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Sunday, July 10, 2005


7/9/2005 8:56:09 PM

Recap of the latest edition of Get In The Ring, which is now playing in Real Audio only on! p> Former ECW and WWE superstar Rhyno was a guest on the latest edition of Get In The Ring on You can hear the new show for free every week in streaming audio on that site! Also visit for more information on The Phantom, Sir Adam and their upcoming Mysteries of Wrestling Solved book out now.

Big news was Rhyno announcing he will be working for TNA starting on the PPV on the 17th! Here is a recap of the entire interview.

Rhyno joins the show while on a date with his girlfriend. The host joke about feeling like 3rd wheels. Very funny, as Rhyno brings his girlfriend on air and she calls him the man beast. They talk to Rhyno about his divorce. And now he's in a speedboat with his new girlfriend.

Sunday July 10th Blood Sweat and Ears Wrestling and Rock Music show in Ontario, Canada will be his first Indy booking.

The hosts ask him about the ECW PPV. And that he showed the old fire he never showed in WWE. Rhyno said the last few years in WWE he felt like he was just spinning his wheels in the mud. And now he found his passion for wrestling again. Some people said it seemed he was trying to get re signed by WWE, but he just wanted to find his love for wrestling again. He announced he will be working for TNA soon.

The hosts told Rhyno he looked better than ever. Rhyno said hes been working hard to get in good shape.

Adam asked him how it felt being at the ECW PPV. Rhyno said it was fun, just being around the old guys like Balls, Axl, Sandman and Dreamer. Picking up where they left off, and reliving memories.

Phantom asks Rhyno about the WWE cuts. Specifically the Dudleys, and if it was an anti-ECW thing. Rhyno says Vince always liked the Dudleys and wasn't sure the reasoning.

They ask about some of the hirings not being as good as the firings.

The hosts ask him about the rumors of why he was fired, and if it was true about the fight with his now ex-wife. Rhyno says it was true. He says she was a great girl, but not for him. Wrestlers are on the road a lot and it's a lonely life for the wrestling wives. They were going through a divorce for 6 months, and he says it was his fault for bringing her to WrestleMania. They ask him if that was the incident that got him fired. Rhyno says if it wasn't for that he thinks he'd still be there.

Rhyno says he will be on the TNA NO SURRENDER PPV on the 17th. Rhyno says he's excited about working there. He worked with Jeff Jarrett in Puerto Rico, and got along with them. He hopes TV is in the works for them.

Rhyno says he can't say anything bad about WWE. They always paid him. But the 4 yeas he was there he always felt like he was about to get released. It was hell to go through his injury and thinking about needing another neck surgery. Rhyno says he's in good spirits and hopes the worst is behind him.

Before they let him go, they ask Rhyno about Edge/Hardy/Lita situation. Rhyno says after going through what he's gone through, if you can find love there's nothing greater in life. If Edge and Lita are really in love then he's happy for them and he's sorry if Matt Hardy got hurt.

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