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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman - This Sunday On PPV!
July 12th, 2005 10:45

Nashville, TN (July 12, 2005) – At the end of “Slammiversary,” a beaten and broken AJ Styles was heard yelling, “Waltman!, Waltman!”

Why was “The Phenomenal One” invoking the name of the man who once paid him a compliment by saying, “You remind me of myself 10 years ago?”

To understand this match, you have to understand the history of professional wrestling for the past 10 years. Before TNA, and before the X Division, Sean Waltman was one of the most innovative wrestlers of his time. In a sense, Waltman was the X Division before there was an X Division.

At “Slammiversary” during the “King of the Mountain Match,” Styles apparently thought that he had a bond with Waltman. When Styles dropped the belt, Waltman picked it up. But instead of handing it back to Styles so he could successfully hang it and defend his title, Waltman gave Styles the “X Factor” essentially eliminating Styles from the match and leading to Raven’s eventual win.

This Sunday at “No Surrender,” Styles gets a chance at payback to the man who cost him the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lynn has been added as a special referee, or as some suggest, Lynn will be in the role of peacemaker, trying to mend the feud between two men he respects.

Lynn knows both competitor’s well – a pioneer of the X Division - Lynn broke in to the profession with Waltman and has battled both he and AJ over his distinguished career.

Since “Slammiversary” Waltman has not apologized for his alleged betrayal against Styles. For Waltman, it is everyman for himself. The cagey veteran still thinks he has enough to defeat “The Phenomenal One.” According to Waltman, he has forgotten more about high-flying, high-risk wrestling, than Styles has ever known.

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