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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Allison Danger Interview

People tend to start interviews with wrestlers asking how you broke into the industry, what made you want to be a wrestler and so on. My first question to you is this: When you "retire" or choose to end your wrestling career, what will you have achieved?

I hope to have ended my time in wrestling on a positive note, with several more trips to Japan and hopefully some time working in Europe plus having expanded across the States more. I hope any humble contribution I may have made to women's wrestling was a positive one not just for myself but for fans of women's wrestling and future females in wrestling.

Over the past few years you've developed quite a following through your work in ROH, Chikara and elsewhere. Which of your matches to date stand out for you?

In ROH I have really enjoyed being a part of the three women's Four Corner Survival matches. Chikara has been wonderful too, working with Daizee Haze there and joining up with Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy. I am very proud of a lot of the stuff with Daizee, including our IWA Mid South matches.

You had the opportunity to be on TNA Xplosion a few months back. How was the setup down there, and has the possibility of returning been discussed at all?

I enjoyed the three times I was down in Nashville and given the opportunity to do Xplosion. The last time I went I was with Becky Bayless and we had a blast. Everyone there was very cool and made me feel welcome and it was an absolute pleasure to be there. To this point, no discussion has been made to me going back down but doors open and close everyday so you never know what may happen down the line.

ROH announced last week that you've parted company with them, saying it was simply a case of your run being over. Is the door open for you to return in the future to pick up from where you left off, perhaps to kick-start the whole Prophecy angle?

At this point, the run is over and no talk of me coming back or a restart of the Prophecy has been proposed. We had our time in the spotlight with the Prophecy and it saddens me to see it go as I adored the time I had there and was so lucky to work with the talented guys that I did. But the time has come to put it to bed.

Can you see ROH ever expanding to the same level as say TNA, and trying to land a TV deal?

Quite possibly. The sky is the limit for ROH. And with the talented men and women on their roster I have no doubt huge things could be in store.

Apart from your brother (Steve Corino), who has been a positive influence on you and your career?

Wow, a lot of people. I will keep it short for if I name too many and miss others I will feel awful. So many awesome people have crossed my path and I have been made better for the experience. Francine, Sandman, Mike Kehner, Rapid Fire Maldonado, Skayde, the gang at the Chikara Wrestle factory, Claudio Castagnoli, Christopher Daniels and Chris Hero.

Have you learnt anything about yourself from your experiences in the ring?

That I underestimate myself too much for fear of failing. But to not try at all is failing too.

Here in the UK, I don't believe we've had the pleasure to see you live, other than minimal coverage via The Wrestling Channel. Is the UK somewhere that you'd like to work? Do you follow the UK scene at all?

My knowledge of the UK scene unfortunately is very limited. I know of promotions and workers there from stories of friends who have had the honor of working in the UK. I would lbe priveleged to work there and see everything the UK has to offer.

So where can we see you in action over the next few months?

You will be seeing plenty of me in Chikara and various other independent promotions.

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Harley Race Interview


The first question to ask is how did you become involved in the wrestling industry?

I saw it for the first time on KQ2 television in St. Joe, MO and said to myself, "That's what I'm going to do!!"

Your wrestling career spanned close to four decades. During that time you won an amazing eight NWA World Championships, the first of those being back in 1973 when you defeated Dory Funk Jnr in a match you consider to be your best. Looking back, what memories do you still have of that match?

The disbelief on the faces of the people. Even on my son's face!. The roar from the fans when I went over as well.

As well as your feud with the Funks, you had great rivalries and battles with names such as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Bruiser Brody and more. Did you find that all the great names were as easy to work with as each other?

Pretty much. I have had great matches with them all.

The NWA torch was passed from yourself to Flair after your historic battle at the first ever Starrcade event. What are your memories of the build-up to that event?

Coming to the end of your career isn't fun, but I think of all the fun that Ric and I had over the years. I had a great life!

Did you feel the timing was right to let Flair take over?


A couple of years after that, you signed with Vince McMahon and joined the then WWF. How easy did you find it at first to settle into the WWF?

The only real difference was that I didn't have to go on for an hour every night! It was fun.

You were aligned with long time friend Bobby Heenan. Although you and Heenan got along, did you feel that you could have got over with the crowd without a manager?

I had been over with the fans for more than thirty years, but to be with Heenan again was fun. We'd been together back in the 1960's as well.

Given your huge success prior to signing with WWF, were you disappointed with the way you were booked?

No, not at all. I went to the WWF to get young guys over, and in hopes to teach there as well.

Was there ever talk of a program up against Hulk Hogan?

I had a short run with Hogan while was there, but in general Hogan wanted to stay away from me.

Injuries hampered your WWF run and you left the company, only to return to TV a few years later with WCW, this time as a manager. You were in the corner of both Lex Luger and Vader as they went on to hold titles. At that time, did you see any notable differences between the way WCW and the WWF conducted their business, or were you just happy to be involved again?

In the WWF, the business was ran by somebody who knew the wrestling business. WCW wasn't.

Injuries once again forced you to leave a company, and after a few more years you set up World League Wrestling. What spurred you to setting up your own promotion?

The wrestling world needed some new talent, and I needed something new to do!

How has WLW progressed since you set it up back in 1999?

I think we have come a long way in the five years we've been in business.

WWE are putting their trust in Batista, John Cena and Randy Orton to take the company forward. Given that the company has suffered at it's inability to create a mainstream star to follow the likes of The Rock and Steve Austin, do you feel these individuals can create the same buzz that they did in the late 1990's?

The WWE will do great if they move back to wrestling...and that is spelled with a capital 'W'!

How did it feel to be involved with WWE again when you were asked to play a part in putting Orton over as the "Legend Killer"?

It was good. In my career I've wrestled Randy's Grandfather and Randy's Father. The whole Orton family is great.

Are there any stand out talents who you work with at WLW who you feel can go on to WWE success?

Yes, definately. One of my guys, Trevor (Rhodes), has just signed a three year deal with WWE.

Finally, what are the future plans, both short-term and long-term for yourself and WLW?

Just keep on keeping on!

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By: TNA Press Release
6/30/2005 3:24:29 PM


Nashville, TN (June 30, 2005) – TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Navarre Corporation to distribute Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s entire catalog of home videos in the United States and Canada.

“We are very excited about the potential of this partnership with Navarre,” said Dixie Carter, President TNA Entertainment. “Their ability to showcase our product to major retailers around North America will bolster the growth of TNA Wrestling and expose our brand of professional wrestling to a wider audience.”

Navarre Corporation distributes a broad range of PC software, video games and accessories, DVD Video and music. Navarre’s Entertainment Media group exclusively distributes independent music covering all musical genres.

Bob Freese, VP/GM Navarre Entertainment Media stated, “We are looking forward to working with TNA Entertainment to bring their great line-up of titles to our customers. The product offers us a variety of promotional opportunities with our chain, independent and e-tail accounts.”

Among the titles that will be distributed by Navarre are the popular line of TNA Wrestling pay-per-view events such as “Victory Road”, “Turning Point” & “Lockdown.” Also available will be TNA superstar videos, including soon to be released titles such as “Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy” and “The Best of AJ Styles Volume 2.”

TNA Wrestling is the new wrestling alternative, focusing on delivering quality, high-flying, athletic-based professional wrestling. TNA utilizes the ground breaking Six Sided Ring and has been critically acclaimed for its innovative wrestling creations such as the X-Division, Ultimate X match, Six Sides of Steel and King of the Mountain match, among others. TNA Wrestling programs are seen in over 118 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR) is a leading publisher and distributor of home entertainment PC software, video games and accessories, DVD Video and music. The company's customers include a wide spectrum of national and regional retailers. The customer base includes mass merchants, specialty stores, wholesales, e-tailers, national and regional one-stops. The company operates a business-to-business website,, which provides product fulfillment to both traditional and e-commerce retailers.

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TNA Reaches Deal With Real Broadcast Network To Stream "iMPACT!" News



(Nashville, TN) June 29, 2005 - TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today a deal with Real Broadcast Network to stream “iMPACT!” online. The first broadcast will debut this Friday, July 1, 2005 at 4pm ET.

The online broadcasts will be available free to TNA Wrestling fans in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

On Friday afternoon beginning at 4pm ET, fans who visit the website will be provided a link to click on to watch “iMPACT!” in streaming format, much like watching it on television. The “RealPlayer” will be required to view “iMPACT!”. All online broadcasts will be archived for fans to watch at their convenience.

TNA also announced that “iMPACT!” would be available in the following markets:

Sun Sports in Florida: Friday at Midnight

Time Warner Cable of New York City: Tuesday 8PM on channel 94

Augusta, GA: WBEK Saturday 8PM and Tuesday 9PM

Cedar Rapids, IA: KWWF Friday 8PM and Sunday 7PM

Urban America TV: Tuesday 10PM and Saturday 1AM

The complete lineup for this week's “iMPACT!” is as follows:

Sean Waltman vs. Sonjay Dutt, Lance Hoyt vs. Team Canada's Eric Young, Abyss vs. Sonny Siaki, America's Most Wanted vs. Simon Diamond and Trytan, The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Alex Shelley, plus, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven and TNA X Division Champion The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. More matches for “No Surrender” on pay-per-view will also be announced!

RealNetworks, Inc. is the leading creator of digital media services and software including Rhapsody®, RealPlayer 10, and casual PC-based and mobile games.

Monday, June 27, 2005

traci's problem, my clothing by Trinity

The following post was taken from two posts made by Trinity in responce to a comment Traci Brooks had made about the outfit that Trinity was wearing at Slammiversery! I personally think if you have the body to wear an outfit like that more power to you! Maybe Traci is just jealous because she doesn't have the body to wear it!

Well I just want to apologize for the outfit I wore for Slammiversary, traci has said that I drew too much attention to myself instead of what was going on in the ring and that I think about myself too much. Wow, I didn't think she felt that way because of the way she sticks out her chest in every one of her outfits for everyone to stare at or the way she flirts with everyone as to draw attention to herself always or other things....

Well again, I'm flattered that she is saying I was standing out so much as to take attention away from the ring, I still think people were watching the wrestling. Oh I thought that's why she , I wore that outfit before no big deal, and hey she's got the boobs and certainly flaunts them, I got a body, don't be a hater Traci. Oh and she said I think about myself too much, again that's her being such a kiss ass.

I don't want to be like her so I'm me, but talk about thinking about yourself so much, listen people talk about all the things she does thinking about herself and her career. I try to work hard and do my best always and as a female that is looking good as well.

That shouldn't have even been mentioned by her, hello traci, this is the wrestling business, just because she doesn't have an extensive wardrobe, she shouldn't be talking about how I look, act and dress, cause there is far more to talk about when it comes to her in those categories.

You know it's always been that way with her, she is always so concerned on what I do say and where at that company, I could give a shit about what she does, she needs to stop worrying about others and worry about herself, she ain't all that.

oh and one more thing, If TNA had nothing to say about my outfit and didn't tell me to change, who is she to suggest anything about my outfit. This is just so funny because what job does she work in and what business is she in, because again, this is wrestling, the woman are supposed to be sexy, maybe she can learn a thing or two lol

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Andrew "Test" Martin


As you're taking bookings again, obviously you're back to full fitness. Are you just as strong and "ready to go" as you were before the injury?

I have completed my rehab and I'm in the best shape of my life! I'm stronger and more “ready to go” than ever before.

The topic of 'WWE releasing injured wrestlers' has come up again recently with the high profile firing of Matt Hardy. What happened in the run up to your release from WWE?

I had no idea what was coming. I had literally broken my neck for the company and was going through major surgery, and then extensive rehab when all of a sudden I received notice of my release.

Was there any signs prior to you getting the call that Vince was looking to offload you, especially since you were on the injured list?

No. None at all.

Prior to being off the road with injuries, you worked a lot with Scott Steiner. How did you find working with Scott?

Working with Scott was great. Anytime you get a chance to work with somebody of his stature in the business, you can only learn and get better from those experiences.

Given his well documented intensity out of the ring as well as in, did the two of you get along on a personal level as well as in the ring?

I have a great deal of respect for Scott. We got along very well both in and out of the ring. I just think he was misused by the WWE.

Your first real angle in the WWE (then the WWF) was the wedding angle with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. At the time, that made for great television. What was the locker room like when you first entered the WWF, and how much fun was that angle?

The WWE is a very political company. I tried to stay out of the politics as much as I could, but there was always some petty jealousy because I was chosen for that angle. It was exciting at first but then it became quite a hassle over time. I was glad when it was over to be honest.

Going back to 1999 and the Summerslam PPV. Your match with Shane McMahon was over huge with the fans, and it really looked like you could have made a push for a main event spot. Was that ever on the horizon at all?

Shane and I were and still are very good friends. I never tried to use our friendship in any way to gain an advantage. I have no idea why things did not progress beyond that match and I never asked Shane why.

Were their any issues with management or other wrestlers that prevented you from moving to the next level do you think?

None that I am aware of.

After Vince bought WCW, you became involved with the Alliance. Every wrestling fan in the world would have loved the opportunity to have booked the whole 'Invasion'. Personally, I think it was handled badly. How did you feel about it?

I agree. I thought it had a lot of potential that went unfulfilled.

During your time working for Vince, Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista have all come through the ranks. Do you see these guys as the people who can bring WWE and wrestling as a whole back to the levels experienced during the whole 'Attitude' era?

It’s the fans who will decide that through their support at the Arena's and the Pay-Per-Views. Based on the attendances, ratings and buy rates I am seeing now, I do not feel that the fans feel they are messiah's to bring things back to the way they were in the heyday of the company.

If you were booking for WWE, which guys would you be pushing who you feel have been overlooked?

No comment!

What memories (good or bad) did you leave WWE with? Which guys do you still keep in contact with?

I consider myself very fortunate to have had a great seven year run with the WWE. I am grateful that they gave me my start, and grateful for all the friends and experience I got while I was there. I still stay in touch with A-Train, Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn most.

Away from WWE, let's look at the present and the future. You're ring ready and fighting fit. What are the goals and aims for Andrew Martin in 2005?

My goals are to see the world, meet my wonderful fans and enjoy life to the max.

Is it safe to say the 'Testicles' catchphrase is now dead and buried?


It seems every time a wrestler leaves WWE, we get asked this question a million times, but have TNA expressed an interest in bringing you in?

Yes they have. There have been some discussions. But nothing firm has happened yet.

Finally, where can we see you in action in the near future?

My agent, Rob Russen, has booked dates both domestically and internationally for me. I began my comeback in Italy recently and have several future tours already scheduled there. I have many appearances scheduled in the U.S. including the huge WrestleReunion 2 show on August 27 in Valley Forge, PA, and I have a tour to Australia scheduled for October as well!

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cassidy Riley Interview


Slammiversary' is in the books, and we turn our attention to TNA's next PPV - 'No Surrender'. Despite the problems with TNA's TV situation right now, morale appears to be good down at Universal Studios. How are you enjoying your time with TNA right now?

I am loving it. I am so greatful to be part of a company that is about to revolutionize the wrestling business. Slammiversary was great. Three years down and we are just getting started!

The WGN TV deal recently fell through, and there's plenty of talk about an imminent deal being inked with Spike TV. Do you feel a deal with WGN would have been a bad move for TNA to take?

In my opinion - which doesn't really matter - I would say it would have been ok, but maybe not the best. From what I have heard we would have been pre-empted by all the Cubs and Bulls games that fell in our time slot. When you are competing in such a valuable time slot, that could hurt you business wise.

Going back to how you broke into the business. As a kid, were you a Hulkamaniac who always wanted to be a wrestler?

I don't know about a hulkamaniac, but I loved wrestling. I grew up watching Bill Watts' promotion (Mid-South Wrestling), then it became UWF before being sold to the Crocketts.

What are your memories of training, and working your first match?

The first time I was ever in the ring was with Terry Taylor and Tommy Rogers. They were two guys that I grew up and idolised, so that was great. One of my memories of training? we were holding a try out and after we had already done 500 squats, 250 push ups and 250 sit ups, they had us hit the ropes. I have to admit I threw up and it was not pretty. As soon as I did, I was right back in the ring doing drills. It was hard. Today so many places make it easy to train and are easy on the guys. I can't stand that. If you can't hack it, you don't need to be in the ring.
My first match was against a guy named Cedric Crain. We had trained together so we knew each other well. It was in Brighton, TN. and it was pretty good I thought. I was nervous as hell, I do remember that.

You've worked for numerous independent promotions as well as TNA, but you also worked a few WWE shows. Was there ever any talk of a development deal with WWE?

No not really. When I was there they still had so many guys from WCW that they were trying to find a spot for and I think the timing was just not right.

What led to you being offered a deal with TNA?

I have worked on and off with TNA since the conception. Chase Stevens and I use to tag as 'The Hotshots' in the early days. They had been on me to make the move to Nashville for some time, and so I finally did. When I moved to Nashville they moved to Orlando. I would fly myself down to the tapings and I think that they saw that I really wanted to be part of the team. I had a meeting with Dusty Rhodes and he liked what I had to say, and started using me on a regular basis.

You've worked a lot with Dustin Rhodes during your spell in TNA. Personally speaking I've always thought that TNA should have pushed him as a serious contender for the NWA Championship. Do you feel that certain people in TNA are being overlooked?

Well not only in TNA I think that it happens anywhere you work. There are people who have certain ties to people in charge and that may help them out. There is a lot of politics in wrestling, as well as anything else.

How long are you under contract with TNA?

I am not under contact actually. I have been told that when the new TV deal is inked that they will be offering me a contract then.

Has there been any interest from other parties (ie WWE), and if so, would you consider a jump?

If there is any interest, I have not been made aware of it. I would consider anything. There is one thing I have learned in this business: "never say never".

Finally, what does the future hold for Cassidy Riley?

Great things I believe. I am confident that I will leave a big mark on this business for many years to came, God willing!

Cassidy is available for Independent bookings and may be contacted through his official website at

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Impact Review

I arrived at Universal Studio 21 to find a very excited crowd of TNA fans! There was so much for them to talk about with the every impressive PPV Slammiversary on Sunday and all the TNA rumors in general that are flying around the Internet at great speed.

There was so much for the fans to talk about that the wait didn’t seem so bad. I think it is a very exciting time for TNA with them redoing the bleachers in Studio 21 to their TV negotiations! Plus there was talk about Raven the new NWA Heavyweight Champion going to the hospital after Slammiversary for stitches in his forehead on Sunday.

The first match of the night was Michael Shane with Traci VS. one half of AMW Cowboy James Storm with his tag team partner Wildcat Chris Harris. Of course as soon as the match started Traci had to get involved. I guess this is because TNA is seriously lacking a woman’s division! But I have to agree with what Jerry Jarrett said about the matter back in November there just isn’t the female talent out there to justify a woman’s division.

But with Traci’s involvement is gave Chris his chance to interfere as well. Senior Referee Rudy Charles finally decided that he should eject both Traci and Chris. But since Shane isn’t HBK by any stretch of the imagination no matter what he wants you to think he was unable to win the match on his own. So Traci brought Alex Shelley out on the ramp to beg him to intervene in the match. Shelley did a lot of “well I don’t know” but Shelley finally decided to run in at the last moment to help Shane win the match. Harris did run out to the ringside but it was to late to help his partner!

Something I forgot to mention for the next couple of Impact tapings they didn’t show us any vinveys! Which I was very happy about because I am totally bored with them and you can’t always hear them.

Match two of the night was David Young VS. Sharkboy. This match was so so because of Young I am really not impressed with his “skills.” I think there are a lot more indy wrestlers that could wrestle circles around him that are more deserving of a chance to prove themselves. But again on the bright side of the match it’s always great to see Sharkboy in action! I’m glad to see him back in TNA’s six-sided ring. Sharkboy won the match, which was no real surprise.

Match three of the night was Samoa Joe VS. Delirious. Sunday was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Samoa Joe in action and I have to say it was quite impressive, not that I am surprised considering the great wrestling family he comes from. Delirious on the other hand is a weird little freak that the second he comes out you want to see him get squashed like a bug! Which is exactly what Samoa Joe was doing until he got Delirious in a submission move that ended the match.

Match four of the night was “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels VS. “Primetime” Elix Skipper. The match started right away when Elix came out he ran up the other ramp and waited off to the side for Daniels and attacked Daniels as soon as he came out. This match was much better than the last time these two fine athletes met in the ring. I still don’t think the match gave us all they could but it was a very good match. Daniels did win the match but I don’t know how much longer he will get to keep his title with the other top x-division stars hot after his title!

Raven came out to the ring to talk about how glad he was that he got to fulfill his destiny by winning the title on Sunday. Of course being a huge Raven fan I hate to say this but I think he used this speech before after he won another title. Of course while Raven was patting himself on the back about his accomplishments when the most unlikely person came out!

James Mitchell came out to tell Raven not to get to comfortable with his title because his wrestler is going to take it from him! Mitchell’s wrestler turned out to be the monster Abyss. Which Raven said that he hopes that Abyss is smart enough not to get involved with someone like Mitchell. But I guess Abyss isn’t since he came out and attacked Raven from behind giving him a black hole slam. Then leaving with a very happy James Mitchell. Well, as happy as someone like James Mitchell can get. I can’t wait to see what will be happening with the renewal of this feud in the future.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Joe’s Journal part 2

Well I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated about my accomplishments
and failures. Okay to start out I’ve come a long way since day one. Last night
I had my first match in the training arena. It was 4 teams. Everyone men on the
teams were against everyone. Altogether I was in the match for 30 mins. After that I took a breather.

Then I was in the ring and training with a guy named Ricky who has been to the big times. He taped some matches with Velocity. He taught me a little bit more about physiology. After that he and I trained up a little more. I would give him a few things and he switch it up tell me the few ways of getting in something or getting out of something.

After that I was in the ring with a guy named Erin and he was able to show me a few things. We learned a feeding drill with the guys. He and I added some stuff into it. We would start by locking up and I would give him a boot. I would shoot him into the ropes and give him a shoulder block.

He would then feed up to me and I would shoot him into the ropes again. I would clothesline him and he would feed up and I would body slam him. He would get up and I would give him a boot and then DDT. I would cover him and he kicked out, after that he did the same thing but in the end he would give me a hellacious clothesline.

He would pin me and we would be done, after that I went home and I was sore but feeling good. Now this will be my last installment until after next week. Cause I’ll be working Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. But I will try to get in. Until next time, stay safe.

Booker T to play two more years New school, new wife current focus of Smackdown! star


From the archives: Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray & Booker T
Life is great when you're Booker T. The Smackdown! superstar recently married long-time girlfriend Sharmell Sullivan (who was Paisley in WCW), opened a wrestling school in Houston, Texas with brother Stevie Ray, and is looking forward to the final two years of his in-ring career.

"I recently renewed my contract," Booker told the popular show Wrestletalk Radio recently. "I tried to sign for just one more year but the company believed in me enough to ask me to sign for two, so I will definitely be on your TV for two more years."

It has been an interesting -- and at times controversial -- ride for Booker, who came to WWE after WCW folded. He still remembers the final Nitro in Panama City, Florida.

"The atmosphere was somber and a lot of guys were sad that it was all coming to an end. It was the end of an era. It was something special for myself because I got to fulfill my dreams in another way, I always wondered how I would do in WWE and I knew that my chance had come. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was the United States champion going in and won the World Title from Scott Steiner that night so it was a great night for me in that aspect. To work with Scott to end it was cool, we had a lot of history together, Harlem Heat had a lot of matches with The Steiner Brothers so to do it with Scott meant a lot."

While he misses WCW, his run with WWE has been enjoyable, with the highlight being his three appearances at Wrestlemania against Edge, Triple H and a four corners tag title defence with Rob Van Dam.

"Being part of Wrestlemania is something every wrestler wants to do regardless of where you are. Working in WCW when 'Mania came around you wished you were there. I really enjoyed watching the promos and the big build ups and wondered what it would be like, I wished for one of them for myself. When I did the feud with Triple H it was unbelievable to go out (at Wrestlemania XIX) and wrestle for the title and take the people on a rollercoaster ride. It didn't go that way my night and was something I wouldn't trade for the world."

Booker has settled down however and is focusing on interests outside of the ring in addition to his career. Marrying Sharmell was one of the best days of his life.

"We were together for five years, lived together and then got married. It wasn't one of those Cinderella stories, we fell in love right away but we didn't fall into a relationship and get married, we wanted to make sure it was right before we got married. In the business it can be lonely, especially at the top. The night I won the WCW title I was so beat up and tired I was in my hotel room, I had the belt with me and no one to celebrate with. People imagine everything is great and lovely, but at the time I was the WCW champion it was a lonely time, my relationship was in chaos. To have my wife with me to share it now is pretty cool."

Booker and Sharmell were recently in a high profile feud with Kurt Angle prior to the former Olympian being drafted to Raw, which raised some eyebrows due to its sexual nature.

"I am definitely comfortable with it. It's TV, no different then anything else you can watch. If you take it too seriously you would get caught up on. Everything we have done has been good quality and good taste and I wouldn't let it be any other way. I don't have any say in writing the storyline but I have a say in what my wife and I are willing to do. We are all human beings, we have to leave that arena and come home so there has to be a certain level of respect."

The other big news is the opening of the Booker T and Stevie Ray Wrestling Academy in Houston, Texas.

"It is something I have always wanted to do and we finally got it kicked off. We have been getting a lot of good feedback, working with guys like Dean Malenko and Steve Keirn who are great trainers has put me on the right track. The training business is something new for me so having guys like that tutor me is great. I will be doing most of the training. Classes are going to be two or three days a week. If it takes me four months to train them, we will take it, five months, sure. It will be an individual basis. After the training is up, we aren't just taking kids' money and telling them to go, they can still be part of what we do, our shows and fundraisers and give guys experience. There will be dues every month just to continue to be part of the Academy. I make it clear that they won't make a million dollars, to get into the business is an adventure in itself and say 'I have been on a hell of a ride' regardless of where you go with it."

It's becoming a trend that established wrestlers are starting to get into the training game.

"Here in Houston there have been guys pretending to be trainers for a long time, taking guys' money and having no direction for kids to go. I am close to the end of my career, I have a lot left in me to do but I want to go out the right way. I will train students the way I was taught, to create things the way I used to watch it. When I was a kid everyone had their own unique style and you knew why you liked them or hated them. The way people are trained today the kids don't get that. I feel like I have an obligation to give back in that aspect and train kids and get them on the right track. Hopefully a few of them can go around the world and do their thing."

Booker is willing to put his name on the line for those who have the same passion for the business that took him to five WCW titles and ten WCW tag team championships.

"You need to be trained by someone reputable and your word is everything in this business. If you go to a promoter they will ask who trained you. If it's Joe Blow they will probably send you out, but if Booker T or Stevie Ray trained you it will get a lot more respect and they will look at you differently. I've been in this business for fifteen years and my respect is my word for what I have given to other people and what I expect to get back."

Before he steps out of the spotlight to focus on his students, Booker has a few more plans inside the squared circle including gunning for a final run at World Champion, and re-igniting his most famous feud.

"We just had a big addition to Smackdown! with Chris Benoit coming over. Everyone knows our history and wants to see a best of seven series one more time. I came out on top the first time, but years later it would be interesting to see how it goes now," he concluded.

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Kid Kash has a lot to say Hot indy hand spouts off on TNA, America's Most Wanted, ECW and more

Credit:By STEVE RENNIE - SLAM! Wrestling

Kid Kash caused quite a stir earlier this year when he openly criticized TNA and demanded his release. Never one to mince words, Kash had some choice words for his former employer when contacted by SLAM! Wrestling.

"I'd been there for three years and not one single iota of a pay raise or anything. I asked many times for one, but it never seemed to be in the budget. Every time I turned around, somebody else was being hired. You can almost figure that they were making more than what I was making," said Kash. "It's a little slap in the face. I wasn't asking for hardly anything, really. I guess they appreciated me going out, putting guys over and making them look good, but they didn't appreciate me enough to make my effort worthwhile."

Kash's release was just one fork in a long road for the former welder. After being discovered at a Tennessee gym in 1990, Kash trained with Tim Horner and Ricky Morton, one half of the legendary Rock & Roll Express. Morton is quick to praise his former pupil as one of the most devoted and hard working young grapplers he's ever met.

"I've wrestled every independent show there is in the world. I have a thousand people that might ask me to train them, but maybe I only train two out of the thousand," said Morton. "He wanted to be in the business. He had the potential and he was a natural. He had the attitude. That's what attracted me to him. He was great. He asked a lot of questions. He picked my brain all the time."

David Cash, aka Kid Kash, spent his early years honing his craft on independent shows across the southern United States, wrestling Morton, Wahoo McDaniel and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. He made a brief foray into ECW in 1996 and returned to the promotion in late 1998. Kash paid his dues by putting over many of ECW's top stars. Despite a less than stellar win-loss record, the 5-foot-9, 200-pound Kash relished every moment of his time in ECW.

"Every night in ECW was like wrestling at WrestleMania," he said. "Whether it was a crowd of 15,000 at the bingo hall or an arena somewhere in front of 5,000 or 10,000, we put on the best show that we possibly could. Everybody was proud to be there."

Kash's crowning achievement came on August 26, 2000 when he defeated Rhyno to capture the ECW Television Championship. To Kash, the win was the culmination of more than a year of proving himself to ECW brass.

"Every time I was handed the ball in ECW, they advanced me. I walked in the door a nobody, and when I walked out the door, they'd made me somebody," said Kash. "They gave me the opportunity. They made me work for it, they really did. The first year that I was there, I wrestled everybody and put everybody over. I didn't mind. I loved it, because I was learning as I went. The office saw how hard I was working and putting out the effort, so every time I did something good, they would give me another step up on the ladder."

It was a stark contrast to his tenure in TNA. Kash signed with the upstart promotion in mid-2002 and spent his first few months putting over other stars. His work impressed the higher-ups at WWE, who invited Kash for a tryout match on December 9, 2002. Although he didn't receive a coveted WWE contract, he impressed everyone backstage during his match.

"After the match, everybody seemed very happy with it. Any time I've ever wrestled there, I've never gotten a bad reaction afterwards," Kash said. "Usually, whenever I go, they always put me with great workers and usually we have good matches."

Trinity and Kid Kash in TNA.
Upon returning to TNA, Kash took on Trinity as a valet and went after X Division champ Sonny Siaki. The two wrestled each other for months before Kash finally toppled Siaki on February 12, 2003 to win the title. Kash explains that the decision to put the title around his waist was politically motivated.

"I was given [the belt] to get me to sign, because I hadn't signed at that point. I was pretty happy doing what I was doing, but then they threw the belt on me and wanted me to sign," Kash said. "At that point, I just figured it was a place to be on TV and it was a place to work, so I'll give it a shot and see what happens."

Kash successfully defended the title against all comers, but his relationship with Trinity began to deteriorate. They parted ways that spring and Kash spent the summer toppling legends like Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Eaton and his trainer, Ricky Morton. Kash was then paired up with Abyss for a short time before aligning himself with Jeff Jarrett. TNA paired Kash up with newcomer Lance Hoyt (then known as Dallas) and the two defeated Low Ki and Chris Daniels on April 7, 2004 to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships. Hoyt has nothing but kind words for his former partner.

"I learned a lot about the business. Kash, from his time in the business and his ability to incite the crowd into a complete frenzy, was someone I definitely learned from. It was a great experience. He was always quick to help me out and to work with me and give me ideas and pointers and help me along in my development at TNA," said Hoyt. "He is who he is and he's done what he's done, and there's no doubting his ability both in the ring and charismatically how he incites the crowd into a frenzy. Nothing but a good situation for me to be tagging with him."

Hoyt and Kash feuded with America's Most Wanted throughout 2004. In an April 2005 interview on the Wrestling News Live Sunday Night radio show, Kash was very critical of America's Most Wanted. Although he respects Chris Harris and James Storm as people, Kash doesn't feel they deserve their position on the card in TNA, adding that stars like B.G. James, Ron Killings, Konnan, Hoyt and Elix Skipper are more deserving of the spotlight.

"They're no better than anybody else in that dressing room. They've been shoved down the people's throats for three years. They constantly have to work with people who can keep them over. They're wrestling well-known guys that actually know the business and know how to work and know how to sell and know how to make them look good," said Kash. "Not to say that they can't make themselves look good, but at the level that they're at, they should know a little more that what they do right now. I'll bet they're going to learn; they haven't been in the business that long. It takes time, and this is their first big break. It's the respect of the boys that they don't have. Not to say everybody, but there's a lot of people who feel the same way I do."

During the same interview, Kash had some strong words for TNA, even stating that he wanted out of his contract. Not surprisingly, the interview landed him in hot water with management, and he was released from his contract on April 19. "Some call it a bad move, some call it a good move. They already had their set guys and knew who was going to be in the front. There was no question about that. I just wasn't happy there, so I had to do what I had to do," Kash said.

Morton agrees that his former student made the right move by leaving the promotion, pointing out that TNA is currently without a television deal and reportedly in debt.

"I think it was one of the best decisions he made. When you come from a situation [like that], you're fighting a losing cause," Morton said. "It was a great decision for him to leave there. You can get caught up in that rat race; it's like scrambled eggs, dude. It was the best decision that I thought he made, especially if he's going to advance himself maybe to WWE. He's got a lot of potential. He's one of the best."

Hoyt wishes his former partner luck and hopes Kash is happy with whatever decision he makes. "That's something that he had to do for himself. He seems to be happy for the way things are going for him. Whatever he thinks is best for him, if he's happy with it, I'm happy with it," said Hoyt.

Kid Kash as ECW TV champ.
Since leaving TNA, Kash has performed on independent shows across the country. He recently took part in the ECW One Night Stand PPV, interfering in the main event. One day earlier, Kash wrestled 2 Cold Scorpio on Shane Douglas' Hardcore Homecoming show, wowing the crowd with a spectacular somersault flip dive from the stage to the floor of the arena. The weekend brought back many fond memories of his tenure in ECW.

"The ECW we all worked for, I think the fans appreciated the pure wrestling that we put on. It wasn't about the glitz and the glamour; it was about the hardcore product as a whole, really," Kash said. "We were talented enough to do the hardcore just right. Nobody's ever been able to accomplish that since."

Next up for Kash is the Pro Wrestling LIVE! show, which takes place on Sunday, June 26 at the Oshawa (Ontario) Civic Centre. The event, which is being presented by Warrior 1 Wrestling, will feature a thrilling bout between Kash and American Dragon. Although the two men have yet to square off between the ropes, Kash has high hopes for the match.

"I'm looking forward to having a good time and a good match. It'll be interesting; two totally different styles," said Kash, who is almost 36 years old. "He's a great technical wrestler and a sound shooter. I'm a shooter myself and at technical, I'm pretty good, but I'm also kind of a high flyer, so it could go either way. It sounds like it'll be a good one. I can't wait to get there."

If all goes well, fans could see Kash in a WWE ring by the end of the year. He's traveled to Ohio Valley Wrestling and even competed in a few dark matches recently. Kash hopes his work impressed WWE brass enough to sign him up. "You never know what the company is looking for. I might not be what they're looking for. I can only hope. I definitely would like to wrestle in one WrestleMania," he said.

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By: Voice of Wrestling
6/23/2005 2:48:01 PM

Trinity said the following on's message board yesterday:

"Whoooaa, a lot going on while I've been gone. Well let me just squash the bullsh!t first. I did not miss Tuesday's (TNA) taping due to hangin' out. First off, I would never blow off work for any reason, so that was not true. After the PPV, I was no longer needed, and yes, I'm sure that had to do with me asking for my release. Unfortunately, I'm going to hold off talking about anything else pertaining to this issue right now, due to, the way things get way out of hand on the internet and message boards. I am still doing business for myself right now so there is nothing to be said right now to what's going on.

It is very interesting to hear all your comments on what you think of both companies and where you see women and myself going and doing. I do want to thank everyone for their support through everything.

Much love and appreciation


To Visit the Message Boards: Click Here!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

TNA'S New Look

Next TNA taping is going to have a whole new look after Tuesdays taping TNA's ring crew staff ripped out all the seating that is now in the area. They are adding in all new seating so they can seat more people at their shows as well as at the PPV's. Hopefully with all the new seating they will turn away less fans!

I think this is a great idea for them. It really shows that TNA is just expanding more and more all the time. I can't wait until their new TV deal goes through so that their devoted and new fans can continue to watch their shows that just get better all the time!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Slammiversery Review

Last night was TNA third anniversary show and PPV Slammiversary! For those of you that missed the show you missed out on one hell of a show. The pre show started the night off with such a fast pace that just gained momentum the rest of the night until its triumphant finish!

The arena was standing room only by the start of the pre show. So many TNA fans wanted to be there for what would indeed become a very historic night for TNA. Not just because last night was their third anniversary but because of the shocking turn of events that would take place through out the night!

The pre show started with a very smartly dressed Larry Z coming down to the ring to make an announcement about some huge changes in TNA. The first and in my opinion the biggest one Larry made was that DOA Dusty Rhoades has resigned from TNA! Of course as Larry put it people always resign when they are getting fired!

It seems to me that Larry is stepping up to the plate to take over Dusty’s position as DOA. I personally think that Larry is more business minded in general and the change would defiantly be for the better!

While Larry was talking about the new direction TNA will be taking Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring stating that Larry was nothing but a liar and that everyone knows that Jeff was the one that ran Dusty off. Jeff also stated that he was going to take back his title tonight and show everyone that he was the true King of the Mountain.

At this point Raven came out to ring side through the crowd in his old style wrestling gear! Next thing you know about 20 security guards came running out to ring side to restrain Raven. I'm sure that one of the security guards was ex Roller Jam skater turned indy wrestler Tim Washington, another one of the security guards may have been another ex Roller Jam skater but I can't remember his name. Anyway back to the action.

Raven started to accuse Larry of being on Jeff’s side and yelling about “What about Raven” because he felt he should have been the wild card in the King of the Mountain match. Raven went after Jeff. They started to beat the hell out of each other in the ring before security was able to break up the fight. That was when it really started to get good because Jeff just went crazy and started to beat the hell out of a Hardy Party fan!

I couldn’t believe his blatant disregard for the law. Now where I was sitting I couldn’t see if the fan hit Jeff or was just screaming at him that sent him over the edge! Security broke it up and carried the fan into the back.

Now keep in mind folks this all happened before the first match of the night! The first match of the night was Apolo and Sonny Siaki VS. a returning Simon Diamond and Trytan. Now I found this match very boring for several reasons. The first one being I can’t stand Apolo or Sonny. I think they are both mediocre wrestlers at best with out any mic skills.

Which in wrestling that is a bad combination. I also think they are getting more of a push than they deserve and I hope with Larry as DOA that they will go back to being low mid card wrestlers. Then there was Trytan what more is there to say about him, other than I hope he finds a working gimmick some day. Trytan and Simon won the match. I was surprised because Trytan doesn’t really win his matches.

Next there was a vinyet of Jeff Jarrett getting arrested for assaulting a fan. I can’t say that I was shocked that he was getting arrested for it. I do hope that everything gets cleared up so he can be back for Tuesday nights Impact taping. I’m sure he is going to be very heated when he gets back.

Of course at this point everyone is thinking we now what for the King of the Mountain match. Luckily they didn’t make us wait to see what would happen. Larry made the announcement that Raven would replace Jeff. Of course I was hopping that Raven would finally fulfill his destiny by becoming heavy weight champion.

Now on to the PPV, this match was a 6 way all face match. I do have to do an apology/correction because the one legged wrestler is actually Zack Gowan not Zack Owen. It is a little hard to here at the events when they are live. The 6 sensational X-Division wrestlers in this match were Zack Gowan VS. Deliourous VS. Jerelle Clark VS. the return of Amazing Red Vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper VS. Sharkboy. This match had so much action packed excitement it was very hard to keep track of what was going on. But the winner of the match was Sharkboy.

Next came a vinyet of Abyss grunting at the camera. Than another vinyet of Shocker going on about how great he is when Alex Shelley comes out to challenge him to a match.

The second match of the PPV was Shocker VS. Alex Shelley. Now Shocker looks more ghetto every time he comes out with his gay looking tights. Shelly of course made a big entrance, with an attitude that Shocker is surely lacking! I was very disappointed in the fact that Shocker won again. I don’t think it was because of his awesome talent but because of shear luck.

Next was another vinyet with Konnan and Truth Ron Killings asking BG where his loyalties lie! BG told him that they were cool and family. But of course to follow that vinyet they had to have one that made BG look like a total turncoat. But than again I am sure it is only a matter of time before he turns.

Match three of the night was Outlaw VS. Truth Ron Killings. this match was all out war. The hate between these two men was obvious. Killings was dominating the match until Outlaw got the better of him winning the match by pin fall.

After the match Outlaw was going to hit Killings in the head with a chair but BG came running out and took the chair from him. Before BG had a chance to show where his loyalties really lie, Konnan came running out and took the chair. Of course Outlaw got out of the ring before anyone hit him with a chair.

Next was yup that's right another vinyl! This one was Team Canada talking about how cool they are and how they are better than everyone else because they are Canadian.

Match four started with an air of mystery and excitement because it was announced that The Naturals had new mentor. So there was many thoughts of who this mystery mentor was ringing through out the arena. I have to say I was totally shocked by who it was even though I shouldn't have been.

This match featured Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D'Amore and Alistar Vs. tag team champions The Naturals who came to the ring alone! Where was their mystery mentor was what Scott D'Amore kept asking and speculating that their mentor was scared of Team Canada.

This match was the best match of the night so far. Petey Williams did get a bloody nose but it was clear even though it was 4 against 2 that The Naturals still dominated the match. It was obvious that their new mentor was doing a great job with them. The Naturals won the match keeping their titles! Then out of the tunnel their new mentor "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart!

The crowd went wild! As we all know Jimmy has guided many of the greatest wrestlers of our time towards championship and how to keep them! I think with his guidance, as well as the guidance The Naturals received from the late Chris Candido they will quickly become a real tag team force to be contended with. Scott D'Amore had a huge hissy fit over Jimmy becoming involved in the managing aspect of wrestling again.

Next was a vinyet with Sean Waltman.

Match five was another really good match. It was Sonjay Dutt VS. Samoa Joe making his TNA debut! This match was an amazing match with a mix of x-division highflying and strong brute force! I was really impressed with the impact Joe made on the match. Samoa Joe won the match by making Sonjay tap out!

Next was a vinyet with Raven. Talking about being in the King of the Mountain match.

Match six of was hilarious! This match was Bobby Roode with Scott D'Amore VS. Lance Hoyt! Now Hoyt has his own cheering section in the pit they were all wearing Hoytville shirts! Bobby won this match do to interference by Scott. after the match Scott took off his shirt and climbed up on the top rope to use Hoyt's finisher on him but Hoyt rolled out of the way right on time.

At this point Hoyt took out Bobby and went after Scott. Hoyt grabbed Scott by the pants and pulled them down. While Scott was trying to get him pants up Hoyt finished him. Medics and security came out to carry Scott out on a back board one would wonder where the rest of Team Canada was when this was going on!

Next was an AJ vinyet which I don't know why they bother to have him talk because he has no mic skills.

Match seven was AMW VS. 3LK. YAWN! I didn't really watch this match because I just didn't care. AMW won the match and Outlaw came down to ringside.

Next was another vinyet filling you in on the feud between Michael Shane and Chris Sabin incase you didn't know what was going on.

Match eight of the night was a three way match for the X-Division title. Michael Shane with Traci VS. Chris Sabin with Trinity VS. Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Now before I really go in to this I need to say something about Trinity's outfit. It was killer. It was vinyl and string but she looked fabulous.

Traci's dress wasn't as flattering. This match was full of great action but of course Traci and Trinity couldn't stay out of it and got in to a cat fight in the middle of the ring. Shane being the lesser talent in the match got eliminated when Sabin hit him with his finisher.

To bad for Trinity Daniels got to her and finished her. A hurt Trinity got helped from the ring. Even though Sabin put his all in to it Daniels was still able to beat him and retain his title.

The ninth and final match of the night was the main event the King of the Mountain match. Larry and Jeremy Borash went in to the ring to explain the rules of the match. The rules are falls count anywhere, if you get pinned you have to spend 2 minutes in the pentaty box, and once you pinned someone you earned the right to hang the belt. The participants in this match were AJ Styles, Abyss, The Alpha Male Monty Brown, Sean Waltman, and Raven.

The match started out as a brutal battle and that battle would just get tuffer as the match continued. Raven was the first to go in the penalty box which didn't look good for him winning the match and fulfilling his destiny! Abyss was next in the box. Waltman was the third to see the box, then AJ joined him in the box I was disappointed that they didn't break in to a fight in there.

Last to spend time in the box was Monty. At this point any one of the five could hang the belt and win the match. AJ and Waltman were both on the ladder. AJ had the belt and it looked like Waltman was going to help him but Waltman attacked him to get the belt. Abyss hit the ladder and knocked them both out of the ring.

The next to try to hang the belt was Abyss I think it was him that Monty pounced from the top rope knocking him thru a table. Soon there was bodies lying everwhere except Raven he had the ladder and was going to hang the belt! Half way up the ladder Waltman came after Raven but he knocked him off the ladder with ease and hung the belt. Winning the match becoming the new heavy weight champion and King of the Mountain!!

I thought it was awesome to see Raven fulfill his destiny. There wasn't a wrestler in that match I would have rather seen win! He sends such an energy through the crowd!

A huge congratulation to Raven as well as The Naturals and Christopher Daniels! TNA PPV's seem get better and better all the time I can't wait to see what is in the future for this great company. I'm sure we will be impressed with it's new leadership and direction.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Slammiversery Tonight

Don't forget to watch TNA's 3 year anniversery PPV Slammiversery! It is going to be a huge action packed event! That I wouldn't miss! Plus you don't want to miss debut of Samoa Joe and the return of Amazing Red and Alex Shelley.

TNA Wrestling Presents:
Three Year Anniversary Spectacular
Sunday, June 19th At 8pm ET / 5pm PT
The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. The Alpha Male Monty Brown vs. Abyss vs. Sean Waltman

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Shane w/ Traci vs. Chris Sabin w/ Trinity

The Naturals vs. Team Canada (Young/Williams)
America's Most Wanted vs. BG James and Konnan (3LK)
Ron "The Truth" Killings (3LK) vs. The Outlaw
Lance Hoyt vs. Team Canada's Bobby Roode
The TNA debut of Samoa Joe vs. Sonjay Dutt
Shocker vs. Alex Shelley
6-Way X Match: Primetime vs. The Amazing Red vs. Shark Boy vs. Delirious vs. Zach Gowan vs. Jerrelle Clark

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Customer Compensation

What to do when something goes wrong at your event is something you should always plan for. The reason you should plan is because you need to have some idea of what you want to do to compensate your fans if something goes wrong.

Of course you always hope that you never have to put your plan into action, but it’s always good to have a back up plan for when things go wrong. You never know when a major problem could happen it could be anything from a ring breaking at a wrestling event to an unskilled skater getting injured on a roller derby track with out back up to a power outage!

These are the major things that you really need to have a plan ready to put into action! It depends on what and when the problem occurs during your event. If it were at the very beginning the right thing to do would be to offer them free admissions to the next show with their ticket stub. But if the problem occurs half way through the show well than offer the customer half price on their next admission.

This way the customer really feels like you care that they really did have their evening ruined! It may sound like your taking another loss but in the long run you will gain. Because they will want to continue to come back to see your event and they will tell their friends how great you handled the situation.

But if it was something such as the customers shirt got ripped on a chair of course you are going to give them a t-shirt from your event. Not only with this make the customer happy but also they will continue to wear the shirt after the event and provide you with free advertisement.

There are a number of small things that can happen that you can compensate in several different ways such as something free out of the concessions stands providing you hold the concessions, you can give them a coupon for a discount on admission or for discounts on merchandise.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to show the costumer that you do care and have sympathy for their problem. This is very important because you do not want a lot of bad word of mouth on something you could have prevented.

Granted I know that there are some people out there that are just looking for something free. You can normally tell the difference between these people though. Once you have decided they are just trying to scam you than you can decide what you want to do if anything.

These are just a few ideas for you and I am sure that you can develop a plan of action that is right for you and your event.

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TNA PPV Update
TNA FANS: Tune in a half hour prior to Slammiversary this Sunday for the FREE TNA Countdown Show, with last minute news, matches and interviews with the TNA superstars


Two major news items of note for this Sunday’s Slammiversary

A MUST-SEE PRESHOW COUNTDOWN BEFORE THE PAY-PER-VIEW… has learned that this Sunday on the live Countdown Preshow a half hour prior to the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View, there will be a major announcement by Championship Committee Member Larry Zbyszko regarding a developing situation involving The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and his role as Director of Authority in TNA Wrestling. Thus far, the only thing we know is that Zbyszko will have a prepared statement concerning Rhodes and TNA.

In addition, there will be an exclusive preshow match, along with news and live interviews with the TNA stars before the big three-hour epic event live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View

WALTMAN NAMED WILDCARD PARTICIPANT has also learned that TNA management has announced that Sean Waltman will be the Wildcard Participant for this Sunday’s “King of the Mountain Match”. Waltman will be the fifth and final competitor in the bout for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. With Waltman now announced as the Wildcard, the bout will feature NWA World Heavyweight Champion The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. The Alpha Male Monty Brown vs. Abyss vs. Sean Waltman

TNA Pay-Per-Views are available monthly on iNDEMAND, Dish Network, DirecTV and other providers! Call your local cable operator for details!

On Sunday, June 19, TNA Wrestling presents the three hour Pay-Per-View spectacular - Slammiversary! 30 minutes prior to the start of the live broadcast, tune into your Pay-Per-View channel to see our FREE live preshow! You'll get updates live from backstage, match previews and analysis, exclusive interviews and so much more! TNA Countdown will be available on many cable systems, and will be featured on the same Pay-Per-View channel that TNA events regularly air on. It will be an action-packed program intended to show you what you can expect on that evening's Pay-Per-View event. TNA Countdown will air FREE in participating markets on Sundays from 7:30-8pm ET and 4:30-5pm PT.

Cable systems that will be showing the Pre-Show for free are:

DISH Network
Time Warner - New York, NY
Comcast - Philadelphia, PA
Comcast - Los Angeles, CA
Comcast - Atlanta, GA
Cox - San Diego, CA
Cox - Rhode Island
Time Warner - Charlotte, NC
Time Warner - Columbus, OH
Time Warner - Rochester, NY

If TNA Countdown is not shown for free on your cable system, call them to request it!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Joe's First Day

This is the first installment of a new column that I am going to have. It's about 16 year old future wrestlers Joe. Joe has just started his training with the hopes of following in his Idol Jeff Hardy's footsteps! He is going to write about his failures and accomplishments of his training. With the hopes that others looking to go into wrestling with understand all the hard work that goes in to training. But there is also a huge sense of pride that goes with accomplishing your goal that you have worked so hard for! Good Luck Joe!

June 14, 2005 Day 1

Well, I started my training today at the FXE place and man it wasn't what I expected at all.
I thought it was gonna be much easier but the guy that is running the place, AJ said that
I'm a natural at falling/bumps. Which I'm real glad about. I started out by getting in the ring
and the first thing he taught me was how to fall. He called it a back bump. I would slightly
bend my knees and cross my arms across my chest. I would kinda jump into the air and
land on my back with my arms out on the mat and my feet flat on the ground.

I had to do like 20 of them. The next thing was the handstands. He said that I was thinking in my head, handstands are easy. But its not the handstands that you think. You do a hand standthen flip out of it and land on your back. So you do a handstand and then into a backbump.

Those were easy. Then I was to do a flip bump. I would walk out flip and do a back bump.
Those were kinda easy. I didn't know that I had to land a certain way. That was easy though.
Then came the hard part. Running the ropes. I had to run into the ropes a certain way
take 3 steps and turn around hit the ropes take three steps turn around hit the ropes (you
get it.) Those were killing me.

The way I was hitting the ropes it would go underneath my
shoulder blade and ah man that hurts a lot. My body is sore from that as we speak. I took
a break from that and did some more bumping until I felt sick. I got out of the ring to the bath room and puked out nothing. I jut dry heaved. I put some cold water on the back of my neck and went back.

After that I took a few more bumps and my day was over. It might not sound to bad but the next morning
is killing me. My neck is sore and stiff and where the rope was hitting hurts too. But I'm determined
to do this. This is what I'm gonna work so hard for. Hopefully this is worth it. Is it worth it though?
All this pain and fatigue? We'll find out in the end. . . . Until next time my friends. Be safe.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The following is a great blog a friend of mine Collin Bowman wrote on the ECW PPV. I think it is a great think piece you all will enjoy reading. For those of you that don't know who Collin has been involved in sports entertainment for a long time he owned WCW Magazine and also owned Roller Jam Magazine. He also worked in story development for WCW. He currently owns Notables and Notorious an awesome memorabilia store.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Current mood: Sad that WCW is Dead

I went round a friend's house last night to watch ECW One Night Stand. Enjoyed it very much, mainly I think because it was so different from what has been presented as Sports Entertainment over the past few years. That isn't a knock at any wrestling company, I understand the limitations of being on mainstream television. If ECW was ever to re-emerge again, I personally think it wouldn't succeed, because as great as last night was, you couldn't do any of that stuff and have a decent TV deal.

Bradshaw was out of order ... but then again what can be expected when the WWE talent was there probably against their will and was abused all night by the guys inside and outside the ring. You should be able to remain professional, and so there is no excuse other than they are human beings and adrenaline does take over. The full responsibility lies with whoever sent the WWE guys to the event in the first place ... they added nothing.

And that brings me to Eric Bischoff. It is no secret that Eric Bischoff hated me during my entire tenure at WCW. It is also no secret that as much as I admired a lot of what he achieved, I hated with a passion the way he treated people. Last night I actually felt sorry for him.

WCW was a phenomena that reached levels that have yet to equaled. (I am biased) ECW was a cult happening, but it wasn't mainstream, it couldn't reach the mainstream with the content and without Vince's money would've been gone a lot sooner than it was. It was great at finding talent or disguising the weaknesses a lot of the talent possessed and that is probably the most important job of any wrestling organization, and quite frankly a lost art. The WWE got it's butt kicked by WCW for an eternity, until they could no longert rest on their laurels and continue to produce the garbage they were forcing on the wrestling public. Then the bottom of the WCW glass boat shattered and I blame Eric as much as anyone, especially for all the money I personally lost. I believe that last night was Vince's ultimate payback to Eric. Reviving ECW ... giving them a PPV ... forcing Eric to be there and then be humiliated in the ring at the end. This was Vince saying WCW almost killed me, but I prevailed, I won, it will never exist again, see what I am doing to it's leader. It was similar to Ancient Rome, where it wasn't enough to beat your opponent, you had to humiliate them publicly before you kill them off.

I don't know if ECW will be back again, I do know that we won't EVER see WCW One Night Only. Not that any of the shining stars that made WCW would be able to perform at anything like the level of those guys last night and certainly not with that passion.

KUDOS to all involved.

On an unrelated matter ... how cool was The Devil's Rejects trailer?

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Monday, June 13, 2005





- Fans in Florida: TNA will be holding a special television taping on Tuesday, June 21, at the Impact Zone in Orlando just two days after Slammiversary! Check back to in the upcoming days for more news on this special taping.

- Expect The Amazing Red and Alex Shelley to return to TNA, perhaps as soon as this Sunday to compete in a yet-to-be announced match on the Pay-Per-View

- TNA will also announce a bout for Slammiversary featuring Mexican superstar Shocker. Check back for more match announcements!

- TNA superstar Shark Boy made news this week, as he is involved in litigation with Disney over the use of his name in an upcoming film. MTV even covered the news last week. hopes to get a comment from Shark Boy on the situation, who will also be appearing at the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View.

- Despite his suspension, rumors have it that Raven still plans on attending Slammiversary on Sunday. has learned that added security will be on hand at the arena in case Raven attempts to get in.

- Fans watching Slammiversary on Pay-Per-View: Tune in a half hour before Slammiversary for the free Countdown Preshow with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash. Two matches will take place on the Countdown Preshow, with the participants announced this week on the website!

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Credit: TNAwrestling.com06.13.05 | SLAMMIVERSARY WEEKEND


Nashville, TN (June 13, 2005) – This Sunday, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling will celebrate its third anniversary with “Slammiversary,” the company’s biggest pay-per-view event ever. A part of the “Slammiversary” celebration, TNA fans will get a chance to interact with their favorite TNA Superstars.

On the day of “Slammiversary” TNA Wrestlers will be signing autographs and taking pictures at Universal Studios, the home of TNA Wrestling television broadcasts. Exact times and locations will be available on later in the week. The TNA Superstars will also be made available after the pay-per-view event for more one-on-one time with wrestling’s most passionate fans.

For those fans who come to Universal Studios this Sunday and cannot get a seat inside Soundstage 21, TNA will be showing the event on screens just outside the Soundstage, and seating will be provided as available.

TNA Wrestling also announced that it will be holding a special television taping on Tuesday, June 21st at Universal Studios. The taping will also provide TNA Wrestling fans a chance to meet Stars and win prizes from TNA Wrestling.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hardcore Homecoming worries Funk

Credit: GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling

The three-way dance between Terry Funk, Sabu and Shane Douglas at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997 where Douglas walked away with his third ECW World title is still talked about today as a key point in ECW's history. Friday night, the three go at it again. But Funk is worried about expectations.

"It scares me. I know that we're all going to raise the bar for that match," Funk told SLAM! Wrestling. "The thing that scares me is, 'Are we capable of raising that bar at this time without physically endangering ourselves?' Why do I say that? I'm 60 years old. Why do I say that about Sabu? There's a guy that's suffered a lot of injuries. Why do I say that about Shane? There's another guy that has something to prove."

The rematch of the August 17, 1997 three-way dance takes place at the highly-anticipated Hardcore Homecoming show in Philadelphia at Viking Hall, aka the world's most famous bingo hall, and home to many, many ECW memories. Fans who don't have tickets to the sold-out show will be able to see the match down the road on a DVD.

"We must make it a good match or else it'll be a night to forget for the rest of my life, and I will never be able to do that," Funk said. "I think they feel the same way about that. They don't want it to be a night to forget, they want it to be a night to remember. I think all three of us are that way. Entering that ring, with that attitude, it's going to be tremendously difficult to duplicate what we did the last time. There were so many innovated moves, and it was such an innovative match and everything that none of that had ever been seen before, a match like that. A lot of things were done in that match, all three of us were on that night. Plus, the fans have had 10 years to build it up in their minds even more than it was."

Funk said that the same thing happened in Japan with fans' memories of his early bouts with Abdullah the Butcher. The two couldn't live up to expectations all those years later. "It's a kid, when he was young, his bedroom was very big; he grows up to be a man, and goes into his bedroom and it's really small. It's not quite what he remembered it to be. Hopefully that doesn't happen in this match."

With a second ECW-inspired event on Sunday -- WWE's One Night Stand pay-per-view -- airing live from New York City, Funk had to decide which of the two shows to do. At 60 years old, he knew he wouldn't be able to wrestle two high-impact bouts in a weekend.

"I thought about it a great deal because the monetary end of things was about three times greater with WWE than it is for the organization that I'm going for," said Funk. "I chose the one because I figured that, I certainly don't blame the guys for going and wrestling for WWE, picking up a good night. It's just that I can't accept that organization myself because they put out the DVD, Rise and Fall of ECW, and here's a man [Vince McMahon] that created the fall of ECW. He's profiting by it because his organization wasn't doing the numbers that he wanted to. So what does he do? He puts out something that he destroyed, or helped to, not necessarily destroyed, but certainly helped to destroy ECW. Now he's going to go ahead and profit from it again because the product that they put out was something that was special; copied the product to get himself out of a jam ... I'm sorry, but I can't do that. "

It's certainly a case where the victor gets to write the history book, he said. "Victors, they do write the history books, and they do write it. I'd like to edit their writings a few times for them!"

The ECW fans and Viking Hall do mean something to the second-generation, 30-plus-year veteran of pro wrestling. "It's close to my heart, and that's why I'm going there, and the only reason I'm going there," he said. "I can't speak for the fans, but I can speak for myself. And the reason I picked that is that place is close to my heart. Truly, money is not everything to me."

The workers that made up ECW are equally important to him. "It's very special to me because it's a group of guys, ECW was a group of guys that got together. They banded together. They were oddballs, crazies, absurb misfits, whatever they were. But one thing that they did have in common was that they loved the world of professional wrestling and they wanted to perform, and they needed a stage to perform. By golly, some of them turned into the greatest performers in the world that we have today."

Indeed, many of the game's top names - Benoit, Jericho, Austin, Raven, Van Dam, Dudleys - came out of ECW's ranks. "I'm tired of hearing people say that Paul E. [ECW boss Paul Heyman] was ECW. I'm tired of hearing that anybody was ECW. Terry Funk wasn't ECW. It was a combination of all the guys that made it work. Let me tell you something, you can take a name, and you can take that name, but you cannot become that. Vince McMahon cannot become ECW. He is Vince McMahon pretending to be ECW as long as he owns it."

The current state of pro wrestling depresses the former NWA and ECW World champion. "The business is very unfresh, and why? Why? That's the question they have to go back and dig up ECW? That's how unfresh they are. Doesn't he realize that, how unfresh the business is when they pull out stuff from 1994 and put it on a DVD and it outsells anything that he's putting out, any product that he has right now? That's rather amazing to me."

But he doesn't think WWE is ripe to fall. "I don't think that Vince is going to disappear at all," Funk said. "He has a tremendous need to be successful. Success becomes more important, a way to measure your success, that's just money. His need is to be successful in the sport of wrestling. I can live without it. I don't think he can."

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Nashville, TN (June 7, 2005) – TNA Wrestling’s epic three hour pay-per-view event “Against All Odds” will become available on DVD through starting this Friday, June 10th for $24.95.

The event which took place on February 13, 2005 features some of the most talked about matches in TNA Wrestling history. The two-disc DVD has all the matches from the pay-per-view event plus bonus matches from the Countdown Preshow.

Some of the highlighted matches that wrestling fans around the world raved about are included, such as The Ironman match for the X-Division title between “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Full Metal Mayhem with Abyss taking on Jeff Hardy, and The battle for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship between Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett.

The match line-up on the DVD:

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash featuring The Outlaw & Sean Waltman

Ironman X-Division Title Match: “Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

NWA World Tag Team Title Match: America’s Most Wanted vs. Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt

Full Metal Mayhem: “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Team Canada

Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven

“Primetime” Elix Skipper vs. Petey Williams

BG James and NASCAR’s Jeff Hammond vs. Michael Shane & Kazarian

Plus much more….

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Results From June 5,2005 SCW Show

June 5, 2005

1. Chasyn Rance & Mister Saint Laurent beat Scott Commodity & Scott Davis (9:54) when Rance used the Sensational Spike on Commodity.

2. Krazy K beat Josh Rich (9:51) with the Overdose.

3. Sean Davis beat Ken Banks (4:11) with a Michinoku Driver.

4. Erick Stevens beat Sedrick Strong (10:07) with a Power Bomb.

5. Jerrelle Clark beat Aaron Epic (14:26) with the Jerrelle Driver.

6. Dagon Briggs & Sequel beat Jason Hexx & Phil Davis (14:02) when Briggs used a Pancake Slam on Hexx.

7. SCW Southern Heavyweight Title: Vordell Walker beat Ryze (9:37) with a Rear Naked Choke to become the Southern Heavyweight Champion.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Upcoming SCW Show

This Saturday SCW is going to have a show that promises to be an outstanding show. Here is the list of matches for the show;

For the SCW Heavyweight Championship!
(Champion) "Korean Monster" Ryze versus "Shooter" Vordell Walker

In Tag Team Action!
Sequel and Dagon Briggs versus Jason Hexx and Phil Davis

Jerrelle Clark versus Aaron Epic

More Tag Team Action!
Mister Saint Laurent and "Independent Sensation" Chasyn Rance
versus Scott Davis and Scott Commodity

Erick Stevens versus Sederick Strong

David Mercury versus Josh Rich

Legion Freakin Cage versus Sean Davis

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Upcoming NNW Shows for June

No Name wrestling has two back to back shows coming up in the month of June. The following information was taken from for more information on their league or events click here!

JUNE 24th
702 24th st
SANFORD, 32772

Sedrick Strong vs Tito Cartel, #12, and Rip Malibu

Semi Main Event
Tag Team Championship
Punks R US vs The Natural Blondes

Snow vs Mace

WiKiD vs "The Italian Stalion" BadboY

Dagon Briggs w/Se7en vs Deathrow Jethrow

Legion "Freakin" Cage vs BoneZ the Cutthroat

Also Appearing: Mark Zout,

JUNE 25th
416 West Colonial
Orlando, 32804

All Matches to be determined on the 24th......

But expect to see NNW Wrestlers such as:

NNW CHAMP Sedrick Strong, Tag Champ's Punks R Us, Dagon Briggs, Se7en, Mark Zout, Legion Freakin Cage, SNOW, WiKiD, BadBoy, Mace, Deathrow Jethrow, Rip Malibu and many others.