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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Brutal Battle 05

Credit: SCW Newsletter

~This Saturday Night~
Eastmonte Civic Center
830 Magnolia Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Bell Time: 7:30pm Doors Open: 6:30pm


"The Shooter" Vordell Walker (c)
Scott Davis w/Gorgeous Gary Garvin

Words From The Champ.....
"We are only days away from Brutal Battle 05. It seems just like yesterday that I pinned Steve Corino's shoulders to the mat. After that victory, my stock went up real fast. I went on to become a major player on the Florida scene and got the shot of a life time that next year with wrestling for Ring of Honor. Gorgeous Gary Garvin seems to think that all of the traveling I've been doing over the past few months has taken a toll on me. Hell yeah it's taken a toll on me!!! However, that won't stop me from putting everything I have into the match this Saturday with you, Davis. You got a small taste of what I can do last time we meet in an SCW ring. However, this time there is a belt up for grabs and that belt belongs to me. I respect what you can do in the ring and I don't take you lightly at all one bit. This Saturday I will chop you down and paste your shoulders to the mat when the time is right."


Dagon Briggs w/Seven
Jason Hexx
The Brutal Battle match rules are simple. There is No Time Limit and No Disqualification.
There must be a winner and he who survives earns the opportunity to become the Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Jerrelle Clark
Aaron Epic
It was Jerrelle Clark that pinned Aaron Epic last month but the new Aaron Epic has requested another shot to prove his superiority. Altamonte Springs is the playground for these two competitors to display their in-ring prowess once and for all.

Other Matches
Sequel vs. Rip Malibu
Vito Denucci vs. Eddie Torres
Josh Rich vs. Kevin Kantrell
"The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko, The Heartbreak XPress AND MORE!

(card subject to change)

Q&A With....

The Queen of Extreme speaks exclusively to the E-Zone
regarding her appearance at Brutal Battle....or does she?

Q: Why have you chosen to appear at SCW's Brutal Battle?

A: Wouldn't you like to know...

Q: Can you give us a hint?

A: I'm gonna take care of some business.

Q: What can SCW fans expect to see from you this Saturday night?

Q: Maybe I'll satisfy their thirst for T&A, maybe I'll scout some talent and maybe I'll slap them in the face if they mess with me. I ain't the Queen of Extreme for nothing, just remember that.

For more on Francine...

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