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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hawks Nest

Well its that time of the year again where Vince has a chance to make everything right in the wrestling universe. Here's my predictions/hopes for WrestleMania:

Mysterio vs. Guerrero : I see Eddie winning this match through some type of lying, cheating or stealing. Splitting up the tag champs and allowing for a tournament ending at the next Smackdown PPV allowing the returning Dudleys to be 500 time tag champs.

Big Show vs. Akibono : It would be a huge surprise if Big Show wins. What would be good to see is them having a clean end and deciding to tag together to form the largest tag team ever, competing in the above mentioned tournament.

Undertaker vs. Orton : Taker going 13-0 is the plan here. If anybody is going to convince Vince to ruin the streak it would be HHH. Definite heal turn for Orton and very heavy rumors that he is heading back to Smackdown as Cena's first real challenger.

Christy vs. Trish : I am pretty sure I don't care but I will say that Lita turns on Christy and Trish keeps the title. * Note to Vince - Retire the Women's title and bring back the Hardcore 24/7 title.

Money in the bank Match : This match has the ability to be the best match of the night. Personally the I see the only way to go is Jericho. Once again I have been hearing heavy rumors of a Beniot heel turn setting up a Jericho vs. Beniot for the summer. Edge and Kane aren't ready for world title matches, Shelton's push is on a decline and Christian could have a great match with whoever is champ I just don't see it happening. * Added note let who ever wins challenge at the end of the night.

Austin in the Piper's Pit : As much as I don't want to say this I see Piper and Austin going nose to nose; then Mohammed Hassan coming out and saying this is what wrong with America and Piper and Austin tearing him up. Ending with Piper and Austin drinking beers together.

Hopeful match Hogan vs. M. Hassan : If the above doesn't go as I predict I hope this match does happen. Hassan comes out running his mouth and brags he undefeated and is the greatest wrestler ever, but will never get a chance because he is Arabian decent. Hogan music hits, for 3 minutes it goes back and forth, Hogan hulks up, and a boot to the face and a leg drop later the fans are cheering louder for Hogan than for anyone. Hogan cries tells the fans he loves then and retires from wrestling.

Angle vs. HBK : Well this for certain bloodbath will end with HBK tapping out. HBK will go for sweet chin music miss, get hit with the AngleSlam, kick out of the pin attempt, hit the chin music, Angle will kick out, HBK will try the kick again Angle will catch it and turn it into the ankle lock and tap, tap, tap. Is it me or can Shawn not have a match anymore without bleeding gallons. I hope this to be an awesome match second only to the Money in the bank match.

JBL vs. Cena : A blind man could see they are ready to put the belt on Cena. Cena will win this match setting up a rematch at the next PPV which Randy Orton will interfere in setting up Cena vs. Orton. JBL will be back to midcard level soon enough. Now don't get me wrong I am all for JBL keeping the belt but I just don't see it happening.

Batista vs. HHH : Let me see if I can hear the conversation before this match was ever even thought out. Hey Vince err I mean dad, I lost to that moron Beniot last year to make the fans happy so how about this year we build Batista up to be an unbeatable monster, tell everyone he's the next Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin, Let him destroy every wrestler around and then let me beat him clean showing everyone that I am the greatest wrestler ever. Don't get me wrong I am pulling for Batista just like everyone else but I just don't see it happening. He will get a rematch at the next Raw PPV come inches from winning but HHH cheats to win, next thing you know he is feuding with Angle ( Yes he is RAW bound).
* Another possible ending if HHH isn't allowed to ruin our lives again. Ric Flair turns on HHH causing Batista to win. Dave has always been nice to Flair, He show him nothing but respect. Even when he B-bombed him weeks ago he only did it to get to HHH.

Well that's what I think how about you?

Till then fly straight

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This Weeks Impact Main Event

With TNA's next PPV Lockdown less then a month away they are setting up good solid matches for the PPV. I think that their PPV'S get better and better every month. I really feel they are well worth the money. The PPV'S also give you something to look forward to.

The main event this week will decide who will face "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels at Lockdown. It is going to be a gauntlet style elimination match. With Michael Shane, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, and "Primetime" Elix Skipper!

I'm really looking forward to the outcome of this match. As we all know I would love nothing more that seeing Daniels and Primetime go head to head. With them being one time tag team partners they really know what makes the other one tick. Plus when you add what happened at Destination X that will really add some fire to the match.

Primetime is feeling really hurt and betrayed by Daniels. So he will really be putting his all in the this match to be the victor!

Now I'm not saying that the other wrestlers in this match are not superb athletes! They all are. Michael Shane is really starting to shine now that he is back to competing in singles matches!

Sabin's and Petey's matches are really great matches no mater who they are facing but I really think that it is Primetime!

The following was taken from the offical TNA website:



This Friday on Fox Sports Net, a four superstar X Division Shootout will take place as the Impact main event to determine who faces The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels at Lockdown for the X Title! The bout will feature elimination rules until two superstars remain - with the winner becoming the new number-one contender with a guaranteed shot at Daniels at Lockdown. examines the four superstars involved in this Friday's bout on Fox Sports Net:

A former two-time X Division Champion and holder of the second-longest X Title reign, Michael Shane has refocused himself on regaining his kingpin status in the X Division. Shane is familiar with all three of his opponents, and holds the win/loss advantage against each of them. Will Michael Shane’s return to the top of the X Division begin this Friday?

Another former two-time X Division Champion, Chris Sabin nearly recaptured the gold at December’s Turning Point against Petey Williams. Revenge will also be on Sabin’s mind, as Daniels beat him on Impact prior to Destination X to advance to the Ultimate X at the PPV where he won the title.

The most recent X Champion of the bunch and the longest reigning, Williams can still taste the gold and will stop at nothing to regain it – including interference by his Team Canada crew. Possessing the most devastating finisher of the bunch – The Canadian Destroyer – Williams will be looking to unleash the move early and often in the bout.

The Fallen Angel’s former Triple X partner knows him better than anyone else. Primetime has come on hot as of late in the six sided ring, and a string of recent victories gives him momentum going into Friday’s Impact. If he can beat Shane, Sabin and Williams, it would be a collision between the former Triple X at Lockdown

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Steve Corino Interview

Hi Steve.
I wanted to start out by saying thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for me. I also wanted to started off with asking you some basic questions for any wrestling fans that are not familiar with you.

1. Why did you decide to go in to wrestling?

I was a huge fan of pro-wrestling since I was 8 years old and I knew from the first time that I watched our great sport that I wanted to be a part of it.

2. Did you have support from your friends and family?

My mom used to go with me all the time to the old Philadelphia Civic Center to see the NWA, so she was very supportive of it. My father was a little more practical and didn't want to see me get hurt, but he was happy when it became a full time job for me.

3. Who did you do your training with and where?

I trained in Reading, PA under Tom Brandi and King Kaluha.

4. What was your training like for you?

A lot of training was hard when it came to the ring but Tom and King also taught me the little things like reading a map, marketing yourself, putting together matches that make sense. Stuff that you can't do in the ring.

5. You made your wrestling debut in 1994. What was your first match like?

HAHA. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to throw up! I am sure the match was down right awful but hopefully I got a little better since then!

6. When you wrestled for NWA did you think that "The Franchise" Shane Douglas was being fair when he said that NWA was a "dead" promotion?

At the time it was a dead promotion but I would hope to think that fans look at me as a guy that gave his heart and soul for over six months in 2001 to build the title and NWA name back up.

7. Since NWA had some of the older more experienced wrestlers such as Dusty Rhodes. Did you get a chance to wrestle any of your heroes? If so who and what was the experience like for you?

I have been so lucky to have wrestled almost all of my heroes. Guys like Dusty, Barry Windham, Al Perez, Riki Choshu, Shinya Hashimoto, Shinjiro Otani, Tommy Rich, and Mr. Wrestling II to name a few are some of the heroes I have gotten to work with on some level and it has been great.

8. You were ECW World Champion did you feel cheated or bothered that they didn't show you or mention you on "The Rise and Fall of ECW" DVD?

Not at all. There were reasons they kept me out of the DVD but I thought it was really well done and I loved every second of it.

9. How do you think your "old school" style of wrestling fit in with ECW?

It worked perfectly. At first it got great heel heat and before I knew it people were cheering. ECW was an amazing time for me.

10. I have read conflicting stories about weather or not ECW owed you money. Would you like to set the record straight?

Its a question I get asked a lot. Paul Heyman and ECW don't owe me a thing. Was I owed money? Of course everyone was but Paul gave me a chance that no one else would have and because of that I don't think he owes me a dime.

11. Do you feel that the way ECW was run had any effect on your personal life? If so how?

Nope. I always seperate my personal life from my business life.

12. Have you read my article about Paul E.? If so what is your opinion on it? (this is the link incase you want to check it out so you can respond to this question.

It is a very interesting opinion but I don't think it is true.

13. You have held 38 different titles (5 multiple times). Which is a huge accomplishment! Is there one title that you are most proud of?

There are a few of them. Of course the NWA and ECW World titles were very special. The MLW World title came at a time when Court Bauer could have changed his mind at the last minute but he went with his gut. But my first ZERO-ONE US title was very special because my son was in my corner.

14. You have been spending a lot of time in Japan wrestling. How do you think wrestling is different in Japan than in the US?

Japanese style and American style are very different. The Japanese style is more stiff and based on the basics where the US style is more entertainment based.

15. Who do you feel you have had the best matches with?
Masato Tanaka, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Takao Omori

16. You have also wrestled for ROH. What type of experience was that for you?

ROH has a great product and I had fun while I was there.

17. Do you want to elaborate on why you and ROH parted ways on March 17,2005?

Differences of opinion on way too much stuff and I can't commit to a full time ROH schedule so it seems like a waste to have me there.

18. What do you think of TNA?

Havent watched it in so long.

19. What is your opinion of their 6-sided ring?
Looks cool in pictures.

20. What should we expect to see from you in the coming months?
ZERO1-MAX is finally doing a USA vs. Japan feud so it should be very interesting to see how it comes about. I am very excited about it.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like that thank everyone out there for their over 10 years of support and visit!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Christ tames wrestling's Sting

Credit: The Daily News By Hector Longo Staff writer

LAWRENCE — In the ring, as a professional wrestler, "Sting" could do no wrong.

He once blindsided the immortal Hulk Hogan with his trademark wooden baseball bat, a sure-ticket to "heel" status, and was cheered for it.

Sting stood on top of the wrestling world in the mid-1990s, universally loved and adored.

When the spotlights cooled, Steve Borden paid the price for his character's greatness. He wore the scars of the success — addiction, separation, anger and depression.

Borden, in the city for this week's Christian Films Festival to help promote his new movie, "Sting: Moment of Truth," was on a collision course with his own demise. And at that time, he was only in his 30s.

"The amazing thing is we've lost about 40 guys to drugs and alcohol," said Borden, explaining the circumstances of life on the road in professional wrestling, which ultimately led to his "Moment of Truth."

"I'm not saying every wrestler is on drugs or alcohol, but there's just so much out there. I truly believe I was on my way."

He was on the road, 320 nights a year, subjecting his body nightly — sometimes twice a day — to wild falls, swinging metal chairs, leaps and crashing tumbles. "A human superball," he says.

Borden turned to those pain killers and muscle relaxants to ease the pain. Drug testing at that time within Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling was "a joke."

The physical strain grew emotional. His wife, Sue, at home with his two sons, Garrett and Steven, wondered where her husband's heart lay.

"Really, it was amazing. I'm at the top of my game, and I was a ticking time bomb ready to go off," said Borden.

All that changed in 1998.

Pressed by Sue, Steve admitted his addictions, the drug-taking and the daily drinking.

"As the Bible says, confess one's sins to another."

The Bordens needed more, though. Steve needed more. Totally honest with Sue, he admitted to the darker, wilder times of infidelity.

"It tore her apart. She hated me, and at the same time had every right," said Borden. "And there were the boys. We needed something supernatural. I could not fix it on my own."

Borden found himself a one-step program.

"I went to Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ saved my life."

Borden had been teased by the workings of Christ in the past, by his brother, former wrestler Ted DiBiase, and others, but never had he surrendered his heart.

"God completely reconciled our marriage," said Borden, now 46, who with Sue went on to have a third child, Gracie.

Sting continued wrestling after his 1998 acceptance of Christ. He remained a top draw all the way until the sale of WCW to Vince McMahon's WWE in 2001.

"At first it was awkward, being with those same guys (with whom he was running with before his conversion)," said Borden. "Believe me, I didn't cram the Bible down anyone's throat. They talked, and the Internet buzzed with the idea that I was in some religious cult.

"Once they realized I was of sound mind, I was accepted."

Since 2001, Sting has taken a backseat to Garrett, Steven, Gracie and Sue. He has dabbled in some wrestling, traveling all over the world for smaller organizations and always playing the hero's role.

Every spring around now (in the build-up to the WWE's pay-per-view Wrestlemania), the rumors abound that Sting will make a comeback with WWE.

"It is true that we have spoken recently," he admitted, which should delight his fans throughout the nation. But Borden wrestles with an association to an entertainment company that promotes such raw storylines. WWE currently is working a story, deeply involving this month's Playboy magazine centerfold.

"What kind of message does that send to the 5-6-7-8-9-10-year-old tuning in to see the Stinger and he has to see stuff like that?" he questioned.

Borden spent his time between interviews and autographs at the Showcase Cinema introducing his film to the public. He'll return home a content and happy man, complete in his faith and family.

His sons, now 13 and 14, are top athletes, football players, with no chance of entertaining ideas of professional wrestling.

"I couldn't be more proud than to see the boys grow up with the Lord," he said. "That would be the best."

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A Short Message

Best Wishes to all of our readers that are celebrating Easter and/or Passover! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

CCW News

Credit: CCW'S Official SiteMarch 21 , 2005

I met Gordo D. Pallone at Starbucks on a rainy Thursday morning. We were set to discuss CCW’s first year in business for an article on their web site. I took a sip of my steaming Mocha Latte and just as I was about to ask my first question, Mr. Pallone’s cell phone began to ring. It was obvious by the inquisitive look on his face as he glanced at the caller ID that he didn’t recognize the number.
“Hello, Gordo D. Pallone.”
His eyes widened as he excused himself and took the call outside. My curiosity built as I watched him pacing and talking with his hands. He wrote something down, while nodding and then hung up the phone.

He walked back in with a smile so big he could’ve fit a banana in his mouth sideways!
“What was that all about?”
“The Blackheart’s Challenge for March 26th has just been filled! I apologize but we’re going to have to reschedule this interview. I have to run out and get the contract signed.”

“Who is the challenger?” I asked. His obvious enthusiasm had me guessing and I couldn’t wait to find out who had called.
He looked like the cat who just ate the canary. “You’ll find out in Coral Springs on March 26th,” he replied as he walked out the door still grinning.

Seth Gregg has been running his mouth for months and The Blackheart has been backing that ranting up with victory after victory. Could this Saturday in Coral Springs be the day the self proclaimed “Man in Charge” is silenced? I for one can’t wait to find out!
Don’t miss Chained in Coral Springs!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Impact Review

Again like last week do to bad weather there weren't as many screaming TNA fans as there normally is! But it was still a good crowd! Of course the regular die hard fans that are there every week and every PPV. Which those are really the fans that can make or break a league!

The first match of the night was Buck Quartermain Vs. Trytan! This match was incredibly boring! I don’t think that either one of them have and real draw! Buck is just ok here I am, nothing more! Trytan is Ryan Wilson’s third gimmick and it just isn’t working maybe its just time for him to throw in the towel! Maybe he could become a manager! Captain Lou Albanio wasn’t a great wrestler but he was a great manager, Trytan so give that some thought! Trytan did win the match though.

Next came the first vinyet of the evening. Of course it was Konnan confronting The Outlaw! He wants to know what is going on with him and BG! Well, duh there braking up 3LK is what they are doing! BG and The Outlaw are a much better tag team than BG and Konnan are! They have a solid team!

The next match was another one I could have done with out! Lex Lovette and David Young VS. Shocker and Jeff Hardy. Now it has nothing to do with the fact that there was Indy guy in the match. As anyone that reads my column know I like watching the Indy shows as much as any other but these two like Buck have no personality, no charisma, no pizzazz! I do think that it is cool that they are starting to bring back some of the Lucha Libre wrestlers! Another downside to this match was Hardy! I am so incredibly sick of seeing him! He is such a screw up. He misses his mark often but the “Hardy Party” is still so awe struck by it! He has lost his skill due to drug abuse! Which I was informed by a “Hardy Party” member it’s not his fault! He just has so many injuries that he needs a painkiller cocktail just to be able to make it through his day! Well, if that is the case maybe it is way past time for Hardy to give it up! The winners of this match were Shocker and Hardy!

The next match was Sharkboy and Cassidy Rilley VS. DOD with Traci. This match went better than I thought it would. It wasn’t a total squash match, like I thought it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sharkboy and Cassidy were able to hold their own with such a substantial size difference. But DOD’s size difference over ruled there speed and agility. DOD won the match by pin fall.

Next DDP came to the ring to demand an answer from Dusty for his challenge from last week. Dusty announced that he would sign DDP, X-Pac, and Kevin Nash Vs. Jeff Jarrett, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and The Outlaw for one of the cage matches at Lockdown!

Next they showed a vinyet of Raven talking to Hardy about joining forces. This is such a bad move on Raven’s part unless he is planning to do some major damage to Hardy. One smart move for Hardy he backed away and declined.

The next match was Sonny Siaki VS. Apollo. This match was OK. It showed a lot of brute strength but that was about it. The best part of this match was the end! Apollo pinned Sonny than they shook hands and hugged. They did this big no hard feelings were still cool thing. Then Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt came out. Of course Kidd would have something to say about their behavior. As always Kidd is very entertaining. He was asking them if they were a bunch of homo’s or something! At this point Apollo and Sonny called Kidd and Hoyt in to the ring to settle it. At this point Kidd at his best informed them they were not going to get in the ring with them so they could feel all over them! This went on for several highly entertaining minutes.

The next match was Dustin Vs. Bobby Roode. To tell you the truth I didn’t really pay enough attention to this match to notice who won! I had got busy writing notes and talking I missed this match!

The main event of the evening was Phi Delta Slam with Trinity VS. AMW. Now I can’t say enough what a great tag team PDS is. I really hope that TNA decides to keep them around! AMW on the other hand is getting a little better with Dustin’s guidance but not much. Now Trinity can never mind her own business and stay out of a match for the most part but AMW behavior is a bit uncalled for! They are forever spanking her and Traci when they get unruly. They are such role models! There was no winner in this match because Team Canada came out to interfere. Big Tillie was just about to splash James but Dustin came out and knocked him off the top turnbuckle!

All in all this was a pretty good Impact! The shows seem to get better and better all the time. If you’re ever in the Orlando, FL area when they are going an Impact taping you should defiantly check it out! Your guaranteed to have a good time!

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Hawks Nest

Rumor has it an unnamed someone is going to challenge Muhammed Hassan at WrestleMania. Here are the canidades...Stone Cold, Rowdy Roddy Piper, HBK, I even saw one web site claim HHH was going to use it for a face turn and finally my pick - Hulk Hogan. Yes he's over the hill, Yes he needs to retire, but you have to admit deep down you know you want to see that flag waving hero The Immortal Hulk Hogan whoop his tail. Just to remind you of a time when wrestling was great. Let's hope they do this right.

Next item, does anyone really care that Trish and some other chick are wrestling? Unless they both strip naked and have a bottle of baby oil on a poll match no one really cares. Also I vote for JBL to keep the belt for at least another 6 months. Man he's been a great champ.

Last but not least lets talk about one of my greatest ideas. The money in the bank match has the oppurtunty to steal the show. He's how to do it and I can't beleive I am going to say this, but everyone wants Batista to beat HHH. But how about this twist, HHH beats Batista then the winner of the money in the bank match (Jericho) quickly challenges HHH for the title and beats him for the belt. This equals awesome twist and a new angle that has never been done (unless you count Hogan vs Yoko) but even that match was predictable. Well thats what I think how about you?

Till then Fly Straight

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The ABC'S of Promoting your League

Everyone knows that all you need to do is turn on their TV to watch wrestling but most people don't know where to go to find Indy Wrestling shows!

The reason for this is lack of promotion! The general opinion is well we're not on TV so if we get 50 people at are show it was worth it! But Is it really worth it? Indy shows are normally priced anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars per person. It's not a bad price when you figure how much a night out at the movies costs, for example.

Based on that revenue figure Indy Wrestling shows only pull in about $500 to $750 per night which means that they really don't make a profit and for the most part are barely staying afloat!

If a few people in the promotion or volunteering fans got together and worked out a game plan they could draw in several hundred people per show! Word of mouth is not enough if people that hear it know nothing of your product!

I'm going to give you a list of simple promoting tips to help you if you choose to use them! Now if you follow these tips with in a few shows you should see a substantial change in your audience numbers.

Here are some of the most important suggestions I can make:

1. Have your shows in an area where people actually go! In the area of Florida I live in they always have the shows out in the middle of nowhere and it's always hard to find! People do not want to drive all over creation looking for a show. They will get frustrated and go to the movies they know where they are going then!

2. Think about changing your ticket prices a little. For example maybe have a special family deal 2 adults and 2 kids for $25 maybe that would make it more cost efficient for families looking for a reasonable night out!

Don't forget the promoting part of the business:

3. One of the most efficient flyers ever though up are 1/4 page flyers. They are small and most people will stick them in their pocket instead of throwing them in the closest trash can!

4. Now that you have these flyers you need to take them to populated areas to hand out as well as going to life style shops (tattoo parlors, skate parks, and ect) and ask if you can leave some flyers on the counter. You might also want to take some full size flyers in to these shops as well and ask to put some up on the window or behind the counter.

5. You may also want to get an online team together. The sole purpose of your online team is for them to join wrestling related messageboards than they start a buzz on the boards. You get several people to all join the same board than they start a discussion about your promotion. That will get people going "Oh maybe I should check them out"!

If you have only one member promoting on a messageboard they might get accused of spaming the board, which just defeats your purpose! That is something you don't want to do!

These are just a few helpful little hints to help you to draw more people in to your shows! In the coming weeks I will be writing some other helpful columns. They will include how to make a brand name, and some things you shouldn't do because it may seem like a good idea, but may hurt you in the long run!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Prosecutors Won't Charge High School Wrestlers In Hazing Case

As some of you may remember about a month ago I posted about 3 highschool wrestlers hazing a fellow student! If not you can read about it here. I have to say I am still outraged over this! The students get off with just a slap on the wrists and the coach only got a 3 day suspension because he failed to report it! I think that this is just disgusting! They should have all been punished for it in my opinion! But off course it is being put off as boys will be boys!

Credit: WFTV
POSTED: 6:54 am EST March 10, 2005
UPDATED: 2:49 pm EST March 10, 2005

DELTONA, Fla. -- Three high school wrestlers will not be prosecuted for hazing a hog-tied teammate because they lacked criminal intent, the State Attorney's Office said.

The boys, ages 17, 16 and 15, could have faced felony charges of aggravated battery and false imprisonment. None had previous criminal records.

"We determined the school sanctions imposed satisfactorily punished the kids," said State Attorney's Office spokeswoman Linda Pruitt, noting that the boys were suspended from school and wrestling.

School officials would not confirm the boys' punishment, citing confidentiality laws.

The decision came Wednesday, a day after the Volusia County School Board suspended Deltona High wrestling coach Brian Kells for three days without pay for failing to report the incident.

Before the wrestling team's final home meet last month, a freshman and a sophomore wrestler were bound with jump rope by teammates in an incident school administrators described as hazing. The sophomore was shocked with a sparking device used to ignite propane grills. Deputies reported no physical injuries.

Records filed with the Circuit Court also noted that the decision not to prosecute the wrestlers was based on the conduct of the sophomore who "participated in similar activity" against the freshman. The sophomore, who also was suspended, withdrew from school.

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Assorted TNA News

Credit: TNA'S Official Site


“Slammiversary” to take place Sunday, June 19 from Universal Studios

This June, TNA Wrestling will celebrate its three-year anniversary – a momentous occasion for the superstars, staff and fans of Total Nonstop Action.

On June 19th live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View, TNA Wrestling will celebrate with the three-hour spectacular “Slammiversary”, a new annual event for TNA.

TNA management is already in the process of planning for the big anniversary weekend, including several major announcements leading up the event. Slammiversary will take place live from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

TNA’s April Pay-Per-View “Lockdown” takes place April 24 from Universal Studios, featuring two Six Sides of Steel cage matches in one night. TNA’s May Pay-Per-View event “Hard Justice” will take place on Sunday, May 15 from Universal Studios.


- In April, TNA will debut the long-awaited “Nevermore: Best of Raven” DVD. The DVD will include four hours of Raven at his most sadistic and twisted, with the following matches:

Raven’s TNA debut
Clockwork Orange Match: Raven vs. Sandman
Ladder Match: Raven vs. A.J. Styles
NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven
Hair vs. Hair: Raven vs. Shane Douglas
Gallows Of Retribution Match: Raven vs. Vampiro
Last Man Standing: Raven vs. Father Jim Mitchell
Raven vs. "The Truth" vs. AJ Styles vs. Abyss
Deadly Draw: Raven vs. Truth vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Harris
Raven vs. Sonjay Dutt
First Ever Match: Raven vs. Sabu

In addition, Raven provides bonus match commentary with wrestling legend Terry Taylor in bouts against AJ Styles (for the NWA World Heavyweight Title) and Wildcat Chris Harris (#1 Contenders Match) After the Raven DVD, up next in May will be “Welcome to Planet Jarrett”, the best of NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett.

- Be on the lookout for a new autobiography from Director of Authority and wrestling legend “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, set to hit bookstores this week. Rhodes is gearing up for a promotional tour for the book, and rumor has it he’ll be the guest on a major daytime talk show in the near future. We’ll have more details as they are announced.

- TNA Wrestling and Marvel’s “Toy Biz” are nearing completion of the first line of TNA action figures, which will hit stores in the next few months. Several new prototypes were approved this week, including The Alpha Male, Kid Kash and Primetime. The first set of TNA action figures featuring Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Raven and Abyss will be released shortly, with the remaining figures and accessories to follow thereafter. will announce the date of the release of the action figures when it becomes available. To see the AJ, Jarrett, Raven and Abyss action figures, PLEASE CLICK HERE >>>

- Team Canada member Johnny Devine underwent successful surgery last week to repair a damaged MCL and ACL in his knee. Devine is expected to be out of action for an estimated six months. wishes Johnny all the best as he recuperates. Fans can check out Devine’s thoughts on the injury in his ongoing column on the Canadian SLAM sports website. Team Canada’s Petey Williams was also nursing a sprained ankle last week, but gutted it out and was able to compete at the Impact tapings.

- Commercials have begun airing for Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” blockbuster opening July 4th weekend, starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fannin. TNA Knockout Trinity served as a stunt coordinator for the film. hopes to feature exclusive photos in the upcoming weeks of Trinity from the movie set. To read an interview with Trinity about "War of the Worlds", PLEASE CLICK HERE >>>
- Referee Mike Posey departed TNA last week pursue other interests. TNA wishes him all the best, as Posey is a class act. To fill Posey's spot, TNA has brought in former WCW referee Mark "Slick" Johnson to join the officiating crew along with Rudy Charles and Andrew Thomas.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Best Wishes

All of us a Pro Wrestling Impact would like to wish both ladies wrestling legend Luna Vachon and WWE Smackdown Superstar Shannon Moore a speedy recover! I hope that none of there injuries will keep them away from the wrestling ring for long!


Credit: 1wrestling
By: Joey Styles
3/22/2005 10:34:00 AM

Luna Vachon was involved in an automobile accident on March 18 while traveling to an independent show in Beaver Falls PA according to Mike Aldren in a report for The Wrestling 365 Newsletter.

According to the report, Vachon suffered a severe laceration to her arm and was still hospitalized yesterday.

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Credit: 1wrestling
By: Mark Green
3/22/2005 8:56:55 AM

Late Saturday night (3/19) WWE SmackDown Superstar Shannon Moore was involved in a head-on collision with a fairly high ranking sergeant in the US Army near Fort Bragg. A resident of Whispering Pines, NC, Moore was returning home from meeting with friends from the WWE RAW roster following their show at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC. Moore was driving his Hummer and was hit head-on by the soldier, who was arrested for drunken driving.

Moore was being followed home by fellow WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, who lives nearby. Hardy had been in the lead, but Moore had passed him when the accident happened. Had Hardy been hit instead of Moore, he would probably have been killed as he was driving a Corvette. Moore is injured, and it is unknown how long it will be before he is able to return to competition at WWE.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

A Personal Thank You

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank John of Carnival of the Capitalists for linking the Paul E. Brilliant Mind Or WWE Puppet post on his site! I greatly appreciate the support! I also want to thank Wayne Hurlbert of Wayne's Derby World and Blog Business World for believing in me and giving me the push I needed to start writing!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Paul E. Brilliant Mind Or WWE Puppet

I know as you all read this your going to have your own opinions and may feel the need to email me or to post a comment about what I have written. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and my suspicions that I feel if you really listened to "The Rise and The Fall of ECW" DVD all the hints to collaborate my suspicions are there!

I want to start out by saying the I completely believe that Todd Gordon was the original owner of ECW when they were East Coast Wrestling! What I am suspicious of Paul E. Heyman's ownership. That is where I think a conspiracy that would rock the entire wrestling world! I think that Paul E. was just an WWE (WWF at the time) front man! While WWE was testing a new type of wrestling to see how it went over, then when it was becoming to big and not making the money Vince thought it should he shut it down!

I know what you all are thinking "NO Way!", Paul E. is a genius! But is he really the genius and brains behind ECW like everyone thinks he is? If he was such a genius why couldn't he make it work? Not to mention the fact that it comes off that the wrestlers had almost complete creative control. It was one of those take the ball and run with it boys attitude! So how much of a genius was Paul E really? I know he didn't have a mind of business but you know what any idiot understands when they have more money going out than coming in. Also it should have been a wake up call when wrestlers pay checks started to bounce!

Oh yeah Vince has tons of money and could have paid the wrestlers but if he was a behind the scenes partner or the money man to get them going he isn't going to do anything that would let the cat would of the preverbal bag! I don't think anyone other than Paul E. knew what was going on, not the wrestlers that is for damn sure!

Every one of those wrestlers put their body and their lives on the line every match for little to no money and the only wrestlers they had on the DVD talking about how great things were are wrestlers that are owned by Vince! You didn't see Shane Douglas or Raven or Jerry Lynn stating their opinion! It also seemed that the whole thing was very scripted as well! All of the people talking on the DVD were looking to one side or the other of the camera, rarely looking directly in the camera!

I have had these suspicions for a long time their were several things from the DVD I would like to point out that I feel help collaborate this conspiracy!

1. Paul E. discouraged his wrestlers from going to WCW because he hated Eric Bishoff and Bill Watts. What he told the wrestlers is he felt totally screwed by them but I think the real reason is he was prepping his wrestlers for WWF!

2. Vince even went so far on the DVD as to say that they put Paul E. on their payroll to pay for all the wrestlers they stole! I think he was on the payroll all the time and I don't think he suffered the loses like the wrestlers did but wanted the wrestlers to believe that he was with them 100%!

3. There were a lot of ECW and WWF cross overs on RAW with the ECW invasions they went on for years! In essence Vince was show casing ECW talent to see who the fans liked and who they didn't to help him decide who he would want!

4. Bubba Dudley stated that "ECW was the minor leagues and the breeding ground for WWE!" How much plainer does it need to be said!

5. Bubba and Al Snow both made reference to how smooth Paul E. was that he was like a cult leader and could brainwash you! It is this that made those wrestlers risk everything because he talked them into believing him!

All these reasons and every other small little hint that has been dropped over the years! I also think that Paul E. has no problem lying to his wrestlers and fans! The reason I say this is because on the DVD he stated that when he was on TNN he never got any promotion for his show! Well, guess what folks that is bullshit! The reason I say this is after ECW the roller derby version of the time "RollerJam" came on which I used to watch as well! They would have commercials all week about there action packed Fridays! While that commercial was on they would promote all 4 shows that were on! If Paul E. felt the need to lie about something so petty what else has he lied about?

Another point I would like to make is supposedly when ECW filled for bankruptcy stating that there total assets were $1,385,500 and they were in debt of $8,881,435. After all things were considered that left them with a debt balance of $7.5 million! Keep in mind people that there wrestlers value counts as an asset! Now the company that was on the records of owning ECW was HHG Corp. I am unable to find any information on them except that they owned ECW! After this happened WWF bought ECW'S assets for the rock bottom price of $250,000 and ECW'S trademarks for $50,000 that expired in July of that year meaning once they expire if they are not renewed in 90 days they become dead trademarks that anyone can buy! So this was very generous of Vince but don't think that he does anything out of the kindness of his little black heart!

With in a week of ECW filing bankruptcy Paul E. was working for WWF replacing Jerry "The King" Lawlor as co announcer! One other point I would like to make Vince bought out and basically closed WCW within a couple of months! There for killing all competition and picking and choosing the wrestlers he wanted!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

TNA Impact Review

This weeks TNA Impact taping wasn’t as packed as they normally are but that can be chalked up to the nasty weather we have been having in the Orlando, FL area. But the fans that were there were very excited about being there. That just goes to show how dedicated TNA’S fan base is becoming. They would brave the cold rain to go to support their favorite wrestler!

The first match was a local favorite Jerrelle Clark VS. X-Division Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels! This match started out with Daniels slapping Jerrelle. This match didn’t really last long and it wasn’t a match that really showed the skill that both of these athletes prossess. Daniels won the match by pin fall! At the end of the match “Primetime” Elix Skipper came out and told Daniels not to forget that he knows him!

The Next match was another local favorite Mikey Batts Vs. Kidd Kash with Lance Hoyt. There was a new referee for this match I didn’t catch him name. This raises the question what happened to Mike Posey? Is he gone and replaced or what? Ok Back to the match! Kidd’s 15 years of professional wrestling experience really showed in this match! Of course Mikey was seriously out numbered from the start of this match with Lance at ringside. I’m glad that TNA is showing what a versatile wrestler Kidd is in both singles and tag team action! Kidd did win the match by pin fall.

Next they went on to show a vinyet of some of the trouble going on with 3LK! As they have been showing for a couple weeks Konnan is concerned that BG James has something going on with The Outlaw. Since BG James and The Outlaw were tag team partners several years ago and they have been spending time talking about the good old days! So Konnan said he is going to get to the bottom of this even though BG says nothing is going on! Now I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees the upcoming split of 3LK! BG and The Outlaw were a really good tag team and with X-Pac being in TNA it’s only a matter of time before they all get back together on the same side since they all worked so well together!

The next match was The Naturals and Chris Candido VS. The Redneck tag team (AMW and Dustin Rhodes) in a 6-man tag match! I have to say I’m getting bored with these matches to! Come on your not doing as many 4 man tag team matches so to make up for it your going to do 6-man tag team matches by the truck loads! This match was very predicable! The Naturals and Chris cheated as much as they could and Dustin pulls the other team for the most part. Now I have to say AMW is getting a little better and they managed to win a match that didn’t involve handcuffs but they are still a mediocre tag team and should be mid card at best. The “Redneck” tag team won this one!

Next came an interview, “The Professor” Mike Tenay got in to the ring with one of the most hated wrestlers in TNA Jeff Jarrett! I really don’t think the Jeff gets the respect that someone with as much experience and has grown up in the business should get! As far as I’m concerned Jeff is TNA, he is King of the Mountain! Back to the interview, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown came out and the crowd started chanting “Sell Out”! Monty said that it wasn’t about selling out it was about money and he didn’t want to hear any more crying about it!

Before they got back to the matches there was another vinyet in Dusty’s office. Dusty with his secretaries Traci and Trinity. Dusty announced that at the next PPV Lockdown there would be 2 cage matches, participants in this match would be announced at a later date!

The next match was Shocker (formally of Team Mexico) Vs. David Young (who has managed to win what 1 match?). This match was short, sweet, and to the point! Young is a loser and Shocker reminded him of that fact!

On to the main event, Lex Lovitte and Buck Quartermain VS. DDP and X-Pac. This match wasn’t what was the most interesting thing about the rest of Impact, because it was obvious that DDP and X-Pac were going to win this match! No one could ever be fooled into thinking that they would pull a win like X-Pac did when he came on to the scene winning his matches in a matter of minutes against seasoned wrestlers in what should have been squash matches!

After the match “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash came out to the ring to congratulate DDP and X-Pac! Then took the mic and called out Dusty telling him that they wanted to meet Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw, and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown at Lockdown in one of the cage matches! Now granted I was just complaining about 6-man tag team but this is a little different because it is a cage match and that means blood! Every TNA cage match I have seen has had blood and I really don’t think this one will disappoint us! Though one would have to wonder if any of these wrestlers would turn on their team mates! Dusty said he would give them his decision on next weeks Impact but why would he not want to book this match!

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Nattie Neidhart ready for Japan

Credit: By JASON CLEVETT -- SLAM! Wrestling

While there are many third-generation wrestlers making names for themselves today, Nattie Neidhart can stake a claim of being the first female third generation star. With a lineage that includes grandfather Stu Hart, uncles Davey Boy Smith, Bret and Owen Hart and her father Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, the 22-year-old seems destined for success. Her first big test is now, as she is spending two months in Japan working with various women's promotions to improve her craft.

"I am feeling okay. I have realized over the last week how many friends I have, because they all want to see me before I go," Neidhart told SLAM! Wrestling hours before her departure. "I am happy that I am going but in the same sense there is anxiety and pressure to perform at a level I am unsure of. I have my own standards for myself, but I am not sure what these girls work like. Until I actually get there and wrestle with them, it's a level of excitement and anxiety about people touting me as being so great. Wrestle-aid is hyping me so much because of my family and talking about me being a great wrestler. I have a lot to offer but I don't want to disappoint anyone. I hope I can perform to the level people expect of me. Once I get there I will be more comfortable."

The point of the trip is to improve as a wrestler, training daily with some of Japan's best. While other wrestlers tour Japan to wrestle, Neidhart's focus is different.

"I am going over there to train, that is the reason why I am going, similar to what Harry (Smith) did when he went over, he was there just to train and interact before going out on tour," the daughter of Ellie Hart and Jim Neidhart said. "So I will be assessed on how my training goes. All-Japan Women as well as other promotions have expressed interest in me but I will only get matches if the girls feel like they can work with me from the training. Right now I have four set matches in Wrestle-Aid. I believe they are all in Tokyo. I will get more matches if things progress well."

The tour is in part due to legendary trainer "Tokyo" Joe. Joe has sent a number of talents to Japan, including TJ Wilson, Dave Swift, Apocalypse, Harry Smith, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, and many others.

"I have been training with Tokyo Joe, which I am so proud of even knowing him let alone having him watch and critique my work. Joe realized that for me to grow and improve as a wrestler I needed to wrestle other girls. My tour of England was a step in that direction, but now I need to face girls who can challenge me and take me up to their level. I can't get that in Calgary. He thinks I can grow by picking up a different style and wrestling with different girls. Most of my family (that wrestled) has gone to Japan and honed their craft and were ultimately better wrestlers because of it. Joe wants to see me stimulated, and in Calgary I have reached a plateau and done as much as I can do."

It isn't the first trip for Neidhart, who last summer spent several weeks in England for All-Star Wrestling.

"It's not that I feel England isn't as good as Japan, but the style and work ethic is very different than in Japan. People don't talk about the English girls with the reverence they do about Japanese girls. Ever since I started wrestling all I have heard about are the girls over there and how they are crazier than the guys and wrestle like The Dynamite Kid. There is a lot more career pressure on a trip to Japan -– it is make or break, if I make it through this tour my chances of making it anywhere in wrestling are good. If I can't, it will be a real eye-opener as to whether I want to still be involved in and can handle the business. There were four girl wrestlers in England and I ended up wrestling guys more than girls."

While Neidhart originally didn't plan on being a wrestler, she started in the business as a ring announcer for the short-lived MatRats promotion. From there, she started taking bumps with TJ Wilson and cousin Harry Smith. She has found both to be a comfort before her trip, since both have been to Japan.

"I take the advice of Harry and TJ very seriously; they are very sensible and they have told me to be myself, stick with what I am good at and stay true to what I believe in. They emphasize their strengths. They advised me to keep my eyes open, and pay attention. We have trained with Joe, and we are strong and come from a good pedigree, we should be proud of what we have come from. Some of the best wrestlers in the world trained, lived or were born in Calgary. Everyone thinks I am tough enough to handle it, but I don't know anyone who can truly say because they haven't worked with the girls. They give me an idea and help me be positive."

Neidhart is the third an final member of this generation of Harts to head to Japan. Cousin Ted Hart is a regular in Wrestle-Aid while Smith recently returned from his first tour of New Japan. She is proud of her family's accomplishments, but insists that they haven't relied strictly on their name to garner success.

"For me it isn't going to be a walk in the park. Everything my grandfather had, what Harry or TJ has, they have all had to work so hard to get what they have achieved. You don't get anywhere in life without working hard for it, and you only get what you put in. I was talking to Bret (Hart) and he was telling me how hard it was for him his first few years, feeling rejected in Japan and WWF; he had to work his ass off to achieve his success. I feel ready to shed some blood, sweat and tears for what I believe in, because wrestling is what I want to do in life. Japan is another step in the journey and an important chapter in my life. A few years ago I just wanted to get to WWE, now I realize there is so much I want to do in my life before I try and go there. I love amateur wrestling for example and wouldn't mind competing in that. Wrestling is about meeting people and creating bonds with people that share your passion."

It is Smith that Neidhart takes the most pride in, and despite him being younger, he is very much a role model.

"Look at Harry, and what a neat individual he is because of the way he believes in himself and where he wants to go in his career. I use him as an example because he is one of the few people who has the opportunity to go to WWE now, and he has turned them down to become more cultured and a better wrestler. That is very respectable."

While Neidhart has had the spotlight on her before, including a bout with TNA star Tracy Brooks at Ballpark Brawl last August in Buffalo, this is her biggest challenge.

"This is the biggest test so far. You can do all the training in the world; a huge test for me was training with Tokyo Joe. The adrenaline of wrestling in front of him is like having 5,000 people watching you. What it comes down to is regardless of where you wrestle; wrestling fans and wrestlers can be very critical. If you fail, or screw up, especially for me coming from my family, expectations are much higher and people are watching. Japan is a Mecca for wrestling, especially for females. It will be the most pressure for me because of the level that these girls are at and the language barrier. I have never worked with people who don't speak English so that barrier is nerve-wracking."

Part of the reason many wrestlers only take short tours of Japan is that homesickness can set in easily. In a different culture, where nobody talks like you, the food is different and everything is strange it can be overwhelming. Neidhart is very close to her family and friends, but is prepared for the emotional toll that the two months is likely to take on her.

"England gave me a test of that. I was away for almost two months between there and Buffalo. It is tough, especially with the culture shock. It can be very lonely at times, but ultimately I am looking at the big picture. This is what I want to do so this is the sacrifice I need to make. It is comfortable to live inside a bubble with your job and routine, and that can be a trap. In order to step out of that bubble you have to have the courage to make the sacrifices and chase your dreams. If I fall flat then I will, but if I don't try then I will never know whether I would have succeeded. It will be a two long months but for the bigger picture, this is what I need. TJ said 'If you don't want to be a wrestler, this is the time to step down. Things are happening for you and if you think you can't do it, then you can't. You have to believe you can handle this,'" she said, adding "I have survived many things in my life, this is just another test."

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Credit: TNA'S Official Site03.16.05 | MIDWEEK


Following Sunday's Destination X Pay-Per-View and Tuesday's Impact taping at Universal Orlando Resort, there are several news items to report. Here is the midweek news report:

- Tolerance for pain...Jeff Hardy and Abyss have it! During their Final Assault match, Abyss dislocated one finger and sliced open another while powerbombing Hardy through a table. With his finger hanging to the side, Abyss grabbed it and immediately popped it back into place. The monster was wearing a splint and bandages on his hand the following day. Then there's Hardy, who after being slammed into the pile of tacks, needed assistance from exiting the arena by referee Rudy Charles. On his way to the medical doctor, Hardy was stopped by a fan who asked to get a photo with him. Not only did Hardy oblige, but then spent another three minutes talking to the youngster - with the tacks still in his bloody back! A few feet later, Hardy was in such discomfort that Sean Waltman began picking the tacks out of his back. Hardy made it to the doctor's table a few minutes later - and his back looked like it had been smashed with a meat tenderizer on Tuesday at the Impact tapings. Backstage footage of Hardy following the match will be included on the future "Destination X" DVD.

- After the Pay-Per-View, cameras were on hand in Jeff Jarrett's locker room to capture the victory celebration with the NWA World Champion, The Outlaw, The Naturals, Chris Candido, Lawyer Daggart and of course, their newfound associate The Alpha Male Monty Brown. The footage will air this Friday on Impact.

- Tiny The Timekeeper, who manned the bell for all of TNA's Wednesday night Pay-Per-Views in Nashville, visited Universal for the Pay-Per-View on Sunday. Everyone in TNA was happy to see Tiny again, and Jeff Jarrett personally asked him to return to the bell that night for the broadcast. Like clockwork, Tiny didn't miss a beat (or ring) during the Pay-Per-View!

- TNA newcomer Shocker will be in action this Friday on Impact, taking on David Young. In addition, we'll hear from The Alpha Male Monty Brown for the first time following his actions on Sunday!

- Savio Vega, Shane and Rey Gonzalez from Puerto Rico's IWA promotion were backstage at
Tuesday's Impact taping in Orlando to meet with TNA management. On April 15,16,17 and 18 (IWA's biggest shows of the year), several TNA superstars will compete during the nightly events, including NWA World heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, America's Most Wanted and Team Canada.

- TNA offices expect to take stock this week of December's Turning Point DVD, available soon
in the merchandise area. The DVD will include exclusive backstage shot footage during the show, including AMW and Triple X receiving medical attention following their bloody brawl inside the Six Sides of Steel.

- TNA's May Pay-Per-View is title "Hard Justice", set for May 15. Expect a press release on the event to follow, as well as some big news and plans for TNA's June three-year anniversary Pay-Per-View event.

- Raven and Terry Taylor recorded special bonus commentary on Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming "Nevermore: Best of Raven" DVD. The bouts including special commentary are Raven vs. Wildcat Chris Harris from May 2004 and Raven vs. AJ Styles for the NWA World Heavyweight Title a month later. For their first time calling a match together, Raven and Taylor did a great job - including a bit of humor (albeit twisted) from both.

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New Revolution Wrestling Show Announced

New Revolution Wrestling has found a location to do a show! Their next show is going to be on Sunday April 17, 2005 at El Tequila in Winter Haven,FL at 4PM. Admission is $10.

They have some great local indy talent for this show and some great matches! There are going to be two title matches! A NRW Heavyweight Championship match featuring Bruce Steele Vs. Chainsaw Krueger and a NRW Tag Team Title match featuring Axis and Python VS. Raging Suicide (HAVOC). As you might remember from their last time these four guys met it was a hell of a brutal brawl!

They are also having a hardcore match with Nightstalker Vs. The Destroyer! As always hardcore matches are bloody so I don't think this one is going to be any different!

There is going to be a match featuring the NRW Cruiserweight Chasyn Rance VS. Sedrick Strong! This should be a great match! Chasyn is one of the best cruiserweights in the indy scene! Not just in Florida but everywhere he wrestles!

There will also be another cruiserweight match featuring Flatline VS. Lazirus (AKA Special Effex). This will be the first time Lazirus will be wrestling in Florida since he moved here from NYC! I bet this will be a hell of a match. They should be able to really do a lot of highflying moves.

Also making his first appearance with NRW is Former IWA PR, Heavyweight Champion Apolo Vs. Leon Scott with Tiziana. Any of you that watch TNA would have seen him in recent weeks. Apolo is a great athlete and I really think he is going to show Leon what he is made of!

They are also going to have a special last man standing match! There will be 2 belts on the line the NWA Jr. Heavyweight and Mid Florida Championship will be on the line. There will be no referee for this match the audience will be making the 10 count! The wrestlers featured in this match will be NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tommy Marr Vs. NWA Mid Florida Champion The Man Named Rouge! I'm sure these two will try to rip each other apart!

I think this show will be well worth every penny like every other NRW show! If you are in the area you should really come out and cheer on your favorite indy wrestler!

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New Revolution Wrestling Show Announced

New Revolution Wrestling has found a location to do a show! Their next show is going to be on Sunday April 17, 2005 at El Tequila in Winter Haven,FL at 4PM. Admission is $10.

They have some great local indy talent for this show and some great matches! There are going to be two title matches! A NRW Heavyweight Championship match featuring Bruce Steele Vs. Chainsaw Krueger and a NRW Tag Team Title match featuring Axis and Python VS. Raging Suicide (HAVOC). As you might remember from their last time these four guys met it was a hell of a brutal brawl!

They are also having a hardcore match with Nightstalker Vs. The Destroyer! As always hardcore matches are bloody so I don't think this one is going to be any different!

There is going to be a match featuring the NRW Cruiserweight Chasyn Rance VS. Sedrick Strong! This should be a great match! Chasyn is one of the best cruiserweights in the indy scene! Not just in Florida but everywhere he wrestles!

There will also be another cruiserweight match featuring Flatline VS. Lazirus (AKA Special Effex). This will be the first time Lazirus will be wrestling in Florida since he moved here from NYC! I bet this will be a hell of a match. They should be able to really do a lot of highflying moves.

Also making his first appearance with NRW is Former IWA PR, Heavyweight Champion Apolo Vs. Leon Scott with Tiziana. Any of you that watch TNA would have seen him in recent weeks. Apolo is a great athlete and I really think he is going to show Leon what he is made of!

They are also going to have a special last man standing match! There will be 2 belts on the line the NWA Jr. Heavyweight and Mid Florida Championship will be on the line. There will be no referee for this match the audience will be making the 10 count! The wrestlers featured in this match will be NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tommy Marr Vs. NWA Mid Florida Champion The Man Named Rouge! I'm sure these two will try to rip each other apart!

I think this show will be well worth every penny like every other NRW show! If you are in the area you should really come out and cheer on your favorite indy wrestler!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Update On Shane Douglas' ECW Reunion Show: Event Name, & More

Credit: Ewrestling News Website
Written by Frank on March 11, 2005 at 22:53:18

Shane Douglas' June 10th ECW reunion show will be titled "Hardcore Homecoming."

Jeremy Borash & Tod Gordon are the main guys who are helping Shane put together the event.

A website for the show is in development and tickets should go on sale in the next 1-2 months,

Names scheduled to appear include: Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Francine, Justin Credible, Tracy Smothers, Sabu, JT Smith, Johnny Grunge, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Raven, Bill Alfonso, Sandman, and Tod Gordon. Joey Styles is also involved and will be on the DVD of the show once it is produced.

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WWE threatens lawsuit over ECW; Targets promotion of Shane Douglas' reunion

Credit: Lord of Pain Website
Submitted by Ben Johnson on Monday, March 14, 2005 at 8:14 PM EST

New York wrestling fan Anthony DeBlasi, who operates a wrestling fan website and hotline, received a threatening legal letter from WWE over the weekend. The letter ordered DeBlasi to refrain from using the 'ECW' trademark on his website and as a promotional tool for a bus trip to Shane Douglas' "Hardcore Homecoming" reunion show.

Although WWE's sweeping letter referred to mention of ECW on the website, its major issue was the fact that DeBlasi was referring to Douglas' show as an ECW reunion and making references to "extreme" when promoting the event. WWE only owns the rights to 'Extreme' when in the phrase "Extreme Championship Wrestling," but their argument was that DeBlasi was clearly using it to connect Douglas' reunion to ECW. WWE threatened to file a civil suit against DeBlasi.

DeBlasi's reaction to WWE was far from kind; he has gone as far as to trademark "Eastern Championship Wrestling" to gain the rights to the ECW initials. As of this writing, he is therefore still promoting Douglas' show as an ECW reunion but feels he is exempt from any liability.

WWE also ordered DeBlasi to turn over accounting records for the bus trip. Although WWE has no trouble with talent working both shows, it does not want fans to mistake Douglas' event as having any connection to ECW or WWE. While fans can certainly make the reference in their own minds, it is unlawful to promote the show as an ECW reunion without WWE's express written permission.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005




Friday, March 18, 2005 @ 7:30 pm
Ogden Legion of Doom
2625 78th Ave SE
(North of Glenmore Trail on Ogden Road)
Phone number: 403-279-3636

** Card to be announced.

***Note from the office: Apocalypse is due to make his long-awaited return in the up-coming weeks, and rumor also has it that Abdul Hanish may be back soon!

***Card subject to change without notice.

W.O.W Presents


Cardston, Alberta

March 19, 2005 @ 7:00 pm
Moses Lake Gym

** Card to be annouced

***Card is subject to change without notice.

All Shows are at the Ogden Legion of Doom
Friday March 18, 2005
Friday March 25, 2005
Friday April 1, 2005
Friday April 8, 2005
Friday April 15, 2005

Saturday March 19, 2005 Cardston

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ROH Newswire For The Week Of March 13th!!!

Credit: ROH Official Site


March 14th: Samoa Joe & Pure Champion Jay Lethal defeated CM Punk & Spanky last Saturday to earn a shot at the ROH Tag Team Titles. The match will take place on 4/2 in Asbury Park, NJ when ROH Tag Team Champions Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer put the belts on the line vs. Joe & Lethal!!!

March 14th: No one knows why Stevie Richards went after CM Punk last Saturday. The only thing that Richards told ROH officials is that he will be back. We aren't sure why especially since Richards is under WWE contract. We will find out when Richards returns to ROH later this week right here in the Newswire at

March 14th: It's official!!! The 4/2 ROH World Champion Austin Aries vs. Homicide winner will defend the belt on 4/16 in the Boston area against the undefeated James Gibson. The 4/2 Aries vs. Homicide loser will face Bryan Danielson on 4/16.

March 14th: Right now ROH officials are discussing the title petitions to determine who will get a shot at Jay Lethal's Pure Title on 4/16 in Boston. If Lethal & Samoa Joe win the Tag Titles on 4/2, Lethal will have to wrestle twice and defend both belts in the same night.

March 14th: The 2/19 "Third Anniversary Celebration Week: Part 1" double VHS set is now out and ready for immediate delivery from This home release clocks in at over five hours and features roughly one hour of highlights, which includes clips from every show in ROH's 3rd year. There are also guest appearances on the home release by Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. If you order by 3pm at or by calling 215-781-2500 your order goes out that day.

March 14th: There is no more Special K in ROH. Dixie & Azrieal won the name last Saturday by defeating Lacey's team of Izzy & Deranged. In an interview that will be seen on the home release, Dixie & Azrieal dropped the name. They said that Special K represents partying and they are serious about their careers now. Lacey has given her faction of Deranged, Izzy, Cheech and Cloudy a new name. They will now be known as Lacey's Angels. We are seeing Lacey's true colors now as she claims to be ROH's smartest businesswoman.

March 14th: ROH officials have been able to rule out any members of The Embassy for the attack on Jay Lethal backstage on 3/5. Lethal was jumped by someone and had his eye badly swollen. ROH's investigation found that all members of The Embassy had an alibi as they were in Prince Nana's limo eating shrimp cocktails. ROH officials are still looking into the possibility that Nana paid someone to attack Lethal.

March 14th: ROH officials have decided that the 4/2 New Japan USA Best Of American Super Juniors tournament matches will have no bearing on ROH records or title petitions since these are New Japan USA matches as sanctioned by the NWA. Tickets are now on sale for this huge event in the legendary Asbury Park Convention Center. The final two participants will be named this week in the Newswire at

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Destination X PPV Review

There are only two words that can explain last nights explosive Destination X PPV “Holy Shit”! Those very words were chanted at several points during the evening when each and every one of the wrestlers wrestling last night put their all in to the matches! TNA’S PPV’S get better and better every month and the crowds of screaming fans are the proof of it! There were so many fans last night that they had to turn people a way! It was rumored that they had to turn away close to 700 disappointed fans! I did notice as I looked around the arena before the pre show started there were several familiar Florida Indy wrestlers such as Mister Saint Laurent, Josh Rich, Barney Rumble, Wiccan, and Torcher!

The pre show set the momentum that would continue to build the rest of the night! The first match of the pre show was Andy Douglas of “The Naturals” and Chris Candido VS. Lex Lovette and Buck Quartermain. This match really showed that Chris’s experience and guidance is changing “The Naturals” wrestling style! Chris and Andy showed a lot of great teamwork. The winners of this match were Chris and Andy.

The second match of the pre show was an incredibly brutal as well as incredibly skilled match. This match featured Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt VS. Jerrelle Clark and Cassidy Riley. This match started out looking like Jerrelle and Cassidy were going to take the win do to Kidd and Hoyt not having thier act together but to my pleasant surprise they managed to get there act together and be the incredible tag team that I knew they could be!! Towards the end of the match Jerrelle got in the ring and was just slaughtered by Kidd and Hoyt. With Hoyt’s strength he was able to powerbomb and toss Jerrelle around like he was nothing! One of the highlights of the show was when Kidd and Cassidy we arguing and Kidd blew snot at him out of his nose! I know gross but so funny! Kidd and Hoyt won the match when Hoyt lifted Jerelle with one hand over his head for an earth shaking powerbomb that had so much force I’m surprised the ring didn’t break in the middle!

The first match of the PPV was Konnan and BG James of 3LK and AMW VS. Team Canada with Scott D’Amore and Johnny DeVine who was on crutches do to a knee injury. Allistar replaced Johnny. This match I thought was a going to be 3 teams against each other I must have miss understood that because it turned out to be an 8-man tag match! It was a little hard to keep track of who the legal men in the ring were because after a while all hell just broke lose and everyone was in the ring or out of the ring fighting. In the beginning of match Konnan lost his shoe and was hitting members of Team Canada with it until Senior Referee Rudy Charles took the shoe from him. Even Scott wanted in on the action and at one point was going to try to get the jump on someone by jumping of the top rope but the other team saw him and pushed him off the turnbuckle! But what tends to happen when you have so much going on in a match that it is hard to keep track of the match some one always gets left to get a beating while everyone else is distracted. In this case it was Konnan! He got pinned by Eric Young while everyone was distracted.

I believe that at this point there was a little vinyet at this point showing Dusty, Traci, and Trinty in Dusty’s Office when Johnny Fairplay came prancing up (what else can you call it). To beg for another chance. So Dusty told him he had 3 hours to come up with a tag team and they would get TNA contracts.

The next match I didn’t even know was scheduled but it was a good match nonetheless. It was Chase Stevens of “The Naturals” with Andy Douglas and Chris Candido VS. Chris Sabin. This was a good match. I do really enjoy watching Sabin’s matches because he has moves to spare! I really thought that Sabin had a real disadvantage with him being out numbered 3 to 1 but he held his own very well. In fact he held his own so well that he won the match! There was of course a lot of interference from Chase’s friends out side the ring!

After Sabin pinned Chase, Chris and Andy came in the ring to start ganging up on him to teach him a lesson for getting the better of them when a masked man came running out to help Sabin! The masked man help Sabin up than took off his mask to show that he was actually Shocker! I look forward to see where this goes!

The next match I was really disappointed in and I hate to say that because it included one of my favorite wrestlers Raven!! It was the much anticipated bullrope match! It wasn’t half as violent as I thought it would be! I expected both of them to just be a mess when it was over but it wasn’t. Dustin did win the match!

Again I have trouble remembering exactly when the vinyets come in to play but there was another one of Johnny at Dusty’s Office trying to talk AWM with Dustin in to letting him manage them so they told him to get down on him hands and knees they threw hay on him and James put a saddle on him and tried to ride him. That will teach Johnny to mess with the redneck tag team!

The next match was the Team Trinity Phi Delta Slam Vs. Team Traci DOD match. This match was an all out brawl! I was shocked that Traci and Trinity didn’t get in to a huge fight but Trinity being the tuff girl she is decided she was going to take on Ron of DOD. She flew off the top turnbuckle at him while he was at ringside but he caught her and tossed her over the railing and in to the crowd! Big Tillie did manage to get a “Tsunami Splash” on one of the members of DOD ( I think Don) but when Tillie was looking at Bruno and they were both giving themselves kudos way to soon. The other member of DOD changed places with the one in the ring and got the drop on Tillie. DOD won with a pin fall and Bruno never even saw it! I really hope that this is not the last we see of Phi Delta Slam. They are a great asset to TNA and I hope to see more of them!!

Next was “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown VS. Trytan. This match was I think the worst match of the night. Trytan’s gimmicks just aren’t getting any better! The referee for this match was Rudy Charles he is always on top of his game but this match had him distracted. Monty was starting to get the better of Trytan when the lights went out and a man in all black with a mask came in to the ring and took the beating for Trytan and got pinned. Rudy really looked dazed when he realized what happened. Monty on the other hand looked really pissed and confused!

On to Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy Falls count anywhere match! Now I do admit I did miss some of this match do to a potty break! But I really liked what I did see of the match except the fact that Hardy won the match. Of course like all their matches tables, ladders and chairs came in to play. I really thought Abyss was going to win when he slammed Hardy with such bone shattering force that I thought he was going to break Hardy in two. But Hardy did manage to get the pin but barely! Abyss got so overwhelmed with rage that he went under the ring and got out a bag of tacks!! Now I thought for sure that Hardy was going to end up knocking Abyss in to the tacks again but I was wrong Abyss got Hardy in a black hole slam and drove those tacks all the way in to his body! Hardy had streams of blood trickling down his back! Hardy took off out of the arena and was not seen again for the rest of the night!

At this point I think is when they showed the vinet of Johnny trying to recruit an already managed Team Canada, which didn’t go over well with any of them!

On to the first blood match with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash Vs. The Outlaw. Now I was sort of right on my prediction of this match Nash did draw first blood on the Outlaw but off course he still lost the match! This match just goes to show that The Outlaw is not stable he was getting stuff from under the ring to try to cut Nash with such as a screw driver that it looked like he was going to stick it in Nash’s eye! He also go a utility knife out that I was really concerned about until I realized he was cutting the turnbuckle off. He had to cut them off because TNA doesn’t have those cheap turnbuckles that just come off like WWE has. Nash did get the best of The Outlaw by busting his head open on the exposed turnbuckle but referee was knocked out. At this point Jeff Jarrett runs out and hits Nash in the head with his belt leaving him outside the ring while a DR. comes out to wipe the blood off of The Outlaw and stop the bleeding. But when the Ref came to he saw that Nash was bleeding and called the match! Nash though feeling cheated he power bombed The Outlaw to show him who is boss.

The last vinyet was played for the night with Johnny talking to Lex Lovitte and Buck Quartermain. He told them that if they took him on they could get a contract they never did let us know what happened with that.

The Next match in my opinion was the best match of the night! The Ultimate X match. Now they did do it a little different this time. They started with 4 men in the ring and the Ultimate X wouldn’t start until 2 men got eliminated by pin fall. This match had “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels Vs. AJ Styles VS. “The Truth” Ron Killings Vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper. The match started off to a great start and there seemed to be some tension between Elix and Daniels. But that match went on. The first man eliminated was Killings when Elix got the pin there were some great moves and acrobatics with them. AJ and Elix were going at it when Daniels climbed to the top rope and up to the Ultimate X in the middle of the ring. He was sitting right there above AJ and Elix when he did a back flip off on to them!! This had to be the most amazing move of the night. The fight ensued when Daniels eliminated Elix! Elix was very pissed and crossed his arms at Daniels. Then Daniels told him that XXX was no more and the belt was what was important! I was very excited over the start of what is going to be a breath-taking feud!! There was several near wins but the ref got knocked out (That happened several times last night) while he was out AJ got the belt and it looked like he would keep it. But Daniels went after him and got the belt in his hands and out of AJ’S when the ref came to for the win!

The final match of the evening was the main even with Jeff Jarrett Vs. DDP. This match had enforcers out side the ring. The enforcers were Monty Brown, 3LK, The Naturals, Chris Candido, and “The Living Legend” Larry Z. This match was very brutal right from the start. This match was all over the inside and outside of the ring. It also spilled out on to the announcer tables. The Spanish announce team didn’t get it as bad as poor Don West and Mike Tenay! Don even got his mic broken and almost knocked off the platform! While the ref was knocked out the wrestlers outside of the ring got into a fight and The Outlaw ran out with a guitar to hit DDP with but BG James and Konnan got involved they took the guitar from the Outlaw and he got chased out. BG was going to hit Jeff with it while Konnan held him but Jeff moved and BG hit Konnan and knocked him out. The Naturals and Chris Candido got chased out and the rest helped carry Konnan out leaving Monty there to watch things. Well Sean Waltman ran out to to help DDP then ran back out of the arena a quick as he came. It looked like DDP would win when Monty came in and interfered! He was on Jeff’s side the whole time. Helping Jeff to retain his title!!

All in all it was a great night out! I do hope that Jeff loses the belt soon! He is one of my favorites but he has held the title way to long and he is starting to get compared to HHH and no one wants that!! On another side note where was Mike Posey?

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Scott D'Amore Interview

I wanted to take a moment to thank Scott for taking the time to do an incrediable interview for us!

1. Why did you decide to go into wrestling and at such a young age?

I just loved wrestling and wanted to do it. Every body kept telling me I
was crazy and I couldn't do it. If there is one thing you can't tell me
that it that I can't do something.

2. Doug Chevalier trained you in 1991. What was the training like for you?

Hard. I was a little too young and maybe not ready to commit the time
and effort to it. I was only 16 years old and I think that is a little too
young. Thank God Doug was a caring and understanding guy. IF I had went to
most places then they would have took my money, rushed me through and got
ride of me. Doug really cared and I will never forget that. I almost had to
fight back tears when Petey Williams told me he names his finisher after
Doug. Petey had only meet him once but still Doug was that important to
everybody around here that Petey names the hottest move in wrestling after
him. I think of Doug everything I see Petey do The Canadian Destroyer.

3. In 1993 you got a brake wrestling with WCW for 3 years until you got kicked out of the States. What do you feel your greatest moment was? Your worst?

I loved getting a chance to work for WCW. I grew up watching it and WWF
and wrestling for both was great. I can't remember a high point in ring wise
but I will always remember getting a chance to hang out with some of my
hero's. Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, they were all still
there. I would say just being there was the high point. I got a rush just
doing what I always dreamed of doing as a kid and getting paid and meet and
getting to know people I looked up to. On a side note one of the high
points of my in ring career was wrestling Kurt Angle at the Joe Louis Arena
in Detroit. I grew going to the Joe to watch WWF shows. Kurt and I went out
there and did a 10-12 minutes dark match before a Sunday Night Heat taping
and it was real fun. Kurt was a class act and we went out there and really
had a good match. He was about to start on TV in a couple of months and
could have mailed one in but instead wanted to go out and put on a show. I
will always owe him for that.

Terry Taylor set the whole deal up and I owe him a lot. Not just that match
but he has done a lot for me over all. He has taught me a lot.
Lots of people told me not to 'do jobs' or be a 'jobber' but I don't regret
it at all. I loved every minute of it. It taught me a lot. It helped make me
what I am today.

4. What do you feel was one of the most important things you took away from
your time with WCW?

Experience. I learned a ton. From Jody Hamilton, Terry Taylor, Pez
Watley, Buddy Lee Parker, Mike Winter and a ton of other people. I was just
a bottom guy. A job guy but sitting, watching, asking questions and
learning. I found people are willing to explain stuff to you if you are
willing ask and listen to them while they talk.

I could have sat there and listened to Jody talk for hours. Come to think of
it I think I did! WWE really picked the right guy to work with on the new
developmental deal in Atlanta. Jody has done it all. It's a shame more of
the young guys out there don't know more about him. He was one of the best
ever heel money promos and he was a smart as hell in the ring and out of it.
He was a well-rounded worker. If guy today could cut promos and build heat
half as well as Jody could the business would be in much better shape.

5. After you tutored under Jody Hamilton at the WCW Power Plant learning booking and other major aspects of wrestling. Did you want to go more into management and bookings apposed to wrestling?

Not at all. I really wanted to be a wrestler and make an impact. I was
happy to learn all I could about all aspects of the business but I was
still a wrestler. Johnny Swinger and I used to joke that someday we would
be somewhere and I would be in the office and he would be one of the top
talents and it kind of happened for a while in TNA. I was booking, and
producing and a lot of other things and he and Simon Diamond were in a main
angle with AMW. It was a lot of fun. WWE has a real talent in Swinger. I
hope they give him a chance to show what he can do.

Simon Diamond, notice I say Simon Diamond not Irish Pat Kenney is a hell of
a talent as well. He is old school and he is good. He is one of the guys I
would gladly wrestle any night of the week. He is safe; he has good heel
presence and is just a heel of a guy. TNA missed the boat on Swinger and
Simon as a team. They were money.

As for being an office guy it just kind of happen. I got hurt and couldn't
train any for a couple of years. I was down in the dumps and Terry Taylor
asked me to go to Vegas with him for a WWA PPV for Andrew McManus. I worked
as an agent for the PPV and loved it. I had always helped promoters book and
helped guys lay out matches and it just seemed like a good fit. I know I
don't have the years of experience that other agents have but I just have
other strengths. I like working with the talent. I don't tell them what to
do. I work with them so they can have the match they want within the context
that the office is looking for.

I owe Disco Inferno for a lot as well. He really went to bat for me with
Andrew to have me work with them overseas on a tour of Europe. I did just
about everything on that tour. I handle media appearances for the talent.
Set up the buses to and from the shows, worked the Go position, handle back
stage interviews for the PPV, helped book the shows, and worked with my
favorite TV producer Michael Vettor. It's a shame Michael is out of
wrestling right now. He has a passion for it and is great at it. He handled
all the ECW PPVs. What an experience!

Disco also really went to bat for me with TNA. Jeff Jarrett was looking to
hire an agent to help him and Jeff told me himself that he brought me in in
part because Disco just wouldn't shut up about me. Disco is somebody that
sometimes you want to slap but he really is a good guy and does love the
business even if he does like angles with aliens in them!

It was a gutsy move by Jeff to hire a 28 year old as an agent. Agents are
supposed to be older wiser ex-wrestlers. Jeff rolled the dice on me and I'd
like to think I rewarded his leap of faith on me. I will never forget Jeff
for doing that. He was real torn over it and was unsure. It was kind of a deal
where a lot of the talent had put in a word for me and told him I would be
an asset but he really worried I was still 'one of the boys'. Konnan, D'Lo
Brown, Disco, and a lot of the guys there at the time were my friends but I
tried hard to never let that get in the way of what was right for business.

6. After WCW you spent some time over seas in Japan, England, and Germany
, which is a big accomplishment. What do you feel you took away from this experience?

You said it experience. Not just wrestling but life. Going around a place where very few people spoke English. Having to learn to function speaking Germany. Simple stuff like going to a restaurant, or the store took on a whole new meaning.
Culture shock. It was unbelievable, hookers on the steps of the police
station, red light districts, and naked pictures in TV Guide. Culture shock.
One thing I will always remember is I had a girlfriend there that spoke no
English. What an experience. Come to think of it I think it was one of my
better relationships! lol

When I am done wrestling and out of the business I can look back and say I
traveled the world and never bought a ticket because of wrestling.
I honestly think wrestling has helped make me a better-rounded person. I
have seen more of the world them most people twice my age and have
experience more them most will in their lifetime. If the day comes where I
have to walk away from wrestling fully I will have a better understanding of
so much because of what I have seen and learned in the wrestling business.

7. You wrestled for ECW for a time. How did you feel your "strait-ahead,
technically sound" wrestling style fit in with ECW?

I really thought it was a good fit. I could brawl and do some highspots.
Hell I was working on indies with Sabu it seemed like every other weekend.
I loved the style. I loved working a little stiff and trying to think up
different ways to do the same old table a chair spots. Most of the matches
I had with ECW were simple ones. Openers with Chilly Willy and Rod Price.
One match I will always remember is wrestling Sabu in Columbus, Oh. We went
on second last and did about 20 minutes. I really felt like I showed what I
could do in that match. It wasn't my best match or even my best match with
Sabu but under a lot of pressure I went out and had fun and I think he had a
hell of a match.

I found out late that afternoon that Sabu and Paul E got in a fight about
the match. Paul E wanted it to be a 4-minute match and Sabu refused. They
were sitting there arguing about it. Paul E wanted a 4-minute match as
Sabu's first TNN match but Sabu wanted to work a main event style match.
Sabu is Sabu and ended up doing what he wanted even if it wasn't best for
his ECW career. I think it was his last ECW match.
I'll just never forget Nova coming to me and say "look at Paul and Sabu
argue. Guess what they are arguing about... YOU!".

That was Sabu. If he cared about you he would fight for you to no end.
That's why so many people in this business love him. I will always be
grateful and honored by how Sabu used to go to bat for me.

8. In 1995 you created "Gross Misconduct" a hockey tag team with your tag
team partner David Clark. I read that you were disappointed that it was
short lived because WWF came out with "The Goon" Bill Irwin. Is that why you
come out with a hockey stick now that you manage Team Canada on TNA or is it
because people associate hockey with Canada?

WWE stoled the gimmick. Well somebody that worked in the office did. I
know who and I know how. I even talked to a lawyer about it. Final decision
was what would I win in a lawsuit. Not much because the Goon deal sucked! I
would have got a small settlement and would have been blackballed from the
WWF/E forever.

I still joke I was not so hot that they stole it , as I was that they really
did a poor job of it after they stole it! It could have been cool and had
an edge but they made it silly. I wanted a heavy drinking, ex hockey player
or players that never had the talent to make the NHL but bounced around the
bus leagues fighting till they realized they could fight in a ring instead
of on a rink. It was a hardcore deal not a cartoon.

Most importantly, how stupid were those skate like boots?
As for the stick deal in TNA. I made a joke in a meeting. All the X division
teams carried flags. Jeff told somebody to go get a flagstick and a Canadian
flag. As a smartass I told Jeff we didn't use flagsticks in Canada we used
hockey stick so just put the flag on a hockey stick!
Do you know how hard it was finding hockey sticks ever week in Nashville?

9. Since we are talking about hockey how do you feel about the NHL season
getting canceled?

I miss it but I don't want it to come back till they straighten things
out. Make it something where it can survive and stop trying to be like the
NBA. Hockey is hockey. We like it that way. It's not a thing that's hot on
National US TV and good. It's not supposed to be. It's a Canadian game that
has grown to be a worldwide sport. If the US was going to embrace it on a
national level it would have after the 1980 Olympic Games.

10. As well as all the other things you do in wrestling you also train at
Boarder City Wrestling School in Winsor. Do you feel that by training your able to give back to wrestling and help shape it's future?

I don't know if I am giving back to wrestling. I hope I am but it's just
a byproduct of helping young guys chase their dream. I am proud of the fact
that I have played a role in helping Rhyno, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams,
Alex Shelley, Alastair "A1" Ralphs achieve their goals of becoming
professional wrestlers. I take great prided in all my students.
Teaching is one of the greatest parts of this business for me. No politics,
no backstabbing, just guys trying to learn and get better and take a shot at
making their deams come true. I hope I can continue to help these kinds of
guys take a shot as making it.

11. You've also been a noseguard and a long snapper for Windsor Lancers CIAU Football for the past few years how did that come about?

I gave up football years ago. I came back to play the '97 and '98
seasons for the Windsor Lancers. I loved it and am so glad I did it but my
playing days are long gone. I do however call the action from the broadcast
booth still to this day!

12. Now that you work for TNA as a Road Agent, Booker, and Manager for Team
Canada. Do you find it hard to make time for training and football?

See above.

13. Do you feel that Team Canada is a more complete working unit now that Johnny D'Vine is back from his injuries?

Well Johnny is out right now with a knee injury but we always have great
Canadian talent ready to fill in till he's back at 100%. Hell a Canadian at
50% is better then most Americans at 100%! lol

14. What should we expect to see from Team Canada in the coming months?

More great in ring action. You tell me a time you watched a Team Canada
match and felt like any member of Team Canada wasn't putting it on the line
in there. Those guys just love performing and are excited to be part of
TNA. I don't think is just by chance that just about every baby face on the
roster has asked to work an angle with Team Canada. All 4 of them are just
that good and the gimmick has great heat.

Some people say they are only over because of the cheap Canada heat. Well if
that was the case what happened to the UN-Americans and all the other
Canadian groups? There is built in heat built these guys bring it in the ring
every night.

15.Is there anything else you would like to add?

Watch TNA every week and order the PPVs. I don't think we have put on a
PPV since we have gone monthly that wasn't a bargain at $30!

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