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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Joe's First Day

This is the first installment of a new column that I am going to have. It's about 16 year old future wrestlers Joe. Joe has just started his training with the hopes of following in his Idol Jeff Hardy's footsteps! He is going to write about his failures and accomplishments of his training. With the hopes that others looking to go into wrestling with understand all the hard work that goes in to training. But there is also a huge sense of pride that goes with accomplishing your goal that you have worked so hard for! Good Luck Joe!

June 14, 2005 Day 1

Well, I started my training today at the FXE place and man it wasn't what I expected at all.
I thought it was gonna be much easier but the guy that is running the place, AJ said that
I'm a natural at falling/bumps. Which I'm real glad about. I started out by getting in the ring
and the first thing he taught me was how to fall. He called it a back bump. I would slightly
bend my knees and cross my arms across my chest. I would kinda jump into the air and
land on my back with my arms out on the mat and my feet flat on the ground.

I had to do like 20 of them. The next thing was the handstands. He said that I was thinking in my head, handstands are easy. But its not the handstands that you think. You do a hand standthen flip out of it and land on your back. So you do a handstand and then into a backbump.

Those were easy. Then I was to do a flip bump. I would walk out flip and do a back bump.
Those were kinda easy. I didn't know that I had to land a certain way. That was easy though.
Then came the hard part. Running the ropes. I had to run into the ropes a certain way
take 3 steps and turn around hit the ropes take three steps turn around hit the ropes (you
get it.) Those were killing me.

The way I was hitting the ropes it would go underneath my
shoulder blade and ah man that hurts a lot. My body is sore from that as we speak. I took
a break from that and did some more bumping until I felt sick. I got out of the ring to the bath room and puked out nothing. I jut dry heaved. I put some cold water on the back of my neck and went back.

After that I took a few more bumps and my day was over. It might not sound to bad but the next morning
is killing me. My neck is sore and stiff and where the rope was hitting hurts too. But I'm determined
to do this. This is what I'm gonna work so hard for. Hopefully this is worth it. Is it worth it though?
All this pain and fatigue? We'll find out in the end. . . . Until next time my friends. Be safe.

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