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Monday, January 31, 2005

Telling It Like It Is..By John-Michael Newton

This Week: Breaking Down The Royal Rumble, And Other Thoughts.

This Sunday will bring the Royal Rumble. Up until 2003, this was hands-down
the best PPV that the WWE had, and that INCLUDED Wrestlemania. Now, the
Rumble is nothing more than an afterthought, and yet another reason the WWE
needs to end the "brand extension".

It is pretty academic. Either Cena will win the Rumble and win the WWE
title at Mania, or Batista will win and Cripple H will blatantly refuse to
put him over, like he has everyone else. Personally I would rather see Cena
go over in the Mania Main event, because Cena has the potential to be a HUGE
star and draw, whereas Batista is a little rough around the edges. He is
over big time and has a good appearance, but we all know what will happen if
he and the LAME are in the main event. i have never thought of a mid-carder
like JBL being champ, but I will give him credit for being eager to put Cena
over for the title.

Until the brand extension mercifully ends, I have my past memories to go
back on. Such as the 1992 Rumble, one of Flair's greatest performances in
his career. the 1997 Rumble, with Austin and Hart going at it. And who can
forget The Crock caving Dick Foley's retarded head in with a chair 15 times,
and Undertaker smashing Maven's head through the popcorn machine in 2002.
The Royal Rumble has given us some of the best and funniest memories in
Wrestling (ESPECIALLY the Bushwacker Luke's 4.6 second appearance). Along
with King Of The Ring, the Rumble is one of the things the WWE's extension
has destroyed.

TNA's PPV comes up on Feb 13th. Of course, the Undercard is strong, and of
course, The Main Event is Lame.....Jeff "TRIPLE J" Jarrett vs. Fat and Lazy
Kevin Nash. Two of the biggest LEECHES in wrestling being shoved down our
throat. Jarrett and Nash only care about themselves and no one else. I
wish Heyman would come in and fire their worthless asses. Apologies to a
few paople, but Heyman is not the scumbag people think he is. The Dudleys
can attest to that.

Well that is all for this week, time to go out with my friends and freexze
our butts off in New York. Shout out to Sign Guy Foley and the Pit Crew,
Heather, and The Hawk. War Cena winning at Mania..OUT!!!


Saturday, January 29, 2005


By: Press Release
1/29/2005 2:56:59 PM

Effective immediately Championship Wrestling is withdrawing from it's affiliation with NWA Blue Ridge.

Championship Wrestling, based out of Kingsport, TN has been an affiliate of NWA Blue Ridge since July. Several NWA Blue Ridge stars have appeared on our television program and on our live events during the time of this affiliation.

2 weeks ago, NWA Blue Ridge started a weekly television program on the UPN WAPK (The same station CW's weekly program airs on) in the Tri-Cities TN / VA market. The NWA Blue Ridge program has a talk show format and doesn't air any actual wrestling footage. The program is hosted by a gentlemen wearing a tuxedo and a cowboy hat, as well as another young man who wears WWE T-shirts and uses "insider" terms such as "heel" and "babyface" on air.

We at Championship Wrestling feel that the format and content of NWA Blue Ridge's television show is not something that we need to be affiliated with.

Also, it was announced on the TV program that NWA Blue Ridge will be promoting an event in Kingsport on April 9th. We were already aware that they would having an event here in April and had agreed to lend our talent to that event. However, we were not aware that the event would be on April 9. That date coincides with the date of a Championship Wrestling event in Kingsport at the National Guard Armory. Our April 9th event has been listed on our webpage since October and we refuse to cancel the event no matter what the circumstance.

The "double booking' of our home base town, as well as the fear of "brand confusion" with their TV program and our product are the main reasons that we must end our relationship with NWA Blue Ridge.

Despite our differences, We wish NWA Blue Ridge and all of the NWA members and associates the best of luck in the future.


Tony Givens
Excutive Producer, G1 Productions

Thursday, January 27, 2005

TNA Merchandise

Before I really get into this column let me just say one of my favorite things is merchandise! I love going to concerts or sporting events and buying merchandise! Why, well I think that it’s a way to combine some of my favorite things! Plus I get to walk around in t-shirts or what ever and support my favorite team and/or player!

Well enough about me! After all you don’t read the column to learn about me you, you read it because it’s about a sport we all love wrestling!!

For any of you that haven’t been to the merchandise section of TNA’S website you are missing out on some great things! They have just gotten some cool new stuff and there is more on the way!

One of the first things I’m really excited over is TNA is getting action figures! Now I don’t care if your young or old action figures rule! My son has a ton of the WWE ones but he is really excited over the TNA ones!

TNA’S action figures are going to be made by Toy Biz (they're a Marvel Company). The figures are due out in the spring of this year there release date hasn’t been set yet. But they are planning over a dozen figures with the first four being Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Abyss, and Raven. All action figures will come with weapons such as guitars, tables, and chairs. They are also planning a six-sided ring to go with the figures!

Another thing that all fans love are t-shirts! TNA’S new Liquid Blue tees are incredible. At this point they one have four different styles but I am really looking forward to more from them. The ones they have right now are AMW, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown, Abyss, and Raven. They are all on black tees but the color quality is outstanding!

Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I have tons of DVD’S. I have everything from rock concerts to comedies to wrestling. TNA has their own line of DVD’S. There are six titles to choose from. The ones they have are Phenomenal: The Best of AJ Styles, The Best of 3LK, The Best of AMW, The Best of the X-Division Matches, The Best of the Ultimate X, and The Best of TNA Title Matches!

Now I am very surprised that they don’t have “The Best of Tag Team Matches” because they have way to many tag matches! I could go on all day about how they have to many tag matches and not enough female matches! But other then that and a couple other small things in my opinion TNA is still the best wrestling out there! Yeah I know people love WWE but do you all really still love WWE or are you just hoping to see a glimmer of the greatness it used to be!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Hawk's Nest

Pay Per Views

Wrestlemania the greatest and grandest of them all. Then came Survivor Series then SummerSlam then Royal Rumble then King of the Ring and then the In Your Houses. It was a hell of a thing, You wait all year for the feud of feuds to end at WrestleMania.

Heroes were born, villains were crushed, the heel or face turn that no one ever expected and the new flock of stars that came in after Mania.

Survivor Series, an excellent concept. Putting teams together of heels versus faces. Remember the ultimate survivor when the winners all faced each other in a battle royal at the end or the great team names (The Vipers, the Rude Brood or best one ever Roddys Rowdies). No true main event just something different. SummerSlam, okay so we started getting bored waiting for Mania so Vince tossed us a bone.

Usually a tag team main event involving the big names. Here we go, my personal favorite The Royal Rumble. What a truly ingenious idea. 30 men over the top rope a few filler matches on the card. I can remember having parties with all my friends over, having a chart on who was going win and what the odds were.

King of the Ring, wrestlers that never feuded would meet in the winners brackets of this event and a mid carder could earn a main event spot. In You House, Backlash, insert a lame name Pay Per View, now we get to have a pay per view a month! I don't know about you but they wonder why wrestlers feuds don't last.

Back in the day feuds were allowed to stretch months and the wrestlers may never even lay a hand on each other, and when they finally did you wanted to give Vince your money just to see Jake finally get his hand Rick Martel or Bret Lose???? to Owen. Now feuds have to happen month to month, causing more heel/faces turns and over all lackluster build of an event.

I remember thinking 5 pay per views was a lot. This year Vince has 15 planned, 15!!!!!!!! That means Jericho will have to turn his character 3 times this year and Undertaker will become a biker, then dead again, then reborn and then become a rapper from west Des Moines.

I can live with the brand split, personally I like it. I liked the old pay per views because they each had their own personality. That's what I miss, How about you? Next time aging old fart who refuse to get out of the way!

Till then Fly Straight

Monday, January 24, 2005

NRW Academy

The follow is the official information on NRW'S New Wrestling Academy!!

The wait is over. The premier wrestling school in Central Florida is here and ready to take you to the next level. NRW in its short history has proved the caliber and quality of it's product. We are now ready to take selected people who have the desire and determination to work towards their goals the NRW experience. Our staff headed by 13 year veteran and international star Rico Casanova and aided by The Man named Rouge, will take you through every facet of the wrestling business. The program focuses on training, conditioning, abilities, moves, psychology and presentation of character. For more information on the NRW Academy contact Have the following info available, age, name, telephone number and address. We will contact you very soon.

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

This Week, various thoughts, and feeling good to be home.

Well, I am finally back in the good old U.S of A!!! I want to thank every
one ot the TNA fans that turned out on Tuesday and gave me support for my
return, especially Sign Guy Foley and his crew!! Down to business. I guess
I had received poor information. Abyss will not be leaving, which is a good
sign for TNA. The turnout was very good, except for one thing. That stupid
press conference angle basically sucked the life out of the crowd in the
first 10 minutes of the show. I am going to call my shot in. Dusty Rhodes,
as great a legend as he is, cannot write a show to save his life!! That and
Jarrett's horrible promo basically put the crowd to sleep. As for Jeff
Hardy, my GOD!! It is really sad to see how this guy's career has fallen
apart. He looked absolutely HORRIBLE in both matches he was in. I am not
going to infer about his condition, but I think we all know what happened.

I want to welcome Hawk and give him two thumbs up for a great column. I can
understand why the WWE put JBL as Champ. JBL is pretty much a part of the
"intelligencia" in the real world. THis is something most wrestling fans
hate. The way to make this a huge success is to have Cena win the RUmble,
and put him over at Mania, I can understand that. As for RAW, All I will
say is they have better get the two Arab AMerican wrestlers soe serious
police escorts. I saw them in action, and they are going to succeed in
getting these guys killed. If I were one of them, I would be seriously
consulting The Dudley Boys for tips on how to evade whole cities that want
to kill you (Buffalo, 1998). All I know is they have GOT to get Batista
over for the title at the Rumble or Mania, but I do not see that happening.
Personally, Hawk and I agreed that they need to turn Orton heel and get him
the belt back. A good Idea, but I see pigs flying before that happens.

Well I have to run. I am off to New York for a few weeks with Ronni for a
well-deserved vacation. Hope to see all of you when I get back.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sean Waltman's Site

While I was cruising through the wrestling sites I check on a regular basis I found a letter on Sean Waltman's (AKA X-Pac) Official Site to the Mark Kronin and Mindless Entertainment! About the way he feels about them exploiting Joanie "Chyna" Laurer in there reality TV show "The Surreal Life"!

Now I haven't see "The Surreal Life" since the first season and I felt the whole show did nothing but exploit the celebrities as well as cause as much problems for them as they could. They were forever putting them in one bad situation after another. Like if they knew their was someone with a drug and alcohol problem they make sure there was lots of booze to go around!

Just hoping that something would happen to bring up the ratings! I was unable to copy the letter but if you follow this link to his site the letter is on the front page and I feel it is worth the read. I just feel that it is worth the read and feel it is probably 100% accurate!

The letter also mentions Joanie's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. I did listen to her on there just because it had to do with wrestling and I wanted to hear what she was up to. I felt the whole show was a mess and she probably shouldn't have been on there in the condition she was in!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fridays Impact

Ok I decided for today's post I wanted to review part of last nights Impact show! Now if you didn't watch it shame on you because you are really missing out on some great wrestling! For those of you that don't know it's on Fridays on Fox Sports check you local listing for times!

The first match was a match featuring Christopher Daniels! Now I think he is a very talented up and coming wrestler! At the end of his match he challenged AJ Styles for a shot at the X-Division Championship!

Dusty came out and agreed that if in the main event Daniels could last 10 minutes in the ring with AJ he would get his title shot on February 13 at "Against All Odds"!

Now at this point I thought ok Christopher Daniels can do this no problem! Well, there were a couple of times during the match that I really got concerned that AJ was going to get a pin fall in under the 10 minute time limit!

But this was not the case Daniels did manage to last 10 minutes to get his title shot. I am really looking forward to seeing there 30 minute iron man match. I know that AJ tends to me the fan favorite and everyone wants to see him keep the belt!

I would love to see Daniels with the belt he would be a great champion! He has mat skill as well as mic skills! Plus I'm partial to the heels! Yeah I know I like some baby faces to but heels get to be nasty and just smack there opponent around!

I wish "The Fallen Angel" lots of luck because he is going to need it going against a skilled wrestler such as AJ!

I didn't want to review the whole Impact show since I would have to review the "News Conference" at the beginning and I refuse to go there!! It was lame and that is as much as I'm going to say!

Friday, January 21, 2005

"Pistol" Pez Whatley dead at 54

Credit to: By GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling

During his career, "Pistol" Pez Whatley broke more than a few boundaries. Whatley, who died Tuesday at age 54, was the first black high school wrestling champion in Chattanooga and in Tennessee. He was then the first black wrestler at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

As a pro wrestler, he brought smiles to many faces in and out of the ring when he was a good guy as "Pistol" Pez or Willie B. Hurt; as the heel Shaska Whatley, he drew happiness from the fans' ire.

"I liked being a hero, making people like me, but I liked making people cheer against me too," Whatley told the Chattanooga Times Free Press just before Christmas.

His friend of over 22 years, Rocky King, said that wrestling was the centre of Whatley's existence. "He just loved wrestling," explained King, who first met Whatley in Florida. "That's all he'd talk about."

As a heel, Shaska Whatley had an epic feud with "The Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant in Jim Crockett's World Championship Wrestling promotion in 1986.

Valiant ticked off his friend when he called Whatley the best "black" in wrestling; incensed at the racial implications, Whatley turned on Valiant, and cut part of his beard. He then took on "Number One" Paul Jones as a manager.

"If there's anything I hate more than a black honkeytonk, it's a white honkeytonk," the newly-named Shaska Whatley once spouted on TV in regards to Valiant. The two feuded throughout the summer of '86 at the Great American Bash shows, with Whatley eventually losing his hair in a match.

Valiant was saddened by the death of his old friend. "I have known Pez since the late '60s in Tennesse," Valiant said. "He was an old time trooper traveling by car on the road at least 100,000 miles a year for many decades. The Pistol was a true shooter and a great worker. I loved him and I'll always keep a special place in my heart for that old Tennesse stud. We were born only 75 miles and a couple of years apart."

The 5'10", 245-pound Pezavan Whatley was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After excelling in sports at Notre Dame High School and then the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, he turned to pro wrestling, learning around Tennessee from the likes of Phil Golden, Saul Weingeroff, and promoters Nick Gulas and Angelo Poffo.

As a singles wrestler, his biggest success aside from the WCW run against Valiant, was in Florida, where he was NWA Southern Heavyweight champion, losing the title to Rick Rude.

He had a few notable tag teams. His initial success came with Ray Candy, holding the Mid-American titles in the IWA. In Poffo's ICW, Whatley was a tag champ with Rip Rogers. After his heel turn in WCW, Whatley teamed with Tiger Conway Jr. in the Jive Tones.

"Pez always had a smile on his face. That's what I'll always remember most," posted Dusty Wolfe on

In the Continental Wrestling Federation in 1988, booker Eddie Gilbert took Whatley in another direction and re-named Willie B. Hurt. He feuded with Gilbert and his manager Paul E. Dangerously after Whatley's real teenage son was involved in an angle.

During his career, Whatley worked across the U.S., Australia, the Caribbean, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. He came to southern Ontario as a part of the NWA.

Whatley was also one of the trainers at WCW's Power Plant. It was there that his health first turned. "I was in Denver and got bronchitis during production and training for the WCW," he told the Chattanooga paper. "When we left there for Louisville, I felt like I needed to lay down ... Every time I'd lay down, I'd feel like I was drowning. I'd turn my head and get a rush."

He was treated for bronchitis, but the doctors also found that his high blood pressure was as a result of an enlarged heart that would eventually stop pumping. Whatley actually was pronounced dead on two occasions while awaiting a heart transplant during the subsequent years. He never had the transplant.

King was stunned by his friend's recovery; after being hospitalized, Whatley would be out again to King's wrestling shows and charity events. "It was incredible. I'd never seen anything like it in my life," King said of Whatley's recovery.

In his story in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, writer Ward Gossett described Whatley during his December 2004 visit. "Today 'Pez' is a shadow of his former physical self. Clothes that fit so well on a muscular 225-pound frame now sag on his shoulders. His belt is cinched tight, just short of needing a new notch. The personality remains vibrant, but the bounce in his step has been replaced with a shuffle."

Yet Whatley was thankful for the extra time. "It's a miracle I'm here," he said. "I'm walking, talking proof there is a God."

Whatley died Tuesday, January 18, at the Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga. The funeral will be Saturday at noon at Tucker Baptist Church, 1115 N. Moore Rd. in Chattanooga.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hawk's First Column

Hey wrestling fans let me start my first column by thanking Heather and Mike for allowing me to add my 2 cents to the site.

Now with that being said let me jump in. I would have liked to start my first column all about Raw except I fell asleep. Now let me see, I have been a hardcore WWF & E fan for 20 years and I fell asleep.

There were times I would call in sick to work because I wanted to see The Rock vs Stone Cold or Bret Hart complain about something. Wrestling is missing that key character, you know that guy you love to hate or hate to love.

There are some possiblities out there, listen to the crowd when Jericho comes out or when RVD oversells his frog splash. I miss being surprised! Don't get me wrong Thursday night I will plop myself in front of the T.V and go with the same routine I have for years and Monday I will have renewed faith that Triple H won't be booking the show. Why? Because I love wrestling!

After all these years I have learned one thing, wrestling goes in cycles. We currently are in a lull, but as always the best is yet to come. The next Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan may be wrestling in TNA or Ring of Honor right now.

Personally I have high hopes for the Smackdown crew. I know Mike will disagree but the JBL character is a positive step. Fans hate him, he cheats to win every match and he has beat almost everyone. Why take a mid card wrestler thrust him up to World Champ? Because when the babyface underdog beats him they will be over huge.

This is old school wrestling at its best. I hope I didn't rant to much in my first column, just wanted see if anyone else feels this way. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions for columns. Next week I discuss Pay Per View of yesteryear.

Till then Fly Straight
-The Hawk

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New Writer

I wanted to welcome Hawk as one of our new writers! He is from Nashville,Tenn. and mainly a WWE fan! I'm sure he will have some different views from Mike and I. I want to thank all of our loyal reads and hope we continue to grow! I have also added Hawks email to the contact section so as always feel free to contact any of us if you have a comment on our columns!

Mike's Last Post From Iraq

Special Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton.

This time around......Nice to know you TNA.

I am only a few days away from coming home from Iraq, and I get on the
computer this morning and look on 1wrestling again to check the latest news.
And I see that Abyss may be leaving for WWE. All I have to say is nice
going TNA. You have just lost a top perforner on your roster to Vince. You
should have seen it coming when you picked a fight with this guy.
Furthermore, it shows the continued incompetence of TNA's front office. You
shell out big bucks to get Hall, Jarrett, Nash, and Savage, but you are
going to let a top guy on your roster, who is obviously a fan favorite, get
away. Really nice work guys. Enjoy the unemployment line!!!

You know, I really wanted TNA to succeed. I have gone to only three shows,
and I loved the passion and the camraderie of the fans there. The sendoff
they gave me when I left to come back here will always mean the world to me.
These fans deserve better. They deserve this company to live and have a
fighting chance. This company was special to a lot of people, and it still
can if the right business choices are made.

If I were Abyss right now, I would be knowing fully well I am not going to
be used well in WWE. Heck if they can't use Rhyno right, what makes you
think they are going to use Abyss any better. Abyss was the legit monster
TNA needed on their roster. Now they are about to lose him, and Vince only
wants him to chip away at TNA's power, nothing more.

I am really sick of talking about this. I do not know why I even waste my
breath. Why should we believe in a company that talks the talk but is not
willing to walk the walk?? I still love TNA and the fans that come into the
pit, but I am really losing faith fast, if I have not lost it already. Mr.
and Mrs. Carter, you ignored my advice when I told you you should look into
Heyman, now I am asking you. Pay Abyss whatever he wants. If you lose this
guy, you are going to be sorry. Quit living in 1984 and 1996. It is gone
and it ain't coming back! Get with the program and make the right

That is all for now, I really needed to vent my fustrations. Heck maybe my
readership will double to 8 for all I know, but I had to make my feelings
known. See you all at Studio 21 soon.......If there is even a TNA to watch
by then!!! I encourage you to replay and send feedback to this one!


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Welcome Home Mike

I wanted to welcome home co-writer Mike home from Iraq! I'm glad he had a safe trip home and I can't wait for him to start his writting from home! I do have a post that he wrote and email me that I need to post probably later to night!!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Final Resolution Review

When I arrived last night there were a huge crowd of eager TNA fans waiting to get in! I had friends waiting inline for me so I didn't have to worry about getting in but there were several people that ended up getting turned away! They packed the arena to total capacity!

The pre show started with the normal interviews and talk about how great the PPV will be to get people to buy! There was 2 matches though. The first one was The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) VS. Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki.

Now I'm going to say it again for the hundredth time I don't feel that Sonny should get the push he has been getting just because Dusty likes him. Sonny has no personality or charisma, he has potential to be a great wrestler with his skill as well as his family background it is in his blood!

His mat skills aren't in question it's his lack of personality that they really need to work on!! Now with that said back to the match. The Naturals started to double team Sonny right from the start and the rest of the match went on like this.

Sonny finally got to tag in Johnny but Chase decided to wrap a chain around his fist to punch Johnny when Sonny got in the way getting knocked out and Chase got Sonny for the 3 count!!

The second match of the pre show was Chris Candido VS. some jobber Cassidy Riley! This match was a total joke! Putting such an unseasoned wrestler against a skilled wrestler like Chris! It wasn't hard to predict the out come of this match and I didn't even need a crystal ball! Chris walked a way victorious, while Cassidy kinda crawled away!

Now on to the PPV. The first match was Kazarian, Michael Shane, and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. 3LK. This match was pretty much what you would expect from these athletes!

3LK started the match off smacking Shane around and having fun dancing the whole time. Than it looked like Shane, Kazarian, and Daniels might have a chance to win the match but that wasn't in the cards for them last night! Killings pinned Shane for the win.

The next match was "Primetime" Elix Skipper VS. Sonjay Dutt. Now I have to say that I was really disappointed with this match. I expected so much from this match and all it did was left me bored and wanting more of a match!

Now this could be because there are rumors that this was Sonjay's last match so maybe he wasn't really in to the match! Put with 2 fine X Division athletes like these there should have been more of a match.

Now Elix did walk a cross the top rope like he did the cage last month so he didn't disappoint the crowd. The winner of the match was Primetime!!

The next match turned out to be a good match it was Kid Kash VS. Dustin Rhodes. Now as you all recall Kash got himself into this by running his big mouth again. Now despite the fact that most of the fans wont admit to liking Kash I do because I think he has skill and has great mic skills!

He really is one of TNA's better talents that isn't used as much as he could be! Early in the match Kash faked a knee injury after catching Dustin off guard Kash very wisely went to work on Dustin's knee!

Kash wasn't going to let a big size difference get in his way. Kash really made a real go at winning the match but Dusty got Kash with a bulldog and won the match! By the way where was Dallas?? I haven't seen him in a while!

Next came Raven VS. Erik Watts. Now leading up to this match was just one of Ravens big mind games. This match was all out war, the battle lines were drawn long ago. This match was all over the arena.

It was a brutal violent match. Watts was able to choke slam Raven getting the pin fall. As Watts is heading back to the dressing rooms Raven gets the mic and starts going on about how he was blinded by his dislike of DDP.

Finally saying he was sorry and asking for forgiveness. This of course was more of Ravens mind games because while Watts back was turned he hit him with a trash can and knocked him off the ramp!! I'm sure this is just the beginning of a long heated battle!

Next came Scott Hall VS. Jeff Hardy with special guest referee Rowdy Roddy Piper! This match was ridiculous at best! between Scott's blatant jobbing to Pipper's interference to help Hardy win. This match was just a fill to waste time.

But if you wanted a laugh I guess it was worth that! Of course Jeff did actually do a real swanton so I guess that is something. Jeff of course won the match.

Then it was the elimination match to see who went on to fight Jeff Jarrett. This match was DDP VS. Kevin Nash VS. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. Now with this match experience really showed. Instead of a big free for all DDP and Nash took turns working on Monty!

This was working really well until DDP decided to turn on Nash and get him out of the running's. I have to say I was surprised that it was Monty that won the match and got the title shot again because I don't feel that Monty is ready to be champion. He is a huge fan favorite but he needs to work on his mic skills and ring skills to be a champion!

Next came the Tag Team Title match. It was AMW (James Storm & Chris Harris) VS. Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Erik Young) with manager Scott D'Amore. This match was off to a bang. It was all over the place a set of wrestlers at each end of the arena.

Finally Chris and Eric got in the ring to start the match! But once Chris tagged James in to the ring Team Canada started to go to work on James. But of course Scott had to get involved in the match, but AMW got the best of him when they hand cuffed him to the ring!

But that wasn't the need of the interference because Johnny Devine would come out to help his team mates. That work for a while until Johnny hit Erik in the head with a chair by mistake and cost them the match. Making AMW 6 time tag team champs.

Then what was easily the most outstanding match of the night the match for the X-Division belt in an Ultimate X match. This match had 3 very skill X-Division wrestlers Petey Williams VS Chris Sabin VS. AJ Styles! This match held a hell of a speed and kept it going through the whole match.

There were several close calls for the belt. At one point Petey and AJ were fighting at the towers that the belt was suspended from and Petey was holding AJ's arm in between the braces. AJ kicked Petey knocking him down but when he went to jump down his arm got stuck and he was dangling by his arm until shaking lose!!

At this point I really felt AJ was out of the match because he really hurt his arm it was bruised and swelling up! Finally Petey and Sabin were both at the belt trying to get it lose! When they did they were hangin upside down having a tug of war but in an amazing turn of events a injured AJ flew off the top rope and grabbed the belt with one hand and rolling in to a ball clutching the belt!

That had to be the most amazing move of the night!! I hope that his arm is not broken and he heals up quick because it would be a shame after all of that if he has to forfeit the belt do to injury!!!

The main event was next which was Jeff Jarrett VS. Monty Brown this match was violent until the very end! They both knew they were in a fight after this match. Jeff was able to dominate most of the match thanks to his skill and experience.

Poor Rudy Charles got the worst of most of the match first Monty countered the stroke by pushing Jeff into Rudy than later Monty pounced Rudy by mistake!

Monty hit Jeff with one of his own guitars and Referee Andrew Thomas came in to do the count but Jeff was able to kick out now if Monty hadn't injured Rudy He may have won the match because he would have had the count started sooner!! But Jeff hit Monty with 3 Strokes to win the match!!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Match Listing for FINAL RESOLUTION

LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW - Sunday, January 16, 2005
8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT
FREE Countdown Show starts 30 minutes prior to live telecast!


The Main Event
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Champion JEFF JARRETT vs. TBD (See Below)
"Jarrett will face one of three vicious competitors - but will his opponent already be fatigued from his match earlier that night?"

Winner Advances to World Title Main Event
"Cockiness vs. Experience vs. Aggression - which will win out and get a shot at Jarrett's World Title?"

The Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship
"The most innovative match in wrestling makes its return this Sunday night! See it to believe it!"

A Grudge That Just Won't Quit
"Hall cost Hardy his world title opportunity a couple of months ago at Victory Road - now Hardy wants his revenge! And will Piper be an impartial ref?"

NWA World Tag Team Championship
"Fresh off their 5-star cage match win at Turning Point, AMW is primed to win back the belts that they have proudly held in the past!"


"Who's to blame for DDP's separation from his wife? It won't matter any more once these two come to fisticuffs!"

"Two of the most respected X Division Superstars in the world will go head-to-head in a match that may steal the entire show!"

"Kash obviously has no respect for authority, including the Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes. Will his son, Dustin, teach Kash a lesson once and for all?"



Friday, January 07, 2005

Telling It Like It John-Michael Newton

This Time Around....Why doesn't TNA Get It??

Every time I look on and get a rundown of a TNA show, I shake
my head and wonder and disbelief. I understand the TNA fan base is made up
of mostly tradition heavy fans who remember WCW and want that old formula
back. What I am trying to wonder is why TNA is trying to emulate the WCW in
its dying days!!! I have said all along, that with the storylines they have
been producing, that this is not 1996, and you can not re-create the past.
But what is worse is that you actually think you can be a viable competition
for WWE with a writer like Vince Russo and a World Champ like Jeff Jarrett.
It is too bad you do not remember 2000, when that same failed experiment
brought WCW to its knees!!!

How many times do I have to say this before it sets in? VINCE RUSSO IS A
Hasn't the fall of WCW shown you that? You put mocking shorts of the
McMahon family on your shows and PPV's, but you are kidding yourselves if
you think you are going to be a viable cometition with self-centered
individuals like Nash, Jarrett, and Hall. It did not work for WCW, and it
is not going to work for you!!! What is worse, is you made absolutely no
play at Paul Heyman, and it looks like WWE is going to get him back. You
could have at least made a play for him and pulled off a major coup you
need, but instead you did nothing. Why? Joey Styles is still a free agent,
and he has specifically stated he would never work for WWE. If you land
him, you now have the best play by play man in the business and someone with
name brand recognition and respect. Put him with Shane Douglas on the play
by play, and put Tenay and West in backstage announcing which is their
strengths. And while there is still time left...MAKE A PLAY AT HEYMAN!!!
This guy can literally turn your company around. With old ECW talent like
Jerry Lynn and Raven, as well as good solid young talent, this guy can move
mountains. If you think Russo and dusty RHodes are the way then you are
fooling yourselves.

The bottom line is this. We deserve a chance to see the company we are fans
of have a shot, not to see it die with a whimper like WCW did. The ball is
in your court, TNA. Let's get our act together and give the fans in The Pit
a show we can really be proud of!!! That is all for now. Hopefully I will
get to see you all at Final Resolution, if not, the next show afterwards. I
should be returning to the States within a week. Until then, thanks to all
4 of my fans for their support of this column...LOL. Take Care and be well,
and I will see you all soon!!


Monday, January 03, 2005


Credit: Press Release


January 15, 2005 8PM sharp

The Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery NYC


All tickets $10. General admission.

Contact: Evan Ginzburg (Manager Johnny Valiant)

A pro wrestler at a “poetry club?”

Yes, it makes sense if it’s WWF Hall of Famer and critically acclaimed performance artist/actor Johnny Valiant.

Having an extended run of “An Evening with Johnny Valiant” at New York’s Theater for the New City last year, “Luscious Johnny” has honed his 1 man show in Boston and throughout the country over the past year. And now he’s back in his home town of NYC for a one night only show at the renowned Bowery Poetry Club on 1/15 at 8 pm.

A question and answer session and meet and greet will follow the performance.

"He hugs his microphone, peers into the intimately situated crowd and sets sail on a one-man show that slices and dices his days as a professional wrestler with animated humor and unexpected sensitivity: fall-out-of-your-seat funny."

(Kenny Herzog- Long Island Press)

"Stuns like a side piledriver"

(The Village Voice)

"He is funny, prowling the stage and using his graying, 240-pound frame as a comic prop. It's as if Spalding Gray had, at least for a few minutes, entered the body of Jonathan Winters."
(Microsoft's Slate)

"The one-man show serves as a confessional of sorts, an exorcism of the demons one accumulates on the sleeper-hold circuit."

(Time Out New York)

"Johnny Valiant adds excitement to anything he performs in...he brings so much...he is awesome."

(Billy Merritt of Piledriver-- Upright Citizens Brigade Troop)

“A knack for impersonating fellow wrestlers with a suitcase full of funny road stories…”

(The Boston Globe)

"An Evening with Luscious Johnny Valiant" is a must see for anyone who has a true love and passion for the entertaining art of professional wrestling. Whether you're a fan or a worker in the wrestling industry, Mr. Valiant's performance will capture your attention like no other pro wrestling event you'll ever see. It is one thing to watch a wrestler showcase his skills in the squared circle, but to sit and listen to a true legend of the business talk about so much history is unbelievable and unforgettable. I booked Mr. Valiant's act a few times in 2004, and look forward to bringing "An Evening with Luscious Johnny Valiant" back to the Hagerstown, MD area in 2005. I just can't tell you how great this show really is, you'll have to see for yourself. Don't pass up the opportunity!

~ John Rambo, HoPWF president

Autographs and merchandise available.

Bowery Poetry Club: foot of First Street, between Houston & Bleecker
across the street from CBGBs
F train to Second Ave, or 6 train to Bleecker

Food @ this club? Sandwiches, soup, salads -- fresh, homemade. delicious pastries and desserts. Truly excellent coffee! Unusual soft drinks. Juice, beer, wine, booze at the bar. Plenty of upscale restaurants nearby, if your heart desires more. Driving directions at the Bowery Poetry Club’s website at:

Sunday, January 02, 2005

What is your New Years resolution?

I want to learn how to relax!! I'm so "Type A"!!

Lexie Fyfe


Special Effex

My new years resolution is to become a better person.....and to stop spending so much money on shoes. :-D-Valerie E. Wyndham

"$o Cal Val"

To be the best wrestler I can be, to make an impact on the wrestling scene, and to bring Texas back to the forefront of wrestling where it belongs.

Lady Draven