course while Raven was patting himself on the back about his accomplishments when the most unlikely person came out!

James Mitchell came out to tell Raven not to get to comfortable with his title because his wrestler is going to take it from him! Mitchell’s wrestler turned out to be the monster Abyss. Which Raven said that he hopes that Abyss is smart enough not to get involved with someone like Mitchell. But I guess Abyss isn’t since he came out and attacked Raven from behind giving him a black hole slam. Then leaving with a very happy James Mitchell. Well, as happy as someone like James Mitchell can get. I can’t wait to see what will be happening with the renewal of this feud in the future.

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