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Friday, August 05, 2005

Just A WWE Rant

Ok I know I have been slacking off on this blog big time but there is nothing really worth writing about going on in wrestling! Unless you are one of the people excited because WWE had a visit from Bret Hart and Dusty Rhoades! I mean does anyone really care about either one of them?

Lets start with Bret Hart. I used to really like him. But now he is doing nothing but whining all the time about the state of wrestling and how bad everyone is treated but he doesn’t do anything about it. Plus I have totally lost any respect for him after Owen Hart got killed and he went on about how he has washed his hands of WWE but every time you turn around he is running back to them with his tail between his legs.

He is stupid and lame now. If it was my brother and he died because he got bullied into doing something he didn’t really want to do in the first place, I would never go back to work for that company. Bret you need to learn how to hold your ground and learn to work for less pay!

On to Dusty Rhoades! Where do you start with someone that has been in the wrestling business for as long as he has? Oh I know lets start with how bitter he is with his fans now. I know and I understand that some fans are just stupid and don’t understand that wrestling isn’t real so they think that even when you are not working you are in character. But when you are at a wrestling venue and a kid wants to talk to you or a photo or an autograph take 2 damn minutes out of your busy schedule to do it for a kid! Don’t be rude about it.

I don’t know why WWE would waste there time and money they are losing money hand over fist to be bothered with Dusty. I really don’t see what Dusty brings to the table for WWE’S creative staff. I mean he did nothing for TNA they are doing so much better without him. I’m sure it wont belong before he brings Dustin on and well we all know how that goes. I hope that WWE knows what they are doing their storylines are stupid enough!

Other than stupid brainstorms there is nothing worth writing about in wrestling which does give me more time for other things such as band promotions! But I hate not spending more time on my wrestling blog. I hope something happens to liven things up a bit.

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