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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hawk's Nest

I can only hope Vince does WrestleMania right this year. Anybody that has read my column knows what I am talking about. Put Batista over !!! I am not sure he is the next Rock or Stone Cold but, he definitely is the best thing going. This deal with Vince pushing a wrestler then burying him to see how well his popularity will stay is an interesting approach, but don't do it this time.

Randy Orton definitely did not do well with that approach (wrestling Tyson Tomko nowadays). 6 months ago I would have said Randy vs. HHH was the WrestleMania main event no doubt. The Batista angle has been built nicely and so far I (and most WWE fans) feel that they may have done it right. I was listening to between the ropes radio show the other day and even they said this might be the beginning of something new.

A draft from Smackdown to Raw will be a good idea. Hurricane, Rosie, Christian and Jericho to Smackdown. Jericho versus Angle or Cena could be huge. Christian could be over anywhere he goes and should be a contender for the U.S belt immediately. Hurricane because he could be back with the cruiserweights and Rosie because.....well no good reason just send him with Hurricane.

Make Simon Dean a superhero again join him with them and make them a superhero league. That would be cool. From Smackdown take All the Divas, Big Show, Orlando Jones and Heidenricht to Raw. Big Show because the bigger wrestlers are all on Raw. He dominates the smaller guys as he should but he would look better wrestling Kane, Snitsky and HHH. Orlando because I believe he needs to be groomed better.

Some matches and training from Beniot or Edge could help him season out. Heidenricht because he needs to be teaming with Snitsky. The divas...Just because I like to see Stacy and Torrie together. I could be forgetting a few other changes but I hope Vince helps Smackdown out. But hey that's what I think how about you.

Till Then Fly Straight

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ring of Honor fall DVDs "Legendary"

Credit: By JASON CLEVETT -- SLAM! Wrestling

There is a definite theme to the home releases of Ring of Honor's fall shows. Over the course of three months and six shows, purchasers of the set can see a NWA legend, a legendary tag team, a managerial legend, a Japanese legend, a hardcore legend and a match that is already the stuff of legends.

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley is the first legend to make an appearance, debuting with a killer promo and dubbing the promotion "Ring of Hardcore" on the Sept 11, 2004 "Glory by Honor 3." While casual fans may pick up the disk to check out the former WWF Champion, the content of the show will draw them in. There are four stellar matches on the show, with the hysterically funny Alex Shelley facing Bryan Danielson, the continuation of the feud between CM Punk & Austin Aries, ROH Pure Champ John Walters against Nigel McGuinness and the World Title Match between Samoa Joe and UK superstar Doug Williams, who is considered one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today. The World Title match is a hard-hitting technical affair that leaves the viewer impressed with both men. The show is capped off by the "Ultimate Endurance Match" for the tag team championship, pitting champions Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero against The Carnage Crew, Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer and Generation Next's Roderick Strong & Jack Evans. It's a fun match to cap off an enjoyable show.

Old school fans will find interest in the following show, October 2nd's "Midnight Express Reunion" from Philadelphia. The show is titled for the first-time appearance of all three members of The Midnight Express: "Sweet" Stan Lane, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey, as well as their manager Jim Cornette. The ceremony in their honor makes for some great moments, including a surprise guest and some old school moments that anyone who was a fan of the team will enjoy. The main event of Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson is another in a great series of matches from both men, who had stellar years in 2004. Another legend, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat appears on the show leading John Walters, CM Punk, Ace Steel and Jimmy Jacobs against Generation Next. This show started the "Pure Wrestling vs. Hardcore" feud between Steamboat and Foley that was unfortunately cut short when Steamboat was hired by the WWE. While Steamboat has never been a strong promo man, he gets his point across well. Also enjoyable are Homicide vs. Nigel McGuinness and Low Ki vs. Jay Lethal, with Lethal's Mom letting Ki know what she thinks about him.

Although still a good show, the weakest of the set is "ROH Gold" which commemorated the promotions 50th show. Considering the quality of the ROH product, that is hardly an insult. The show starts strong with Homicide vs. CM Punk but the rest of the show, while enjoyable, doesn't jump out at you like many ROH shows. Some major storylines continued with this show, ROH collectors will want this in their collection, and it provides an entertaining three hours.

October 16th, 2004 in Chicago was a landmark event. The show is headlined by Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk, a rematch to their 60-minute draw in June. The match is so good, it was given five stars by Dave Meltzer -- something he rarely gives to North American matches -- and was within the top three of most match of the year polls. The bout is a clinic on what great wrestling is, and every up-and-coming wrestler should study this match to learn how to work a headlock and make it entertaining. The match builds slowly into a exciting climax and you can't stop watching. While the show sells itself easily on the main event, the sick "I Quit Match" between Alex Shelley and Jimmy Jacobs, the tag match with Homicide & Rocky Romero against Jack Evans and Roderick Strong and the killer promo between Mick Foley and Ricky Steamboat that is truly Foley at his finest all add to the value. If you are a wrestling fan, you should see this show.

Rounding out the set is the November "Weekend of Thunder" shows. The first night is headlined by Japanese legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger against Bryan Danielson, while the second features Liger teaming with Samoa Joe against Danielson and Low Ki. Both matches are a lot of fun, and the atmosphere and excitment from the rabid crowds who are obviously thrilled to be seeing Liger live comes through loud and clear.

Night one also features another singles bout between CM Punk and Austin Aries that surpasses their first contest. Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero defending the tag team titles against Jack Evans and Roderick Strong and Low Ki vs. Chad Collyer are also very good matches. The Ki vs Collyer match features a moment in commentary history by Jimmy Bower that is highly amusing. It should be noted that CM Punk does commentary on the Liger shows as well as Glory by Honor, while Mark Nulty joins Bower for the rest of the shows.

Night two is highlighted by a excellent wrestling match between Nigel McGuinness and Chad Collyer and a excellent No DQ match with Punk & Ace Steel against Aries and Roderick Strong. This is a show that truly expresses the respect that ROH has garnered -- not only is Liger on the show but Mick Foley makes a surprise appearance and cuts a stellar promo with Punker. Foley came to the show as a fan, for free, to be part of the event, which speaks volumes about the company. Punk hijacked the show and read from Foley's Tales from Wrescal Lane while calling out Joe for a rematch.

If you have not yet experienced watching an ROH show, you can do no wrong with picking from their fall series of events. Simply put, it is professional wrestling at its finest.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Upcoming CCW Show

For those of you in the Miami/Dade area Coastal Championship Wrestling is going to have a show tomorrow February 26 at 8:00 pm at the Coral Springs Gymnasium. The tickets are $10 for general admission for more information check out there website or call 954-474-4621.

I’m not familiar with all the wrestlers on the card but the ones that I am familiar with are great athletes. Such as in the special challenge match. It’s Antonio Banks VS. “Ram Man” Johnny Evens.

I’ve never seen Johnny Evens in action but I have seen Antonio Banks on several occasions! Banks has definitely got some great moves. If you have never seen him you should really check him out, it would be a shame for any wrestling fan to miss him.

Another one on the card I’m familiar with is Ryan O’Reily. I’m sure that any one who watches TNA has seen him in action. He has wrestled several matches with them. He is wrestling in the main event for the CCW Tag Team Titles!

Now back on February 5, 2005 at Valentines Vengeance the tag team Phi Delta Slam was strip of there titles because Bruno Sassi suffering a broken arm at the hands of Ram Man Johnny Evans!

Because Phi Delta Slam was unable to defend their titles in the 30-day period CCW President Gordo D. Pallone declared the titles vacant. So on tomorrow nights show Sean Allen and Ryan O’Reily VS. Shane McLane and Dok Rivers are going to battle it out for the belt.

Now this is going to be one hell of a match because not only is Phi Delta Slam not happy about not getting first shot at the belts but The Market Crashers are pissed because they felt that, since they are former champions they should have gotten the belts when Phi Delta Slam was striped of there titles!

I’m sure there is going to be some heavy interference in this match after what happened at Valentine Vengeance. Everyone in the area should defiantly check this show out! Some of the other wrestlers on the card are Chaka Voo Doo, “Bad Boy” Ray, and JB Cool.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


By Ryan Ogle
Posted 2/24/05

Rock n’ Roll and Pro Wrestling have always had a kind of inherent connection. Both are extremely testosterone-fueled forms of entertainment. Both have become staples of Americana. And I don’t think there are very many of us out there that didn’t spend the Saturday afternoons of his youth emulating his heroes from either industry. It seems now that someone has turned both of those dreams into reality. Perhaps the missing link between Ozzy Osbourne and Hulk Hogan, WWE Superstar Chris Jericho, has made the leap from the ring to the stage with his band Fozzy. Starting out as a cover band, Fozzy recently came back in way with the hard-hitting All That Remains, their first album of all original material. This musical equivalent to a steel-chair shot to the head, proves that Fozzy is a force to be reckoned with. Below, Jericho and I discuss all that has been and all that remains for this wrestler turned rock star.

Can I start things off by asking how it was that Fozzy came to be?

I happened to meet up with Rich Ward on a chance meeting about 6 years ago in 1999. We just struck up a conversation and found out that we had similar tastes in music and similar philosophies. It was one of those things that when you meet someone you just connect with them right away and we said, if we ever get a chance we should get together, form a band and just have some fun. So that’s what happened, we got together, formed a band and just played some of our favorite songs that we grew up listening to, a lot of covers. A funny thing happened right after those first two shows that we did, we were offered a record deal right off the bat. We got this record deal to basically play covers because of who was in the band. The record company thought it was pretty cool idea so they signed us and we did a record of covers. I kind of thought that maybe the world had too many cover bands as it was, so I came up with an idea that the songs were really ours, that they were stolen from us. Kind of a whole legendary thing, kind of a Blues Brothers/Traveling Wilburies/Spinal Tap back story for the band. So it was cool, we did a 30 minute documentary on the band that aired on MTV. A mockumentary so to speak, a kind of homage to Spinal Tap. We had some fun with it, it was great. Then as we played some more shows and continued on we realized that we were actually a damn good band with great players. We had some great chemistry as song writers. When it came time for our second record we did half covers and half originals. So that was the deciding factor for us to realize, we want to continue as a band and continue on creatively. We have great chemistry as a band and as song writers. The best way, the only way for us to continue is to play our songs and so our own material and that’s where we’re at. That’s where we are today. Our third record is in a lot of ways is like our debut because it’s the first one with all of our own material.

How involved were you in the writing process for All That Remains?

On all three Fozzy records we’ve had original stuff but it’s been the same every time. Rich writes the music and most of the melodies. I’ll contribute the lyrics and a little bit of melodies as well. That’s how we’ve been doing it since we’ve started. On this record we really wanted to make the best record we could because we knew he’d probably have one chance to prove what the band could do and how the band sounds. So we spent a lot of time really make this a special, great rock 'n' roll record. We really put a lot of time in the song writing to really show what we could do as a band and make sure that we were able to really turn some heads with this one.

So Rich Ward is the main song writer?

Yeah, Rich is the main song writer, he writes about 80% of the songs and I put in the rest.

I was really impressed with Ryan Mallam (credited with solo guitars on the disc). Was this his first recording with the band?

Yeah, he was a great player. He joined the band when he was like 18 or 19. We called him “The Kid”, that’s basically what he was. He was a huge Rich Ward fan, a huge Zakk Wylde fan. He really stepped up to the plate on this record and played some unbelievable solos and then right before the release he quit the band. I guess he wasn't cut out for the whole rock n roll life style. That was kind of a shame, then we got another player named Mike Martin, whose like Steve Vai on crack. He’s taken what Ryan has done and just made it even crazier. So it’s out with one great player and in with an amazing one. That’s how it works out sometimes when your in a band.

Where did you find Mike Martin at?

He was a guy who is an Atlanta musician, which is where the band is based out of. Almost like a jazz/fusion guy who is also a great rock player and a great blues player as well. Ryan was a great solo player but didn't really have a style of his own. That’s what we wanted a guy who was a great solo player but really lay down the blues and have a great rhythm sense about him too. We got all those things with Mike.

You guys brought in quite a few guest stars to help out on this record. Can you tell us who came in to help out?

Zakk Wylde is a friend of mine, a friend of the band. He’s been very supportive of Fozzy since the band started, he was in that documentary that I told you about, from about 6 years ago. He actually has a really big sense of respect for Rich as a guitar player. There’s a mutual respect thing going on between the two of them. On the song “Wanderlust” we thought it’d be a perfect song for him to solo on. He always mentioned that he wanted to do a solo on our record. It’s got a very Black Label Society/Black Sabbath vibe to it. We were right, he laid down a tremendous solo. Probably my favorite solo I've ever heard him do, I mean they’re all great solos that he does, but this had something special to it. I was a great honor to have him play on our record, it definitely doesn't suck to have Zakk Wylde on your record, especially when it’s our first record of all original stuff and you really want to turn some heads and let people know what we’re doing. I think Zakk helped us break through some of those doors that way. Marty Friedman was a fan of the band who was also a friend of our producer, Rick Beato. He lives in Japan, so we e-mailed him the track and he played the solo and e-mailed it back. One of those wonders of modern technology shining through. It was really amazing how we were able to do that. He really laid down his signature sound on the record. Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge was recording in the same studio as we were so it was one of those instances of happenstance (no pun intended) that he was able to come down and solo on “The Way I Am”. Having all these great players on the record was a great honor to us and really added to the presence of the record.

Totally! What about Allison Irby who did vocals on “It’s A Lie“? She’s got a killer voice. Where did she come from?

She’s a 17 year old girl that we hooked up when her mother actually called Rick Beato. She wanted to do some heavier stuff so Rick hooked her up with Rich and he was like, “Look we have got this great sounding singer...”. We originally wanted to do the song “It’s A Lie” with Bonecrusher, who is a rapper. Do three separate styles of singing on the same track. Not like a rap-metal song, but here’s a song with a metal vocal, a rap vocal and a rhythm and blues/soul singer on it. Originally that part was written for a Nightwish/female opera singer type of thing, but Allison fit perfectly so we changed the direction for kind of a rhythm and blues type sound. We wanted three types of vocals all in the same song just to try something different and experiment a little and it worked out great.

I can imagine with your WWE schedule that you’re a pretty busy guy. How do you find the time to rehearse and play shows?

I take the time because, like I said the band is growing and the more opportunities we get the more time we spend on the band. I’m actually in the airport right now. We’re going to England tonight to do our first UK tour that actually sold out. It did so well that we had to add a couple extra shows. So the band is growing. We’ve been getting great reviews for this record and serious airplay for both “Enemy” and “Nameless/Faceless”. I mean, if nobody cared about the band and nobody listened to the music it would be a different story. But people are into what we’re doing and the band is getting a bigger name as it goes on so therefore it’s worth spending the time with the band because it’s paying off.

So you’re taking the time off from wrestling to focus on Fozzy.

Yeah, we’re making it work. Taking some time off and combining. We play shows after WWE shows sometimes. We just do what we can to make sure people hear this band because we know they’ll pleasantly surprised and almost shocked about how good it is.

You just mentioned the airplay that “Enemy” is getting. Just a couple hours ago I had the opportunity to watch the video for that song, can you tell our readers a little bit about it?

Actually that video is going to debut on Headbanger’s Ball this Saturday. It’s a great video, it’s very dark and almost disturbing. It involves a guy with one leg and how he’s trying to fight his different enemies that have built up over the years. It’s a well shot, well done video and we’re really excited that people are interested in it. On, which is an off-shoot of Itunes, it’s number 10 out of 5,000. So it’s getting some good hits and people are really commenting about how good the video turned out. Also the song is a really heavy melodic song so people are really getting into both of them.

Are there plans for another video?

It all depends on how the record does. We already have a great concept for “Nameless/Faceless” that we’d like to shoot a video for. If the record is strong enough to warrant another video then we definitely have the plans for it.

Let’s talk for a minute about your influences. Who are some of the singers that inspired you to do this?

I’ve always been a huge Bruce Dickinson fan; a huge Steve Perry fan; Michael Weikath from Helloween; Paul Stanley. Even guys like James Hetfield, there’s some great grit in that voice. That’s one of the things that’s been great for me on this record, especially on my vocals, I can sing like Chris Jericho. I don’t have to try to sound like Bruce Dickinson or like Rob Halford. I can take elements of those guys and create my own sound, create my own vibe. I think I’ve done that, I'm really excited about how the vocals turned out on this record and how we sound has a band.

So what are you listening to these days?

I’m a big Dream Theater fan, always have been. I’m a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. I’m always looking for new stuff, I just got the new Masterplan record, the new Dio over in Japan, the new Annihilator, Shadows Fall. Just whatever comes up that actually has some singing in it. Shadows Fall is a great band, they have a little more “cookie-monster” vocals than I like, but when they sing melodically I’m really into that style of vocal. You can tell when you listen to our band what kind of singing I like. That's one thing about nowadays, there aren't a lot of singers that really have a lot of melody or feeling and we’re really trying to incorporate that style into our music.

Do you think you’d like to stick with music fulltime after you’re done with wrestling?

That’s definitely something I've thought about. I’ve been a musician long before I was a wrestler. I’ve been playing in bands since I was 14 years old. It’s something I've always been interested in doing, I've always enjoyed doing. Now that the band is really taking off, I'd like to take it as far as it can go. I’d like to give it it’s due and see how far we can get it.

You have probably got the two coolest jobs in the world! What are of some of the similarities the two share?

There are a lot of similarities, especially live. They’re both very high energy, aggressive forms of entertainment that a really spurred on and enhanced by the energy you get from the crowd. We definitely want to give the crowd a good vibe and a good time, to make sure that they have a great time. That’s the most important thing with show business. We go out of our way to make sire people have a good time and we’re really proud of the fact that whenever someone comes to a Fozzy show you know what you’re gonna get. A great time and some great rock music. We haven't had a show when someone didn't leave 100% satisfied. That’s something that makes us happy as well.

You mentioned your getting ready for a European tour.

Yeah, we’re leaving right now.

Who will you be playing out with?

A local English band. I think it’s called Head-On, an SPV band. We’re doing really good over there on our own. So we’re just taking whoever is available out with us and letting them experience all that is Fozzy.

Anything planned for the States?

Yeah, there’s some good tours coming up that we’re working on getting. Doing another tour of Germany in April. We are working on some stuff for March which could be really huge for us if it works out. We’re in the final stages of negotiation for that right now. Like I said the bigger the band gets the more opportunities we get to play the more we’re going to play. So we’re working on that right now.

If Vince McMahon came to you today and wanted you to choose between the WWE or Fozzy, which direction would you go?

That’s an interesting question. I’ve been in wrestling for 16 years and I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I would ever accomplish. It’s still a lot of fun for me, I still enjoy it. But once again, playing with band and seeing the band grow in leaps and bounds, to me, is very fresh and new and exciting. I’d like to take it as far as it go with the band, because I think we have a lot to offer. So who knows what will happen in the future. Music is a lot easier on my body than wrestling anyhow. So we’ll see what happens.

Anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

I think when people hear this record they’ll be pleasantly shocked and surprised on how good it turned out. I’m looking forward to hearing everybody’s responses and how they think it turned out.

Welcome Ryan

I wanted to welcome Ryan as one of our writers! He is not going to write all the time but he will write when he can. His first post is going to be a Chris Jericho Interview. I think he did a great job and I think he is going to be a great addition.
Thank You for your continued support!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Legends Show In NC

Huge legends show in North Carolina this Saturday Feb. 26th

Legends Night "2nd coming"
Feb. 26th
7:30 pm est. belltime
Doors open at 6:30 pm est.
Roseboro, North Carolina
RS Middle School

Main event
Former NWA tag team champions collide
Midnight Express
The Rock n Roll Express

ACPW title
New ACPW champion Stro formerly WCW star Maestro
Former WWE tag team champion Demolition Ax

"The Living Legend" Larry Zybysko
Kc McKnight

"Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff
Zane Dawson

ACPW tag team championship
Tre G and Hangtime
Ouga Bouga and "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala

Ladder match
Dr. Love
Charlie Dreamer
(special guest referee Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man"

NWA legend George South

Super 6 challenge match
and a special 8 man tag team death match with many
other ACPW stars!

Plus scheduled to appear:
Former NWA world champion Ron Garvin and a few surprise NWA
legends along with all the top stars of ACPW!

Advance tickets are on sale for ACPW's Legends Night
"2nd Coming" show Febuary 26th. To purchase them call
the Clinton Pawn Shop (Clinton, North Carolina) at
plus limited tickets are still available in
(Jacksonville, North Carolina area)call
email ACPW at

For more information on both of these great events,
call the Clinton Pawn Shop at
email ACPW at

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interview with Phi Delta Slam

1. Why did you decide to go into wrestling?

[TILLIE] Red means Green?

[BRUNO] I have wanted to do this since I was a kid.

2. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

[TILLIE] I watched it occasionally

[BRUNO] yes

3. Do you have a favorite wrestler?

[TILLIE] yes, Bruno.

[BRUNO] yes, Big Till.

4. Where did you go for wrestling training? Who trained you?

[TILLIE] I trained in Florida under Black Jack Mulligan

[BRUNO] Florida, Bodyslam University

5. What promotions have you worked for?

[TILLIE] Which one did I NOT work for... lol...

[BRUNO] WWF, WCW, ECW, USWA in Memphis, IWF, CCW, TNA, FOW, WWC in Puerto Rico.

6. How long have you wrestled with your tag team partner?

[TILLIE] 14 Years

[BRUNO] 14 Years with Tillie, 17 yrs total.

7. What titles have you held?

[BRUNO] CCW, FOW, IWF: Tag Team Titles, FOW: International Heavyweight Title
plus numerous tag titles for other Florida indy promotions.

8. What is your favorite wrestling move?

[TILLIE] the Tsunami Splash

[BRUNO] the Tsunami Splash

9. Who was your greatest opponent?

[TILLIE] Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

[BRUNO] Mr. Perfect Curt Henning

10. Is there any wrestler that you would really like the opportunity to wrestle?

[TILLIE] Dick Murdoch

[BRUNO] Tully Blanchard

11. Why did you decide to go with the frat boy gimmick?

[BRUNO] At the time we were into the college scene. We felt the marketing possibilities were endless. With the paddle, the various colors of the universities, not to mention the fact that fraternities all over the country were tuning in to watch wrestling. Look at the signs held up by the fans on televised wrestling shows; there will always be frat symbols around the arena.

12. Your entrance music is as important as your gimmick; why did you choose "All Star" by Smashmouth?

[BRUNO] Being a fan favorite (good guy) we needed something that was current with the times with an easy fun rhythm. The movie "Shrek" had been released in the theatres, and it was Shrek's theme song... the lovable fat ogre that had a great sense of humor... perfect!

13. What has been your greatest wrestling moment so far?

[TILLIE] Our 1st pay per view at TNA.

[BRUNO] Having my wife and all my closest friends present at "Against All Odds", our 1st pay per view at TNA.

14. What has been your worst wrestling experience so far?

[TILLIE] Have you ever read "Do you know the heart of a wrestler"? you can find it at under the 'news' link.

[BRUNO] honestly, the lack of humbleness, respect, and professionalism displayed on the small local indy scenes.

15. With so may different aspects of wrestling, are you involved in any other aspect of wrestling?

[BRUNO] Phi Delta Slam currently owns and operates C.C.W. We run every aspect from booking the events to setting up the chairs.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hawks Nest

Let me start out this week by thanking Heather again for allowing to voice my opinions. I have spent the last few bashing everything I hate about WWE. Now....Let me begin with what makes me like this company.

Love him or hate him Vince truly is a genius. He and certain people in that company know how to create a wrestler. Mike and I argue about this all the time. Name me any true superstar in the business that wasn't created by the WWE machine. Scott Hall, who was he before he was Razor Ramon. Do you remember the Diamond Stud? or American Starship Coyote? Nope you remember the toothpick flicking, trash talking and bad boy that the WWE created. Kevin Nash, once again do you remember Oz or Vinnie Vegas. No you remember Big Daddy Cool. One more guy...Stone Cold. How many people remember Stunning Steve or one half of the Hollywood blondes? People give Vince hell about how he ruined the WCW angle and squashing Goldberg. True he puts over who he wants to. Sometimes he tries crazy angles (Red Rooster / The Goon / HHH) but who would have thought some other would have worked (the Undertaker / APA / the Hardys). He tries a little bit of everything just to see what might catch on. And the competition what do they do? I'll tell you ....they take Vince's cast offs and try to squeeze that last mile out of their career. TNA is a virtual who's who of ex WWE people. They were so proud that X-Pac and Billy showed up this week. Yawn!!!!! I saw them 10 years ago when they were cool to watch. Oh well! So next time you start to jump on Vince, just remember if you like wrestling, take a look at the main event. I will bet you Vince created someone there. Well that's just my opinion, tell me what you think.

Till then Fly straight!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Honoring the Past.....Embracing the Future!

The 57th Annual NWA Wrestling Convention & Anniversary Show
October 7 & 8, 2005
Nashville, Tennessee

Promoter Mike Porter and Nashville based NWA Main Event are
proud to announce that Nashville, TN has been selected as the
host city for this year's wrestling convention and anniversary

On October 7th and 8th, wrestlers, promoters and fans will
converge on Nashville to celebrate 57 years of tradition and
honor in professional wrestling.

Top NWA superstars from around the world will headline a huge
live event scheduled for the Tennessee State Fairgrounds
Sports Arena (aka "The Mecca") on Saturday, October 8th at 8pm.

Fans are an important component of the convention weekend
planning, as several fan friendly events are being scheduled
around town, including a fan fest, which will be held on
Saturday before the live event takes place at the fairgrounds.

The Super 8 at the Nashville International Airport will be the
host hotel and comes complete with an indoor pool, jacuzzi and
suites are available. Reservations can be made beginning
February 15th, 2005.

Mike Porter promises to make this convention the most memorable
one ever. Plans are being made to invite every living NWA World
Champion to the convention. Porter also looks forward to the
local NWA-TNA office adding support for this convention.

Any and all inquiries can be made to the NWA Main Event office
directly at (615) 262-4455.

Impact Review

There was a great crowd in the arena this week for the Impact tapings. The crowds are getting better all the time! I think that just goes to show what can happen when you have a great product and plenty of promotion!

The first match of the evening was Michael Shane with Frankie Kazarian VS. “The Truth” Ron Killings. This match wasn’t that good. I think they could have done a much better match. Of course Kazarian tried to help Shane but all that did was help Shane lose the match. Killings won with the pin fall.

The second match was a little better but still it was dull in comparison to the incredible PPV. This match featured The Naturals with Chris Candito VS. Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett. I do have to say that I’m very happy that The Naturals weren’t jobbing in this match. They have been doing that often. Maybe it’s the fact that Candito seems to have taken them under his wings. But The Naturals won with a pin fall with a little help from Candito.

The next match was one of the best matches of the evening it featured the sensational tag team of Phi Delta Slam with the lovely Trinity VS. Kid Romeo and Mickey Batts. This match didn’t last long but it was a good match. Romeo and Mickey gave it there all they did lose the match when Tilly did the Tsunami Splash on Romeo and got the 3 count!

Next they announced that Jeff Jarrett would face DDP at Destination X the next PPV and they also announced that Abyss would face Jeff Hardy in a falls count anywhere match!!

The last match befor e the main event was Sharkboy VS. Chris Candito VS. Chris Sabin! Now this match was a good match for the most part but I am getting a little bored with the 3 man X-Division matches! They are so hard to keep track of when the match really gets going not to mention the fact that nobody has a fair chance at wining!

But this match had a lot of action. Candito did win the match by pin fall but he cheated not that that is a big surprise! While Sabin was pining Sharkboy Candito laid acrossed Sabin and Sharkboy with his feet on the ropes for a pin fall win! Rudy never saw his feet on the ropes and gave Candito the win!

The Main Event of the evening was Lance Hoyt with Kidd Kash Vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. Now this match for the most part was an all out fight inside and out of the ring! I did get a bit distracted during this match when they were fighting at the rail by me and Monty felt the need to spit up in the air and the spit hit me on the top of my head.

SO needless to say I spent the rest of the evening just grossed out. I’m not even sure who won but I think Monty pounced Lance. Than the lights went out and this green light started to shine at that point Tryton came out looked at everyone and left!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


By: Press Release
2/17/2005 1:37:31 PM

Ring Of Honor kicks off its 3rd Anniversary Celebration Week this Saturday, 2/19, in Elizabeth, NJ at the RexPlex. There will be $20 general admission tickets available at the door. For info and directions go to, or call 215-781-2500.

The RexPlex is visible from the NJ Turnpike and just one minute off NJ Turnpike Exit 13A. It is right next to the Ikea near the Newark Airport and an easy drive from all locations.

The day will kick off at 3pm with a special afternoon show. The best talent will be coming in from all over the country for "Do Or Die IV" to try to earn a job in ROH. Tickets are only $5. The lineup has: Homicide defends the FIP Heavyweight Title vs. Antonio Banks; Four Corner Survival action pits Josh Daniels vs. "Fast" Eddie Vegas with Dave Prazak vs. El Generico vs. Arik Cannon; B-Boy vs. Kevin Steen; Christopher Street Connection vs. Heartbreak Express; Allison Danger vs. Lacey plus Vordell Walker and eight matches in all!!!

The evening show will begin at 7:30 and features perhaps the most loaded lineup in ROH history. This super bowl of wrestling event features 11 main event quality matches. Here is the lineup in the order that the matches are formatted from the opening match to the main event:

Winner Gets Pure Title Shot Later That Night
Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana vs. Jay Lethal

Osaka Pro Attraction
Ebessan vs. Billy Ken Kid

Grudge Match #1
Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Grudge Match #2
Steve Corino vs. Roderick Strong

Special Challenge Match
CM Punk vs. Spanky

Tag Team Title Match- If Maff & Whitmer Don't Win They Must Split Up
Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero with Julius Smokes defend vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer

Grudge Match #3
Mick Foley will bring his mystery wrestler vs. Samoa Joe

Pure Title Match
John Walters with Prince Nana defends vs. Rave/Lethal winner

Taped Fist Match- Match #2 In Best Of Five Series
Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide with Julius Smokes


Steel Cage World Title Match
Austin Aries defends vs. Colt Cabana

Scramble Cage
Carnage Crew vs. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Izzy & Deranged with Lacey vs. Dixie & Azrieal vs. Dunn & Marcos

Ring Of Honor's Third Anniversary Celebration Week will continue on 2/25 in Dayton, OH and 2/26 in Chicago Ridge, IL with two more huge shows. Check for current lineups, tickets and directions. will also have a huge merchandise update on Friday, 2/18, complete with lots of new merchandise that has never been carried by ROH before.

Check daily for the latest news in the Newswire.

Thank you for reading this ROH press release!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Credit: TNA Email Newsletter

Nashville, TN (February 16, 2005) – NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett will appear on The WB’s “Blue Collar TV” this Friday 9:30/8:30c. The episode is called “Testosterone” and described as “a family dinner turns into a wrestling match when Jeff Jarrett drops in, Jarrett also laments the bizarre requests from his fans in Things That Burn Me."

“Blue Collar TV” is a sketch comedy show that features Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engval & Larry the Cable Guy. This is the first of two Blue Collar appearances by TNA Wrestling Superstars; the second appearance will feature Jarrett, AJ Styles, Abyss, Don West & Jeremy Borash. The airdate has not been announced yet.

Jarrett retained his title this past Sunday on "Against All Odds" defeating Kevin Nash with the help of the superstar formerly known as Billy Gunn. TNA Wrestling's next pay-per-view event is "Destination X" on March 13th.

The alternative for the true wrestling fan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 4PM on FSN (check local listings) with a Saturday midnight(local) replay and a Friday night 2AM replay. TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program (check local listings).

Monday, February 14, 2005

Against All Odds Review

Well, I hope everyone reading this ordered "Against All Odds" last night if not you should defiantly order one of the replays! You wont be disappointed! It was TNA'S best PPV yet! The arena was packed and no one went home disapointed!

For the Pre-Show there were the two matches to show off Team Trinity and Team Traci. I was really looking forward to this because I was very curious on who the teams would be! The first of the two matches was Team Trinity VS.Buck Quartermaine & Lex Lovett. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Team Trinity was one of my favorite Indy Florida tag team Phi Delta Slam. This was a very good match Phi Delta Slam dominated the other team with incredible finesse! Tilly of Phi Delta Slam got the pin fall by doing there signature move the Tsunami Slam off the top turnbuckle!!

The second match of the was Team Traci VS. Mickey Batts and Jerelle Clark. Team Traci was another awesome surprise her team was The Disciples of Destruction (Ron and Don Harris). I had to chuckle a little when I saw that DOD came to the ring on motorcycles I should have know that my comment in Saturday's column would have came back to bite me in the butt. In a way it didn't though because it was wrestlers that actually ride not just any wrestler so that made it cooler and didn't compromise there integrity. This match was brutal! DOD totally annihilated the team of Mickey Batts and Jarrelle Clark for the win.

Now on to the PPV the first match of the evening was Petey Williams with Scott D'Amore VS. "Primetime" Elix Skipper. This match was a very strong starting match! It really got the crowd going! It was very back and forth with not a lot of interference from Scott. Primetime did go to walk on the top rope at one point to kick Petey and slipped but it's got to be tuff to hit that everytime. Primetime did get the pinfall for the win making him number one contender for the X-Division title.

Of course now that the crowd is all rowdy after the Pre-Show and the first match of the night they had to bring everyone down with what had to be the lamest match of the night! Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane VS. BG James and Jeff Hamond with the rest of 3LK. I don't even know why I'm bothering with this match but I am so. This match just flat out sucked! It looked like Shane and Kazarian might win but no they were jobbing! So again Hamond get the pin fall without his lame racecar thing instead he used a regular elbow drop!

The next match helped set the momentum for the rest of the night! It was the Raven VS. Dustin Rhodes match. This match was an all out brawl. Towards the end of the match Dustin hit Mike Posey and but him out of the match for a few minutes. But Raven got control of the match and got the pin fall. But the match wasn't over Raven preceded to beat on Dustin and got him in his strait jacket than hit him with a trash can.

Next was the tag team title match featuring Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt VS. AMW. This was a descent match even though I think that AMW is a mediocre tag team. It was going very well and seemed as though Kidd and Lance were going to win the title. But Chris Harris got out his handcuffs! He handcuffed Kidd to the corner turnbuckle. Leaving Lance to get beat on by him and James Storm, winning the match. I am very disgusted by this because AMW can't win a match with out using there handcuffs and cheating!

Next was Full Metal Mayhem!! Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy for a contract to be number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title! They suspended two envelopes above the ring one was empty and one held the contract. This match was a little back and forth but Abyss was more in control of the match. Abyss put Hardy through several tables. Hardy only put Abyss through one. Hardy got a ladder to get one of the envelopes first but it turned out to be the empty one. Hardy almost got the second envelope but Abyss knocked him off the ladder and got the contract! At this point Hardy threw a total spoiled brat hissy fit!! Jumping, kicking, and throwing broken pieces of the table!

The next match was the last tag team match of the night! Bobby Roode and Eric Young of Team Canada with Scott D'Amore and Johnny DeVine VS. DDP and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. This match had a lot of interference by Scott and Johnny but some how DDP was still able to Diamond Cutter Young for the pin fall.

The next match was the 30 minute Iron Man match with "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. AJ Styles. This match got bloody when Daniels busted AJ'S forehead open. The match was very back and forth. It was one pin for each of them but right when AJ would have been tapped out the time on the clock ran out and referee Andrew Thomas ended the match. Daniels called Dusty Rhodes out and demanded that they go into sudden death. I mean at this point why wouldn't he AJ seemed to be totally beat but in a surprising turn of events AJ managed to do a styles clash to win the match.

Now on to the main event! It didn't end the way I had hoped for but it was the best match of the night anyway. This match was Jeff Jarrett defending his title against Kevin Nash! Dusty added a stipulation to this match if Jeff used his guitar at all in this match he would automatically lose the match! Nash started this match out with a bang showing the world how bad he wanted the title. Nash took Jeff out of the arena beating on him the whole way. When they returned to the ring Jeff's forehead was busted open and he was bleeding like hell. Jeff started to work on Nash's knee! While Nash was down Jeff went under the ring and pulled out what appeared to be a large guitar case!

But instead of a guitar there was a cello!! Leave it to Jeff to find a way around Dusty's rule! There was some technical difficulty with the cello when he yanked it out by the neck the body fell off. That would not stop Jeff though he hit Nash with the body any way! Nash recovered quickly and was able to power bomb Jeff through the body of the cello. But that was when the first surprise of the match happened the wrestler formerly known as Billy Gunn ran into the ring and attacked Nash.

Then strutted back up the aisle. Thinking that Jeff had the match won. But that was when the second surprise happened Sean Waltman ran out to the ring and hit Jeff with the Xfactor! Than he went back up the aisle. At this point the wrestler formerly known as Billy Gunn came back to the ring to help Jeff but BG James showed up and they started arguing and pulled him out of the ring! Nash was able to counter Jeff on the first stroke he tried but he wasn't as lucky on the second one! Jeff was able to get the pin fall and retain the belt!

I really look forward to this weeks Impact to see what is going to happen with this feud! Not to mention the fact that Dusty is probably pissed that Jeff found a loophole!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My Thoughts

I was going to follow up Hawks column with a complete review of last nights Impact but I have decided that I just need to vent or get up on my soap box to complain what ever you prefer! Now not that Impact didn't have some great matches such as the main event of Kidd Kash, Lance Hoyt, and Raven VS. "The Redneck Tag Team" (Dustin Rhodes and AMW).

There was also a 3 man X-Division match with Sharkboy, "Primetime" Elix Skipper, and Chris Sabin was another incredible match. All three of these great athletes have got some killer moves! As much as I would like to go more into these matches I really need to talk about my least favorite part, if not the lamest part of the show David Young VS. NASCAR Jeff Hamond!

Now I know I stated last week that I thought this was going to be lame but lame didn't start to describe it!! David Young came to the ring with Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian. Which was David's first mistake since you get nothing but trouble getting mixed up with those two! His second was agreeing to this stupid match!

NASCAR Jeff Hamond entered the ring with BG James! At least Jeff wore a shirt this week because a repeat of him shirtless isn't something we want to see again! There was cheating on both sides of this incredibly stupid match. They stated that David hasn't won a match in two years well with him not being able to win against Jeff maybe he needs to look into another profession!

Oh I think the part of the match that really made it go down as the lamest thing in pro wrestling. Was Jeff's finishing move! He totally ripped off Dusty's elbow drop but added his own spin to it first he put his hands in front of him like he was driving then made the same noise that kids make when they are playing with hot wheels circled him then did it! The whole time I'm sitting there going I hope this isn't really happening!!

I totally understand that NASCAR is huge in this area and at this time of the year with the Daytona 500 next week but this was a huge mistake! What would have been much better would have been to invite some NASCAR drivers to come to the show and sit them in the audience! Well I think you should give that some thought for next year! Lets just hope with BikeWeek around the corner they aren't going to have the wrestlers ride motorcycles to the ring or maybe I have an idea they can do a cage of death match with a couple of the X-Division wrestlers on motorcycles like they have at the circus!

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Hawks Nest

I was sitting here thinking about what to write this week when my phone rang. It was Mike! He started complaining about Vince not hiring Brock back and Brock suing the WWE to get out of his contract. Now at this point I said I had been working too hard this week and that there is no way that Vince would be that stupid. Well I started investigating this issue and what did I find... not Vince's name on this one but HHH's. Now I will not hide the fact that I think HHH has been the worst thing to happen in the wrestling business since the gobbly gooker. Anyone who goes as far as he does to kill someone else's career needs to go. Brock Lesnar like him or hate him he was over! He would put people over, he could brawl and he could go technical if needed. So, because HHH doesn't like him Vince is going keep him out? He wasn't even on the same show. Vince please look at what is going on....Scott Steiner over huge, (getting older and brittle but please you put the belt on Hogan so come on) but HHH wont put him over and he becomes a jobber with Test as his partner (and we all know how successful Test has been). Kane, I don't even want to get into the corpse deal but exactly how fast did Kane lose his push after that. Booker T, here we got some great ethnic jokes from the Game (sorry Vince racism went out 20 years ago) and then he became Booker Who. Who's next??? Oh yeah Goldberg. A prepackage gimmick, unbeatable monster who could be used in feuds for years. Made to look like the equivalent Gillberg. I did some more research and put this little deal together. HHH won oops was given the Raw Title in August of 2002, loses it for a month to Shawn Michaels (won't even put over his friends for long), gets it back then holds it for a year until August 2003, loses it to Goldberg, is involved in every main event till he gets it back in December (I was at that show and man it sucked), drops it at WrestleMania to Beniot who drops it to Orton a couple of months later who in turn drops it to HHH. The very next night after Beniot loses the belt he is opening Raw in a tag match. Orton is on his way to jobber hell now. Watch out Batista your next in the waiting list, I hear the Hurricane is already planning a mean feud with you over the summer. But since the title's creation in 2002 (30 months ago) HHH has held it all but 9 months, and now he wants to control what goes on during Smackdown. That show needs all the help it can get. So all I can say is, I hope one day Vince wakes up and takes his grapefruits back and starts running his own company. But hey that's just my view. Tell me what you think.

Till then fly straight

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

NNW Show

On Sunday February 13 at 1pm NNW is having a show at Pirates Dinner Show. Tickets for this show is only $7.00. They are going to have several great matches such as NNW TAG TEAM GAUNTLET to be number one contender Team Vision VS. The Maree-O's vs Barney Rumble and Demettrick Malloy VS. The Heart Break Express, WCW/TNA Superstar Kid Romeo VS. George the Punisher, and Main Event NNW Overall Championship Sedrick Strong takes on Erick Stevens in an "I QUIT MATCH".

There are also many more great wrestlers, as well as a few surprises! I'm a little disappointed that they have their shows so early because I work on Sundays. Not to mention the fact that it is also the TNA PPV that day and most people line up early for that. I don't think that it is the best time for them to do a show! But I encourage everyone to try to go to both shows! They're both guaranteed to be great fun!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Locker Room Respect By Guest Writer Rouge

There's been a lot said about respect on this site as well as many others. There are different types of respect for different situations. Today I'm going to touch on dressing room etiquette and respect.

Number one - always respect the show. Don't do anything that would embarrass the promoter the fans or yourself. This should be a given, but believe me it's not. Sometimes wrestlers place themselves above the show. No one is bigger that the particular show that you're on. No one. Now I know that I said this is about dressing room etiquette but remember this comes before all others. Don't show your ***. This is for inside or outside the dressing rooms. Respect the show.

Number two- don't place blame for a bad match upon others. It takes three people to make a good match and the same number to screw up a match. At least two wrestlers and a referee, any one of these can screw up a decent match. So when you come back into a dressing room don't place blame on the match on any one piece of the equation. Be the better man and accept the blame on yourself, trust me the others know whose at fault. Look at the big picture, the person running the show (in most cases) can tell who did or did not do what. I've helped a lot of you who are reading this to have a good match, when it could have went bad very quickly. Remember a good worker can make any match somewhat decent.

Number three- who you are. Remember no one is bigger than the show they're on. If you think that you are, why are you there in the first place? In most instances the only person out any money is the promoter. Unless you are stupid enough to drive more than 2 gallons of gas to get there without a guarantee.

Remember that owner/promoter has rent, power, phone, insurance, fees, taxes posters, fliers, web sites, TV commercials plus more cost that I'm sure I'm forgetting, and his or her cost to show up as well.

The point I'm getting at is this, wherever you're at, remember that show would probably be going on with or without you. It may not be as good but the show would still go on. I'm living proof of this.

I've seen Jimmy Valiant, Raven, DDP, Buff Bagwell and many, many more be on small shows with me, where they were better than most if not all the “talent” in the dressing rooms, and still they didn't have the big head. They didn't act any better than the worst guy at the show. They had class. You should do the same.

Number Four- If you are a regular at any show, especially at my place don't act like “this is my building, you don't belong” towards anyone. If the person footing the bill has someone there, that's his or her prerogative. Trust your own abilities and loyalty. People with integrity remember who's loyal and trustworthy. You should go out of your way to make others feel welcome. We are all family, remember that.

Number five- If you have been gone from a show for a while, or you are new to a show or dressing room, you should seek others out and try to “make friends”. I've always tried to make everyone feel welcome when they come to work a show for me, but I'm not going to make the rest of the dressing room kiss your ***. They can like or dislike you on their own. You should initiate the greetings and ask how they are doing. Don't act like you're better than even the worst wrestler on the show. What does it hurt to make a little extra effort and speak to everyone one on one, just for a few minutes, how would you feel if I didn't want to talk to you or acted like I was too good to take a little time with you?
This is real life and these are people that you are working with, learn to play the game or you'll never make it in any aspect of the real working world.

Until I meet up with you in the ring

Play Safe


Monday, February 07, 2005

Telling It LIke It Is.....By John-Michael Newton

This Week: Rumble Review, Honky Tonk Man, and other thoughts.

Greetings from Staten Island, where it is 10 degrees outside. Well another
Rumble has come and gone. Overall it was a good show, except for the
snoozer of Edge-HBK and Orton-Cripple H matches. I swear, both matches
nearly put me to sleep. Edge is totally lost as a singles wrestler, and we
all know about the Cripple who is a political ploymaster. As for the WWE
title match, we all know that JBL was going to go over, but at LEAST they
made it look respectable. The GAYme just proved that he has no business
being a World Champ. I mean Jeff Jarrett would make a better WWE Champ than
the GAYme. The Casket match was pretty good, surprisingly. But Undertaker,
despite his no-selling, he will put people over and make them look good, and
believe me, Roid Boy Heidenreich needs all the help he can get!!! But we
had a good possible lead in with Sinitsky and Kane....Possible UT-Kane and
Heidenreich-Sinitsky match at Mania?? We can only wait and see.

Now, on to the Rumble. I am not a fan of the extension, but that aside, it
was an entertaining match. Chock full of great moments. The best had to be
the 'Chopfest" at the beginning. Daniel Pruder getting on the mike and
running his pie hole. Then Holly comes out and the beating begins. The
only thing that was bad is it didn't last longer, I was laughing so hard
watching this. Then came Sinitsky's beheading of Paula London. But work
with me here, and I saw this on Raw. This Mohammed Hassan gimmick is not
working. I mean this guy is from Jersey and speaks with a guido accent.
The Iron Sheik he is definitely not. He has a good look to him, he has
skills, but this is not 1980. Political gimmicks do not work anymore.

Now on to the fat piece of waste known as the Honky Flunk Man. Recently, he
wrote in his column ripping on Ric Flair, calling him "saggy Man" and
labeling him as a man who holds talent down. Uhh, news flash, you fat pud,
Just because you are the greatest mid carder ERRRR IC Champ of all time,
does not give you the righ to rip on a real legend like Fl;air. For one, At
least Flair can still wrestle a good match. At least Flair is still
legitimately a integral part of a roster. At least Flair gets a crowd
reaction, not a sympathy call. And FLair still puts the profession first,
making guys look good and working with people. And who are you to Talk
about Flair. The only reason your fat ass had a job was because you kissed
Hulk Hogan's and Bret Hart's rear end for 15 years!! Of Course Mr. Farris
had to being up the backstage fight with Foley and Flair. the truth is that
Foley was running his mouth like he alwais does because he is full of
himself. Heck, I would have punched him out too. Do me a favor, Mr Man,
lay off the donuts and Big Macs, and lose about 100 pounds, and then maybe
you can have a career again. Until then, Shut your meaningless hole and
crawl back from whatever cave you popped out of.

Well that is all for now. Stay warm in Florida. And I will see you in a
couple of weeks. Take care!!!


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Against All Odds Predictions

We are just a week a way from TNA'S PPV "Against All Odds"! Which promises to be an incredible PPV! I know I'm really looking forward to it!

Starting with the Pre-Show!! Who is going to be the Team Traci and Team Trinity? Both are vying for Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes attention! With the best tag team. One could only wonder are they going to have well known tag teams or are the going to dip in to some of Florida's fabulous local talent! I can't wait to see who it is!!

Now on to the matches that are going to be in the PPV. The first one I want to give my prediction for is the Metal Mayhem match! This match is for a title shot and the contenders are Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy! This match is a ladders, tables. chairs and chains match! Of course I am predicting that Abyss wins! Why well I hate Hardy and I am so sick of him going for the title and always coming up short. Plus I think Abyss would be a much better champion if he won the title. Of course I am also hoping that Abyss just beats the stuffing out of Hardy.

Ok I could go on about that all day so lets move on to the match featuring Petey Williams VS. "Primetime" Elix Skipper! This promises to be an amazing match. Both wresters are incredible athletes that will push their body's to the breaking point! We all know the amazing matches that they are capable of and I hope this is going to be the best of them all! As far as who I think is going to win it's hard to decide because Petey has Scott D'Amore on his side as well as the rest of Team Canada. But on the other hand Elix has outstanding agility! So I'm not going to speculate on who will come out on top of this match!

Another match that is going to be at the PPV is "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and DDP VS. Scott Hall and Team Canada's Bobby Roode! Now as I start writing about this match I know Mike is rolling his eyes at me and having a fit! But I feel this is one of the most important matches of the evening because it is a mix of older wrestlers with younger wrestlers to help push the younger ones into the main stream. I don't feel that the older wrestlers are there to take over, I feel they are there to help draw in fans and assist the younger wrestlers! Now with that said I would really like to see Hall and Roode win this one but I don't think they will. Why would I want them to win well I'm really partial to heels and I've never really been a big fan of DDP but I am a huge NWO fan from way back!

Their is also going to be a grudge match, with Raven VS. Dustin Rhodes! This one should be interesting! With two excentric athletes such as these it could be nothing else! But it will be a hell of a brawl too! I'm of course rooting for Raven because he is one of my favorite wrestlers and has been since he was on ECW! But I like Dustin too but not as much and I thought he was much more interesting as GoldDust! Now your just overwhelmed by his redneckness.

Now on the lamest match of the evening before I go into the title matches of the evening! BG James and Jeff Hamond VS. Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian! I can not express enough how lame I think this is! I mean this is as bad as when David Arquette thought he was a wrestler! He is an actor for a reason just like Jeff Hamond is an announcer! I mean come on people just because it is Race Week doesn't make him wrestling right! You don't see Don West and Mike Tenay driving around in their racecar's. Do You? Now granted I'm not thrilled with Michael Shane either because I think he tries to hard to be HBK! Get your own gimmick and you could be great on your own!! But I still hope that Shane and Kazarian aren't jobbing in this very lame, stupid match!

On to the title matches! There is going to be an Iron man X-Division Title match with AJ Styles VS. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels ( who is quickly becoming one of my favorites). Daniels has proved that he can go the distance with AJ and earned this title shot. I hope that this match is no different and he continues to prove what kind of athlete he is. I would like to see him wearing the belt by the end of the night!

There is also a Tag Team title match this match is AMW (James Storm and Chris Harris) VS. Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt (formally known as Dallas). I can hope for only on thing in this match and that is Kidd and Hoyt get the belts. I think it would be great for AMW to get knocked down a peg or two! They are getting way to cocky and arrogant! This would be alright if they were great wrestlers but they are just mediocre wrestlers at best! If Kidd and Hoyt get there stuff together they could be great champions!

Last but certainly not least is the Main Event NWA's World Heavyweight Title Match featuring Jeff Jarrett VS. Kevin Nash! Now say what you want but I like both of these wrestlers. But I do think it is time for Jarrett to lose the title. I think Kevin should get the belt and face Abyss at the next PPV! Just think what kind of match it would be with those two monsters going at it in the ring! It could be incredible! But what ever happens I really think it is time for Jarrett to lose the belt that he has held for almost a year and that is to long. People start to get bored with it! Change is good go with it!

I hope everyone tunes in Sunday for "Against All Odds" it will be a very entertaining night!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Fridays Impact Review

I wanted to go ahead with my review of Fridays Impact even though Hawks Nest was posted today as well. Since I had posted about the news article yesterday I wanted to wait until today to do my review.

Now I always go to the Impact tapings at Universal Studios, FL, so if my reviews ever vary from what you saw on TV that is because something may have been cut.

This Impact started like most of the other Impact tapings except instead of just having Don West and Mike Tenay at the announcer’s booth they also had “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

The first match was Sharkboy VS. Petey Williams with Scott D’Amore. This match set the tone for the rest of Impact. I was glad to see Sharkboy!

It has been several weeks since he has been on and I was starting to wonder if he went to another promotion! With 2 incredible X-Division athletes such as these, there were amazing moves on both wrestlers parts!

There really wasn’t as much interference from Scott as you would have expected. One of the finer points of the match was when Petey had Sharkboy hook to the ropes ready to do his Oh Canada thing when Sharkboy grabs him and starts to bite him right on his butt!

Which really got Petey’s attention! Petey did get to use that move later in the match. Petey won the match when he was able to get the “Canadian Destroyer” on Sharkboy getting the pin fall.

The next match was AJ Styles VS. some jobber with Iceman on his tights, I didn’t catch his name! Of course with Daniels at the announcing table this got AJ running his mouth about him being there to study his moves so he is prepared for their gauntlet match in “Against All Odds”.

Of course a fight broke out between the two of them. Once the fight is broke up the jobber really starts to get the best of AJ, but AJ would recover quickly and win the match.

The next match was David Young VS. Jeff Hardy. Now we all know how I feel about Hardy so of course I was thrilled with this match a jobber and Hardy yippee! This match was fairly quick so I wasn’t subjected to this crap for long!

Hardy won with an almost swanton big surprise! But that was when the match made a drastic improvement! Abyss came out and started smacking the hell out of Hardy! This didn’t go on for very long before the referees broke it up.

Next there was a short video of Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane talking to David Young in the back about how he has not won a match in 2 years. Then starting talking about how he could win against Jeff Hamond!

Of course this was 3LK and Jeff Hamonds queue to come out and challenge poor David Young to a match on the next Impact show! You know you really have to love Kazarian and Shane they are such troublemakers!

Next match was Abyss VS. Lex Lovitt! This match I would like to say there was a lot of skill and very impressive but I just can’t! This match lasted a mere 2 minutes tops before Abyss blackhole slammed Lex! At this point Hardy came running out to jump Abyss but Abyss got the better of Hardy than he got out the table to give Hardy just a taste of what was coming at “Against All Odds”.

Hardy recovered just enough to ensure that they both met the table the hard way! I thought that maybe Abyss got hurt because of the way he hit the table but he seemed to be fine afterwards!

The main event of the evening was The Naturals VS. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and DDP. Now to be perfectly honest with you I didn’t really watch this match. I am so sick of The Naturals jobbing all the time.

That is all they have done for like 2 months. They are better athletes than that. Give them a match against some no name jobbers just so they can win if you have to. But all in all this was a good Impact.

The Hawks Nest

First I would like to apologize to everyone (especially the one person who responded to my column) that my column is late. My computer fried and I had to get a new one. And Now...

The Hawks Nest

Part I
When is it enough? Ten years? Twenty years? I will be one of the first one to point out Ric Flair was still styling and profiling well into his forties. Hogan still ruled in his forties. Terry Funk was more hardcore than ever in his sixties. The question that should be asked is, why? With the amount of young wrestlers out there, why are we forced to watch the same matches over and over. I know these younger guys need better training but how are they going to get it when those old goats won't get out of their way. Kevin Nash is still main eventing? Even Jeff Jarrett is reaching those times in his life that he needs to move over. A.J Styles, RVD, John Cena and Batista need room to grow. This is an age old question with wrestling fans that may never be answered. I would love to hear your opinions feel free to leave comments.

Part II
The Royal Rumble is here and gone. The side matches were not the greatest but the Rumble itself....was great! I wasn't sure they had it in them. They even managed to get the over done, double toss out, worked out. The only thing I don't understand is, with so much talent why did some people double dip? Angle, Edge and Michaels. Why did they need to be in the Rumble? Don't get me started with Coach being in it. Where were the rookies? Chris Masters? Hell they could have even "invited" OVW or Ring of Honor to fill a few spots. Oh well lets hope they go in the right direction at WrestleMania. They followed well with Raw, Smackdown could have used some work. I am going to cut it short this week. I still look forward to comments. I will respond this time now that I am cooking with 2 Gigs of RAM and 2.5 Gigs of processing speed.

Till next week Fly Straight

Friday, February 04, 2005

Disturbing High School Wrestling News

When I started writing this column I had decided that I was going to cover everything about wrestling. So when I came across something as disturbing as the story that I read in this morning’s paper I had to write about it as well as post the original article!

I am one of those people that read the news online every morning because I like to be aware of what is going on. But this morning this article about a high school wrestling team accused of hazing! They are all suspended and are all facing explosion!

Two stupid, dangerous acts could ruin all of their futures! They will be very lucky if none of them face criminal charges! I always find things like this every disturbing that teens or college kids can find things like this ok. It is just disgusting! Well, I’m going to get off my soapbox and let you read the article. I will keep you all updated as the story develops!

Wrestlers could be expelled
Five boys on Deltona High's team are accused of hazing, and 3 of them face criminal charges.

By Stephen Hudak | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted February 4, 2005

DELTONA -- Three members of Deltona High School's best-ever wrestling team were accused Thursday of hog-tying a learning-disabled teammate and repeatedly zapping him with a grill igniter.

None of the boys was arrested, but Volusia County deputy sheriffs filed complaints with the state attorney seeking felony charges of aggravated battery and false imprisonment.

"It was a prank that went too far," sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said. He said no one was seriously injured.

The three and two other wrestlers, including the 17-year-old victim, also accused of hazing, have been recommended for expulsion, spokeswoman Nancy Wait said. School officials suspended all five.

Deltona High School Principal Gary Marks asked deputies to investigate.

School officials said two hazing incidents occurred in a wrestling practice room at the high school Tuesday before the team's final home meet against West Orange High and Lake Highland Prep.

Marks said officials learned of the hazing incidents Wednesday morning when the 17-year-old, who deputies say participated in the first incident, told a physical-education teacher about the second.

Davidson said the first involved a freshman wrestler of slight build who was hog-tied and had his mouth taped shut before he was released unharmed by teammates. The freshman wasn't zapped.

Davidson said the 17-year-old was the next victim.

In a news release, deputies said his teammates tackled him, hog-tied him with a jump rope and used the flint-sparking device to shock him 20 times, despite his pleas to stop and let him up.

Davidson said a heavier teammate held the victim down by sitting on him.

The State Attorney's Office must decide whether to charge the students, who could be prosecuted as adults or juveniles. The Orlando Sentinel does not identify suspects charged as juveniles.

The Sentinel also will not identify the 17-year-old victim or his father, who said his son was humiliated by the incident. The father said he withdrew his son Thursday from Deltona High School.

He said the boys also yanked down his son's pants and boxers.

"He's never felt like he fit in at that school," said the father, who described his son as learning-disabled. "He wants to be accepted so awful bad. He feels if he goes back, [the students] will hate him even more now than they did before."

The allegations mar the team's best-ever regular season, which ended Wednesday in Winter Springs where Deltona's wrestling squad, depleted by the suspensions, was drubbed, 56-10.

School spokeswoman Wait said the district is conducting an internal inquiry of coach Brian Kells, who has directed Deltona High's program since 2000. "Obviously these boys were unsupervised," she said.

The principal said Kells was at a faculty meeting at the time.

The incident is the first test of the school's hazing policy, which was formally added to the student code of conduct and discipline last school year.

Stephen Hudak can be reached at or 386-851-7915.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

This Friday's Best Damn Sports Show Period!

This Friday TNA'S Jeff Jarrett and the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown are going to be on the Best Damn Sports Show Period from Live from Jacksonville, Florida - Home of SuperBowl XXXIX!

Be sure to tune in to Fox Sports all week to see the BDSSP doing there SuperBowl reports with many different athletes!

This wont be the first time that TNA'S SuperStars have been on the BDSSP! They did a two day special back in November. For those of you that tuned in you will remember that when you combined TNA and the BDSSP anything can and will happen!

I'm sure that Jeff will be talking about his up coming title match against Kevin Nash at Against All Odds! I'm a fan of both wrestlers and I think they are both fine athletes.

I would really like to see Kevin get the belt. I feel that Jeff has held the title long enough! It is time for another wrestler to have a chance. I know there are people out there that don't feel Kevin should be champion.

Well, his time as a wrestler is getting short let him have the title while wrestlers that are huge fan favorites such as Monty Brown get more time and skill under their belt to be able to be prepared to be a great champion instead of a so so champion!

I'm sure that a lot of Monty's time on the BDSSP will be him discussing what it was like for him to be in 2 SuperBowls!

Football fans will remember Monty as former football player for Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots SuperBowl teams. So Monty will have a lot of great input on Sunday's SuperBowl!

I'm sure he will also have some interesting input on Jeff's upcoming match at Against All Odds! Which Promises to be one of the best PPV of the year!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Up Coming SCW Show

SCW has a show coming up on February 19,2005 at the Debary, FL VFW. There are some really great indy wrestlers on this card!

Such as a special challenge match with Sequel VS. Jason Hexx! Both are great athletes.

Also some of my favorites are wrestling such as Team Vision (Chasyn Rance and Mister Saint Laurant) with So Cal Val VS. Leon Scott and Josh Rich with Tiziana. This should be in my opinion one of the best matches of the night because the wrestlers are matched very well. There are two flyers and two brawlers. Lets not forget the lovely So Cal Val! If Tiziana Thinks she is going to interfere in the match to much Val will kick her ass!

The main event of the evening is going to be an anything goes match with Ryze VS. Manny Montana. For anyone that has never seen these guys in action should really check them out because it is going to be a hell of a brawl!

There is also going to be several other great indy wrestlers on the card. Like Daggon Briggs and Erick Stevens! If your looking for a fun night out and your in central Fl you should come out and check out the show!