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Monday, June 27, 2005

traci's problem, my clothing by Trinity

The following post was taken from two posts made by Trinity in responce to a comment Traci Brooks had made about the outfit that Trinity was wearing at Slammiversery! I personally think if you have the body to wear an outfit like that more power to you! Maybe Traci is just jealous because she doesn't have the body to wear it!

Well I just want to apologize for the outfit I wore for Slammiversary, traci has said that I drew too much attention to myself instead of what was going on in the ring and that I think about myself too much. Wow, I didn't think she felt that way because of the way she sticks out her chest in every one of her outfits for everyone to stare at or the way she flirts with everyone as to draw attention to herself always or other things....

Well again, I'm flattered that she is saying I was standing out so much as to take attention away from the ring, I still think people were watching the wrestling. Oh I thought that's why she , I wore that outfit before no big deal, and hey she's got the boobs and certainly flaunts them, I got a body, don't be a hater Traci. Oh and she said I think about myself too much, again that's her being such a kiss ass.

I don't want to be like her so I'm me, but talk about thinking about yourself so much, listen people talk about all the things she does thinking about herself and her career. I try to work hard and do my best always and as a female that is looking good as well.

That shouldn't have even been mentioned by her, hello traci, this is the wrestling business, just because she doesn't have an extensive wardrobe, she shouldn't be talking about how I look, act and dress, cause there is far more to talk about when it comes to her in those categories.

You know it's always been that way with her, she is always so concerned on what I do say and where at that company, I could give a shit about what she does, she needs to stop worrying about others and worry about herself, she ain't all that.

oh and one more thing, If TNA had nothing to say about my outfit and didn't tell me to change, who is she to suggest anything about my outfit. This is just so funny because what job does she work in and what business is she in, because again, this is wrestling, the woman are supposed to be sexy, maybe she can learn a thing or two lol

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