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Monday, July 18, 2005

No Surrender Review

As many of you may have noticed yesterday they redesigned the arena to add more seating for the fans! The arena now accommodates 2,000 screaming fans. I know I say every month that the PPV’S get better every month and they do but last nights PPV was by far one of TNA’S best PPV’S.

The pre show really got the night started when Jeff Jarrett came out and started to attack Don West and scream at Mike Tenay about how insulted he was that he would get arrested and taken away like a common criminal at last months PPV. Mike told Jeff to take it in the ring once in the ring Jeff started in on his TNA conspiracy theory rant!

The long and the short of the rant was that WWE experienced “Black Wednesday” and it wasn't going to be long before TNA felt the same thing because TNA would be pick up those wrestlers since they are the only other wrestling alternative out there but in order for TNA to pick up WWE’S released wrestlers TNA would have to release some!

Which Jeff said that he would be on the top of the list of wrestlers to get release and he said that that would be unfair because he had been there from the beginning helping to build TNA with his blood, sweat, and tears. He was yelling at Mike because Rhyno was in the back and he was demanding to know what was going on.

This set the pace for Jeff showing up all over the place to whisper to wrestlers messages full of doom and gloom the rest of the night! But before Jeff went into the back Don did tell Jeff to just go away because everyone was sick of listening to him.

Sadly the pre show match had nothing on the excitement before the match. The Match featured Orlando’s own Jerrelle Clark VS. Shocker. As always Jerrelle was on top of his game but Shocker tends to leave me feeling more bored than anything. Jerrelle won the match.

At some point during the pre show Cassidy Riley showed up in the audience behind Don and Jeremy in a black shirt and cut off shorts. It seems he hasn't been the same since Raven broke his fingers. I think he maybe channeling his inner Billy Kidman and full of hope that Raven will start a new Flock! I'm sure Raven will have some goodies instore for us.

The first match of the PPV was Michael Shane and Alex Shelley with Traci VS. AMW. Now I must say I was very impressed with this match. This was by far the best I have seen AMW in for a long time. Now I’m not saying yet that they have become more than a mediocre tag team what I’m saying is this was so much better than their normal match.

The match was very back and forth but for the most part it was an all out brawl. Traci of course could not stay out of the match so she went after Chris Harris to her dismay he grabbed her by her hair and handcuffed her to a ring post. Needless to say this did not sit well with Traci. With Traci out of the picture with the exception of her banshee like whaling, AMW was able to move in for the kill and winning the match.

The second match of the evening was a X-Division Cup qualifying match. This match had some of the top wrestlers in the X-Division. The wrestlers in this match were Sharkboy VS. Mikey Batts VS. “Primetime” Elix Skipper VS. Sonjay Dutt. This match had great action.

One thing I do have to mention now please keep in mind I am a girl so of course along with the action I notice what the wrestlers are wearing! What the hell was Batts wearing?? That vinyl ensemble was defiantly not the best look he could have went for. Even though I really think he is trying to work the heel angle he should go with something else.

But other than that this was an outstanding match with a lot of highflying action. I did think at one point that Elix really hurt himself when he stepped wrong when he was walking the top rope! The winner of this match was Sonjay Dutt. He now gets to move forward to the X-Division Cup Match.

Match three of the night was David Young and Simon Diamond VS. Sonny Siaki and Apolo. This match was a descent match considering the wrestlers involved. But I think there are other wrestlers in TNA that would have had a better match!

Match four of the night was Samoa Joe VS. Chris Sabin. This match was a real endurance challenge for Sabin. He came so close to winning the match on several occasions. Sabin also managed to break several of Joe’s amazing submission holds to bad Sabin couldn’t fight his way out of the one that caused him to lose the match.

Match five was Team Canada’s Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and A1 (aka Alistar) VS. The Naturals and Lance Hoyt with Jimmy Hart. This match was a hard match for Team Canada since they didn’t have Scott D’Amore because he was resting up and recovering from when Hoyt put him in the hospital. It was really great to see Jimmy coming out as a manager again and to see that he hasn’t lost his touch!

You know Jimmy and Jim Cornet always had a feud when they were in the same federation. With Cornet being released from WWE I wonder if TNA will pick him up. They are starting to use managers a lot more and I just love that. The managers always add a bit of flare to the matches.

Anyway back to the match it wasn’t long before Team Canada decided to try to use their hockey stick when it got taken away from them but when the referee Andrew Thomas turned around he saw the hockey stick in Jimmy’s hand and ejected him from the match. But without the help of Scott D’Amore Team Canada was no match for the team of the Naturals and Hoyt!

Match six of the night was Outlaw and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown VS. Konnan and "The Truth" Ron Killings of 3LK. This match exploded with the hate these 4 men have for each other! It got bloody really quick. Not 3 minutes into this violent match Outlaw was busted open.

The Outlaw beat up Andrew Thomas so he was out of the match but Senior Referee Rudy Charles came out to ref the match. Outlaw and Monty won the match with the bodies of Konnan and Killings laying dead inside and outside of the ring everyone noticed BG right outside the entrance tunnel.

Outlaw announced that he was going to say two words he hadn't said in a long time. He looked at BG and said "My Brother" BG came to the ring and was really struggling with who to side with Outlaw even gave him a chair to hit Killings with but he threw down the chair and left the ring. But the crowd was encouraging him to side with Outlaw.

Match seven of the night was Sean Waltman VS. AJ Styles with special guest referee Jerry Lynn. Before I start talking about this match I want to send a huge Welcome Back to Jerry.

He is an incredible athlete and I can't wait for him to get back into action. This match got bloody too both wrestlers were bleeding. Sean from the mouth and AJ from the nose and mouth.

They were just beating the hell out of each other until AJ was down and Sean got a chair and slid it on his knee. Jerry told him not to do that and take it off but Sean wouldn't so Jerry did.

AJ tried to pull Sean over to pin him but Sean grabbed the ropes until Jerry kicked his hands away causing AJ to get the pin fall. I'm sure there is going to be one hell of a feud between Jerry and Sean now.

The eight match of the night was X-Division champion "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. Team Canada's Petey Williams for the title. This match was a very equally matched match with several very close calls.

But in the end Daniels was able to retain his title. Samoa Joe came out to watch this match I think he has visions of titles in his future.

Match nine of the night was the main event that had everyone on the edge of their seats all night. Heavy weight Champion Raven VS. Abyss with James Mitchell in a dog collar match.

This match was by far the most brutal match of the night. It was right after the match started that Abyss was bleeding heavily out of his forehead. The two of these monsters just beat the hell out of each other. At one point Raven pulled out a $10 bill and stapled it to Abyss's forehead.

Both of these wrestlers are very lucky they were able to walk away from this match. Abyss brought out the thumb tacks and spread them out and went after a down Raven in the corner of the ring when Cassidy came out to help Raven but Abyss threw him over the top rope on to a table where he stayed the rest of the night!

But that gave Raven enough time to collect himself and send Abyss into the tacks. In the end of this match Raven retained his title but not after they both ended up in the tacks.

As Abyss took off with Mitchell and Raven was trying to get the tacks out of his ass. Jeff Jarrett came out and told Raven he wasn't there to talk about "Black Wednesday" but to give him a bit of advice turn around.

When Raven turned around Rhyno was there and spiked him into the mat and left with Rhyno. As always Jeff was playing mind games with everyone!

After a PPV like this one I can't wait to see what is instore for TNA fans next month!

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