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Monday, July 25, 2005

WWE'S Battle of the Band

Just when you thought that the sports entertainment company WWE couldn’t get any gayer with it’s lame story lines they have to do Battle of the Bands!! Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy will face off against John Cena and crew!

What the hell is wrong with their writers!! First off Fozzy is a rock band and John Cena is a rapper! Like there isn’t enough animosity between rockers and rappers lets have a competition on national TV. I mean the whole idea is ridiculous!

Do they just sit around and go hey I have an idea lets see if we can really get the fans fighting with one another by segregating them! There is no way for anyone to decide who is the better musician.

You either like rock or you don’t. So if you don’t like rock your not going to vote for Fozzy no matter what Jericho does up on that stage! He can have the best stage show or get up there in the nude and perform! If you don’t like that genera your not going to care. The same goes for John.

One would have to wonder if WWE spent more time focusing their time and energy on what is going on inside the ring instead of all the stupid story lines if maybe they might have a small piece of respect they had in their glory days!

If they did they might not be losing money hand over fist because they are losing it in a mediocre product that people just don’t want to waste their time or intelligence on!

I am debating wether or not I’m going to flip back and forth between Raw tonight and something else! Just so I can watch Fozzy’s performance! They are a great band but of course I could careless about John Cena’s performance! If I wanted to watch crap I would tune in to MTV!

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