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Monday, June 20, 2005

Slammiversery Review

Last night was TNA third anniversary show and PPV Slammiversary! For those of you that missed the show you missed out on one hell of a show. The pre show started the night off with such a fast pace that just gained momentum the rest of the night until its triumphant finish!

The arena was standing room only by the start of the pre show. So many TNA fans wanted to be there for what would indeed become a very historic night for TNA. Not just because last night was their third anniversary but because of the shocking turn of events that would take place through out the night!

The pre show started with a very smartly dressed Larry Z coming down to the ring to make an announcement about some huge changes in TNA. The first and in my opinion the biggest one Larry made was that DOA Dusty Rhoades has resigned from TNA! Of course as Larry put it people always resign when they are getting fired!

It seems to me that Larry is stepping up to the plate to take over Dusty’s position as DOA. I personally think that Larry is more business minded in general and the change would defiantly be for the better!

While Larry was talking about the new direction TNA will be taking Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring stating that Larry was nothing but a liar and that everyone knows that Jeff was the one that ran Dusty off. Jeff also stated that he was going to take back his title tonight and show everyone that he was the true King of the Mountain.

At this point Raven came out to ring side through the crowd in his old style wrestling gear! Next thing you know about 20 security guards came running out to ring side to restrain Raven. I'm sure that one of the security guards was ex Roller Jam skater turned indy wrestler Tim Washington, another one of the security guards may have been another ex Roller Jam skater but I can't remember his name. Anyway back to the action.

Raven started to accuse Larry of being on Jeff’s side and yelling about “What about Raven” because he felt he should have been the wild card in the King of the Mountain match. Raven went after Jeff. They started to beat the hell out of each other in the ring before security was able to break up the fight. That was when it really started to get good because Jeff just went crazy and started to beat the hell out of a Hardy Party fan!

I couldn’t believe his blatant disregard for the law. Now where I was sitting I couldn’t see if the fan hit Jeff or was just screaming at him that sent him over the edge! Security broke it up and carried the fan into the back.

Now keep in mind folks this all happened before the first match of the night! The first match of the night was Apolo and Sonny Siaki VS. a returning Simon Diamond and Trytan. Now I found this match very boring for several reasons. The first one being I can’t stand Apolo or Sonny. I think they are both mediocre wrestlers at best with out any mic skills.

Which in wrestling that is a bad combination. I also think they are getting more of a push than they deserve and I hope with Larry as DOA that they will go back to being low mid card wrestlers. Then there was Trytan what more is there to say about him, other than I hope he finds a working gimmick some day. Trytan and Simon won the match. I was surprised because Trytan doesn’t really win his matches.

Next there was a vinyet of Jeff Jarrett getting arrested for assaulting a fan. I can’t say that I was shocked that he was getting arrested for it. I do hope that everything gets cleared up so he can be back for Tuesday nights Impact taping. I’m sure he is going to be very heated when he gets back.

Of course at this point everyone is thinking we now what for the King of the Mountain match. Luckily they didn’t make us wait to see what would happen. Larry made the announcement that Raven would replace Jeff. Of course I was hopping that Raven would finally fulfill his destiny by becoming heavy weight champion.

Now on to the PPV, this match was a 6 way all face match. I do have to do an apology/correction because the one legged wrestler is actually Zack Gowan not Zack Owen. It is a little hard to here at the events when they are live. The 6 sensational X-Division wrestlers in this match were Zack Gowan VS. Deliourous VS. Jerelle Clark VS. the return of Amazing Red Vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper VS. Sharkboy. This match had so much action packed excitement it was very hard to keep track of what was going on. But the winner of the match was Sharkboy.

Next came a vinyet of Abyss grunting at the camera. Than another vinyet of Shocker going on about how great he is when Alex Shelley comes out to challenge him to a match.

The second match of the PPV was Shocker VS. Alex Shelley. Now Shocker looks more ghetto every time he comes out with his gay looking tights. Shelly of course made a big entrance, with an attitude that Shocker is surely lacking! I was very disappointed in the fact that Shocker won again. I don’t think it was because of his awesome talent but because of shear luck.

Next was another vinyet with Konnan and Truth Ron Killings asking BG where his loyalties lie! BG told him that they were cool and family. But of course to follow that vinyet they had to have one that made BG look like a total turncoat. But than again I am sure it is only a matter of time before he turns.

Match three of the night was Outlaw VS. Truth Ron Killings. this match was all out war. The hate between these two men was obvious. Killings was dominating the match until Outlaw got the better of him winning the match by pin fall.

After the match Outlaw was going to hit Killings in the head with a chair but BG came running out and took the chair from him. Before BG had a chance to show where his loyalties really lie, Konnan came running out and took the chair. Of course Outlaw got out of the ring before anyone hit him with a chair.

Next was yup that's right another vinyl! This one was Team Canada talking about how cool they are and how they are better than everyone else because they are Canadian.

Match four started with an air of mystery and excitement because it was announced that The Naturals had new mentor. So there was many thoughts of who this mystery mentor was ringing through out the arena. I have to say I was totally shocked by who it was even though I shouldn't have been.

This match featured Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D'Amore and Alistar Vs. tag team champions The Naturals who came to the ring alone! Where was their mystery mentor was what Scott D'Amore kept asking and speculating that their mentor was scared of Team Canada.

This match was the best match of the night so far. Petey Williams did get a bloody nose but it was clear even though it was 4 against 2 that The Naturals still dominated the match. It was obvious that their new mentor was doing a great job with them. The Naturals won the match keeping their titles! Then out of the tunnel their new mentor "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart!

The crowd went wild! As we all know Jimmy has guided many of the greatest wrestlers of our time towards championship and how to keep them! I think with his guidance, as well as the guidance The Naturals received from the late Chris Candido they will quickly become a real tag team force to be contended with. Scott D'Amore had a huge hissy fit over Jimmy becoming involved in the managing aspect of wrestling again.

Next was a vinyet with Sean Waltman.

Match five was another really good match. It was Sonjay Dutt VS. Samoa Joe making his TNA debut! This match was an amazing match with a mix of x-division highflying and strong brute force! I was really impressed with the impact Joe made on the match. Samoa Joe won the match by making Sonjay tap out!

Next was a vinyet with Raven. Talking about being in the King of the Mountain match.

Match six of was hilarious! This match was Bobby Roode with Scott D'Amore VS. Lance Hoyt! Now Hoyt has his own cheering section in the pit they were all wearing Hoytville shirts! Bobby won this match do to interference by Scott. after the match Scott took off his shirt and climbed up on the top rope to use Hoyt's finisher on him but Hoyt rolled out of the way right on time.

At this point Hoyt took out Bobby and went after Scott. Hoyt grabbed Scott by the pants and pulled them down. While Scott was trying to get him pants up Hoyt finished him. Medics and security came out to carry Scott out on a back board one would wonder where the rest of Team Canada was when this was going on!

Next was an AJ vinyet which I don't know why they bother to have him talk because he has no mic skills.

Match seven was AMW VS. 3LK. YAWN! I didn't really watch this match because I just didn't care. AMW won the match and Outlaw came down to ringside.

Next was another vinyet filling you in on the feud between Michael Shane and Chris Sabin incase you didn't know what was going on.

Match eight of the night was a three way match for the X-Division title. Michael Shane with Traci VS. Chris Sabin with Trinity VS. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Now before I really go in to this I need to say something about Trinity's outfit. It was killer. It was vinyl and string but she looked fabulous.

Traci's dress wasn't as flattering. This match was full of great action but of course Traci and Trinity couldn't stay out of it and got in to a cat fight in the middle of the ring. Shane being the lesser talent in the match got eliminated when Sabin hit him with his finisher.

To bad for Trinity Daniels got to her and finished her. A hurt Trinity got helped from the ring. Even though Sabin put his all in to it Daniels was still able to beat him and retain his title.

The ninth and final match of the night was the main event the King of the Mountain match. Larry and Jeremy Borash went in to the ring to explain the rules of the match. The rules are falls count anywhere, if you get pinned you have to spend 2 minutes in the pentaty box, and once you pinned someone you earned the right to hang the belt. The participants in this match were AJ Styles, Abyss, The Alpha Male Monty Brown, Sean Waltman, and Raven.

The match started out as a brutal battle and that battle would just get tuffer as the match continued. Raven was the first to go in the penalty box which didn't look good for him winning the match and fulfilling his destiny! Abyss was next in the box. Waltman was the third to see the box, then AJ joined him in the box I was disappointed that they didn't break in to a fight in there.

Last to spend time in the box was Monty. At this point any one of the five could hang the belt and win the match. AJ and Waltman were both on the ladder. AJ had the belt and it looked like Waltman was going to help him but Waltman attacked him to get the belt. Abyss hit the ladder and knocked them both out of the ring.

The next to try to hang the belt was Abyss I think it was him that Monty pounced from the top rope knocking him thru a table. Soon there was bodies lying everwhere except Raven he had the ladder and was going to hang the belt! Half way up the ladder Waltman came after Raven but he knocked him off the ladder with ease and hung the belt. Winning the match becoming the new heavy weight champion and King of the Mountain!!

I thought it was awesome to see Raven fulfill his destiny. There wasn't a wrestler in that match I would have rather seen win! He sends such an energy through the crowd!

A huge congratulation to Raven as well as The Naturals and Christopher Daniels! TNA PPV's seem get better and better all the time I can't wait to see what is in the future for this great company. I'm sure we will be impressed with it's new leadership and direction.

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