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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Two New Matches Added To Sunday's No Surrender

July 15th, 2005 11:05

Nashville, TN (July 16, 2005) – The Outlaw has been acting more like an in-law, causing estrangement and turmoil in the “marriage” of 3Live Kru.

Since this “home wrecker” arrived in TNA, the members of 3Live Kru have been dealing with issues of trust and infidelity. Like any dysfunctional relationship, they have reached the point of reconciliation or dissolution.

Two months ago, The Outlaw gave Konnan a wicked chair shot that sent him back to the ‘hood for several weeks. When Ron “The Truth” Killings beat The Outlaw at “Slammiversary,” B.G. James had the opportunity to exact some revenge for Konnan but couldn’t or wouldn’t pull the trigger.

This Sunday at “No Surrender,” Konnan and Ron “The Truth” Killings try to save their tag team partnership with B.G. James as they take on The Outlaw and his partner from Planet Jarrett, The Alpha Male, in a no DQ Street Fight.


Nashville, TN (July 15, 2005) – Team Canada has been the most dominant tag team force in TNA for the past year under the tutelage of Coach Scott D’Amore. The meddlesome manager has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat time and time again with his hockey stick.

After the Naturals teamed up with the late Chris Candido as their manager, they have evolved into a potent force, and are current champions of the tag team division. At “Slammiversary,” Chase Stevens was decimated by Team Canada until new “spiritual advisor” Jimmy Hart made the save with his ever-present megaphone.
Also at “Slammiversary,” Lance Hoyt was defeated by Bobby Roode but exacted revenge on D’Amore for an earlier beat down – sending him out of the ring on a stretcher.

Weeks ago on iMPACT!, Team Canada got some revenge in a four-against-one ambush on Hoyt until The Naturals stepped in to his rescue.

At “No Surrender” this Sunday, the unlikely pairing of Hoyt and The Naturals will team up to settle their individual and collective difference against Team Canada -- who will be without the services of D’Amore -- who has been convalescing at his home in Windsor, Ontario since “Slammiversary.”

How much does a coach mean to his team and can Team Canada overcome the loss of D’Amore? Will Jimmy Hart be able to continue the progress and maturation of The Naturals?

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