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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Terry Taylor Interview

I think this is a great interview. The credit for this interview goes to

Hard Justice is in the record books, and TNA are now looking forward to their 3rd anniversary show - Slammiversary. How are you enjoying your time with TNA?

At this stage of my life and career, I am having a blast at TNA! We have so many young hungry athletes that are in it for the love of the game – instead of for the money. I believe that makes a difference across the board. We also have some guys with seasoning that are excited to be here. Our management team is being assembled, as is our creative – so we’re all encouraged. It’s a great time to be at TNA.

There's a lot of talk regarding a television deal, and the general concensus is that TV followed by house shows are what the company need. Can you see TNA being able to compete with WWE in terms of roster and reach, if not financially?

Honestly, I don’t believe anyone can compete with WWE in reach and size. With that being said, I believe TNA can compete with WWE for the wrestling audience. So many people want an alternative to what WWE is offering right now. For whatever reason, there seems to be a movement from the fans demanding something other than WWE. WWE sees this and is sponsoring the ECW PPV 6/12/05. Shane Douglas is running an ECW inspired show two days before WWE’s show. Why shouldn’t TNA try and give the audience a choice? Ultimately, the fan chooses.

Going back to when you broke into the business. You broke in at a time when territories were strong, and plied your trade in Florida and the Mid South. What are your memories of the early days in your career?

Wow, it was so much different in 1980. Wrestling had 28 territories in the US alone and it was such a protected close knit fraternity. One couldn’t just pay $2,000.00 to get trained and then call himself a wrestler. A talent wasn’t offered any guarantees – period. He had to learn his craft, be patient, and then when opportunity presented itself, they had to make the most of it.

I think a lot of knowledge was passed down from the veterans to rookies in the car making the trips. That no longer happens. Wrestlers fly from where ever they live to a few shows a week and then fly home. We wrestled nine times per week and drove 2,500 to 3,000 miles per week. What wrestling/sports entertainment was, is gone. The wrestling of today is completely different. I’m grateful to have broken in when I did, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Much has been made about your WWF debut, and that Vince McMahon originally had the 'Mr Perfect' gimmick lined up for yourself rather than the late Curt Hennig. What led to Hennig getting it over you?

There may a misconception in this question. A few years back when asked about what I thought the Rooster character did to my career. I asked the interviewer if he knew that Mr. Perfect debuted the same day as I did as the Rooster. I then asked, “What would have happened to Curt’s career and my career if the gimmicks had been switched?” It was a rhetorical question because no one could have been Mr. Perfect except Curt Hennig.

The Red Rooster: Although you did a great job trying to get the gimmick over, just how much did you dislike the gimmick?

I didn’t hate it...I didn’t get it! You have to understand I had been a serious wrestler for nine years. When Vince McMahon was explaining what he wanted the Rooster to be, I didn’t understand. My pride got in the way. Vince was my employer and so he should have gotten from me what he wanted. If I didn’t want to do it, I had a choice: quit. I needed to be humbled because I was very prideful. I thought Terry Taylor was enough. How arrogant is that?

After a while, I started to enjoy the Rooster character. The interviews were easy (if not cheesy; "egg-cited" etc.) and people actually got with it. Here’s a way to illustrate that: I was the Rooster for 14 months – 16 YEARS AGO - and more people know me as the Rooster than knew for the other 15 years I wrestled as Terry Taylor.

Was Vince McMahon wrong, after all?

After any kind of push you had came to an end in WWF around late 89/early 90, you were basically used to put guys over before returning to NWA.

Was there any ill feeling at the time on your part or on Vince McMahon's part that you knew of?

I was a little upset that I wasn’t featured more in WWF and because of that, I quit. That was my immaturity and selfishness. Why should they have used me any better when I was only thinking of myself? I wasn’t a team player. I wanted the WWF to use me because I felt I had talent, but in a huge company that is the best at what they do - that isn’t always enough.

How many times have we seen a talented player in any sport that never reached his full potential? The athlete has to have a team mentality no matter what the sport. I didn’t have that and I don’t believe I mattered enough to Vince for there to be any ill will from him. That is not a knock on Vince; he just had a lot more important things to worry about other than a selfish jerk.

Back over in NWA, what were your memories of the early 90's? You'd been repackaged as The Taylor Made Man (early '92?) and had a run with Greg Valentine as WCW US Tag Champs. Were you happy at the time?

I believe a level of frustration was starting to develop in me. My big break in the WWF - the one I’d wanted my whole life - was a bust. At the time, I couldn’t see that it was my fault. I was the reason I failed in the WWF, and that feeling continued in the NWA. I channelled a lot of my anger and frustration into my wrestling as a heel. It was easy for me to conjure up rage and deliver it as part of my heel persona. I had a wonderful opportunity to re-establish my value as a wrestler and I‘m not sure I did that.

After another short spell in WWF, and then with WCW before returning to WCW again in 1996 as a writer for Monday Nitro. Prior to the nWo angle, did you have any idea of how hot the Monday Night Wars were to get?

Did anyone? I don’t think anyone could have predicted what a wild ride the wrestling business and wrestling fans would take on the Monday night wars. The other side of that is that we were so busy with so much work that we didn’t have time to realize the enormity of what was going on.

Eric Bischoff kept a lot of secrets from the creative department and there times when I found out things at the same time the audience did. Eric knew there were leaks in the office and that the internet was so prevalent, that sometimes the only way for something to not get out was to not tell anyone. I have had the privilege to be a part of some pretty important eras in wrestling history from the UWF to the now. Only now does it sink in as to how big things really were.

It was reported that backstage politics were partly to blame, but what were the full circumstances that led to your jump back to WWF in 1999?

The stress working in WCW was intense. When a group of people work in that pressure cooker for extended periods of time – emotions can take over. Also, personality conflicts can happen. Without casting blame on anyone – Eric and I had a relationship that wasn’t good for either of us. He had his reasons and I have mine, but on 1/8/99 I’d had enough. I quit without even calling the WWF to see if they would take me. I was just so frustrated I had to go. I didn’t know I could call Human Resources and file a complaint, that Turner Broadcasting was a huge conglomerate, and they handle employee/employer disputes.

After I quit, I called Vince McMahon and he hired me on the spot.

He's had his critics, and his fans. Personally speaking I felt he added a great deal to the product and is given a rough ride at times by some people. In your opinion, what was Vince Russo like to work with?

The first time I met Russo was the day after I had quit WCW. Vince McMahon, Russo, and Ed Ferrara met at Vince McMahon’s home every other Tuesday to talk about what they wanted to do on next week’s Monday Night Raw. Remember, at this time there was no Smackdown!.

Russo walked in and when he saw me, the look of betrayal, anger, and hostility were mind numbing - VKM hadn’t told anyone he had hired me! This was at the height of the Monday night wars. It was total all out warfare, and I was the enemy. As is Russo’s nature, once we talked, he was great. We remain best friends.

Why were so many in WWF against you bringing in Public Enemy?

This is a multifaceted question. As is so often the case, there was so much more going on than was visible on the surface. All I knew was that The Public Enemy were one of the hottest acts in ECW, then WCW, and there was no reason to think it would be any different in the WWF. Or so I thought.

How was anyone to know the heat they had from a decision they made 10 years before? At that time, WWF had offered them a standard WWF contract that guaranteed $150.00 per match with ten matches per year. So, this meant if Public Enemy had signed that contract, all the WWF had to give them is ten matches at $150.00 for the entire year! At the same time, WCW offered them $85,000 a year for three years. Public Enemy chose the WCW contract. What would we have done in the same situation?

When I offered them a contract in the WWF in 1999, I didn’t know any of this. McMahon wasn’t upset that they had made the best business decision they could at the time (taking the previous WCW contract). VKM understands business. But not everyone that works for him has that same understanding, though. Some kept a grudge and used the illusion of a WWF push to set Public Enemy up to fail.

The Acolytes took liberties with them on a televised match and beat them up without Public Enemy fighting back thinking this was an initiation. It ended up being their first and last match in the WWF. So much for the WWF slogan, “We don’t offer guarantees to anyone, but we offer opportunity to EVERYONE!”!

At the height of the 'Attitude' era in WWF, how bad were politics?

Politics will always be a part of any work environment. Was it worse during the “Attitude” era? I don’t think so. Politics have always existed and it stems from certain people trying to advance their own agenda or career. These individuals don’t do what’s best for business; they selfishly seek power and money. Hopefully, some day their inability to do the job will be exposed and someone who can do the job will be hired.

You jumped back to WCW the following year and were involved in the writing team with Russo, Ed Ferrera and others. Did you get the impression WCW was a sinking ship when you returned?

There were a lot of rumors that WCW was in bad shape, but so many of us wanted and believed we could turn it around. Most of us thought we could rally WCW and still give fans a choice, but it wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes when we want something so much, we don’t see it for what it really is. WCW was a sick patient and no matter what doctors were brought in, it was too late. WCW – RIP.

When WCW was bought by Vince McMahon, was there any discussion about you returning to WWE?

In a word, no.

After a spell as a road agent with WWE in 2002-2003, you started work with TNA. When you first started with the company, did you feel they'd still be in business today?

Yes, I never thought TNA wouldn't be in business. I may be naïve, but I stopped worrying about stuff like that a long time ago. I used to read the “insider sheets”, read the internet, and watch everything related to wrestling. Not any more. So much energy is wasted on ‘what if’ and that could be better used improving the wrestling business.

TNA has certainly experienced some growing pains, but these have served to make TNA stronger and we may be on the brink of something that will make wrestling history. By the time this interview is published, TNA may have a good television clearance and may be giving wrestling fans an alternative to WWE.

What makes TNA a good alternative to WWE?

The talent makes TNA a great alternative. We have some of the best young talent in the world. They can deliver in the ring and it’s up to the promotion to market, promote, and advertise these fine athletes to the world. Some of these wrestlers are the best kept secrets except to the hardcore and most devoted fans. The wrestling business will always have it’s core audience. When the casual fan perceives wrestling to be ‘cool’ like with the nWo, Austin vs Mr. McMahon, and the Monday Night Wars – then the business grows exponentially.

Another aspect that will make TNA a viable alternative is that only the most hungry, driven, and passionate people will work there. When a company has a bare bones budget and people who want it to succeed, ‘politicians’ will be weeded out and only employees who produce will remain.

The final thing that will make TNA an alternative is the ownership. The Carter's are wonderful human beings. I have just gotten to know them in the recent months and am impressed with their compassion and integrity. The Jarrett's have run successful promotions and have a personal stake in TNA’s well being. There are no guarantees in life, but all these factors contribute to the possibility of TNA’s success.

Are there any guys that WWE have released over the past year that you feel TNA would benefit from bringing in?

Yes, I’m sure there are a lot of former WWE wrestlers out there that TNA is interested in hiring. There are good reasons for that. One of the main things wrestlers learn in WWE is how to do wrestling television. That sounds simple, but there is so much more to it than people realize. One has to work to the camera instead of what they’ve been taught their whole lives, which is to work to the crowd. Also, a talent cannot be weak in any aspect of the business from in-ring work, to interview skills, to personal appearance.

Additionally, there is an ‘it’ factor which is hard to clarify. It’s a star quality that means something different for each talent, but is still necessary to become a star in this business. WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world and there is competition for roster spots. This competition dictates competence for advancement. On a different note, I don’t believe it would be fair to name anyone in particular because it may alter the negotiations between the talent and TNA. When a comment could impact a wrestler’s life or career – it's better left unsaid.

You're still active on the Indy circuit. Where can we see you in the near future?

The best way to see where I’ll be is to visit my website!

Finally, what does the future hold for TNA and Terry Taylor?

I am very excited about the future of TNA. Over the past year I have watched TNA grow and really want to be a part of TNA’s future success. That’s not for my own betterment, but for the betterment of TNA, its wrestlers, its owners, and its fans. This is a very exciting time in our business. If a competitive situation develops – it’ll be fun for the audience.

Maybe we can relive the Monday Night Wars. This time in the new millennium!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lipstick & Dynamite turns spotlight on the first ladies of wrestling

I really thing that this article is very informative! I also think that it is a real inspiration for any lady looking to go into wrestling!

Credit: C.G. WALLACE - Associated Press

ATLANTA - In an age of Marilyn Monroe and circle skirts, a group of women in industrial-strength bathing suits grappled, bodyslammed and tough-talked their way into the wrestling world.

With names such as The Fabulous Moolah, The Great Mae Young, Ella Waldek and Gladys "Killem" Gillem, these were the real first ladies of wrestling, who toiled in the 1940s and '50s, plowing the way for the high-paid female stars of today.

Those early years, when women were relegated to a novelty act beside midget wrestlers, are recounted in the documentary Lipstick & Dynamite, which Atlanta filmmaker Ruth Leitman sees as a story of women's empowerment.

"This is a film that every 14- or 15-year-old girl should see," Leitman said. "I'm really interested in bringing this film to an audience that didn't really know this existed." Leitman said she asked one of the wrestlers if she was a feminist, and the answer summed up the practical outlook shared by her subjects. "I wasn't out there burning my bra," the woman replied, "I needed it to hold me up."'

For Waldek, wrestling was way for her to get off her family's Washington farm and see the world. She began wrestling in 1949 and retired in 1979, in between logging thousands of miles between dusty gyms, small-town arenas and armories. "As far as people accepting us, we always were ladies first. Outside the ring we were dressed to the nines," said the 75-year-old Waldek, who now lives in Pinellas Park, Fla.. "We knew we were first, but the idea of being pioneers never crossed our mind."

These women, still very much the entertainers they were in their youth, would like another day in the spotlight and hope the film brings them some recognition.

As for Waldek's review of the movie? "I like it a lot. It could have gone without some of the bad words at the beginning of the show."

The director then jumped into the conversation. "It's very hard to cut in and out of dialogue of women who curse like sailors," Leitman said, adding at least one of the women expanded her 7-year-old daughter's vocabulary. One of the challenges of the film was finding the footage of the matches. There was little interest in documenting the fights.

David Meltzer, a San Jose, Calif.-based wrestling expert who publishes the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, said he would have like to seen more of that footage in the film, but conceded that it probably doesn't exist. "I don't think modern wresting fans have an interest in wrestling history. Even for the older fans it wasn't that big of a deal," Meltzer said. As for luring the sport's fans to the see the film, he said "I don't see them being interested in the movie."

Leitman acknowledges it may be a challenge to get wrestling fans into the art-house theaters to buy tickets to a wrestling movie.

The film, which premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival, opened theatrically in New York and Los Angeles in April, and in Atlanta, Nashville and San Francisco this month. It opens in Chicago on June 3, and then rolls out to theaters across the country after that.

Penny Banner, who was a nanny in St. Louis when she was recruited to wrestle in 1954, bristles when asked about how their careers are remembered today. She said many people downplay their accomplishments and added the main difference between the male and female wrestlers was the paycheck. Banner retired in 1977. She's now 70 and lives in Charlotte, N.C., where she trains for the senior Olympics in swimming. For her, the movie is a welcome nod to the ladies' place in history.

"I just wished it was longer. We all have many more stories to tell. I just wish there were more time," Banner said. "We are the lost and forgotten ones."

"Everything we did, we did from the heart. We're still the same ladies we were then."

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Lee "The Commish" Douglas

Lee Douglas the host of the popular internet radio show Wrestling Wrap has unveiled his two new websites. The first is the radio show Wrestling Wrap. The other is his own personal site Lee Douglas The Commish with all the info on where Lee will be appearing next. Be sure to check them out.

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TNA's TV Status Update


Sources have confirmed to Between The Ropes the following details on TNA
Wrestling's television future.

This Tuesday's TNA Impact tapings on May 31 at Universal Orlando are
cancelled. With the Fox Sports Net deal expiring this weekend, television
will go dark temporarily.

As we've speculated all week, TNA will begin on Monday nights in prime time
on WGN from 8:00pm - 10:00pm ET. The start date on WGN will be the day
after Slammiversary - Monday, June 20.

The WGN show will air live every other week on Monday's from Universal
Orlando. Shows will be taped on Tuesday's to then air the following week.
The first live show will be Monday, June 20 with a taping on June 21 to air
on Monday, June 27 on WGN.

TNA should make an official announcement imminently.

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Impact Review For May 27,2005

As you all know from either checking your TV guides or from just reading on the net today’s Impact will be the last one on Fox Sports Network. According to the TNA message board Impact tapings are canceled until Slammiversary on June 19, 2005. Now with rumors running rampant on the net you don’t know what is true and what is not unless it comes from an official site, but it seems that Impact is going to go on to WGN. The official announcement should be made any day as soon as the deal is official. Now on to my Impact review.

The first match of Impact started off with a bang! The match was 3LK BG James and “The Truth” Ron Killings VS. AMW. The match it’s self wasn’t the most exciting part it was what happened after the match. The winner of the match was 3LK. AMW started fighting after the match again. So again are they breaking up or are they turning heel like everyone is speculating.

I personally don’t think that AMW has the edge or the attitude to be a heel. The only thing they can work is a face they aren’t XXX. Turning “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels heel was one of the best choices TNA has made.

Next thing you know The Outlaw is running into the ring to attack Killings but BG got in the way. Then Konnan came out. Konnan and Killings attacked The Outlaw. Konnan and Killings left BG in the ring with The Outlaw on the outside. BG told The Outlaw to suck it and left.

Next Terry Taylor interviewed AMW asking them about their fighting. They basically said well teams fight. AMW will also be facing 3LK at Slammiversary.

The second match of the evening was Romeo VS. Zack Owen. Now anyone that watched the last PPV Hard Justice saw Zack in action during the 20-man gauntlet. He was the one legged wrestler. I have to give him a lot of credit for getting out there and wrestling with his disability.

There was some people making fun of him but I figure they were just too ignorant to see what an achievement he was able to make just to be able to overcome his disability enough to do something he wanted to do. I think the real highlight of this match was when Zack did a flip off the top rope. Zack did win the match by pin fall.

Next Terry Taylor was interviewing Chris Sabin about his 3-way match at Slammiversary. When Trinity came out to tell Sabin they should team up after what Traci and Michael Shane did to them. They decided to team up just to go after them.

Team Canada’s Scott D’Amore joined the announcer’s booth for the next match.

Match three was Phi Delta Slams Bruno Sassi with Big Tilley Vs. Lance Hoyt. This was a hard match for me because I like both of the participants. But in the end Bruno screwed up and lost the match. At this point Scott came down to the ring to tell Lance he was no match for his guys. Scott then told him he was going to go in the ring and kick his ass when Bobby Roode attacked Hoyt from behind.

Terry Taylor did an interview with The Naturals.

Match four of the night was Buck Quartermain and Lexx Lovvett VS. The Naturals. This match was not the best but it wasn’t bad. The Naturals won the match they are defiantly on a winning streak. Team Canada ran in and attacked The Naturals at the end of the match.

Terry Taylor interviewed Jeff Jarrett and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown about the king of the mountain match.

The next match was the main event of the evening featuring “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and AJ Styles. This was I think the best match of the night and not because it was the main event because we all know from experience the main events aren’t always as good as they should be. Abyss did come out to watch the match. Jarrett made a big mistake when he hit Monty with his guitar. AJ hit that new move he has been using (SFX’S finisher cutting room floor) causing the team of AJ Styles and Sean Waltman to win the match.

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Memphis, TN -- Jerry "The King" Lawler's son Kevin has been arrested. Police busted him for burglary at a Raleigh apartment complex Monday night. A woman says she caught him in her house with his pants down. She says he was asleep on her pillow, wearing nothing but a red t-shirt.

"She approached her bedroom, and she saw an individual lying on the floor of her bedroom, partially clothed, and asleep with a pillow," says Memphis Police Sgt. Vince Higgins.

The victim tells NewsChannel 3 she ran to a neighbor's house because she was scared. She called police, and officers eventually caught Lawler near her home. She tells us she had never met Lawler before, and was very alarmed when she found him in her bedroom.

May 25, 2005 -- Update

Memphis, TN -- Kevin Lawler made his first court appearance on aggravated burglary charges Wednesday morning. He tells NewsChannel 3 this is a case of mistaken identity. He says he was working at the time of the burglary Monday night.

"I wouldn't rush to any judgements in this case because I feel quite certain you'll see some alibi witnesses when this case comes to a preliminary hearing," says Kevin Lawler's attorney Mark Mesler.

Lawler says he was on the job at 9:00 PM when the woman says she found him in her home. He says when he arrived home at 3:00 AM, three men approached him them chased him down. He was arrested a short time later, and the victim identified him as the burglar.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Thoughts

You know I must confess that I really don't watch a lot of WWE any more but my long time readers know this because I have stated this before due to the vulgar nature of WWE and not appropriate for children . When I do watch WWE it's normally Smackdown. But I do read on the net as well as what the other writers on my blog write.

I have to say I wasn't surprised when I read Mike's Raw review yesterday! The following is what really caught my attention about Mike's Review:

Next the crowd was awoken by one of the best shoot promos in recent memory.
Bischoff gloating about he killed ECW. Then Vince comes out. He reveals
that he DID financially support ECW. and the great stars that came from ECW
to the WWE. ECW music hits and Vince introduces my main man PAUL HEYMAN!!!!
Heyman goes on about the legacy of ECW!!! Whole crowd chants the ECW
thing. Vince then turns to Bischoff and says, "I killed WCW".

Now I'm sure I whole wrestling world gasped in shock and dismay! I mean really that was the perfect scam after all. I mean it is really a rich gets richer move and total brilliance on Vince's part not on Heyman's part. Heyman was nothing but Vince's puppet! Now I have to state for the record I don't like Vince. I really think he is heartless, cruel, and a dirty scoundrel. But he is the truest definition of shrewd business man. He will do what ever it takes for what is most important to him the all mighty dollar.

Now I am starting to feel like I am beating a dead horse on this subject after the column I wrote on March 19, 2005 after sitting watching "The Rise And Fall Of ECW". If you have not read that column or would like to reread it Click Here.

Now to my udder shock and dismay Mike felt the need to attack my post in his next column on April 1,2005. The following is the highlight of that column;

I was online the other day, and I saw an article about Paul Heyman. Now I know how some people I know feel about him, but I am going to put it all on the line. Paul Heyman is a dunce in Business Finance, but he is without a doubt, one of the best wrestling minds in recent history. For the rest of the column Click Here.

I knew when I wrote the column I was going to receive a lot of flack about it but I was prepared for this. I knew by far it would be the most controversial column I had written to date. I did have a comment posted by a reader saying to believe what I had written would be the death to everything he loved about ECW.

I understand how he felt because I to used to watch ECW, but at the same time I felt it was the right thing for me to do by witting a column about my suspicions. I take my writing seriously. I felt that was something that needed to be out in the open for the pubic to think about so when the time came that what I suspected turned out to be true it would help to soften the blow.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Telling It LIke It Is, By John Michael Newton

This week: Breaking down Raw, and other thoughts.

Last night I sat down in my friends' house in Staten Island to watch RAW
with a couple of my buddies. And some interesting things happened. So let
break it down:

Starting the show off is a vignette by Edge and Lita. Suddenly my mind
kicks in gear and I try to visualize being Matt Hardy. I figure if I am
Matt Hardy, I am in the process of throwing my 3rd or 4th brick through the
TV Screen. Boys and Girls, there is a lesson to be learned. If you work
for WWE, do NOT make a stink if your girlfriend sleeps with co-workers. And
NEVER let your brother and/or tag team partner go to a rival promotion like
TNA. If you do, you will be fired and blamed for everything. Moving on.

Next match is Hassan/Davari vs. Shelton Benjamin. No promos cut as the
match starts. Pretty good action, Hassan wins with the Flatliner ERRR some
unnamed finishing move. Come to think of it, Hassan kinda DOES look like
Kanyon with a turban. Jericho of course comes into the building and
apologizes for missing his tag match but he had a hairdreser's appointment
for him and his Fozzy bandmates.

Another backstage Batista-Flair vignette, and a meaningless Bischoof
vignette, commercial break.

Jericho had a match with someone, I didn't pay attention because my Mom was
on the phone and Ronni was yelling at me for something, I can't remember

Next up, Chris the Master Piece of Crap comes out. So-called revenge match
with Dancing Stevie Richards, whose nose was broken by Masters 3 months ago.
Match lasts 4 minutes, Masters puts on the Master Lock and puts Richards
to Sleep. Unfortuneately, Master Crap has put the crowd to sleep with his
boring lame gimmick!!! During the break, crowd is given smelling salts to
wake them up.

Next the crowd was awoken by one of the best shoot promos in recent memory.
Bischoff gloating about he killed ECW. THen Vince comes out. He reveals
that he DID financially support ECW. and the great stars that came from ECW
to the WWE. ECW music hits and Vince introduces my main man PAUL HEYMAN!!!!
Heyman goes on about the legacy of ECW!!! WHole crowd chants the ECW
thing. Vince then turns to Bischoff and says, "I killed WCW". Which is not
exactly true, because WCW is now TNA, or so we think.

Leading to our next match. Benoit vs. Tajiri. Match was dissappointing, as
Benoit puts Tajiri in the Crossface using the kendo stick, kind of
innovative though.

Next up, we have Chef Viscera trying to hit on Lillian. Two things wrong
with this gimmick. Viscera can't sing, and I forgot the other thing wrong.
I will find out later. This is kinda funny and stupid at the same time.
Ends with Vis putting the lip lock on Lillian. break.

Some lame interview guy then goes to interview Kane and he cuts a promo
about pain. He basically went on to say how his career has been in pain
ever since that lame Katie Vick gimmick concoted by Cripple H killed his
career. Kane then walks out or something.

Time for the main event. Batista vs. Edge. Lots of action. Christian and
Tomko an dLita are at ringside. Towards the end, Tomko and Chtristian come
out and pummel Batista. Flair comes and helps Batista. Batista hits the
bomb for the win despite LIta's best efforts to interfere. we think it is
the end as flair and Batista embrace. Then my worst fears come true,
Cripple H's music hits. I immediately went to use the bathroom. I came out
and he was still on. Something about Flair hitting a low blow and turning
on Batista. So I went to get a snack. Cripple H said something about Hell
In A Cell, and it went off. Heck this made me think of a new recipe. To
turn a good show into an absolutely crappy show, just add Cripple H. Your
show will lose half its ratings in only 90 seconds. Compare with Jeff
Jarrett, which takes about 3 minutes to produce the same results.

Bottom line is this. WWE still can't put together a show like they used to.
In the past they could hold you in the palm of their hand for 2 hours
onstop, now I get to the point where I am falling asleep and using the can
during the show. Come on WWE, let's get it in gear!!!

In other news, Stone Cold Steve Austin said in an interview he wanted to
wrestle Hulk Hogan. Heck Hogan didn't want to work with Austin in WCW, what
makes us think he is going to do it now? We can only wait and see. Take
care and be well!!


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Review of NRW May 20th Show

By the time I made it the VFW 2093 about 5 minutes before doors open, there was already a decent crowd or eager fans lined up, ready to cheer on their favorites. The show started about 5 minutes late.

Scott Hall was introduced and said a few kind words before the show started.

The first match of the night was Stormy VS. Barney Rumble with Rico Moon. This match was a bit back and forth but Stormy had the upper hand for most of the match. Until Barney attacked referee Bad Boy. So that Rico could get in there and help Barney out. Causing the match to be a draw.

Rico threw a huge temper tantrum in the ring about how he was cheated again by "crooked commissioner" Lee Douglas. He also went as far as to state that Lee and Rico Casanova were to scared to come out and face him! Unfortunately for Moon they did come out to face him and Scott Hall came with them. Hall removed all the trash from the ring. Lee gave Stormy the win.

Match two was Mister Saint Laurent VS. Josh Rich. This match proved to be a good match even though MSL had the weight advantage. It was a great struggle for the win. Josh had a couple close calls but MSL proved to be to much of a challenge for him.

Match three was one of the more important matches of the night! The winner of this match gets to face the winner of The Dudes VS. Team No Respect for the tag team titles. This match was a three way tag team match. The participants for this match were SFX and Legion Cage VS. Big Daddy of Death Valley Crew and Destroyer VS. Rico Moon and Manson.

This match started out with two wrestlers in the ring but Lee came out and stated that one wrestler from each team must be in the ring at all time. This really got this match moving. I have to say I get more and more impressed with SFX'S ability every time I see him in the ring. He has some very impressive moves. SFX did get a pin fall over Destroyer causing Destroyers team to get disqualified. But Moon and Manson were able to get the upper hand in the match. Moon and Manson won the match getting a shot at the tag team titles.

Match four of the night was Bonez the Cutthroat VS. Frankie Capone. This match was typical of these two wrestlers. Insulting each other and not really doing anything overly impressive. Frankie was the winner of the match. By the end of this match though it did look like the ring was sagging slightly in the middle on the one side. I of course thought it was just me.

Rico Moon came out again to inform everyone that he has added a new member to his team. I think their Loonie Moonies or something. His new addition was Badd Boy.

Match five of the night was one I was really looking forward to The Dudes (Rouge and Dusty Michaels) Vs. Team No Respect (Tommy Marr and Blade Walker). After the way the Rouge and Marr match ended last month of course Rouge is going to be after Marr for taking his title. This match was a great match.

There was action going on inside and outside of the ring. Rouge was mainly feuding with Marr out side of the ring. But inside the ring Walker slammed Dusty on to the ring with such force you could see that the ring was breaking in the middle! While they continued to battle in the ring with the ring breaking more and more with every slam.

Marr and Rouge continued to beat the hell out of each other inside the ring. You really didn't know what action you wanted to watch more. But kept getting drawn to the action inside the ring waiting to see what would happen. Would it break with the force that the two wrestlers inside the ring were using or would it stay together.

Walker did end up pinning Dusty and chock slamming him with such force that the ring finally broke. Giving his team the chance to face Rico and Manson for the tag team belt that were forfeited by Axis and Python due to an injury. This match did not end a minute to soon, when the ring crew came out to look at it the one side of the ring collapsed.

At this point they had some wrestlers come back out to do more autographs and pictures like they had done during intermission. Scott Hall had been walking around and taking the time to talk to each and every one of the fans as well as the wrestlers.

Scott took this time to give one of the fans that is in a wheelchair a NWO action figure set featuring him and Kevin Nash that was autographed by both of them because he felt she had made an impact on his life. I don't care what anyone says about him I think he is a really great guy and a real asset to the wrestling community.

He isn't one that wants to keep his experience a secret he wants to share it with other wrestlers and help them become better wrestlers.

After about ten minutes Lee announced that while they were still trying to fix the ring there was going to be a falls count anywhere match with Kahagas Vs. Brian Gamble. Now let me just say I have seen Kahagas many many times and he is an awesome wrestler. Gamble on the other hand is an ex gladiator and ex roller jam skater that really hasn't found his groove in wrestling. I really don't think he will either! This match was very violent, but any match with Kahagas in it tends to be. This match was all over the VFW hall. To my disappointment Gamble got lucky and won the match.

After the match Lee got up and informed the crowd that the VFW was throwing us all out because we were too rowdy. Lee was very gracious and apologetic. Rico Casanova who is part owner of NRW never at any point got up and said anything or offered any type of compensation. I do feel that the VFW should have never booked a wrestling show if they were in fact looking for a night of bingo or a tea party!

I also feel that it was a great show even with the technical difficulties with the ring and getting thrown out but again I still feel that Rico C. should have offered some sort of compensation even if it was just a couple of dollars off at the next show with your ticket stub.

Just to show the fans hey you know what you got screwed just as much as we did but we appreciate you coming. Not well I have your money now so piss on you. Which I feel if Lee had the authority he would have because Lee is a great stand up guy!

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Impact Review for May 20,2005

First I want to start out by saying there was a dark match before the start of the taping. The wrestlers in this match were Scott Howard VS. The Wonderer. What a joke! If you would have seen these people you would have laughed they were bald and out of shape. The match sucked. The winner was Scott Howard. Now granted there are a lot of wrestlers that are local indy guys that do matches for TNA and you may not know who they are but I do because I go to the local indy shows. These guys were just old nobodies because no one knew them.

The first match on Impact was Sonny Siaki VS. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. Of course I don’t really care about either one but I was cheering for Monty because I like him more than Sonny. I swear Sonny is the only Samoan with no ring skills or personality. This match lasted about a minute before Monty creamed Sonny into Samoan hash. Monty won the match by pinfall.

Next they showed Terry Taylor interviewing Michael Shane and Traci. On a side note Shane Douglas has a bad case of the flu so he was not at the tapings or the PPV. I wish Shane a speedy recovery. Back to the interview, it was a typical Shane and Traci interview we are so great everyone else just sucks. Traci did tell Shane that he was the sexiest when he had the gold around his waist so he will be going for it.

There was another interview after that one with Mike Tenay and AJ Styles. AJ was just going on and on. He has no mic skills and they were just letting him talk about how great he was. Well if Tito wouldn’t have interfered he probably wouldn’t be wearing the gold now! Which Jeff Jarrett came out to point that out to everyone. Jeff also pointed out that he had a rematch clause in his contract so he wants to face AJ at Slamaversery. Monty came out and attacked AJ. Jeff came down to help when Abyss came out to help. X-pac and AMW came out to help AJ. The match at Slamaversery will be a King of the Mountain match with AJ, Jeff, Monty, Abyss, and a wild card.

Ok we still don’t have a match yet because Larry Z. came out to join the announcer’s table when Raven came out and hit the announcer’s table with a chair demanding that Larry make him the wild card. When Larry said he couldn’t do that Raven attacked him. Larry was holding his own but that didn’t last with Ravens rage. Dusty came out and started yelling at Raven about attacking Larry. So Dusty suspended Raven so in the rage Raven was in he told Dusty he quit!

Next came a vinyet. Yes still not another match. It was BG talking to “The Truth” Ron Killings about his “transportation” problems on Sunday. Killings was still pissed that he didn’t call him.

Finally match two of the night was Cassidy Riley VS. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. This match was good but of course Traci and Michael Shane felt the need to interfere because they want the X-Division Title. Chris Sabin came out to assist Daniels because he is still sore because of what happened on Sunday. Security had come out to break it up and I could swear that the one security guards was ex Roller Jam skater Tim "Big Nasty" Washington! Daniels did end up winning the match.

Next was not another match but you guessed it another vinyet. This one was AJ whining at Dusty about the King of the Mountain match. I mean come on he is always crying and whining about something. Dusty told AJ they had them where they wanted them. Yeah ok. I’m thinking the wild card person will be Tito.

Match three of the night was Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D’Amore and Alistar VS. AMW. Team Canada won the match with a bit of interference. But AMW had a fight at the end of the match it makes you wonder are they heading for a break up which maybe a great idea. It may help them grow as wrestlers.

Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown came out to join the announcer’s table for the main event.

The main event of the evening was Abyss VS. Chris Sabin. I thought for sure this was going to be a squash match but I was really not giving Sabin the credit he disserved. I should have realized that Sabin has the skills to take on anything TNA throws at him! Abyss won the match but that was because Michael Shane and Traci came out to interfere other wise I really think Sabin would have taken the match. Jeff and Monty went out to congratulate Abyss when he turned on them and blackhole slammed Jeff.

After this Impact you can really see that things are really heating up for TNA’S 3-year anniversary show Slamaversery PPV. I know I can’t wait to see it and I hope to see you all there.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

James Storm

I wanted to let you all know that James Storm of AMW new website is up. It’s a great looking site you should all check it out. The site is

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NRW Tonight

I wanted to remind everyone in the Orlando,Fl area that NRW is having a show tonight at the VFW Post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Dr. The show that is scheduled is going to be a great show. They have some of the most dedicated indy wrestlers in the area on the card for tonight.

There is going to be two title matches for the NRW Championship Title and for the NRW Cruiserweight Title plus they are going to have two main events! Which is almost unheard of. I do hope that senior referee Chris Carson's eyes are better for this show!

Some of the wrestlers that will be there are Chainsaw Kreuger, Apolo, The Dudes, Axis, Team SFX, Chasyn Rance, Barney Rumble, Josh Rich, And MSL. There is many more wrestlers and surprises on the card for tonight.

They are also having special guest NWO Outsideder Scott Hall on hand for photos and autographs!

Doors open at 7:15am I hope to see you all there! For more information Click Here.

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Telling It Like It John Michael Newton

This Time Around: Thoughts on Matt Hardy

"Very few of us can be totally ruthless. It isn't easy. It takes
strength than you can

-Excerpt from "Enter The

How many times have we seen this before? Vince McMahon loves twisting
knife and proving a point. I can shake a stick and go on forever at
many times he has done this, but I am going to stay on the latest
Matt Hardy.

About 2 months ago, Matt Hardy was let go from the WWE for undisclosed
reasons. Then an ugly story leaked out. Matt Hardy's real life
other, Amy Dumas (Yep, Lita) was having an affair with Adam Copeland,
known as Edge, who is married. Understandably, Matt was livid and made
feelings known. Yet he was the only one punished by Vince, in the form
his release from WWE. Fast forward to this past Monday. Lita turns on
and is now Edge's girlfriend. Such a mirror of reality.

Many wrestling fans were sickened by this, and rightfully so. But we
have seen this coming from a mile off. Vince and his band of writers
concocted this storyline for one reason only, to twist the knife in
Hardy's back a little more. But you know what? sadly it will work for
Vince McMahon. Why? This tactic has worked before: Destroy a
name before he goes to a rival promotion. This way, he can be no real
or draw. It was pretty much the worst kept secret that Matt had
from TNA, most notably his brother Jeff. So Vince Killed Matt's push
then made him the only scapegoat in Litagate, in which Edge and LIta
are now
the benefactors in the gift of a MAJOR push. Now he twists the knife
order to stain Matt's reputation.

The bottom line is this. Vince McMahon is a cold, ruthless,
individual. He is not above destroying a man's career to stay on top.
you do not believe me, ask Bret Hart. No one is going knock Vince off
top unless he is more ruthless and more calculating. Eric Bishoff came
close, but he made the mistake of being uncalculating (along with
too many people off). It is simply a sad truth to the business. Once
person comes along that can beat Mr. McMahon at his own game, then he
be on top. We may not like it, but it is a simple fact of life. You
by Vince's rules or you get destroyed. Can you blame Chris Daniels and
Styles for turning down contracts by Vince. They see what happened to
and do not want that to happen to them.

That is all for now. Feedback is welcome, especially on this issue, as
whole story has struck a nerve with a lot of fans. Take to all and be


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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fan Appreciation

Fan appreciation is important, and often overlooked.

There are several things you could do to show your fans that you appreciate them. This can be just a little thing that shows your fans that they are important to you, or it can be something that is on a much larger scale.

One of my favorite things is when sports organizations do fan appreciation nights. These are always great, for not only showing your already loyal fans that you appreciate their continuing support, but a way to drawn in new fans as well.

On fan appreciation nights there are several different things that can be used as give aways. It could be anything from a free piece of promotional merchandise (such as a key chain or a hand towel), to a free item from the concessions stand. Keep in mind if you don’t have the concessions because it is run by someone else, a free item from the concessions stand might not work.

If you have season ticket holders, they should get treated a little differently from you regular run of the mill fans. Of course, when they buy their season tickets there is normally a free gift that goes with them, such as a tee shirt or a prize pack.

They are some of your most loyal fans, so you should always do something special just for them, such as have a party with the athletes. That way, they have chance to meet their favorite athletes, and have photo opportunities.

Another thing you can do for season tickets holders if you don’t want to do the parties. or even in addition to them, you can let them either enter the venue earlier; or stay late for meet and greet opportunities.

Remember, all of your fans love to be in contact with the athletes. It makes them feel like they are more a part of what is going on with your organization; plus they get to brag to all there friends. In return you will get some good word of mouth promotions and viral marketing. Your fans will do some powerful marketing for you.

Newsletters are also something that you should have for your fans, to help keep them in the know. You can run contests that they can only be entered by joining your newsletter. Once you have them signed up for you newsletter, not only can you send them specials in the newsletter, but also if you have their home address with their sign up information you can send them Seasons Greetings cards.

If they include a birthday as well you can send them birthday cards with or with out a promotional photo or a coupon for something the next time they attend your event. The coupon could be the better of the two ,because if they haven’t been back in a while, it will entice them into coming back. No one likes to let a coupon for something free go to waste, even if they have to spend money to get it.

I hope that you find that some of these are new ideas for you to help build your business.

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TNA News

Tna on May 17,2005 signed AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels to a long-term contract. For the details go to I think in light of resent events this was a great decision for TNA to make.

Now anyone that has read my column for any length of time know what my opinion of AJ is but for anyone that hasn’t read my column before let me tell you. I don’t think that AJ is as incredible as everyone makes him out to be. He has ring skills but I don’t think he is good as lets say a Chris Sabin or a “PrimeTime” Elix Skipper. I also don’t think he has any personality, charisma, or pizzazz! There for he doesn’t need to ever talk on the mic. The less he talks the better for him. I personally don’t think he would be as far in the company if he weren’t Dusty’s boy!

Now “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels on the other hand is a great athlete with good mic skills. He has the whole package, even more so now that he has turned heel. That was the best move TNA could have done with him. I think we will continue to see great matches in the future from Fallen Angel. I would love to see him in a match again Sabin.

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Hawks Nest

Greetings citizens! Glad to see the Hurricane and Rosie are still tag champs. There was something else I was happy about....what was it???? Oh yeah that idiot HHH is off the show for a while, now if they could just stop talking about him. Looks like the draft is gonna be a little different this year, taking an entire month. Should be interesting.

Maybe during that time they can kill 2 particularly disgusting angles. 1. This Viscera sex machine deal. My wife and I were watching this week and we had to change channels and our kids were not even watching. It was just that gross. 2. Kurt Angle and Nitro Girl Paisley/Mrs. Booker T. My my Kurt how in the world did you get pulled into this crap angle? Get out because it is stupid!

Next order of business, the CD is out, the publicity push is slowing down, now do the right thing and give the belt back to JBL. Say what you will JBL was a believable champ. Cena is this decades version of the Ultimate Warrior.

Everybody loves him, is a great intercontinental / US champ, but he just isn't World title material. Sorry I am just not buying it and I don't think the fans are either. Batista is struggling but I think he will make it as long as HHH stays away. He needs a strong enemy (not Edge) like Jericho, Beniot, Booker T or Angle.
Well that's what I think how about you?

Till then fly straight

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Telling It LIke It John Michael Newton

This Week: TNA FINALLY gets it right, and other things.

I never thought I would say it, but TNA FINALLY got its main event troubles straightened out. AJ Styles is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Now it is time to get some new blood running, and this is a real positive step. Another positive step is getting Abyss as the #1 Contender, and I think judging from their last match, a Styles-Abyss feud will tear the house down. Nice touch with the 10-bell Salute to Candido, and the undercard was once again stellar, ESPECIALLY the Raven-Waltman House Of Fun match, and the AMW-Naturals match. Bottom line is that TNA finally got the missing piece of the puzzle and realized that some new blood could work at the top, not old, out of shape, past-their-prime castaways. Just keep Jarrett in the midcard where he belongs. Overall, SUPERB Effort.

WWE Judgement day is this week. Big question is, will they put the belt back on JBL or will they keep it on Cena? My guess is JBL will get it back, as Cena is going to focus on his rap career. I was kind of dissappointed in Cena's title run, as he just didn't provide that spark that I thought he would. It is too bad that Guerrero could not have another title run, but I expect pigs to fly beforethat happens. And beware the Cripple H reign of Terror coming to Smackdown....I hope not.

Raw on the other hand, has experienced a resurgernce. Batista has really surprised me. I thank the LORD above that they are trying to get new names into the main event mix, although I am sick of seeing Michaels in the picture, as he is a Cripple H crony. As for Edge, toss him out entirely. He has no business being in a main-eventer.

Well that is all for now, take care and be well

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Hard Justice Review

When I arrived yesterday there wasn't a lot of people in line and I was concerned that the turn out was going to be poor but the crowd was amazing. They were a good rowdy crowd to not one of those dead crowds that bring the whole place down.

Right before the start of the pre show The Naturals came down to rings side to thank all the fans for there support and kind words they have reserved since the loss of Chris Candido. They also said some very moving words about Chris.

The pre show started with a vinyet of Tito Ortiz talking about how cool he is. Then there was a vinyet for Shocker who is a wrestler I could do with out there are so many other talented Latino wrestlers that have more appeal.

Now on to the one match of the pre show they had a lot of vinyets in this pre show. The match was David Young VS. Sharkboy. Which to my surprise Young did have several near falls but in the end Sharkboys ring skills won out! Which Sharkboy gets to advance to the 20 man gauntlet in the PPV.

The pre show went on to show 3 more vinyets one was an interview with AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett then one on how great the world should think AJ is, the last one was Terry Taylor interviewing Jeff Jarrett.

The first match of the PPV was Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D'Amore VS. Apolo and Sonny Siaki. This match was boring. I don't think Sonny or Apolo are such wonderful wrestlers. Sonny isn't the best his family has turned out that is for sure. But before we got a chance to die of boredom Alistar came out to our rescue and help score one for the team.

Next they showed Tito , AJ, and Jeff Jarrett arriving.

The second match of the night was the mixed tag team match with Michael Shane and Trinity VS. Chris Sabin and Traci. Now before I start to go in to the match I have to comment on Traci's boots they looked like she had dead black poodles tied to her feet! Now I was suspicious of this pairing from the start but I thought maybe Traci really did change her ways. But that was not the case. After the match took a turn in Sabin and Traci's favor Traci hit Sabin with a low blow then Shane kicked Trinity in the face. Shane won the match by pin fall. Traci jumped in to Shane's arms to start celebrating.

Next were a few more vinyets while they set up the ring for the House of Fun match. There were a lot of vinyets last night.

This match was hands down the best match of the night. There were a lot of disappointed fans last night because this match was supposed to be Raven VS. Jeff Hardy but Hardy wasn't there so Sean Waltman stepped up to the plate. This match was going about 30 seconds when Raven got busted open with a trash can. It wasn't long after that when Waltman was bleeding as well. This match was very violent. To the point that some of the regular members of the TNA Pit got splashed with blood. Raven walked a way the victor after just killing Waltman. But this was to be expected with Ravens experience with ECW.

I'm sure that was just a taste of what fans will have to look forward to in the future.

Next there was a interview with Terry Taylor and DDP. Where DDP stated that he had a text message from BG James telling him he was having transportation problems and couldn't make the match. "The Truth" Ron Killings came out and told him at least he got a message he would wrestle in his place.

The fourth match of the night was "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and The Outlaw VS. DDP and "The Truth" Ron Killings. Now I can't really go into to much on this match because I lost interest early on and was not really watching it but Phi Delta Slam ran in to interfere in the match causing Monty and Outlaw to win the match.

Next was an interview with Mike Tenay and The Naturals. Again what they had to had to say was very sad but very touching listening to them talk about how much of an impact Chris Candido had on their lives and career.

The fifth match of the evening was the tag team title match with AMW Vs. The Naturals. Andy came to the ring with a yellow hand towel and draped it over a folding chair at ringside in honor of Chris then Chase started a Chris Candido chant going. You could really feel the crowd was heavy with emotion. This was a very impressive match it really showed what an incredible tag team The Naturals are. They truly deserve the titles. I think the highlight of the match was when James Storms tights got pulled down and showed off his butt and what may have been a bluish gray thong. The Naturals won the match.

Next there was yet another vinyet.

Match six of the night was Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels VS. Shocker. This match was lame I really felt like Daniels was holding back. I hope they bring in so better Latino wrestlers! Daniels won the match and retained his title.

Match seven of the night was the 20 man gauntlet. I think almost everyone in TNA was in this match except Zack Owen. He is a one legged wrestler and was really holding his own. I was shocked that he removed his prosthetic leg to wrestle. I thought it was very impressive that he could still wrestle with skill even with his disadvantage. The rest of the wrestlers in this match were Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Cassidy Riley, PrimeTime, Sharkboy, Alistar, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Sonny Siaki, Lance Hoyt, Michael Shane, Jerrelle Clark, Mikey Batts, The Outlaw, Trytan, Ron Killings, Apolo, BG James (I guess his transportation problems got sorted out), and Abyss. The last two wrestlers in the ring was Ron Killings and Abyss. The rest of the match went fairly quick Abyss won the match by pin fall and advances to the number one contender spot.

Match eight the main event of the night was Jeff Jarrett VS. AJ Styles with Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee. Now let me just say I think there was favoritism at play in this match causing Jeff to lose the title. Now don't get me wrong I think it was time for him to drop the belt but I think he could have dropped it to a better wrestler than AJ. Who in my opinion has no mic skills or personality.

Say what you want Jeff is a wrestler that makes the fans either love him or love to hate him which is part of the reason he is such a great wrestler. Now everyone one was so impressed with AJ's new finisher I was not because indy wrestler SFX has been using that finisher for a while he calls it "The Cutting Room Floor". I would have been impressed if I hadn't seen him nail it not only from off the top rope but from standing in the middle of the ring as well!

As I keep saying TNA's PPV'S get better and better all the time! I think if your not in the Orlando,FL area to see them live you should spend the money to order it! You wont be disappointed in the show you get.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

In My Oppinion

In light of recent events in the wrestling world I feel that I need to say my piece about it. As we all know Chris Candido past way. It is a very sad for wrestling fans around the world. Many of us have had the opportunity to meet him and/or see him live at a wrestling event.

But as much as we are saddened by his untimely demise his family and close friends are hurting so much more than we are! We all need to keep that in mind.

I find it disgusting that we need to speculate, spread rumors, and attack people that are trying to recover from their loss in order to heal enough to be able to move on.

First there was this big talk of some conspiracy that all the details of his death weren’t released. That maybe his death, was caused by something else. Well, I say even if there was more to his death it isn’t any of our business or they would have told us.

But from what the reports state whether it was a blood clot or a staph infection it was one of those things that happen sometimes. Which is what makes it even sadder that there wasn’t anything that could be done about it.

But the thing that I find most disturbing is that people need to attack Chris’s long time girlfriend Tammy Lynn Sytch!

She is going through a lot right now and all people can do is attack her. She was hospitalized over it. The official statement is that Tammy had a slight nervous break down but of course everyone is speculating that she was hospitalized due to drug use.

Well, you know what people!? Either way it is really none of our business if it was they would tell us! But we all need to step back and think about things before we start speculating on what is going on in some one else’s life. You know the old saying you don’t know what it’s like until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, well that is true.

Think about how you would feel if you lost your boyfriend/girlfriend the way she did. How would you feel? I know if I lost the man I loved it would tear me up inside! So if I were hospitalized because of it I know I wouldn’t want people speculating about me.

SO next time before you start to come to your own conclusions about something think about how you would feel if you were in their place!

I’m going to stop lecturing now and step off my soapbox for the time being but we really need to take a look at how we treat other people. It may just improve the way you feel about yourself and life in general.

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Tammy Lynn Sytch

The Following was posted on the UXW messageboard is responce to rummors of the reason Tammy Lynn Sytch was Hospitalized!

UXW Owner, Frank Goodman posted this on his message board:

"I am relaying a message from Tammy Lynn Sytch to all the fans of Chris and Tammy. Tammy would like to thank everyone out there for their support and Tammy DID NOT overdose on pills or anytype of drugs whatsoever! Tammy had a minor nervous breakdown and was admitted to the hospital this weekend but she is now home and feeling better and wants to thank all the wrestling fans who have sent her cards and donated money and will answer all the cards personally."

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

CCW Show

Attention all wrestling fans in the Miami, Florida area! CCW is going to have a huge show tomorrow night May 13! That’s right CCW is brave enough to have a show on Friday the 13th.

This is going to be an event worth going to see!

The wrestlers that are going to be at this event are some of the top Indy Wrestlers in Florida! Plus if that isn’t enough to make you want to go D-Lo Brown will also be wrestling.

Some of the great matches will be Scott Comodity VS. Antonio Banks, D-Lo Brown VS. “Cash Money Alex G.”, Murphy and Machete VS. Dok Rivers and Shane Mclane, and the main event for the CCW title Blackheart VS. Norman Smiley!

Also in action will be Bruno Sassi, Sean Allen, Great Kazushi, and many more!

Again I am very disappointed that I’m not in Miami area so I can go but I do hope to make one of their shows later in the year!

For ticket information check out CCW’S official website!

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ROH News

May 8th: A Tag Team Title match has been signed for this Friday's event in Dayton, OH at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Coliseum. Champions BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs will face the challenge of The Second City Saints of CM Punk & Ace Steel. Whitmer requested a title defense against Punk & Steel so he can "exorcise the demons of that street fight" (Death Before Dishonor II: Part 2). That match saw Punk & Steel win the feud against Whitmer & Dan Maff when Steel pinned Whitmer. It is perhaps the greatest hardcore style match in ROH history. Dayton will see Whitmer have a chance to even the score. We will have more matches for both Dayton and Saturday's event in Chicago tomorrow or the next day in the Newswire.

May 8th: Austin Aries has challenged Low Ki to a one-on-one match on June 12th when ROH returns to Manhattan with an afternoon event at The Super Club. Ki has accepted although ROH officials have yet to sanction this match. ROH officials refuse to grant Ki a title match. Aries has stated that he wants to defend the title in this match. Aries vs. Ki will happen on June 12th, but as of now it is a non-title match. This event will also feature the return of Six Man Mayhem and Jack Evans is the first man signed to this action packed contest. This all star show will be over in plenty of time to be able to enjoy dinner and catch the ECW PPV down the street. We will have a talent list tomorrow right here in the Newswire.

May 8th: Don't forget the 3/12/05 "Back To Basics" DVD is now in stock and available for immediate delivery at This event featured Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Spanky, James Gibson vs. Rocky Romero, Jack Evans vs. Spanky, Izzy & Deranged vs. Dixie & Azrieal with the winners getting the Special K, Homicide vs. Roderick Strong and much, much more!!! You can now get this on ROH's free shipping weekend. Check the main page of for details.

May 8th: Matt Hardy will have his first wrestling match anywhere since leaving WWE on the July 16th Woodbridge, CT event. Tickets on sale now at and Ticketmaster outlets. ROH officials have yet to begin to put together this card, but Hardy will be against a main event caliber opponent on this show.

May 8th: Jay Lethal suffered a severely injured neck at the Cop Killa/Double Stomp combo by Low Ki and Homicide at the end of last night's event. It is expected that Lethal will miss some time in ROH due to the injury. The way the move works is Ki actually double stomps Homicide's shoulders driving more force into the Cop Killa. ROH officials have already discussed banning the move since it is far too dangerous and guarantees injury. ROH officials have never banned a move in ROH history. We'll have more on this in the upcoming days.

May 8th: Jimmy Rave tried to destroy Punk with several vicious chair shots to the head at the end of last night's Dog Collar match. CM Punk cannot remember the end of the match. Punk instinctively cut a promo in the locker room right after the match and can't remember it either. Punk also suffered significant blood loss.

May 8th: Rap star Redman was in attendance at last night's show.

May 9th: ROH will keep the momentum going this weekend when it returns to two of its best crowds on Friday in Dayton and Saturday in Chicago. Tickets are available now at, by calling 215-781-2500 or at Ticketmaster outlets. The Steel Cage is coming to the Midwest for the first time ever and only time this year as each night is headlined by a huge Steel Cage grudge match. We'll have more on both main events later this week.

May 9th: ROH World Champion Austin Aries has become obsessed with having the toughest schedule of any ROH World Champion. Aries insists that he will go down in the record book as the best ROH World Champion ever. Aries better be careful because his title reign could easily come to an end this weekend. He will be faced with James Gibson on Friday in Dayton and either Homicide or Bryan Danielson on Saturday in Chicago if he gets past Gibson. It is tough enough to have one title defense against top opposition like that in a weekend, nevermind two. Aries is coming off a very punishing and tough title defense last weekend against Alex Shelley. It seems it is a matter of when, not if, this schedule wears down Aries.

May 9th: A New York City Street Fight has been signed for ROH's 6/12 afternoon event in Manhattan at The Super Club. It will be Dunn & Marcos going for revenge against Loc & Devito. This one is sure to make ECW fans happy. Loc & Devito brutally attacked Dunn & Marcos on 5/7 with hubcaps and a piledriver through a table.

May 9th: A talent list has been released for June 12th in Manhattan before the PPV down the street that night. Already signed: ROH Pure Champion Samoa Joe; The Rottweilers of Homicide & Julius Smokes; James Gibson; Colt Cabana & CM Punk of The Second City Saints; Roderick Strong & Jack Evans of Generation Next; Lacey's Angels of Deranged & Izzy; Dixie; Azrieal and The Embassy featuring Jimmy Rave. The main event has already been signed and it will be Austin Aries vs. Low Ki. Tickets on sale now at or by calling 215-781-2500.

May 9th: The 4/16/05 "Stalemate" VHS is now in stock and ready for immediate delivery at Many fans called this the best ROH event ever in the Boston area. You'll see the complete card including: Homicide vs. Bryan Danielson in a No DQ Lumberjack match; Austin Aries vs. James Gibson for the World Title; Samoa Joe vs. Nigel McGuinness vs. Alex Shelley vs. Colt Cabana in Double Stakes Four Corner Survival; CM Punk vs. The Embassy; Jay Lethal vs. Spanky for the Pure Title; Lacey's Angels vs. Dixie & Azrieal; Roderick Strong vs. El Generico; Kevin Steen vs. Vordell Walker plus backstage promos and more!!!

May 9th: Could Matt Hardy be the next ROH World Champion? Check out the Hardy article on the main page of for more info.

May 10th: In case you missed it one of the biggest matches in ROH history has just been signed for 7/16 in Woodbridge, CT as Matt Hardy will take on Christopher Daniels!!! This will be Hardy's ROH debut and Daniels' return to ROH. Finally, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will return to ROH on July 16th in a dream match vs. Matt Hardy. Tickets on sale now at, by calling 215-781-2500 or at Ticketmaster outlets. We will have much more on why this match is taking place in the upcoming weeks.

May 10th: New ROH Pure Champion Samoa Joe has stated that he is going to do the same thing for the Pure Title that he did for the ROH Title. Joe is the one that made the ROH Title into a World Title and he greatly raised the prestige of the belt. Now he will attempt to do the same for the Pure Title.

May 10th: Joe is off to a fast start in signing Pure Title defenses. He will put the belt on the line on 6/4 in ROH's Buffalo area debut against James Gibson!!! This first time ever match has all the makings of a classic. Can Gibson finally get a ROH title?

May 10th: now has new shirts for AJ Styles and Raven.

May 10th: Right now all attention is turning to the Midwest as ROH hits Dayton, OH this Friday and Chicago Ridge, IL on Saturday. There will be matches added to the show each night. Right now there is one more match officially signed for 5/14 in Chicago. It will see James Gibson takes on ROH Tag Team Champion BJ Whitmer!!! This is an important match for Gibson, who is yearning to get a ROH title belt around his waist.

May 10th: The tension has raised even higher between Colt Cabana and Nigel McGuinness. Last Saturday saw Nigel defeat Cabana after rolling him up after an accidental low blow. Cabana thinks that McGuinness might have done the low blow on purpose. Cabana went on to make fun of Nigel more in backstage segments, which raised the ire of McGuinness. Cabana picked his dream partner of Doug Williams to go up against McGuinness and his dream partner of Chad Collyer on Friday in Dayton. Saturday in Chicago will see perhaps the last singles match between the two. Who will get the best of this rivalry? To increase the stakes the winner of the Chicago match will get a Pure Title shot on 6/12 in Manhattan.

May 10th: Former Pure Champion Doug Williams sent word that he is very excited about his ROH return this weekend. He is really looking forward to wrestling both McGuinness and Collyer on Friday in Dayton as they all have similar styles. Williams said he has been studying recent tapes and is looking forward to getting back in the ring with Bryan Danielson or facing Homicide for the first time on Saturday in Chicago. Either way the fans will see a main event caliber match in Chicago.

May 10th: The sleeper match of the weekend could be the grudge bout pitting The Embassy's Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Sydal on 5/13 in Dayton. Sydal is definitely coming with something to prove. The athletic competitor was attacked by The Embassy last time in Dayton. Rave then made an example of Sydal by hitting him with the Rave clash. Now we'll see if Sydal can break out and even the score to get the biggest victory of his ROH and possibly entire wrestling career.

May 10th: What is ROH filming next with Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan? Stay tuned!!! This will be a very unique concept that has never been done before. currently has two editions of Straight Shootin' With Cornette & Heenan for sale and ready for immediate delivery. This is a wrestling education as both volumes see these legends exchange stories about their careers with lots of behind the scenes stories from every era. You can also see Heenan and Cornette oppose each other for the first time ever in a must for old school fans on ROH's "All Star Extravaganza II" double DVD set, which also includes the final Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk World Title match.

May 11th: "The Notorious 187" Homicide has stated that this is the biggest weekend of his life. The Rottweiler leader has the opportunity to win the possible feud of the year vs. Bryan Danielson in Dayton on Friday and then become World Champion in Chicago on Saturday. Homicide is on a roll of momentum after The Rottweilers dominated last week in Manhattan. Homicide will have to do it alone this weekend though, as all Rottweiler members have been banned from the shows so that we can get a decisive winner in the Homicide vs. Danielson Best Of Five series.

May 11th: ROH World Champion Austin Aries is scheduled to go to Tulancingo, Mexico for the X-Law promotion to wrestle Super Crazy this Sunday. This will be a ROH World Title match and the first time the ROH World Title will be defended in Mexico. However, Aries first must get past James Gibson on Friday in Dayton and either Bryan Danielson or Homicide on Saturday in Chicago. ROH officials are actually concerned that Aries might be taking on too ambitious of a schedule. Aries has been going nonstop since winning the belt at the beginning of the year. He has defended the belt in Florida for FIP, Iowa, Canada, Switzerland, Austria as well as other United States independents. Aries has truly brought back the days of the old school World Champion that would go to different territories to defend the title. Aries has also taken on the best in ROH and has beaten Colt Cabana in a Steel Cage, Samoa Joe in a rematch plus Homicide, Alex Shelley and a draw against James Gibson. The question is not if, but when will this schedule wear down Aries?

May 11th: James Gibson believes that Aries' title reign will come to an end on Friday in Dayton. Gibson fought Aries to a double pin on 4/16 at "Stalemate" in a bout that saw them unleash their entire arsenals on each other. Gibson even did a moonsault and springboard plancha, both of which moves he hadn't executed in about five years. These two will definitely be pulling out all the stops in Dayton. Gibson would make a very proud ROH World Champion. If Gibson wins the World Title on Friday, his Pure Title match on 6/4 in Buffalo against Samoa Joe will be changed. Gibson sent word that he is very happy he is getting a World Title match in Dayton. After the emotional response he received on 2/25, he considers Dayton a second home and he wants to give the crowd a memory they'll never forget.

May 11th: Make sure to check out the article on the main page of detailing the history of the CM Punk vs. Embassy feud including why the blood will flow this Saturday in Chicago. The Best Of CM Punk Vol. 2 "Straightedge" has been released on DVD and is ready for immediate delivery from You will see Punk in his famous feuds against Raven and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat plus Punk's best matches vs. Steve Corino, AJ Styles, Raven, Doug Williams, Bryan Danielson, Jay Lethal, Austin Aries and tag action with Colt Cabana as his partner.

May 11th: Tickets are off to a record start for both the 6/12 afternoon and 7/9 Manhattan events. Order now at or by calling 215-781-2500 for the best possible seats.

May 11th: Prince Nana has stated that AJ Styles must sign an open contract to wrestle anyone Nana wants on 6/18 in Morristown, NJ. Nana says this is the only way AJ might be able to get his hands on Jimmy Rave. We'll have AJ's response to this tomorrow right here in the Newswire.

May 11th: ROH officials attempted to add Jay Lethal to this weekend's double shot, but Lethal's neck is injured from the Double Stomp/Cop Killa combination delivered by Low Ki and Homicide at last Saturday's Manhattan event. Lethal says he probably won't be able to make 6/4 and is questionable for both 6/12 and 6/18 at this point.

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WWE releases Luther Reigns

Credit: By JON WALDMAN -- SLAM! Wrestling

World Wrestling Entertainment announced today that it has released Smackdown! superstar Luther Reigns.

Reigns, who has been with the Stamford, CT.-based organization for the last couple years, was last seen on WWE TV in a feud with The Big Show that culminated shortly after WrestleMania XXI.

"Luther Reigns has been released from World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE wishes him the best in his future endeavors," WWE stated on its website.

Reigns first became a familiar face in wrestling circles in World Championship Wrestling, working under the name Horshu. Though primarily wrestling on the company's weekend show "WCW Saturday Night", Reigns occasionally showed up on Nitro and Thunder.

Prior to coming into WWE as Kurt Angle's bodyguard, Reigns worked in WWE's developemental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling. While he would start his WWE TV career as an enforcer for Angle while he was Smackdown!'s general manager, he would eventually make his way into the ring. Much of his work was teaming with Mark Jindrak as part of Angle's revamped Team Angle.

Reigns is one of several on-air talents that have left WWE in the last few weeks, including Matt Hardy and Molly Holly.

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I'm back

I would like to thank all my readers for their understanding while I was moving and unable to post any articles. I will have a couple more posts later today such as one about the upcoming CCW show!

Telling It Like It Arguably the most stressed out man in the world right now...LOL

This Week, I am not going to do a Best Champs ever, mainly because with a very nerve racking move to a new apartment, I have not had time to research my picks. So I am going to shoot on a few things this week.

First: I may have ben a little second guessing when I spoke of the Hassan-Davari angle. The real mistake has been to end it prematurely, which it looks like they are doing. I was never a fan of the angle, as I believe in these politically sensitive and dangerous times, storylines like that have no place. Maybe in 1986, but not now. But Hassan and Davari have shown they are excellent wrestlers for one main reason. They took a storyline that was not good on paper and made it work. Sometimes we do not like the gimmicks we are handed, or we look at them, and say "You want me to do THAT??!!?, but you make it work the best you can. I knew they had talent. Heck they were one of the top tag teams in the Indies for the last year, so you know they have potential. A variety of storylines can come from the possible breakup, so we will have to wait and see.

After a three year reign of Terror at RAW, it looks like The CANCER Cripple H may FINALLY be willing to accept a reduced role in the company. Rumor has it he may be going to Smackdown soon. With a loaded talent roster, Smackdown will be a change. Thankfully, this will allowRaw to develop more talent and push new stars, something Triple H hated doing.

Furthermore on Raw, I swear, this Chris Masters gimmick had better be going somewhere. It has remained stagnant for a while, and it is getting boring. Batista looks like he is feeling more comfortable with his role as Champion. Some guys just take time. But if Triple H leaves Raw and goes to Smackdown, hipefully it will help both promotions.

Sorry Hawk, but I cannot rejoice for ECW, the WWE version of the story, coming back for one night. As far as I am concerned, it is a farce. Unless I see Taz and Sabu going at it, along with Guerrero and Malenko, as well as some other great feuds, I am not interested. Well that is all for this week, take care and be well

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Please Be Patient

Hello All,
Please be patient with me this week. I am moving into a new home and will be back to posting soon.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Jarrett: TNA strives to innovate

NWA champion talks business with SLAM! Wrestling

(sorry No Photo)
Jeff Jarrett makes no apologies about his efforts to innovate
professional wrestling. Photo courtesy of
ORLANDO -- It's Tuesday afternoon, just two days after the Lockdown
pay per view (PPV) and Jeff Jarrett is as busy as ever.

He is an active professional wrestler, current holder of the
National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) world heavyweight title. He is a
member of the higher echelon of the Total Nonstop Action (TNA)
promotion, crusading to secure a sound financial future for his
upstart company. He's a family man, trying to maintain some
semblance of a personal life in the maelstrom world of professional

At soundstage 21 at Universal Studios Florida, Jarrett sets aside a
few precious minutes to talk to SLAM! Wrestling. When asked about
his life and the multitude of distractions that consume him on a
daily basis, he gives an all too commonly heard answer for what
keeps him going.

"This is what I love," said Jarrett. "I grew up in this business,
it's my passion. You have to live it, eat it, sleep it, think it and
that's what I do. It certainly hasn't been easy."

Nowhere more in his career is wrestling testing his commitment than
in the last few years with TNA. From the date of its inception in
2002, the company was staring at certain oblivion when their
financial backers pulled out after only a few months. Saved by Panda
Energy, now the majority shareholders, TNA had to then convince
wrestling fans to shell out money on a weekly basis via their
initial weekly PPV format.

Along with the various personalities that have come and gone from
the promotion and the struggle to create superstars who draw a
paying audience, to say that the lifespan of TNA has been tumultuous
would be an understatement.

But despite the hurdles, they're still here, proving the skeptics
wrong and establishing themselves as the wrestling company that just
won't die. "June will be our third year anniversary. Nobody thought
that would happen and I'm excited," Jarrett said. "In the next three
to six months, TNA is going to take it to another level."

But that's par for the course.

As Jarrett explained, paramount to TNA prospering is creating a
unique identity. Nowhere have they achieved that with glowing
results than in the X Division, where the roster was given a
platform to innovate and produced a clear majority of the
promotion's most outstanding, high impact contests to date.

"The X Division truly sets us a part from any other wrestling
company in the world," said Jarrett. "TNA is truly cutting edge. We
have to be -- we can't rest on yesterday's laurels of the business.
We got to bring new things to the table and we continue to strive to
do that."

From there, the evolution of the Ultimate X matches, where
competitors would dangle above the ring from wires. The concept
delivered something new to fans while traditionalists bemoaned
another entrenched gimmick.

"It is the most important factor that we have to set ourselves
apart, not just from our competition of today, but the entire
industry. In any kind of entertainment or sporting business, you
have to have that fan base. If the fans aren't excited, if their
creative juices aren't flowing, it makes for a stale product," said

"In TNA, we attempted the six-sided ring. A lot of people said it's
so non-traditional. Now, when I look at a four-sided ring, I feel
that's almost old school," he continued. "In this business, it can't
grow unless you take risks and chances. We try things here at TNA to
try and take the business to the next level."

Their most recent initiative, April's all steel cage Lockdown PPV,
was decried by some as watering down the aura of the steel cage.

"It was going to be critically acclaimed, either positively or
negatively," admitted Jarrett. "It was a gamble and we knew that --
eight cage matches with different stipulations. In my opinion, if
you're a wrestling fan, you got your money's worth."

Flawless it was not, but neither was it lackluster, with the TNA
roster tasked with the mission of making Lockdown worthy of
attention and in doing so, silence the naysayers.

No other match achieved than the main event where A.J. Styles took
on Abyss. It was a contest that clearly established Styles as the go
to performer who can deliver when it's needed the most.

Other standout matches included Christopher Daniels successfully
defending his X-Division title against Elix Skipper, the four-man
elimination bout featuring Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Shocker and
Michael Shane and America's Most Wanted retaining the tag team
championship title against Team Canada.

As always, it was the roster that took ball given to them and ran
with it, with a raucous Orlando crowd cheering them on all the way.

"From top to bottom, the effort from everyone who stepped in the
ring was unbelievable," reflected Jarrett.

The effort to establish TNA as the new alternative is not only being
marketed to the disenfranchised, but corporate America. While the
promotion has acquired television clearance on Fox Sports Net
channel, they are still in the chase to secure a lucrative weeknight
time slot that will put the promotion back into the collective
consciousness of casual wrestling fans.

"It's a lot easier from the inside looking out than opposed to being
on the outside looking in," said Jarrett, explaining that their
focus on innovation is crucial to garnering interest from the power
brokers of the entertainment world who can grant TNA the exposure
they need. "I understand that some people are scratching their heads
on certain issues. There are certain issues that we have to
distinguish ourselves when we are facing corporate America."

TNA's next PPV, entitled Hard Justice, will take place May 15th.
Visit TNA online for more details.

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