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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chris Candido Funeral Arrangement Information

This information is from TNA'S Official Site

1972 – 2005

TNA Wrestling joins the entire wrestling world in mourning the untimely death of Chris Candido on Thursday night.

TNA is deeply devastated by the loss of Chris, who touched the lives of millions of fans around the world during his successful career.

We hope everyone will keep Candido’s friends and family in their thoughts and prayers as we say goodbye to a friend...

Candido’s wake will be held this Monday, May 2, from 2-4pm and 6-9pm at the O’Brien Funeral Home (State Hwy 35 and New Bedford Road) in Wall Township, New Jersey. Services will be held on Tuesday morning, May 3 at 9:30am at St. Catherine’s Church (215 Essex Avenue) in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

The family has asked that instead of cards or flowers, donations be made to a scholarship fund being established by Candido’s high school in his name. For those of you who would like to donate to the Chris Candido Scholarship Fund, the address is:

The Chris Candido Scholarship Fund
Bank of New York
3rd Avenue & Washington Street
Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762

Lexie Fyfe

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Lexie on winning the NWA Woman's Title from Kiley McLean! I think that Lexie is an amazing female athlete and a great role model. I would have congratulated her sooner but I was battling the flu.

I also want to wish Lexie a very Happy Birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day filled with lots of joy and happiness!

Marketing Your Product

Understanding how to market your product in your area is something that is very easy to do but something that some companies don’t do. It’s not necessary to do surveys, but if you feel they will help you by all means conduct surveys.

Surveys are very helpful tools to help you better understand your customers/fans. For example If you are trying to decide on what merchandise you should carry at your event you could do up short survey cards asking what they would like to see.

Remember always keep your surveys short and simple. People do not want to do long surveys or ones that end up being to complicated. The easier the surveys are the better they will be for your business.

But surveys are not the only thing to help you to understand how to market your business. There are several things you can do. I’m going to give you some helpful ideas to help you increase your revenue through easy marketing tips.

The first thing you will want to do is take a step back and really survey your surrounding. If you have a large ethnic population in your area try to cater to them a bit. For example if your wrestling promotion is wrestling in a Hispanic area have several Hispanic wrestlers to help draw them in. You can either have Lucha Libre’s or more to the brawler style.

Also look in to putting ads in local ethnic papers. If you have a large ethnic population you always have a paper or two that cater to their ethnicity. Use these publications to work for you. Even if you don’t speak the language there should be someone on staff that can assist you with your ad.

There are also a lot of low budget advertisement opportunities in your area. Such as school papers, newsletters for clubs in your area, and community newsletters that you get in your mail or with utility bills. These are all great ways to inform people of your business.

Another great way is to have a booth at community events, such as holiday celebrations. If you are a sporting event you can get a few of your athletes to be at the booth so that people can meet them and talk to them. Fans always enjoy being close to the athletes. If you don’t have it in your budget to have a booth at these events send someone to hand out fliers.

If you don’t have a stationary location for your business such as some indy wrestling promotions that move venues monthly. For you one of your best marketing tools is a flier! Get as many people you can to hand out fliers in the community that your event is going to take place.

You can also ask in shops to hang fliers in their shop windows, a stack on their counter (quarter page fliers are the best for this), and post them on community bulletin boards.

Word of mouth tends to be one of your best marketing tools. But remember word or mouth can be a double edge sword. So need to always treat your customers as well as possible. I know that there are times when a customer is just being belligerent and nasty but try to keep a cool head as long as possible.

Remember no matter what the problem was in their minds they are right. There is no way to prevent bad word of mouth but the best thing to do is to make sure the positive out weighs the negative. Now good word of mouth can be a glorious marketing tool because with most people if friend or family members rave about something they will want to try it to.

Then if they have an equal to or better experience they will tell more people. This is not only a good way for people to learn about your business but it is also an inexpressive way to market your business because it doesn’t cost you a thing but to treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.

Another great marketing tool if you have a larger budget is to do TV and/or radio commercials. Sometimes the pricing for TV commercials are cheaper if you have them on a community channel instead of a major network channel. With radio stations you can sometimes get a package deal where you pay one price and get your commercial on all of the radio station's local channels.

I hope that some of these ideas are new to you or is something you can use to increase your revenue. After all in a business increasing your revenue is the main goal. It not only increases the income of the company but it also gives you the ability to do more for your staff. Which should always be one of your top priorities.

Friday, April 29, 2005

CHRIS CANDIDO 1972 – 2005

Everyone here at Pro Wrestling Impact would like to send their thoughts and prayers out to Chris Candido's family and friends. We are all deeply saddened over the lost of such a great athlete.

I cannot begin to tell you how shocked and devistated I am. I just saw Chris on Tuesday when his team The Naturals won the tag team titles.

The Following is Credit to:

1972 – 2005

TNA Wrestling joins the entire wrestling world in mourning the untimely death of Chris Candido on Thursday night.

TNA is deeply devastated by the loss of Chris, who touched the lives of millions of fans around the world during his successful career.

We hope everyone will keep Candido’s friends and family in their thoughts and prayers as we say goodbye to a friend

Early Friday morning, Chris Candido's brother Johnny posted the following message to fans on the website:

"I find it only fitting you hear the truth from me about the death of my bestfriend, brother, and soulmate. Chris died tonight due to a blood clot brought on by complications with his surgery.

I just want to tell everyone that in their sorrow, find a way to be happy that he went out the way he wanted to...on top of the world, blonde, tan, and loving life up until the last minute. Every ounce of my brother loved this sport, and for him to go out 2 or 3 years ago wouldn't have been a fitting end to the life of such a determined, passionate, and benevolent human being.

I truly view my brother as an angel as will all who knew him. Thanks to everyone for all your positive press, Chris went out a happy man and will forever live on as the(one of) greatest of all time. He would have had it no other way."

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NNW Show Tonight

APRIL 29th
It's a Matter of Respect
700 W 24th st
Doors open at 7:00, BELL TIME 7:30pm







WiKiD and MACE



RINGSIDE: $12.00
GENERAL: $10.00
CHILDREN(5-11): $6.00


Copyright 2005
No Name Wrestling

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Up Coming SCW Show

I wanted to let everyone in the Central Florida area the SCW is going to have a show on Saturday April 30 at the Eastmont Civic Center in Altamonte Springs. For more information and ticket information got to SCW'S official site.

They are going to have some great matches with some of the best indy talent in the area!

There is going to be a Heavyweight Title match with Mister Saint Laurent current champion VS. Josh Rich. This is going to be a very good match. I don't think that the size difference between these two athletes is going to make a difference. They are both very skilled competitors.

There is also going to be a Southern Tag Team match with current champions The Heartbreak Xpress VS. Ryze and Sequel. I really think that there is going to be new tag team champions at the end of the night with this match. The reason I say this is I don't think that THX is as driven and as focused as Ryze and Sequel.

There is also going to be several other intense matches before the main event. Such as "A Best 2 Out OF 3 Falls" between David Mercury VS. Aaron Epic, Dagon Briggs VS. Jason Hexx, Rip Malibu VS. Scott Davis, and some great tag team action between Johnny Schumacher and Jerrelle Clark VS. Chasyn Rance and Manny Montana. This is going to be one of he best matches of the night. It is going to very action packed with Jerrelle and Chasyn wanting to prove who the better wrestler is!

The main event is going to be Vordell Walker VS. Erik Stevens. My prediction for this match is Vordell is going to walk away the victorious one!

This is going to be a great night out and they have an after party at Ker's in Altamonte Springs. I hope to see you all there!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Interview With SCW Owner Chris Carson

I want to take a moment to thank Chris Carson owner of SCW for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview.

1. Why did you decide to get involved in pro wrestling?

At the age of 9 years old I was exposed to a Saturday afternoon program, Florida Championship Wrestling. At the time, the pro wrestling business was at a whole different state. I truly believed in the storylines such as seeing the great rivalries of The Sheepherders and Fabulous Ones, Rick Flair, Mike Rotundo, Black Jack Mulligan, Wahoo McDaniel, just to name a few that really caught my attention. During my grade school years, I later met current wrestler Frankie Capone and him and I shared interests to get in the wrestling business once we were old enough. Guess, what here we are!

2. Where your friends and family surprised that you wanted to go into the wrestling business?

Well, not so much my family. My parents as well as my sister knew I really had a strong interest in it as back then it was recognized more like a sport. On the other hand, some of my friends were surprised to find out today that I was able to do something in this crazy business.

3. Were you a big wrestling fan growing up?

I was a huge wrestling fan growing up! Never missed a pay per view, begged my father to travel many miles for house shows as well. Back, then may kids were afraid to admit that they followed wrestling, but when you attended a live event in the nearest city, you would see a lot of familiar faces in the audience.

4. What wrestling promotions were you involved in prior to becoming owner of SCW?

Well, it all started in 1994, I was taken under the wing of John Isaacs who ran United World Wrestling based out of Eustis, FL. It was a great experience as I had the pleasure of working with great wrestling legends Greg Valentine, Ivan Koloff, Japanese legend Hayabusa, Dick Slater as well as truly learn the ropes and pay the dues that is necessary to get a true understanding of foundation of running and owning a wrestling company.
After, John left the company. I resumed my wrestling promoting career in partnership under Continental Championship Wrestling based out of Jacksonville, FL. After a few years of CCW and great memories to go along, Southern Championship Wrestling was born in October of 98 in Sanford, FL.

5. What are the various day to day duties that you have to perform as owner of a wrestling promotion?

Well, trying to stay on top of everything gets more difficult each day. With rising expectations of the wrestling audience. I try to do as much as one can as well as keep the team communicating with one another. SCW has a GREAT team, comprising of Ari Goldstein, Michael Cade, MSL, Ox, Eric Fishman, the great Security Team just to name a few! The last 6 months, I have turned over the reigns to Ari Goldstein, as he is truly learning what it takes to satisfy demands of everyone, just can't do it but we love trying. I, on the other focus on special areas, such as new markets and keeping the relations of our sponsors and of course the fans at a consistent and positive level.

6. You are also senior referee for NRW. How did that come about?

I am a good friend of Mr. Rico Casanova. As NRW were in the developmental stages, Rico asked me be part of team and the rest became history. In my earlier years of SCW, I would often fill in on shows for a few promotions such as Daytona and Lake City/Live Oak. The promoters seem to like my skills as a referee, which I enjoy doing. Calling a match and working with tomorrow's wrestling stars is rather an great role to have with any organization.

7. On Sunday April 17,2005 you refereed several NRW matches and you seemed to be bias. Was that the case?

On April 17th's NRW event, I admit things seemed a little overly suspicious but I am a man of great integrity. I would never play games while being in such important position on any event. It was a bad day for me, after being accidentally swiped by newcomer Rip Malibu, things seemed be a little blurry. My eye sight has indeed improved since visiting an eye doctor.

8. What kind of advise would you have for some wanting to go into the wrestling business?

Advice from me, expect to pay your dues in this business. I often tell the young guys, you can have a long wrestling career if you use your brain. Stay out of the locker room chatter and try to avoid the politics that go on in every locker room. Always give your best and try the philsophy of helping getting the show over first and then worry about yourself. A good promoter will always take care of you, but he needs a strong team that understands the concept about getting the show over! Not enough of that out there!

9. In your opinion what do you think the hardest part of owning your own wrestling promotion is?

Finding the time to cover all your bases: promoting, finding sponsors, booking appropriate talent, finding the venues and of course paying the bills! That is a tremendous amount of reasonability for anyone not everyone can be a owner In fact, I have witnessed more one night promoters then any consistency of one. What I am saying, there is a big difference being a promoter to being an owner.

10. In your opinion what do you think indy promotions could do to promote more?

Well, thinking outside the box for example. Find the market and exploit it. If you are in a Latin demographic, book Latin wrestlers and advertise in the appropriate publications. Other areas, always take the extra time to plan your steps ahead, deadlines as timing is everything!

11. What do you think is the biggest mistake that some promotions make?

Over book shows! Back in the day, we ran with 6 matches. The quality and expectations were the same then, one simple rule if you give quality it is best in a smaller dose than a larger dose of nonsense. Live and die by being a professional, there is not enough professionalism out there. Each company has to cut corners some where, but I feel it is best to cut corners where it is not visible to your paying customers, the audience. If Vince does it, it might work!

12. You've wrestled 5 matches in your wrestling career. Would you like to tell us about your best match?

Best match, was a tag team match where I tagged with an Attorney named Jeff Dean aka Mr. Money to take on a Police Officer from Sanford and a female School Teacher from a Sanford School. It was December of 98. Going into the show, I trained with Jeff as well as had workouts with other wrestling talents which prepared for what I thought was hard hitting and entertaining match. Entertainment was the name of the game for The Agent, Chris Carson. At the end, I was put away by the female school teacher which was the beginning of what was D.T.W. (Don't Trust Women).

13. What was your worst match?

Worst match was months later against, another woman named Scarlett Fever. Scarlett was in fact the first female football player in Seminole County history. She certainly was not as good as in football as she was in the ring. She beat the piss out of me for real as well as nearly speared me out of the ring, which was quite embarrassing. Anyways...DTW again.

14. You have never won a match you have wrestled and one was against Molly Holly. How did you feel about getting beat by a woman?

REAL FUNNY! Well, that night I thought I had that opponent taken care of with my finisher, Russian Leg Sweep. Never dated a Russian lady but man the move was always over with me! Anyways, back to losing to Molly...She was unbelievable in the ring. Molly made me look like a million dollars, which is very difficult to do. Molly such as class act, that she praised our match and time in the ring and therefore Miss. Holly will always have a large amount of respect from I.

15. Is there anything you would like to add?

Well, it has been quite the journey but I surely do appreciate your consideration and of course this opportunity to share my wrestling past. Each day, there is something to be learned, and of course please continue supporting the true foundation of PRO WRESTLING, visit the Indies! Oh, one last thing, please visit Southern Championship Wrestling at:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lethal Lockdown Review

Sunday nights TNA PPV Lockdown was packed to the rafters with screaming TNA fans. All just waiting for this historic PPV to start. Now I do have to say it was a good PPV but even though all cage matches seemed like a good idea at first in my opinion it wasn't. The reason I say this is after a while of watching the matches your vision starts to get thrown off by the cages. Other wise it was really cool. Now on to my review.

The pre show started with a 3 way tag team match with David Young and Lex Lovette VS. 3LK (Konnan and "The Truth" Ron Killings) VS. The Naturals with Chris Candido. This match started out in favorer of 3LK. Konnan was working on David Young than took off his shoe and hit Young with it. Buck Quartermain came out to help out his friends and to take a chair to their opponents, but he ended up costing them the match! 3LK came out victorious.

The rest of the pre show was Vinyets and watching the TNA ring crew set up the cage! The first vinyet was "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels talking about how he was going to beat "Primtime" Elix Skipper. The next one was Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash talking about the PPV. The last one was Team Canada beating AMW with straps in the backstage area.

Now on to the PPV.

The first match of the night was Lance Hoyt and Chris Candido VS. Apolo and Sonny Siaki. This match started with Lance and Apolo going at it. They were really having a good match but the next thing we know is that Chris Candido is getting carried out of the ringside. From what the rumors were last night he broke his ankle.

I missed what happened to cause this. Lance held his own very well in the match but two on one ended up to be to much for him to handle. Apolo and Sonny were the winners of the match. After the match was over The Naturals came out and started to go to work on an already exhausted Hoyt.

Next they showed another vinyet of Dusty Rhoades with Traci and Trinity. Making the announcement that the Tag Team Title match between AMW and Team Canada a strap match. He also made the announcement that in the leathal lockdown match Jeff Jarrett will be the first one to the ring and the second man in the ring would be Sean Waltman.

There was an interview after the vinyet with Shane Douglas talking to Dustin Rhoades about his match with Bobby Roode. Next thing you know Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode came out to tell him how great they are.

Match 2 of the night was the Prince of Darkness match with Dustin Rhoades VS. Bobby Roode with Scott D'Amore and Alistar. This match started out with Dustin totally dominating the match until Dustin went for a failed bulldog. Bobby took control until he tried to do a fail sleeper hold. Dustin and Bobby went up stairs when Dustin was able to bulldog him off the top rope. Starting the Prince of Darkness part of the match.

Senior Referee Rudy Charles put black hoods over each of their heads. At this point it took them several minutes to find each other but they both ended up knocking poor Rudy out instead of each other. At this point Scott threw a chair in to the ring and just missed hitting Dustin in the head. Scott entered the to help Bobby but Bobby ended up hitting Scott with the chair. Cassidy came down to the ring side to help Dustin by yelling directions at him. Dustin hit Bobby with a chair and won the match by pin fall.

Next was an interview with Shane Douglas and "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Daniels talking about how he was going to beat Elix then Elix came out. They started arguing.

The 3rd match of the night was the X-Division Escape match. Which this match had a surprise when Michael Shane came out to the ring he was with Trinity! The other wrestlers in the match were Sonjay Dutt, Shocker, and Chris Sabin. This was hands down one of the best matches of the night. All of the wrestlers involved are amazing athletes. The match started with Sabin and Sonjay.

I would love to see these 2 in a match with out any other wrestlers or interference. Sonjay was the first to get eliminated by Shocker. Trinity started to climb the cage when Traci came running down to ring side to stop her. Trinity kicked Traci off the cage causing her to go down hard. Trinity than did a back flip off the top of the cage hitting all 3 wrestlers in the ring.

Traci tried to come in the door of the cage when Shane pushed her out of the cage causing her to hit her head hard on the concrete. At this point Sabin eliminated Shane. Now it became the escape part of the match the first one to the floor wins the match. This was neck and neck with Sabin and Shocker. They were both on the outside of the cage hitting each other but Shocker fell of a second before Sabin winning the match. Sabin and Traci left the ringside together.

The 4th match of the night was the table match with Raven and Jeff Hardy also brought chairs to the ring. Raven was the first one to have bloody forehead. Hardy did go up to the top of the cage missing doing a swanton on Raven and went through a table. Hardy went over the top of the cage while Raven was down but Raven opened the cage door and Hardy went down hard on the cage door.

Hardy went over the top and missed Raven again. At this point Raven is covered in blood. Referee Andrew Thomas helps Raven stack 3 tables. Both Raven and Hardy went up on to the top rope but Hardy knocked Raven on top of the tables and went to the top of the cage swantoning on to Raven winning the match but not braking all the tables because he bounced off of one. Those darn tables.

Match 5 of the night was the tag team title strap match. Featuring AMW and Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Alistar. The match started before Chris Harris got into the ring because Alistar attacked him and kept him out of the ring for over half the match. In the mean time James Storm is in the ring getting double teamed and bleeding. While Alistar continues to beat up Chris outside of the ring. At this point Petey took down the American flag and started to choke James.

Team Canada started to beat James with a strap severally. Chris finally gets in the ring and starts to dominate the match for a while. Until Petey gets James in a submission move and Eric came off the top rope while Chris is knocked out. Chris gets up and spears Petey. While James Kicks Eric in the head. At this point Petey gets up and Alistar gives him some white powder. James kicks the powder into Petey's face blinding him causing Petey to finish Eric causing AMW to get the win.

Next they showed a vinyet about the awesome team XXX was.

Match 6 of the night was "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. "Primetime" Elix Skipper for the X-Division Title. I was very disappointed in this match to say the least. I expected such a great match but it wasn't half the match I thought it could be. The best part of the match was when Daniels went to the top of the cage and Elix knocked him down on the cage causing Daniels to fall to the mat. Elix flew off the top of the cage. But this move wasn't good enough for Elix to win the match. Daniels still managed to walk a way a winner.

Next was a vinyet with Dusty stating that the 3rd person in the Leathal Lockdown match would be The Outlaw. He was also looking for Traci and Trinity.

Match 7 of the night was the Leathal Lockdown match. For some reason Sean Waltman came to the ring first and second was Jeff Jarrett. Both wrestlers came to ring side with trash cans and other weapons.

Waltman did attack Jarrett before he got to ring side and started to beat the hell out of each other for 5 minutes until the 3rd wrestle came to the ring side The Outlaw. Of course at this point they started double teaming Waltman for the next 5 minutes. The next man to the ring was DDP with a ken do stick.

DDP started beating the hell out of everyone with the ken do stick. The next wrestler in was "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown with a black baseball bat. The Outlaw is bleeding heavily. The Next wrestler to come out ended up being a replacement for Kevin Nash who ended up not being able to wrestle after all. His replacement was BG James of 3LK.

BG was working for the side he was supposed to but there was some serious communication going on between him and The Outlaw. BG hit Rudy Charles with a tray knocking him out. While Monty pounced Waltman and than BG. Then Monty pounced BG and DDP at the same time. Waltman managed to pin Monty for the win.

The Main Even of the evening was for the number 1 contender spot. With AJ Styles Vs. Abyss. The match started with AJ flying out of the ring at Abyss. Fighting outside the ring and in the crowd. At one point AJ jumped in the pit and back out at Abyss. This match really made the fans part of the match. AJ started bleeding and Abyss got him in a blackhole slam.

Abyss broke out the tacks and AJ got out of a slam just avoiding landing in the tacks. AJ got Abyss tacked through the stomach, legs, and ect. Aj went to the top of the cage when Abyss throw Andrew Thomas in to the side of the cage almost making AJ fall off the top but he managed to hang on by one arm. Abyss got his chain and wrapped it around AJ's neck and started to choke him. Abyss took the chain from around AJ's neck AJ got back in the ring knocking Abyss back into the tacks getting the pin fall for the win.

All in all the matches where descent but 8 cage matches at one time are way to much on your eyes. But if they want to do a PPV like this again they might want to consider electrifying the cage just a little not enough to kill just enough to give them a little shock.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Just A Note

I just wanted to let all my readers know that I will be posting my Lockdown review either later tonight or tomorrow. Due to having a slight case of the flu. Thank you.

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

Hello again wrestling fans. This column was written on Sunday, too early to get the PPV results, so I will go on with what I promised last time.

First up, why Edge has no business being a main eventer. The Tag Team of Edge and Christian was one of the best gimmicks the WWE ever came up with. Quite possibly one of the best heel acts in recent memory. I mean you were riveted to the TV wanting to see the Dudleys KILL these guys!!! But you knew it would not last forever. If at that time you had told me that Christian would be doing a better job than Edge 5 years ago, I would have told you to put down the illegal psychotropic substances and slowly back away. But I was wrong. Edge has been nothing short of a major disappointment. Edge has proven he has no business being a main eventer. To tell you the truth, Christian is not a main eventer either, but at least he knows his role and has turned into a stellar mid-carder. Edge is still in his hallucination of being a great, but his promo skills have gone in the tubes, and he has not found a real gimmick to hold on to. The sooner Mr. Copeland realizes this, the better off he will be.

Next. I have to agree with Hawk on the subject of Cena's title run being less than anticipated. To say the least, I thought Cena would have ben over HUGE as champ, but it has not proven true. Speaking of which, Batista has just fallen flat as the champ. I had huge hopes for this guy, but he has just fallen flat. Good skills, great appearance, but minimal mic skills and poor buildup has really hurt this guy. The worst thing is that Cripple H will soon be champ again. I swear. this guy is nothing more than a cancer. When he comes on, I usually grab something from the fridge or use the bathroom. Triple H was once one of the cornerstones of the WWE locker room. He put people over for the good of the company. He helped the younger guys. He stepped up and provided leadership. None of those qualities are evident today. Triple H is nothing more than a self centered leech who only cares about himself. He refuses to put over talent. He hogs the spotlight. He purposely makes other wrestlers look bad. Vince needs to find the sack to take back his company and cut this cancer out!!! Speaking of Cancers......

....Hulkk Hogan, a former cancer of the same quality, looks like he has come around. In the past few years, he has been willing to put talent over. Heck he even TAPPED OUT to Kurt Angle at a PPV, and let Brock Lesnar lay him out!! When would you ever see that from Hogan? Now he will be teaming with HBK at the next PPV. Like I have said before. In these sensitive political times, angles like this just don't work. I see where they are going with this. With Hogan they have the USA-Arab conflict angle. With HBK they have the Christian-Muslim conflict angle. And with Vince McMahon, it is another chance to twist the knife in Bret Hart's back some more....I bet that the Hitman is writing glowing things about this one. Hogan refused to wrestle or put over Hart in the WWE. Now he is working with the same guy who helped destroy his carer? Oh yeah, I bet Mr. Hart is just peachy with that. I always said Jeff Jarrett, Bruno Sammartino, and Bret Hart are the most bitter men in wrestling. Unlike Jarrett and Sammartino, Bret Hart has many reasons to be bitter. This is just the latest one. Hm let's just see.....Survivor Series 1997, "Bret Screwed Bret", Owen's death, the destruction of his legacy and his family....need I say more? And this was one of the greatest Champions they ever had!!!!

Well that is it for now. Coming up next week, The best and worst world champions ever., and other thoughts. Take care and Be Well


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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tonight Lockdown

Don't forget that tonight is TNA'S PPV Lockdown. Remember this is going to be a historic event it will be the first PPV in history to have all 8 matches in a steel cage! There is a TV-14 parental advisory on this event do to the violence that is en evitable.

As reported earlier in the week Kevin Nash may not have been wrestling in his match do to an infection in his knee. But TNA has reported that he will in fact be wrestling in his match.

The pre show is going to be a way tag team match featuring The 3Live Kru vs. The Naturals and Chris Candido vs. Buck Quartermain, Lex Lovett and David Young. Once the match is over you will be able to watch them construct the 6-sided steel cage.

This PPV promises to be one of TNA'S best PPV's yet. An event that any true wrestling fan would not want to miss. Here is the list of all the incredible matches.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, The Alpha Male Monty Brown and The Outlaw vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman and a Partner To Be Announced

The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Abyss

The Fallen Angel vs. Primetime

America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada

The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

Dustin Rhodes vs. Team Canada's Bobby Roode

Michael Shane vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Chris Sabin vs. Shocker

Apolo vs. Lance Hoyt

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hawk's Nest

Now I am not one to say I told you so, but............. We are several weeks into John Cena's WWE title reign and it is less than glorious. They might as well start pumping in the fan cheers over speaker system (why do Goldberg chants keep popping up in my head!) Cena will make a decent champ but don't expect him the be the champ legends are made of. He just isn't a strong enough champ to get the brand back where it was. They have developed some great heels but the "Hero's" are just not up to snuff. Personally I think Booker T should be given a chance to run with belt. I guess the old school in me thinks the "Spinner" WWE title is just a little overboard. They did give Austin the Smoking Skull title and the Rock got the Brahma Bull title, but that was after they had established title runs and had proved themselves. I hope the brand lottery helps Smackdown out because it surely needs it. The addition of Christian, The Hurricane, Chris Masters and Jericho (as a face) could surely shake things up. This could be Jericho's chance to prove he can carry the brand. Give him the ball Vince he won't let you down! Also hiring back Matt Hardy couldn't hurt, it's time to see Version 2.0.
Next champ, next show. It may seem like HHH is setting the "Animal" up for a loss at the next PPV, but nothing could be further from the truth. That won't be enough time to make him look ineffective as a champ. Hunter usually sets them up for 3 or 4 months before getting his belt back. I am sorry folks I know I bash him every chance I get, but this man truly does not care about the business. I will try not rant on him any more THIS COLUMN! Raw seems to be fine talent wise they just need better story lines (they have been improving lately!) For Raw, getting Kenzo, Big Show and Mark Jindrak would not really be that of a deal for the show but may help each of their careers. BigShow could go either way due to the fact he actually seems to be learning his role as the giant figure that doesn't need to be champ just an enforcer. Glad to see Hogan back fighting the forces of evil.
One last thing if I may. I have been friends with Mike for several years and I just have to let you all know he is a great guy. He's just one of those guys you've got to get to know. He very opinionated (forgive him he's from NY) but who isn't on the net these days. The whole purpose of having an opinion column is to express your opinion. Like wise if we are going to express our opinions we must accept not everyone is going to agree with us. Well that's what I think, how about you?

Till then fly straight

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Ways To Increase Your Venue Through Ticket Sales

Your ticket sales may be one of the most important sales you can make because it gets people in the door. It's essentially an anchor sale, once it is made and the customers are in the door they will spend more money on merchandise and concessions.

There are several different ways to approach ticket sales the first being selling your tickets for a cheaper price than you were originally considering selling them for. The reason you would do this is if the tickets are cheaper it makes it easier for families and low-income customers to be able to spend a night out that they may not have been able to have other wise.

Keep in mind the price change doesn't have to be that much just $3 to $5. Can make all the difference in the world for some one trying to budget a show into their weekly spending limit. They are still going to spend that money on food and drinks anyway.

Another way to draw in a crowd is by having family ticket sales. Such as if your ticket prices were $10 for adults and $8 for children over 3 you can do a ticket package for $25 for 2 adults and 2 children instead of the $36 it would have worked out to be.

The family will save $11. They will see this as a good deal. In return they will still buy concessions and merchandise. So in the end you aren't losing anything if anything you are making more revenue because you are drawing in someone that wouldn't have gone. Plus there is a bonus with doing ticket specials; you get free word of mouth promotions.

Another very successful way to draw in fans is to do special ticket pricing nights. I see this a lot with sporting events. Such as kids get in free with a good report card, kids free with a paying adult on a certain day of the week (this works very well with restaurants to), or have buy one get one free ticket nights. This idea is one of the most imaginative to use because you can set it up any way you want and have fun with it. Again you will still make up for in sales in other areas.

A suggestion for Indy wrestling promotions is that since you get to know your regular fans that brave all traffic, weather, and distance to make it to your show you can do one of 2 things that could help build your regular fan base you can either do a half price ticket offer if your regular fan brings a friend for the first time to enjoy your promotion.

The other thing you may want to consider for your regulars is stamped cards that give you one free ticket after say 12 tickets bought. This will give the fan something to work towards because they think they are really getting a great deal. You really don't lose anything what is a couple free tickets a show for a dedicated fan? It doesn't cost you any thing and will again help with word of mouth promotion.

There are so many different imaginative ways to increase you venue by increasing your ticket sales. These are just a few ideas to get you started in the right direction. You don't have to be a large sporting event to do this. It will even work for indy promotions.

When you're working on this you need to keep in mind that families and single parents are always looking for something to do with the kids. As long as your event is family friendly you can draw in the families. Which there are some people that will say they don't want the kids there because they are a distraction but for sporting events kids are the next generation of fans as well as players. The key here is to hook them while they're young.

No matter what your business is whether it is a sporting event, the ballet, or theater you can all benefit from these ideas.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Credit: TNA'S Offical Site


On Wednesday morning, TNA Wrestling learned that Kevin Nash will be unable to compete at this Sunday’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View due to a knee injury as a result of a staph infection the superstar recently suffered. Nash had been preparing in recent days for the event, but the injury has not healed to the extent to allow him to compete.

Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes will name a substitute to take Nash’s place in the Six Sides of Steel during this Sunday’s Pay-Per-View. hopes to have an update on Nash’s injury this weekend.

UPDATE AS OF 1:20 PM ET: has just learned that Kevin Nash phoned TNA management at noon to deliver word that despite the injury, he is determined to appear at this Sunday's Pay-Per-View. Nash will be seeing a doctor in Atlanta later today in an effort to get medical clearance to appear at the Pay-Per-View. We also understand a comment may be forthcoming from Jeff Jarrett, who is taking full responsibility for putting Nash out of action. hopes to have another update on Kevin Nash by tomorrow morning.

SONJAY DUTT ENTERED IN THE “XSCAPE” MATCH THIS SUNDAY has also learned that Sonjay Dutt will be replacing Kid Kash in the “Xscape” match this Sunday at Lockdown. Dutt will compete against Michael Shane, Chris Sabin and Shocker.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Telling It Like It Is

The opinions expressed in this article are those of Mike Newton, and are his alone. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself, Pro Wrestling Impact, or any other writers on this blog.

The following "Telling Like It Is" is in response to a comment posted on April 12,2005 in response to his posts. I will post the comment before his response so there is no confusion as to what is going on. Now with that said IF Mike is going to keep having these childish out bursts and attacking other writers as well as readers I will not continue to post his articles! This is not that type of blog and I plan to keep it that way.
Thank You,
Heather Burke
Owner of Pro Wrestling Impact

6:40 AM, RavensWing said...

As an avid reader of your blog, I have to say it is almost always a pleasure to read. The lone exceptions are those days when you post John-Michael Newton articles. To put it bluntly, his posts are total garbage. It's not like he knows what he is talking about either. He is always bashing TNA, but then he says he goes to the tapings. My question is, if it's so bad, why does he even bother to go?

I have seen TNA on FOX and think it's a pretty good wrestling show. I have also ordered a few of the PPV's, and they also excellent quality. It seems to the reader, that the only good thing in the world in John-Michael Newton's opinion, is ECW (long since extinct), and Paul Haymen (who I also think may be extinct).

If John-Michael Newton thinks he can do better, then why doesn't he start his own federation?

Do yourself a favor, and get rid of him, and his column.

Telling It Like It Is....By The Guy Who Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About.......ALLEGEDLY!!

Hello my fellow wrestling fans out there. I read the little comment posted, and I am going to simply say this. You have a right to believe whatever you want to believe. I am not going to call you names because I am not like that. However, I am going to call in my shots on a few things.

"To put it bluntly, his posts are total garbage. It's not like he knows what he is talking about either."

To put it bluntly, I have received far more positive comments than negative, either on this site, or in
public. So obvoiusly, I do know what I am talking about. Individual opinions notwithstanding.

"He is bashing TNA, but then he says he goes to the tapings. If they are so bad, then why does he bother to go?"

First of all, I do not "bash" TNA. that sounds like I am totally anti-TNA and worship WWE. Nothing is further from the truth. If I see something positive, I will bring it out. If I see something that is not good, I will offer an opinion. I bash WWE sometimes too. I am not biased. Bottom line is, whever I see boneheaded creative or business moves, I am going to do what my column is titled....Tell it like it is.

Second, I do attend the tapings, mainly to gauge the status of the product so I am informed for my column. Unfortuneately, my busy schedule does not allow me to catch every wrestling show every time. I have two careers which occupy a lot of my time. I also bother to go because I am not a fad fan. I soldier on and watch wrestling because it interests me, and I like to offer opinions, like you, on the product. And hey, there are good points about TNA too, such as the X division, which will only get stronger when Jerry Lynn returns. The tag team division is getting stronger. My only real beef is at the Main Event level. Hey, my wife met Jeff Jarrett in Person. He is an all around nice guy to talk to. He is a skilled wrestler, and can hit the best dropkick in the business, but he is not suited to be a World Champion. His Promo skills are poor, and his character is stale. Plus, they need some characters that have some shelf life, not DDP or Nash or Billy Gunn. Once again, that is my opinion. You may have a different one, but let's respect our differences. Heck I am sick of Cripple H ruining the WWE too, but again, some may disagree.

"The only thing good in John-Michael Newton's world is ECW and Paul Heyman."

Okay. I will admit to being a huge Heyman and ECW Mark, so I do beat a dead horse on that. Apologies. But it is only because ECW was the most exciting, most cutting edge promotion in a long time. And Heyman was the driving force behind that. I am just saying that TNA (And WWE needs it too), needs a creative kick in the pants sometimes, and Heyman has a knack for doing that.

"If John-Michael Newton thinks he can do any better, then why doesn't he start his own federation?"

Believe me, if I had $20-25 Million, I would, and Hawk could run it with me. So if you know any interested investors, please let me know.

"Do yourself a favor, and get rid of his column."

Excuse me, but who died and made you editor of this blog? Until I get a call or email from Heather saying to stop writing for her, then I am going to keep writing, and if you don't like my opinion, tough, because there a lot more people that agree with my opinions.

That's all for now. Next time around; Why Edge has no business being a main eventer, and Getting ready for Triple H's Reign of terror to resume at Backlash (Yeah right, like we really saw Batista being Champ for long.) Take care to all and be well


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

NRW Review

Ah Let me tell you all something as much as I am a fan of TNA there is just something special about going to an indy show.

No matter how crowded the show is you really get that up close and personal feeling that some how gets lost in the larger promotions. Indy wrestlers really put their heart and soul in to every match to ensure that you will keep coming back again and again.

Like tonight I went to see NRW. I had a great time and I was not disappointed. As always with NRW. I went home feeling satisfied that my money was well spent. If you haven't been to a NRW show you are truly missing out on a great time!

Now on to the show.

Ox came out to start the show and to do the announcing. When Barney Rumble came out with a chair and preceded to tell Ox that he wasn't leaving that ring until he got a match. He couldn't believe that he was not included in the show the great athlete that he is.

Ox tried to explain to him that he had no control over the bookings but Barney is thick headed and didn't want to listen. Ox called for security to come to remove Barney from the ring so that they could start the show.

Security guard Stormy came out to remove Barney. They had a brief scuffle in the ring. At this point Barney gets pissed and tells Stormy that he is going to take him on any time any where. When Lee Douglas came out to ring side to tell them that this match is not going to happen tonight but they will face each other on May 20th at their next show in Edgewater,FL at the VFW 2093! They both agreed and it was time to start the first match.

Senior Referee Chris Carson came out to ring side to get ready for the first match BoneZ the Cutthroat Vs. Rip Malibu. This match started out with BoneZ dominating the match but as with all matches your luck can change in a blink of an eye. It really started to look like Rip was going to win the match but referee Chris Carson claimed to have gotten something in his eye and didn't do the count so BoneZ was able to pull a fast on for the win.

The second match was SFX VS. Flatline. I was really looking forward to this match. This was SFX'S premier match on the Florida indy scene. SFX in my opinion dominated most of the match. He has very impressive maneuvers that just had the crowd chanting his name. Such as at one point he did a standing back corkscrew cross body press that was very impressive. Flatline did get lucky this time and won the match but I don't think that will happen next time these two meet! I can't wait to see what else SFX has in store for us in the future.

The next match was another match I was really looking forward to it was the cruiserweight title match. Current NRW Cruiserweight champion Indy Sensation Chasyn Rance with Mister Saint Laurent VS. Sedrick Strong. This match started out very technical match. Just going to show what an incredible athlete Chasyn is. Now some people may accuse MSL of interfering in the match but I don't think that was so I think that Sedrick was just picking on him. Sedrick did hit MSL knocking him off the ring and causing him to break his glasses at this point Chasyn took advantage of the opportunity to win the match. Retaining his title.

Flatline came out to the ring with his translator to talk about how Chasyn wasn't all that and he wanted a title shot. MSL told Flatline that he didn't have it. Chasyn took the mic and told SFX at was standing on the sidelines that he was good. But he would except Flatline's challenge because he wasn't worried. Lee came out and told them they would meet on May 20th.

The next match was a hard core match with The MFW Hardcore Champion Nightstalker VS. The Destroyer. This match started off with a bang literally Nightstalker hit The Destroyer with a trash can. This was a back and forth brawl with Nightstalker getting his forehead busted open which is to be expected in a hardcore match. The Destroyer won the match but Nightstalker challenged him to a ladder match on May 20th. The Destroyer excepted the challenge.

The following match was a special last man standing match where the audience did the ten count. This was also a title match both wrestlers have a title that was on the line. NWA Mid Florida Champion A Man Named Rouge Vs. NWA Florida Jr Heavyweight Champion Tommy Marr. This match was brutal both men wanted to keep their belt and gain the other title as well. There was trash cans and tables involved. Tommy Marr did end up winning this match but I think that Rouge was cheated out of his title.

The following match was very quick to say the least. Apolo VS. Mister Saint Laurent. I think this match lasted about one minute. Apolo went in planing to win and that was just what he did. MSL didn't know what hit him. He left the ring and went the wrong way back to the locker room when Apolo went back in to the locker room he dragged MSL out and put him threw a table. Chasyn and several other people had to drag MSL back to the locker room.

The next match was the Tag Team Title match. Raging Suicide (Havoc) Vs. Axis and Python. Axis came out not with Python but with Kahagas. Axis went on to explain that Python had separated his bicep and wouldn't be able to wrestle for the next six months. This is a shame since their tag team is such strong force. I hope Python has a speedy recovery and comes back to the ring as soon as he is able to. Back to the match. This was an all out fight. it did end in a double disqualification do to Kahagas's temper.

Lee came out and announced since Python is injured they would be striped of their belts because they are unable to defend them. On May 20th there will be a tournament for the championship.

The main event was Bruce Steele (who came out dancing) Vs. Chainsaw Kreuger for the NRW Heavyweight Championship. Chainsaw started out strong but Bruce started to go to work on knee. Bruce was not about to lose his title if he could help it. Bruce got Chainsaw down for a pin when Senior Referee Chris Carson came out and started talking to the referee in the ring causing Chainsaw to get the best of Bruce getting the pin fall and winning the title.

Apolo came out to challenge Chainsaw to a title match on May 20th. Chainsaw excepted.

The way things are shaping up NRW'S May 20th show is going to be one hell of a show and I hope to see you all there cheering on your favorite indy wrestler!

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Hawk's Nest

Welcome back Hulkster!! I never every thought I would say that. I used to view Hulk Hogan as I view HHH today, a cancer in wrestling. Then I watched him change with the face of wrestling and helped form the nWo. Bischoff can claim it was his idea, but it was Hogan's. After years of watching the business I realize now he truly has a gift for the business. In character and in just knowing what the fans need. Deep down I wanted and knew he would be at WrestleMania in more than a hall of fame role. I stood up and cheered as he beat the crap out of Divari and Hassan. It was like I was a kid again and I was ready to train, say my prayers and eat my vitamins. Usually I rant and rave about everything wrong in the WWE because I truly enjoy the sport and sometimes I just can't figure out what they are thinking about anymore. Most recently letting Matt Hardy go and keeping Lita and Over the Edge. Hopefully though they are going to go with the fans this time. Hell sign him to what ever deal he wants. His legacy has been sold on he forever now. Stone Cold came back and his gimmick looked stale and the fans just seemed like they didn't even care. I don't think anyone missed the Rock this year. But I guess I will end this one by say Hulk Still Rules !!! But hey that just what I think how about you????

Till then fly straight

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sean O'Haire News

Credit: Newsletter

Sean O’Haire is no stranger to the world of entertainment. He is a seasoned veteran of the professional wrestling world. As a former WWE and WCW Tag Team Champion, O’Haire has wowed audiences with his remarkable agility for a man of his size as well as his charisma. At 6 foot 6, and 270 pounds, and with these attributes, it is no wonder Sean O’Haire is a rising star in the world of kickboxing.

April 30, 2005 will mark a very important date in the life of Sean O’Haire, as well as the kickboxing world. The Battle at Bellagio IV, presented by K-1 USA takes place in Las Vegas, and this could be the day O’Haire dominates the competition to become the Battle at Bellagio Tournament Champion. Doing so would establish O’Haire as one of the top fighters in the world. However, this will not be an easy task, as Battle at Bellagio III champion, and fellow Valor fighter, Mighty Mou returns to defend his title. “I don’t expect this to be easy, I don’t want it to be easy. My whole life, I have thrived on competition, and this is no different. I want everyone else to be at their best, so I know I am the best when I beat them.”

O’Haire, although new to competing in the MMA and kickboxing, has been training in martial arts for over 22 years! He has trained himself in several fighting styles such as Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Seshifen-ki Karate, and submission grappling. O’Haire has used these impressive tools to obliterate Shungo Oyama at Rumble on The Rock in Hawaii (2004) in 31 seconds with a KO. Sean also submitted Tony Roberts in only 1:11 at Venom Fighting in Long Beach (2004).

O’Haire understands the level of competition for this event as well. “Gary Goodridge will be a tough fight, I know that going in. I have studied him and am ready to have a great fight. When I advance, I have a very tough draw, and anyone would be foolish not to see this. Carter Williams and Michael McDonald are two of the best at kickboxing, and are legitimate threats to win the Battle at Bellagio IV.”

“As a representative of Valor fighting, I will give it everything I have. We have such a strong fan base, and I will not let them down, nor will I let myself down. With a very tough draw it will not be easy, but that is just a testament to the great fighters in this tournament. There is such talent here, that is why I love competing for K-1, they bring the best to the table.” O’Haire is definitely focused on the task at hand. His training has gone very well. “Things are going better than expected. I feel great, and on April 30, 2005, at the K-1 Battle at Bellagio IV, I will enter at 100% and leave the New Battle at Bellagio Champion.”

Well, judging by O’Haire’s feelings about April 30, 2005, it will make for an interesting night. One thing is for sure, Sean will make an impact in less than 30 days, at K-1’s Battle at Bellagio IV, live in Las Vegas, and available on Pay-Per-View. Stay tuned to for more stories leading up to the big show, including stories on Mark Selbee and Mighty Mou.

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New ROH Videos




2/26/05, Chicago Ridge, IL, "Third Anniversary Celebration: Part 3"- Ring Of Honor concluded its "Third Anniversary Celebration Week" with a huge show in the Chicago area featuring great matches from top to bottom. You'll see the biggest title defense of Austin Aries' World Title reign as he tries to prove his title win wasn't a fluke against former champion Samoa Joe in a hard-hitting battle. Plus: Jimmy Rave crosses the line in his bout vs. CM Punk; the Heenan vs. Cornette war erupts again as Bobby "The Brain" Heenan leads his team of Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer with Jim Cornette; Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide in the wildest falls count anywhere match ever; Alex Shelley vs. Jack Evans in Evans best singles match ever in ROH plus quality matches like James Gibson vs. Puma, Spanky vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Matt Sydal vs. Fast Eddie. This is a must for any ROH fan!!!


Now in stock are both ROH events from March 2005 featuring Trios Tournament 2005 from Philadelphia, PA on 3/5 and Back To Basics from 3/12.

3/5/05, Philadelphia, PA, "Trios Tournament 2005"- After all the tag wars of 2004, ROH finally held a one night tournament to determine who is the best faction. You'll see eight teams compete in six man tag team action that provided a fast-paced, exciting night of great wrestling. You'll see the following teams fight it out to determine who is the best: Generation Next of Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Jack Evans; The Rottweilers of Homicide, Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero; Steve Corino, CM Punk & Colt Cabana; Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson & Vordell Walker; The Embassy of Jimmy Rave, Oman Turtuga & Weapon Of Mask Destruction #3; Dunn, Marcos & El Generico; The ROH Wrestling School First Graduating Class and the indy dream team of Spanky, James Gibson & Nigel McGuinness. Plus you'll also witness Jay Lethal's huge title victory over John Walters and Six Man Mayhem featuring B-Boy vs. Kevin Steen vs. Izzy vs. Deranged vs. Dixie vs. Arieal!!!

3/12/05, Woodbrige, CT, "Back To Basics"- ROH returned to its roots and presented just the best wrestling in its New Haven market debut. You'll see quality matches from top to bottom including a great tag team main event pitting Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Spanky!!! Plus: James Gibson steals the show again vs. Rocky Romero; Dan Maff in his last ROH match & BJ Whitmer defend the Tag Titles vs. Nigel McGuinness & Colt Cabana; Lacey vs. Daizee Haze vs. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers; Homicide vs. Roderick Strong; Izzy & Deranged vs. Azrieal & Dixie with the winner's getting the Special K name; Spanky vs. Jack Evans in an exciting match plus more including a look at the history of Special K!!!


The first Straight Shootin' With Jim Cornette & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was so good, so entertaining and so informative that we had to get these managerial legends to sit down again and share more of their stories, thoughts and revelations. The second edition of Straight Shootin' With Jim Cornette & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan picks up where the first one left off with more incredible antidotes, philosophies and tales from the road.

Just like the first one, this isn't your typical shoot interview. Instead it is like sitting in on a candid discussion with these two hall of famers. The questions are few and far in between as Heenan and Cornette take you on a journey throughout their careers talking about all the legendary names they've encountered. They are both an open book when talking about all the ups and downs of their careers.

You'll hear about the classic territories, the legendary names and some of the most colorful characters in wrestling history. These are the stories that can only be told by two old school legends like Cornette and Heenan.

As always Heenan and Cornette will have you laughing as they crack jokes and tell stories in their own unique way. You'll hear it all from traveling with Vince McMahon to working with all the top stars in the industry. If you enjoyed the first Straight Shootin' with these two managerial icons, this one is a can't miss. Wrestling history is preserved right here with the second edition of the Straight Shootin' Series with Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.


Don't blink or you will miss something when Jack Evans takes on the best ROH has to offer on this special "Best Of" DVD. You'll see the most incredible high-flyer going today in some of his toughest matches as he dazzles with his innovative, athletic, one-of-a-kind ability. This is a must for fans of aerial combat as there is no telling what Evans will do next!!!
1. Clips of Jack Evans from the first ever Scramble Cage Match
2. Jack Evans vs. The Amazing Red vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Jimmy Rave vs. vs. Teddy Hart (Six Man Mayhem)...At Our Best 3/13/04
3. Jack Evans vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Masada vs. Danny Daniels vs. (Six Man Mayhem)...ROH Reborn Stage 1 4/23/04
4. Jack Evans & Matt Sydal vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Alex Shelley vs. The Carnage Crew vs. Dunn & Marcos (Tag Team Scramble Match)...ROH Reborn Stage 2 4/24/04
5. Jack Evans, Roderick Strong, & Austin Aries vs. Special K...Generation Next 5/22/04
6. Jack Evans vs. Bryan Danielson...Survival of the Fittest 6/24/04
7. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Izzy & Dixie...ROH Reborn Completion 7/17/04
8. Jack Evans vs. Trent Acid vs. Loc vs. Devito vs. Dan Maff vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Oman Turtuga vs. Diablo Santiago vs. Fast Eddie vs. Alter Boy Luke vs. Dunn vs. Marcos (Scramble Cage)...Scramble Cage Melee 8/28/04
9. Jack Evans vs. Izzy vs. Trent Acid vs. vs. Fast Eddie (Four Corner Survival)...Weekend of Thunder Night 2 11/6/04
10. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Homicide & Rocky Romero...Joe vs. Punk II 10/16/04


Now available are some new shirts from New Japan & All Japan. The following are now in stock:

New Japan:
RAD C.T.U. T-Shirt (L & XL)
Hiroyoshi Tenzan T-Shirt (L & XL)
Tiger Mask Yellow T-Shirt (Large Only)

All Japan:
Abdullah the Butcher "Greatness" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Keiji Muto "Man Of Love" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Toshiaki Kawada "Kick Your Face" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Satoshi Kojima "Become Cozy" T-Shirt (L & XL)

You can view all of these designs in the "New Release" section of the website.


CCW...Midnights Six Man Mayhem - Lenoir, NC 12/4/04 Double DVD-R
1. Jason Jones vs. Jason King
2. Thunderfoot #2 vs. Michael Yamaha
3. Gary Royal vs. Bobby Fulton
4. Big Country vs. Lodi vs. Johnny Blaze
5. Sherri Martel & Jenny Taylor vs. Krissy Vaine & Amber Holly
6. Kamala vs. Madd Maxx
7. The Rock N Roll Express & Dusty Rhodes vs. The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, & Stan Lane) with Nikita Koloff as referee
8. David Flair vs. George South Sr.

CCW...Midnight Cage Match- Lenoir, NC 1/8/05 Double DVD-R
1. Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Shane Austin
2. Thunderfoot I & II vs. Mike Lee & George South Jr.
3. Bobby Fulton vs. Gary Royal
4. Amber O'Neal vs. Siren
5. Kamala - Jimmy Valiant brawl
6. CAGE MATCH: Rock 'n' Roll Express (Morton & Gibson) vs. Midnight Express (Condrey & Eaton)
7. Brad Armstrong vs. George South
8. Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard

CCW...Tully vs. Dusty Bunkhouse Match- Lenoir, NC 2/12/05 Double DVD-R
1. Brad Attitude vs. Filthy McNasty
2. Amber O'Neal vs. Krissy Vaine
3. Johnny Blaze vs. Ric Converse
4. Tom Pritchard vs. Bob Armstrong
5. Brad Armstrong vs. George South
6. Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton vs. Total Protection (Mr. Hughes & The Barbarian)
7. Bunkhouse Match w/Special Referee Ronnie Garvin: Tully Blanchard vs. Dusty Rhodes

-OVW TV March 2005
-Revolution Pro: Above and Beyond DVD
-AWS: Best of AWS Vol. 1 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 4 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 5 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 6 DVD
-Great Muta Devil Figure
-3PW: Right to Remain Violent DVD (Sabu vs. Al Snow, Raven vs. Sandman)
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 1 DVD
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 2 DVD
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 3 DVD

You can find complete match listings for all of the titles above in the "New Release" section of the site.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Impact Review

This weeks Impact taping was very intense right from the start. They really got the action going and it wasn't slowing down.

The first match of the night was Michael Shane, Kidd Kash, and Lance Hoyt VS. Chris Sabin, Sonny Siaki, and Apolo. The start of the match really set the momentum for the rest of the match. There was a lot of great team action between Kidd and Hoyt. They are an incredible tag team. The match was won with incredible tag team action between Kidd and Hoyt on Apolo. First Hoyt powerbombed Apolo with such force you thought the ring was going to snap in half than Kidd flew off the top rope for the pin.

Next Chris Candido came out with that lawyer guy in a wheel chair. Making threats towards Nash for infliction such horrible injuries on Chris. That if Nash made any kind of move towards Chris security would take him out.

Next was a vinyet of Dusty plugging his new book Dusty Rhodes: The American Dream. Which will be out soon don't forget to check it out.

The next match was Team Canada's Petey Williams and Alstar with Scott D'Amore VS. 3LK'S BG James and "The Truth" Ron Killings. This match wasn't the best I have seen from these athletes but it wasn't really a bad match. I would have just expected better from them. The winners of the match was 3LK.

The next match was "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. Mikey Batts. "Primetime" Elix Skipper came down to ring side to watch. But of course since Mikey was losing the match Elix got involved to help him out but he still lost the match to Daniels.

The Next match was Team Canada's Eric Young with Scott D'Amore VS. Konnan. Young was doomed from the start of this match with Konnan's brute strength and many years of experience even with interferance from D'Amore, Young didn't have a chance. Konnan was the winner by pin fall.

Next was a vinyet with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas interviewing AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy about their up coming cage matches at Lockdown. During this Raven came out and smacked Jeff in the head with a trash can!

For the main event Jeff Jarrett was at the announce table and Kevin Nash came out to start a fight with Jeff but security ran out to break it up before it got started.

The match was The Outlaw and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown VS. Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and DDP. There was no real winner to this match. Sean and DDP really had the upper hand in this match when Jeff ran in to the ring and hit Sean with his guitar. At that point DDP and Jeff started to brawl.

It was a good show. It is really setting up some strong feuds that will keep us all on our toes in the coming months!

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Big Thanks

I wanted to post a quick thank you to Jay Solo at Accidental Verbosity, Marshal at XTremeBlog, Anita Campbell at Small Business trends, and Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World for linking me to their sites. I appreciate theirs and many others continuing support.

NRW & Wrestling Wrap Upcoming Shows

This is a dual column because both parts involve NRW. First I’m going to tell you about tonight’s Wrestling Wrap. Not only will you have the talented host Lee Douglas, Rouge, Kevin Rhodes, and Tommy Marr you will get their special guests “The Royal Stud” Adam Windsor who is a big star with Dory Funk Jr.’s wrestling show Bang, and Puerto Rican IWA Superstar Apolo who is now wrestling again with TNA.
They will both be talking about their wrestling careers and what it is like working with their current promotions. Also Rico Casanova will hopefully be able to join them. As always they will also be talking about all wrestling news as well. So check them out at 8pm at Wrestling Wrap.
Next is this weekends NRW show in Winter Haven, Florida. This promises to be a great show. I hope to be able to make the show on Sunday. Not only is there going to be the awesome indy talent you can expect from NRW but there will also be Special FX Making his Florida wrestling debut. He is an incredible athlete that was trained by Deranged. So you definitly want to check him out.
Here is all the information on the show as taken from NRW’S official site.
El Tequila
2830 Recker Highway, Winter Haven, FL
Kids are Welcome. $10 admission. Doors open at 3 PM

NRW Heavyweight Championship Match
Bruce Steele VS Chainsaw Kreuger (7 ft 2 in)

Tag Team Championship Battle
Axis and Python VS Raging Suicide (HAVOC)

Former IWA Puerto Rico, Heavyweight Champion,

NWA Jr Heavyweight and Mid Florida Championships are
on the line. Special Last Man Standing Match - No Referee.
The Audience will make the 10 count.
The Man Named Rouge (NWA Mid Florida Champion)
Tommy Marr (NWA Florida Jr Heavyweight Champion)

NRW Cruiserweight Champion, Chasyn Rance
Sedrick Strong

Hard Core Match
Nightstalker VS The Destroyer

Special FX VS Flatline

BoneZ The Cutthroat VS Rip Malibu

As always card is subject to change with out notice.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005




Nashville, TN (April 11, 2005) – Last week on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!,” Director Of Authority, Dusty Rhodes announced that all matches on the April 24th pay-per-view event “Lockdown” will be held in Six Sides of Steel. This announcement marks the first time an entire professional wrestling pay-per-view event will take place in a steel cage.

Due to the sometimes violent nature of a steel cage match and the unpredictability of live television, TNA management wants to reiterate and emphasize the TV-14 rating that the show receives.

According to the TV Parental Guidelines, a TV-14 program is a program that contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Parents are strongly cautioned and urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended.

A steel cage is professional wrestling’s most unforgiving structure and some of pro wrestling’s most horrifying moments have occurred in this type of match. This will be only the fourth Six Sides of Steel Match in TNA history, which has produced some of the most talked about moments in the sport over the past year.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 4PM on FSN (check local listings) with a Saturday midnight(local) replay and a Thursday night 2AM replay. TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program (check local listings).

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

This Time Around......Rhyno and Matt Hardy Free Agents, Where is Brock? and more.

Greetings again. Well big news coming out this week. Rhyno and Matt Hardy have been released by the WWE. If I am TNA, I am on the phone trying to pull this deal. Forget just Abyss, Rhyno has what it takes to be a main eventer. As for Matt Hardy, he may be what the doctor ordered (besides some other drugs...LOL) for Jeff. Let's face it, Jeff is no longer the next HBK, but the Hardy Boys can be a good tag team again, and get TNA some name brand recognition. the bottom line is that TNA can finally get their hands on some stars that still have some shelf life on them. Here is your chance, TNA, to prove you are serious about competing. Make me believe again, the ball is in your court!!!

So now TNA is taping every THREE weeks now? Big mistake. The crowds are raucous the first hour, but by middle of the second hour, it is half empty, by the end of the night, you can hear the crickets chirping. Bottom line is they need to find a way to get a weekly one hour show, because they are getting way ahead of themselves if they can do two hour tapings and keep the intensity up for that time. Because the answer to that is not yet.

Has there been any Brock Lesnar sightings lately? This guy has gone from being one of the best workers of the past decade to hardly a blip on the radar. Vince's son in law doesn't want him for fear he may steal his thunder. WWE neds to bury the hatchet and get Brock back. The fans want him Vince, and isn't it supposed to be about the fans??

I watched RAW last night and got my first glimpse of Chris Masters, and a gimmick idea went off. Since this guy only wrestles Cruiserweights, he can do the Reverse Bob Holly gimmick. Make him at a weight of allegedly 200 pounds and make him only wrestle cruiserweights. That would be so freaking funny. As for the Hassan-Davari storyline, hey they need to find another way to get the fans to hate these guys. The Iron Sheik was 20 years ago, and it just falls flat. But now it is possible there may be a Hogan-HBK team up against Hassan and Davari. Maybe it works, maybe not.

That is all for now, but hope to see you soon at Studio 21. Take Care


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Monday, April 11, 2005

WWE News

According to Rhyno and Matt Hardy have been released. WWE also wishes them the best of luck in all future endeavors.

Now I have been hearing rumors regarding the release of Matt Hardy for sometime now. It really rises the question what is next for these two athletes? I mean there really aren’t a lot of choices, since WWE tries to monopolize every aspect of wrestling, but there is a shining light out there for them besides joining up with an indy federation. They can try to join forces with TNA.

Both would be a great addition to TNA. Now even though I am no fan of Jeff Hardy I think that Matt would be a great asset. For many reasons, the first one being his strong fan base that he would bring with him. Secondly I’m sure most people would rather watch the Hardy Boyz tag team than just watching Jeff any more.

Jeff has lost most of his touch now occasionally you will see a glimmer of the fine athlete he used to be. But that is mostly gone be it from injuries, drugs, or what ever it just isn’t there like it was and I think if Matt was by his side again maybe that will get Jeff back on track! The third reason is maybe with Matt and Jeff as a tag team we’ll get to see some serious X-Division tag team action. Getting Jeff out of singles wrestling with guys twice his size, such as Abyss.

Now Rhyno on the other hand he could take on the likes of Abyss with out any problem! He would be any other huge brawling wrestler for TNA to add to their roster! I don’t know about everyone else but I am getting bored with Abyss always wrestling someone half his size in either a squash match or the wrestler just gets a lucky win!

The only one that really seems to give Abyss a run for his money is Raven. But you can only watch two wrestlers fight so many times before it gets old. So this would be a new fresh feud for Abyss.

I look forward to seeing what happens with these two fine athletes in the coming months. I wish them the best of luck and I hope to see them on TNA. If not I wish them both the best of luck in whatever the future may bring them!

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Josh Rich Interview

Hi. Josh I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. For those of you that are not familiar with Josh Rich he is a Florida indy wrestler.

1.When did you decide to go into wrestling?

I can't remember the exact day, but I'm pretty sure the year was
1997. I was watching a Nitro (I didn't watch Raw at the time as there
were no Nitro Girls) and remember seeing some of the cruiserweights
and saying,"Hey, they're not much bigger than me. Wrestling is
awesome. I'm unna wrestle." Now I wrestle.

2.Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

There were a lot of wrestlers that inspired me, anywhere from Hulk
Hogan when I was a little kid to Chris Jericho when I rediscovered
wrestling in 1996. The one wrestler that put me over the edge and made
me realize wrestling is something the smaller guy can get into now is
Jet Jaguar (former IPW competitor). I read an article about him that
said he was going to college for marketing, was my size, and decide to
go to wrestling school to stay in shape and have some fun. He then
went on to a great deal of success, wrestling all over, including for

3. Where did you go for your training?

I went to Earthquake John Tenta's School of Pro Wrestling. It's not
around anymore, but I got lucky when it opened. I was all set to
either move to Tampa or Texas to attend Malenko's school (which is now
defunct as well) or Shawn Michael's School (gone in the wind as well).

4.What promotions have you wrestled for?

I've wrestled for SCW, NWA-FL, NNW, FSPW, NSW, MFW, NWA-SCW, SPW,
NBWA, and others that I'm sure I've forgotten about (or maybe not).

5.Do you hold any titles?

I hold no titles at the moment aside from the World Bunny Rabbit
Championship, all comers welcome.

6.What other aspects of wrestling have you worked in?

I've been a referee (greatest MLW ref ever), a manager (kind of,
I've gone out to the ring with other people), and also been in the
video production side as well.

7.In your opinion what is the best aspect of wrestling?

I think the best aspect of wrestling is the fan interaction,
whether it be while you're in the ring or when you meet them out and
about. I like feeling important because I have a humongous ego, so
having someone ask me for an autograph then being able to turn them
down makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

8.In your opinion what do you think that Indy promotions could do to draw in
a bigger audience?

I think the biggest thing that could help indy promotions draw
better is to be more professional. Too many of these rinky dink
promotions don't do the simple thing of having everything laid out
well, a clean environment, security making sure things are going
smooth, or even a nice ring that's not falling apart. I know that
turns fans off from returning to shows sometimes, so I know that would
definitely help.

9.What is your future plans for your wrestling career?

My future plan is to continue improving and building a bigger fan
base. 2004 was sort of a breakout year for me as I worked more and for
more places than ever before and had a lot of fans know who I was
before I even wrestled in that area.

10. Would you like to add anything?

Yes, 2+2=4. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a god damned liar.
If you want to see me wrestle (and I know you do), check out,, or pray to your god that I'll be
visiting a town near you.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mikey Batts

I want to take a moment to announce to all of you that Mikey Batts official website is up and running. It's a great looking site with still more to come. You should check out his site if your not familiar with him or you are just looking to learn more about this incredible athlete.

I also want to congratulate Mikey on winning the NWA Florida X Championship. Mikey is defiantly some one to keep watching he is going to take the wrestling world by storm. He has a lot of skill and it will take him far!

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New Things At TNA

While I was in TNA'S official site looking to see what was new, I went into their merchandise section. They have some awesome new items that you should check out.

They have a new DVD and another new one coming out next month. I plan to purchase both. The one that is out now is December's PPV Turning Point on DVD. As you all remember this is the one with the incredible cage match between AMW and XXX. Where Elix "Primetime" Skipper walked the top of the cage.

I really like the way TNA is putting all of their PPV'S on DVD. I think it is a great addition to any fans DVD collection. As soon as it is available at the tapings I will be getting it to review.

The second of their new DVD'S is Nevermore the Best of Raven. This DVD will be released in April. This will be the first of their DVD'S that I will be purchasing that focuses on one particular wrestler. Since Raven is such an interesting wrestler, I look forward to seeing this DVD. Plus he is one of my favorite wrestlers.

TNA also has a new Liquidblue shirt. It's a must have for any 3LK fan. Like all the Liquidblue shirts it's a little more than the other shirts TNA carries but is well worth it. I was a little disappointed that 3LK'S picture was not on this shirt.

One of the coolest items for children of all ages is the TNA Action Figures. These will be on sale all across the country. Starting in June. The first ones to go on sale will be AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, and Raven. Each action figure comes with a different weapon such as a chair, chains, and guitar.

They will also have a 6-sided wrestling ring. I didn't a date for when the ring goes on sale but I am sure it will coincide with the release of the first set of action figures.

In the fall of this year they will release the second series of action figures as well as twin packs. These will also come with weapons. The second series is "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Ron "The Truth" Killings, Sharkboy, and Jeff Hardy. The twin packs will be AMW (Chris Harris and James Storm) and 3LK (BG James and Konnan).

All in all you are really getting a good selection of wrestlers to start out with.

I am really looking forward to see what new and exciting products TNA will have for us in the future.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Understanding Your Fan Base

The topic I'm writing about today in a way can pertain to any sport or business, not just wrestling.

Since wrestling is my sport of course I'm going to write this column from a wrestling point of view! I feel that the heart and soul of any sport is their fan base! I don't mean the fair weather fans that only watch once a year. I mean the fans that are up on what is going on at all times. Don't get me wrong, all fans are important, but the true heart and soul is their die hard fans!

For example, at all the TNA wrestling show, you have "The Pit". They are the loudest and craziest of all the fans in the arena! Plus there are the other regular fans (such as myself) that have their seats they always sit in and are just as loyal as "The Pit" but not as aggressive.

A promotions fan base are the ones that make or break the promotion, as well as their wrestlers! If the fans don't like something in a wrestlers character and there isn't a way to turn that around by maybe making that wrestler in to a heel. The wrestling promotion will need to either figure out another gimmick for the wrestler or their wrestling career will go no where!

Sometimes the promotion may change the wrestler to shock the wrestling fans in to a huge response! Such as for many years Hulk Hogan was in yellow and red, talking about Hulkamania and all his little Hulksters! Basically an all around great guy with a love of his fans especially his young fans!

But WCW was losing their fan base as well as profits. So the wrestling powers that be (aka the writers) decided to do the NWO angle and turn everyone's favorite wrester in to a fan hating heel in black! This had an incredible fan reaction! No one could believe that Hulkamania was dead and Hogan would really turn on his fans!

Of course low and behold after the fans really got used to the fact that Hulkamania was dead! Bam Hogan was back to being all around great guy! The writers plan their story lines to mess with the fans emotions! They need to have the fans emotions in their hands in order to draw them in by the hundreds in to the arena! They also need to be able to sell there merchandise based on who the fans love or love to hate!

If your a wrestler and the fans are indifferent about you there will never been any merchandise! Except maybe a card! But you will never have the big merchandise deals!

This is something that the wrestlers need to keep in mind!

Now I understand that the wrestlers like everyone else have a right to their privacy! They don't want people swarming them when they're out with their family or eating dinner, but if a fan is rude enough not to let you finish your meal try to keep in mind they may just be star struck by you and with out them you wouldn't be getting paid for working doing what you love!

So try to be genial because a bad experience with one fan can be all over the Internet in the amount of time it takes the hurt fan to type it! Which will cause you to end up in the middle of a backlash of other people you may have never met they just don't like your wrestling character so they are going to bad mouth you to the world! They next thing you know you will be hated because you were trying to have a little privacy and one fan couldn't respect that!

Which brings me to another type of fan! The rabid fan!! Now there are two different levels of this type of fan! There is the one that loves one wrestler or wrestling in general so much they basically stalk that wrestler or any wrestler just to be close to someone famous! This type of fan wants to feel that the wrestler or wrestlers are their friend! They find out where the wrestlers stay and eat in town!

Not all fans that know this are rabid fans some are just regular run of the mill harmless fans, but there are the ones that over whelm the wrestlers, make them feel uncomfortable being around them. Sometimes this type of rabid fan gets banned from places because of this but are basically harmless for the most part just creepy!

Now the other type of rabid fan can be much more dangerous! This type of fan has trouble separating the wrestling show from real life! For example Team Canada are huge heels on TNA but incredibly awesome guys out of character! Some of these rabid fans may think they are the jerky heels they portray all the time!

Causing this type of fan to come up to them in a restaurant for example and start to yell stuff at them! This is wrong on all levels! It if fine to yell at them in the ring that is work but outside of the ring when they are enjoying some personal time is wrong no matter who they are!

Now the dangerous part is these delusional fans sometimes take their hate for a wrestler to extremes and do something such as stab or shoot a wrestler that is enjoying sometime off or just getting off a hard night of putting his body and soul on the line for two reasons!

Reason one for the love and enjoyment of the sport! Reason two to get a huge reaction from the fans! Whether the fans love them or hate them the reaction to there character is what they want! That is what keeps them going!

Whether you are a wrestler or a fan, please try to keep in mind that respect is a two way street! If you're a fan you can't expect a wrestler to be thrilled to see you when their in the middle of a meal with their family and/or friends! But at the same time wrestlers need to remember that when you're in the limelight these things happen so try to be nice about it.

Maybe tell the fan that you are trying to enjoy your meal right now but when you are done you could take a few minutes to talk to them! Something like this should help prevent any serious character damage!

The wrestlers need the fans as much as the fans need the wrestlers! There can't be one with out the other. So they need to be able to have a happy level of understanding to be able to work in harmony!

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