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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ultimate Warrior Feelings about WWE'S Ultimate Warrior DVD


Hello warriors.
WWE is releasing an Ultimate Warrior DVD set. Two prominent rumors are on the street. One is that the title will be “The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior.” The other is this, supposedly a WWE insider’s anonymous post put up at Warrior Central:

"Hi everyone,

I know there is a great deal of BS and lies on the
internet, so I understand if you do not believe me
during this post, but I will go ahead anyway. I do not
want to disclose my name, as I know the company
monitors the internet quite tight, but I have been
working as an intern at the production department of
Titan Television (WWE's studios). I have been involved
in the making of several DVD projects these past few
months, one of which was the forthcoming Ultimate
Warrior 2 disc set.

While I can't give out too many specifics on the set,
I can tell you a few things that may upset you as
Warrior fans, and would like your feedback which I
will happily return to my supervisor, Mr Chambers.

First off, Vince McMahon and Warrior have actually
spoke several times regarding this DVD. Those of you
who have purchased WWE 'Legends' DVDs will know how
they work...there is a documentary on the wrestler,
and fellow superstars and office staff will talk about
that wrestler - memories, favorite moments, opinions,
backstage stories, etc. We recently released a DVD on
the Road Warriors, which featured Animal tracing the
roots of the characters and giving insights into their
careers as superstars, wrestlers, and men.

Vince wanted Warrior to do the same, and called him at
home. Warrior apparently has his own documentary film
coming soon and said to Vince he would like to do a
deal where they could have flyers inside each DVD to
help advertise the other one. Mr McMahon said he
didn't want to do this, as it wouldn't be a 50-50
beneficial deal(it would benefit Warrior much more
than WWE), and that the shareholders wouldn't like
advertising with a former talent.

Warrior was worried about being seen as a hypocrite if
he appeared on the DVD, and when Vince refused
advertising and a smaller fee than what Warrior
wanted, Warrior refused steadfast to participate in
it. Negotiations ended there on the phone, and I was
told by my supervisor that Vince told Warrior "Well
then, we'll see what happens."

I can reveal to you that this DVD is not going to be
one that fans will want to see. Many talents have
appeared on this disc to talk about Warrior - Bobby
Heenan, Pat Patterson, Paul London, HHH, JR, John
Cena, Batista, Hogan, Eddie, Benoit and others - and
every single one of them has painted him a negative
light. All the comments make fun of Warrior, and talk
about what an idiot, flash in the pan, and lucky guy
he was.

There are also two bonus features on disc 2. The first
is "Ultimate Impressions" in which current WWE
superstars do their best impersonation of Warrior. It
is sad to say the least - Benoit foams at the mouth
and yells at the top of his voice...HHH messes his
hair all up and pretends to be Warrior shaking the
ropes, and Batista ties some bootlaces around his arms
and talks to his hands. More insulting, there is a
"Warrior Calamaties" montage of times when Warrior has
made mistakes - slipping over, bloopers during
interviews, botched moves, etc.

Basically, the whole thing is made to have the message
that Warrior was intense and powerful, but also a bit
of an idiot. He is painted in the same light as Doink,
Repo Man and Duke Droese, rather than as a legend next
to Randy Savage, Bret Hart and André. Sad - because
the majority of people who would buy this would be UW
fans from the 80s...and once they know that this is a
giant farce, they will boycott it and the DVD will
fail to sell.

Good business sense Mr McMahon!! It looks like another
desperate attempt to bury UW."

Tellingly, and as is typical, this is a combination of small truths and fat lies. Specific advertising promotions were not discussed, money was not discussed at all -- let alone a proposed smaller fee causing disgruntlement, shareholders wouldn’t like advertising with a former talent? -- ple-e-ase, WWE is practically a f’ing nursing home for former talent, and advertising and bilking it for all its worth all the time; negotiations didn’t end on the phone -- I have more than a handful of voicemails from Kevin Dunn, and other communication, to prove it.

I do believe this was spawned in-house over at WWE, and that the writer was instructed to speciously concoct it and get it out, beginning with placing it at Warrior Central.

I did speak to Vince - one time only, not several times. He did call me at my house and left a message and I called him back. His call to me was prompted by a series of previous phone calls others had. Beginning with some phone calls Andrew Wright, a young man pursuing a film documentary on my life, made on his own to the WWE seeking 1) film footage of UW and 2) WWE personnel participation in the documentary (Vince or Linda preferably), possibly in exchange for my participation in their DVD project. Frankly, I wasn’t high on this last idea. For obvious reasons, all of them vehemently expressed over the years, I would have potentially more to lose than gain even if there was transparent, straightforward, and effective reciprocation of some promotional sort.

Yet, Andrew is free, as the producer of the documentary, to make all the phone calls and have all the conversations he wants, so I told him he to go ahead and explore any possibility, but I would ultimately have final say so. I would make no promises. My initial thoughts, knowing I would have to contemplate the idea much more seriously, were simply that my well-known beefs with WWE diminishes none of the reverence and appreciation I have for the specialness of the Ultimate Warrior persona and unique quality of my career creating and performing him while I was there. The fans of the character who’ve followed my other pursuits over the years see it the same way, and they are able to differentiate between the respect and interest they find in my views today, including my anti-WWE views, and the wonderful, exciting time while I performed Ultimate Warrior in the WWF. I was told that the DVD projects were ostensibly reminiscences of the persona’s career and I thought that if there was a way to positively participate in that, for the sake of Ultimate Warrior fans as well as achieve other business goals, then I would, at the very least, be open to exploring it.

Somewhere in the middle of Andrew’s own going back and forth with underlings at WWE, WWE’s Kevin Dunn called and left me a message informing me of the DVD project and that they were interested in having me participate in it with commentary. I called him back, thinking his call was directly prompted by discussions Andrew had instigated at WWE. Kevin denied this and said he had no idea of the documentary project, which wasn’t true of course, but I went ahead to fill him in, telling him, again without any promises, that there might be a simple, conditional way to collaborate this one time here and “bury one hatchet,” all the while realizing I had still had some very serious thinking to do before reaching a final decision.

Vince and I spoke about a week later -- for that one time only. The phone call lasted about 15 minutes. It was cordial and I got right into the reason for our talking to one another. All the details aren’t necessary and I will save telling any of them to wait and see if any more little white lies are attempted on WWE’s part. He did tell me that there would be others on the DVD who had criticisms. I didn’t have a problem with that. In fact, my idea for my own documentary was to do a controversial point/counterpoint with either him or Linda. But he said absolutely nothing about how vengeful the criticism was or anything about the ridiculing spoofs, nor did he reveal any such title for the project as has been recently made public. We simply concluded the conversation agreeing that he would instruct Kevin Dunn to follow up with me to do all they could on their end to make my involvement happen.

Four or five days later Kevin called. He began the conversation pitching a whole “Legends” thing WWE was now doing. I told him that Vince mentioned it, but not in any great detail for me to entertain it intelligibly, and I urged him to stay focused on the DVD project alone.

He told me he would fax me the basic, to-start agreement, and I placed specific, conditional inquires I would need satisfactory answers to, particularly 1) I would get to see what had been done thus far, because I was not interested in watching it and responding in commentary extemporaneously, 2) the meat of my commentary would be left unedited, 3) WWE would provide royalties on all the copyright film ventures they intended to do throughout the future, not just this DVD project, 4) I could use all my own commentary in my own documentary project.

He spoke confidently that he foresaw no difficulty in fulfilling these requests, but that he would have to check to be sure and would get back with me with concrete answers asap. In the meantime, he would go ahead and fax over the basic agreement for my immediate review.

Two or three more days passed and no fax had yet arrived of the basic agreement that I needed to review. At about that same two or three day mark Kevin called, leaving me a message saying, oddly, he could fax me the agreement if I was interested in doing the commentary on the project, acting as if he never told me he would send it right over when we first spoke. He also stressed concern that they were now working against the clock; and he left no answers to the inquires I had made. I attempted to call him at the two numbers I had. He has no office voicemail and his cell phone voicemail was always full. I reached his assistant at the office on one work day only, she attempted to call his cell and reached the same dead end, but told me that he would be in later that day. He called again, not that day, but two days later. Still no fax, still no answers -- but with a hyper warning that time was running out. I tried to call him back, with no result. A couple days later he called and said time had run out and he needed to know my decision by day’s end. All these years building a big corporate identity, and here it was all over again, typical, old-school WWF headgames. I called Beth Zazza, Vince’s secretary, and got her email address and sent this correspondence over within 24 hours:

“I am just writing to update Vince on follow up with Kevin Dunn on DVD issues. Please forward this to him. Thank you.

Vince, I spoke with Kevin 4-5 days after we talked. The conversation digressed somewhat into a whole "Legends" program type of thing, which I told him you did not bring up in any real detail and I would have to know much, much more about before I could address it intelligently as a businessman.

Getting back on track, I made a couple of specific inquires about the DVD project to help me decide whether or not I would participate in this project alone and also gave him my fax number to immediately forward potential agreement info for my review. He said he'd fax it over (last week), and get answers to my inquires. I've received neither the fax or the answers. He's called about every third day since then, but left no other message than to call him back. When I do, he has no office voicemail and his cell phone voicemail box is always full. Time concerns have been stressed, but neither of us can to do this if there isn't an agreement in place. That's not being difficult, it's being prudent and practical. I'm just writing to let you know that my own schedule, now, will make me unavailable for the next few weeks, and that, since you and I spoke, I've done all I can on my end to explore the possibility of involvement. At the end of the day, I may have ultimately decided not to be involved. I'm not sure, but I never got the info or answers I needed. Therefore, I must pass.

It's funny, I remember when you told me a long time ago that "Ultimate Warrior is a legend only in your mind, no one else's." Back then, you were probably more right than you were wrong. Today, though, all these years later, the negative, whiny criticism of others, like those to be on this DVD, only expands the legendary status of the Ultimate Warrior in millions of other minds. The proof of this is abundant everywhere. Similar enduring interest is not sustained about any other character. I'm confident, Vince, that even when all the others on the DVD talk, the viewer will still be impacted most by the guy who was Ultimate Warrior. After all, the Ultimate Warrior set his own standard, one others are still trying to shoot for whether they would admit it or not, and the persona doesn't really need anybody to say anything more for him than he says very intensely all by himself. He was definitely a classic, and will always be a legend -- in a class all his own.


Beth responded only to tell me she forwarded my email to Vince. My email was sent July 15th.

Now, about this anonymous post and other info coming out, I’m a little skeptical about the information regarding the extreme negative content of the DVD. First, if it is accurate, then I guess it is the content I would have seen if I had gotten involved -- and, what, WWE expected me to just take it all in with a grain of salt and a Grand Canyon size dose of humor when I viewed it myself to respond with my own commentary? I mean, I realize there are many who don’t want to ‘get it’ about who I really am outside the distinct impression Ultimate Warrior left, and can’t seem to grasp what I have bluntly said for many years, but did they really expect I would just forget who I am, what I’ve said, how aggressively and capably I am unafraid to say it -- that I would just leave all of the REAL ME at home when I showed up to speak for myself? No, of course not, I never expected the absence of any criticism. I knew there would be some. Please. But this recent info about the extreme negative content seems dramatically overdone.

Second, like I told a trusted acquaintance, I can’t imagine WWE would do this, I mean, the damn reality doesn't square with the radical fantasy they’d be putting forth that my personal life is in shambles, I am genuinely a kook and Ultimate Warrior's WWF career was illegitimate and worthless. In addition to that, whenever you spend that kind of time, effort and money to disparage and ridicule someone or something, you, by default, only reveal how great you truly believe it is. I mean, attempting to paint the Ultimate Warrior persona in the same light as a Doink or Repo Man or one of these meaningless characters is a desperate stretch even for a company run by liars depending on the “work.” My friend’s response, though, was spot on: “I am very very surprised, on one hand, that Vince and his company have (if is true) taken the UW DVD project and turned it into a complete farce. And on the other hand, I'm not. Vince, to me, seems like a man who doesn't always put good business sense over his own ego and stupid ideas. He is like a child who throws his toys when he doesn't get his own way, and is very malicious and vindictive. I mean, why would you throw away money you could earn from the millions of Warrior fans by turning the DVD into a joke? It seems Vince is going to make this DVD laughable so he can say ‘See, UW doesn't draw, he doesn't sell!”

About the end goal my friend believes WWE possibly intends to achieve, I’m not so sure I agree. But about Vince’s approach to things, I had to admit, he was right. Hell, I should be the first not to forget that. When you view it that way -- that it is so unimaginable -- it becomes exactly why, in Vince’s World, it is imaginable. Vince a has long standing reputation dealing with consequences after the fact, instead of thinking them through beforehand. The whole crew up there, taking their lead from Vince, moves on shitty ideas even before seeing if they stick even slightly to the wall.

Still, I don’t know. My gut tells me this. Vince got my rejection, picked up the phone and screamed an order to release this info to see how I would react, see if I would reveal any emotional concern or bother that the project was going to be a hit piece, as the info relays, and conceivably drive me to reach back out pressing hard to involve myself, thereby getting in exchange WWE’s assurance that they would produce a more positive piece. As far as I know, and would not find hard to believe, they have two versions in the can -- one negative, one positive. And they have simply waited to get one or the other promotional word out until they found out whether I would be involved or not. Now on notice that I have passed, they release this press telling that the project will be negative figuring it might cause me to crawl on my knees and agree to involvement on their lopsided terms, to prevent the dark portrayal they are threatening without my involvement.

Ah, the headgames, Vince, you can’t go without playing. It seems that you are maybe sitting on the fence. ‘If Warrior agrees to be involved, we will do this -- if not, we will do that.’ You know, whenever I sit on the fence my balls hurt. You, Vince, used to brag, back in your more independent and more creative days, that you were a guy with three balls. After all these years, though, it’s really disappointing to see that you’ve only become more juvenile and childlike. It’s quite obvious, shrivel by shrivel, you’ve lost your balls altogether. So I know you can’t be in any pain straddling that fence. But maybe you do have some anxiety about what to do here. Let me make your decision easier for you.

I think you should, Vince, how do you say it, bring it on. Frankly, for all the “push” Ultimate Warrior got in sports entertainment, the constant negative criticism and ridicule, by you and the parasites in the industry who only survive by sucking your blood, has been an even bigger “push” for everything I’ve gone on to do outside the ring. It’s promotion I could never afford -- and for it, I thank you. Eventually people find their way to the truth. It’s sorta how life, for it to be effective, really works -- find the truth and follow it. I don’t know why you and your sidekicks, Vince, continue to perpetuate the falsehoods about me and my life -- it hasn’t worked and it won’t. Maybe, it's just because you are always doing a "work" and can no longer separate reality from fantasy. Of course, you benefit from the fact that we are living in times where truth and reality don’t matter much. But eventually everyone is subject to reality checks, and once they have the truth here, the lies you spread about me say more about the malicious and vindictive kook you are than they do about any personal flaws I may have. For those who fall for the bullshit, there are just as many who don’t. You, your sycophants and the audience you cater to right now, Vince, maybe don’t want to get it about me and who I am today -- but plenty of others do. And I’ve been proving this for quite some time. Whoever is doing your investigative work is doing a very sloppy job. You believe the fantasies you want, Vince, but it’s been a really long time since I subsidized my living using any of the dimes I earned working for you. I’m certainly an advocate of having a strong ego, but this idea of yours that I am somehow indebted to you or need you to ‘do my life’ is way over the top.

You, Vince, are the one living in a bubble and I simply don’t have one you can pop. There are almost 300 million people just in United States, hundreds of millions more in the world. Every week your TV draws in, what, 5-6 million viewers? Just how many millions, scratch that, thousands, hundreds, do you think I need to get it about who I am and what I am about today outside the ring for me to provide a substantive and prosperous life for myself, be productive and happy in what I do? Your game, Vince, even for me who succeeded wildly at it, isn’t the only game in town. What is so difficult to understand about my getting on doing other things happily and successfully? You think a negative, destructive portrayal will sever my lifeline, or that I will be traumatized by it in a way that I won’t be able to go on and have to come crawling back to you to rescue me, like everyone else has done? You are wrong, Vince. Your head is really up your ass. Mine has long been on my shoulders.

You want to title the Ultimate Warrior DVD “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior”? Great idea. Whoever came up with it deserves a promotion. The way I see it, a way that your sycophants obviously do not, if thinking for yourself, being independent and self-sufficient, discovering celebrity and materiality, just for their own sake, are success defined in the shallowest, most indecent and self-loathing terms; standing up for yourself, refusing to tolerate unethical, unprofessional treatment by the ones you work with; fighting to right wrongs done to you; having the confidence, courage, discipline and self-respect to move on and evolve into something more mature and greater at each successive stage of your life; being unashamed to be proud of new accomplishments beyond even what you’ve previously done that were great and successful -- if all these actions are self destructive in your book, then, I think, being labeled self-destructive by you is is a badge of honor and I wear it with pride. Frankly, the world would be a much safer, saner place if more people were brave enough to pursue like-destructive courses.

The greater distance I can create between myself and those other Legend talent you evidently consider having lead constructive courses is exactly what I am looking for. I guess I’m just not cut out to be constructive in the way you define it. Whore out yourself and your family for an unimportant, superficial cheap-ass celebrity long after you’ve had enough; blame drugs, other abuses and addictions and just simple life responsibilities for failing at life time and time again; bring kids into the world and then desert them entirely or raise them to be ‘useful idiots’; frequent rehab visits or OD in a budget hotel room over a vile, sorry-ass bag of dirty street drugs; be an unequivocal hypocrite, be on the record saying one thing but always rationalize doing another; let your body, mind and spirit go to hell; become a born again Christian, hock it until no one buys the con anymore, and then crawl back to you and hypocritically participate in WWE’s debauched, carnal storylines; talk tough but never take a stand and back it up; despise McMahon when you don’t have a contract, lick his ass when you do; know no principles and have no integrity; refuse to behave grown up even when you are; be afraid to challenge yourself to do other things than what you’ve already succeeded at; accept that you are only a pro-wrestler and it’s all you'll ever be able to do, and any success in the business you have is never because of anything you contribute and earn, but only something that McMahon has the power to grant; and finally, most of all, crawl back to you, King McMahon, for a final bout of self-degradation. Hell, Vince, that’s a lot of feebleminded, lazy work to be constructive. I’d just rather do the harder thing. I think the reward is greater. Call me a kook. That’s right, I guess you intend to. Vince, your adulterated brand of approval and respect I cannot find the self-disgust to lower myself to. I make no apologies.

A few years ago you publicly boasted about how you loved confrontation and competition. You do -- but only with those who are intimidated by you to begin with or you already know you can beat. The facade of the company you’ve built says success, but reality is that, today, it’s like all other big, stuffy, overcrowded corporate warehouses -- sluggish, boring and complacent. You piggybacked on the degenerative cultural turn, you didn’t create it. And you rode that jackass hard, but like all that comes and goes in cycles, the provocative and risqué you so depended on has reached its spent end. Literally, there are no more tiny, little adolescent boners to exploit. All the loads have been blown. Enough "soap opera" and "porn" and "gangsta hip-hop and rap" everyone says -- people just want to take a bath, feel decent and have their wrestling be fun again. Yes, cutting edge -- but fun. High spirited and positive. Why does every single storyline in entertainment today have to be about what is the worst in people, like you're taking a 3 am walk in the foulest, most criminal alley on this planet while the sewer system is backed up flooding the streets and human-size rats are pissing and spitting upon you from both sides? You once told great stories, Vince. What happened to you? WWE's creative direction today simply tells people that it is a company filled with perverts and exhibitionists who are derangingly starved for genuine human interaction. Social misfits stimulated and inspired only by ideas they can see through peepholes. The only thing really left to do to push your overmasturbated, seedy creative envelope more open, since you obviously intend to keep beating limp meat, would be for you to actually televise the fucking you’ve been doing to so many over just as many years. Just as you worked so hard to do, you are now surrounded by ass-licking sycophants and mostly slavish, non-thinking, sunken chest talent, but the consequence is that you are burnt out, slow and stuck, have no new ideas and would have a heart attack if true passion, real manliness and legitimate challenge walked into one of the pyrogenic-laden arenas you use to entertain your equally passionless, mindless and sycophantic audiences.

Whether or not you put out a negative portrayal, Vince, the evidence is in -- you failed. I beat you. I broke the silence you’ve been harboring all these years. I drove your insecurities to break out in a rage and reveal to the world your greatest regret and failure.

Your greatest regret, Vince, is that you weren’t secure enough with yourself and your own accomplishments to handle both the Ultimate Warrior, as a gimmick, and Warrior, as the person. It could have been the biggest thing you ever achieved. You knew it years ago and you know it now and it eats away at you day after day. Linda knew it, too, but she couldn’t keep you from screwing it up. Even your son Shane knew it. The best nut you ever got, Vince, was from the Ultimate Warrior character. I know it. You know it. Linda knew that, too -- she wrote notes about it on notes to me all the time in 1996.

Ever since the Ultimate Warrior, every talent there has ever been has tried to replicate the one trait that made the Ultimate Warrior the Ultimate Warrior, makes the Ultimate Warrior standout from all other personas even today. A hint? It’s not the wrestling technique and technical ring work, stupid. It’s the real intensity, the obvious inner energy and passion I held personally. Making people feel alive and that giving it your all is worth doing. Even your own son-in-law tried his best to create his own intense image using Ultimate Warrior as a model. Batista doesn't wildly, physically explode and shake the ropes because it is something Batista would do-- he does it because IT IS WHAT ULTIMATE WARRIOR DOES. None of them though, Vince, have captured the professional enduring appeal like The Ultimate Warrior persona or the personal staying power like the person, Warrior. They don’t because their intensity is part-time, only half-ass and skin deep. Whereas mine runs all the way through, right down to the bone -- it never goes off or away. Out of the ring, no gear, no facepaint, entirely out of the business -- it remains the same in everything I do. Even now as I write this -- that intensity, MY INTENSITY, is coming right through the computer screen and the reader feels it.

Ultimate Warrior was simply a gimmick that made me realize Warrior, as a person, wasn't one. The Warrior intensity-for-life element of Ultimate Warrior was real. You got that and it inspired you, it really jacked you up -- until I became more than the young, initially naive kid who first came to work for you. Until my mind started becoming as powerful as my physical presence. Then, both Warriors together became a potential success too intimidating for you to handle. Always on the hunt for challenge, it was the inevitable next level for me. But you, Vince, didn’t have the guts to go there. As big as a man and success you were in some ways, in others that counted so importantly, you simply wanted to stay safe remaining the scared little kid who could throw his toys.

You and your wife Linda have been telling everyone for years that you only give your fans what they want. Why didn’t you then? Tell the fans who pop bigger for Ultimate Warrior than anybody else when he appears on that big monster screen at the arenas, Vince, why you didn’t then? You didn’t because you didn’t have the courage to rise up to the complete Warrior challenge.

The failure that eats away at you the most, Vince? Sadly, it’s not the missed opportunity as it should be. No, it is that you don’t OWN me like you do all the others. That you never emasculated me, turned my balls into squirrel nuts like you’ve done to all the others.

And, Vince -- you never will. This Warrior won’t crawl.

Look, Vince, let me end by telling you that I forgive you. I’m serious. I know you’ll read this and I just want you to know. I am not bitter about how things ended up. My life has moved on, and ultimately it is better and more challenging. What we were as people back then, you and I -- hey, it’s what made it work. So, I would advise you to give your own regret a rest. A lot of time has passed, for one of us a lot of growing has been done. One can’t be gotten back and the other can’t be changed.

I will always appreciate the opportunity WWF provided. I will never forget the experiences I had while I was there (or all the work, sacrifices and effort made). Thank you for those. I mean it.

All of us are bits and pieces of all things good, bad and ugly. Big as both of our egos are, you and I aren’t immune to being a mixture of all three either. Forgetting this makes it really difficult for strong personalities in disagreement to give credit where credit is due. When it comes to our opinions of one another, we both judge harshly. Maybe we should take a moment though to recognize what we forget. I don’t think you can find an instance of me on the record dismissing your company’s contribution. If I have, or if you believe I have, let me be clear right now -- Ultimate Warrior never would have had the incredible existence that he did if it wasn’t that you had your own dream to build the company that you did. But neither, Vince, would HE if there had not been ME.

You and I, Vince, once had too many explosive personality traits in common. It was inevitable that the intensity of those would cause us to one day clash, just like we did. In fact, it is the intensity of the clash that causes both us to likely not hear the unspoken respect for the good things we did together, but only the bad and ugly. We should both be proud of The Ultimate Warrior persona. I am. You should step back and be proud, too.

In this DVD you should just let Ultimate Warrior be what he, in truth, was. Incredibly positive and one of a kind. He captured something unique in people and the bond that was built is unbreakable. Pursuing the negative will never, ever change that. Of course, if this wisdom doesn’t work for you, Vince, we can just stick with you making an ass of yourself, and kissing mine. While you are down there notice, again, the real balls.

Good Bye, Vince


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WrestleReunion2: The Dudleys Boys face Matt Hardy & Rhyno in a show where “10 matches could make history” @ 6:07 pm
Thanks to the guys promoting WrestleReunion 2 for sending in the following:

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA, July 30 2005 - A spectacular 10-match wrestling card, featuring many of the most famous and inspirational athletes in the world of professional wrestling, will shake the foundations of the Valley Forge Convention Center, 1160 First Ave., King of Prussia, PA., at 8 p.m. on Saturday Aug 27. The card is the showcase event of WrestleReunion 2, the world’s biggest and best pro-wrestling fan convention, at the convention center from Friday Aug. 26 through Sunday Aug. 28.

Two main events will satisfy the appetites of all wrestling fans. The first, which could bring closure to a historic grudge match between the legendary Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zbyszko, features former AWA Heavyweight Champion Zbyszko against former three-time WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page. If Zbyszko defeats Page, he will get five minutes in the ring with Sammartino alone.

The other main event, a Six-Man Tag Team Match, will feature the return to the ring of “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley and the two Funk Brothers (Terry and Dory, Jr.), with Bobby “The Brain” Hennan in their corner, vs. Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey) and “Sweet” Stan Lane.

In a Tag Team Match between current superstars, Matt Hardy and Rhino will face the Dudleys, Bubba Ray and D-Von. In a Mixed Tag Team Match, former WWF Lady’s Champion Wendi Richter, George South, Jr. and The Patriot will challenge Amy Love, D.C. Drake and “Gorgeous” Gary Royal. An Eight-Man Elimination Tag Team Match will feature team captain “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Missing Link, D-Lo Brown, Dr. Tom Prichard vs. team captain “The King of Old School” Steve Corino, Andrew Martin (formerly known as Test), The Original Evil Clown and The Masked Superstar.

In a Father and Son Tag Team Match, Don and Joe Muraco vs. Bob and Brad Armstrong.; IWA Heavyweight Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine will defend his title against the very popular Tito Santana; in a Special Legends Match/Russian Chain Match, former WWF Heavyweight Champion Ivan Koloff, accompanied by Nikolai Volkoff, goes head-to-head with Domenic DiNucci.

In a Four Corners Tag Team Match, the Samoan Island Tribe (Samu and Alofa) with Sika, the Wild Samoan, vs. the Fantastics vs. the Backseat Boyz vs. the Thunderfoots. Returning to the ring for the first time after a bout with cancer, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams goes against King Kaluha. Nick Bockwinkel, former AWA World Champion, will serve as acting commissioner. Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be in a special in-ring interview segment with Jimmy Hart and Bill Apter. The referees are Dick Whoerle ,Tiger Hattori, Billy Caputo and John Finegan.

Tickets are $75 and can be purchased now at or at the box office on the night of the event. Weekend VIP tickets are $149 for all autograph sessions, all Q&A sessions and the 10-match card. Single day passes are $75 per day and include all autograph and Q&A sessions on the day of purchase. Information: 941-358-6825.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Telling It Likt It Is....By John-Michael Newton

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton.

This Week: The ABORTION that is WWE.

I am not going to go in-depth in this column. That is because I watched RAW for only 4 minutes. FOUR FREAKING MINUTES!!!! Why you ask? Because The show was pure unadulterated crap!!! Starting off the show, we have the bona-fide retard Eugene winning the gold medal from Kurt Angle. Then the stupid tag match with two gay guys and one gay midget against Viscera and Cholaris....which I think means "I am part of a stupid storyline". I did not even waste my time watching the Cena-Jericho concert.

The bottom line is that WWE has reached the bottom of the barrel. I thought last week was the new low when Chavo Guerrero comes out as a racist character named Kieran White. Nice job Vince. Nice to stir a little racism into your shows.....You pig!! WWE cannot pull a good SEGMENT out of their asses anymore.

You know what? I take back every bad thing I ever said about Jeff Jarrett. Forget what I said about him being a horrible champ. Forget anything I said about him being lame. Forget whatever I said about TNA needing to forget it is 1996. At LEAST Jarrett would never stoop to having his company put out drivel like this. I would rather go through 5 hours of Trinity's screaming and Jarrett's promos than have to watch crap like the WWE put on this past week. Vince, we get your freaking point. You are the only major company now, and have been for 4 years. We have gotten it through our collective thick skulls. Now can you stop putting crap like this week's show on? I am shuddering to think how bad Crapdown will be. I will not be surprised if I hear Eddie's secret was "Miller Lite DOES have Less carbs then Bud Light"

WWE should be absolutely ashamed of the horrible shows they have been putting out as of late. That is all I have to say. I am sure a lot of you agree. Take Care and Be Well


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Monday, July 25, 2005

WWE'S Battle of the Band

Just when you thought that the sports entertainment company WWE couldn’t get any gayer with it’s lame story lines they have to do Battle of the Bands!! Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy will face off against John Cena and crew!

What the hell is wrong with their writers!! First off Fozzy is a rock band and John Cena is a rapper! Like there isn’t enough animosity between rockers and rappers lets have a competition on national TV. I mean the whole idea is ridiculous!

Do they just sit around and go hey I have an idea lets see if we can really get the fans fighting with one another by segregating them! There is no way for anyone to decide who is the better musician.

You either like rock or you don’t. So if you don’t like rock your not going to vote for Fozzy no matter what Jericho does up on that stage! He can have the best stage show or get up there in the nude and perform! If you don’t like that genera your not going to care. The same goes for John.

One would have to wonder if WWE spent more time focusing their time and energy on what is going on inside the ring instead of all the stupid story lines if maybe they might have a small piece of respect they had in their glory days!

If they did they might not be losing money hand over fist because they are losing it in a mediocre product that people just don’t want to waste their time or intelligence on!

I am debating wether or not I’m going to flip back and forth between Raw tonight and something else! Just so I can watch Fozzy’s performance! They are a great band but of course I could careless about John Cena’s performance! If I wanted to watch crap I would tune in to MTV!

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By: Press Release
7/25/2005 9:10:01 AM

For Immediate Release
Contact: Cirillo World, John Cirillo, 212-972-5337,


New York, July 25—Professional Wrestling’s Most Energetic and Electric Play-by-Play Man, Joey Styles, returns to the wrestling airwaves with Joey Styles’ Extremely Hardcore debuting on Friday, September 9, at 11:30 PM/ET/8:30 PM/PT on Events In Demand Pay-Per-View. The program is priced is $9.95.

“All of the matches on JOEY STYLES’ EXTREMELY HARDCORE will give extreme wrestling fans the chance to experience the unique and over the top environment that was the signature of this genre when it was invented in the early nineties,” says Styles. “The talent that participates will both demonstrate the wrestling skills and the violence of extreme wrestling, and those wrestlers (NOT SPORTS ENTERTAINERS) will be announced shortly.”

The first live taping of Joey Styles’ Extremely Hardcore will be on Saturday Night, August 20. Bell time 8 pm at Earthlink Live, formerly known as Center Stage in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster,

No longer content to be solely an announcer, Joey Styles now steps out from behind the announcer's table to produce his own vision of anti-sports entertainment pro wrestling that can only be described as EXTREMELY HARDCORE!

Joey Styles was the only play-by-play announcer for the now defunct, ECW (EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING) for its entire revolutionary existence from 1993 through 2001 on syndicated television, TNN (now Spike TV) and pay-per-view television. The name Joey Styles is synonymous with and as recognizable and marketable as ECW itself!

Styles made pay-per-view television history and professional wrestling history in 1997 when he became the only play-by-play announcer ever to host a live wrestling, boxing or mixed martial arts pay-per-view event alone, with no color commentator. He went on to host live pay-per-view events solo for many years.

Unlike all other ECW talents, Joey Styles chose to retire from the national professional wrestling scene when ECW filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Last month, Joey Styles returned to live pay-per-view television to host ECW ONE NIGHT STAND for WWE which now owns the ECW trademarks and video library.

Click here for showtimes

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Alexis Interview


With the Diva Search competition out of the way, you're now promoting 'National Lampoon Strip Poker'. For our readers who are unaware, tell us what National Lampoon's is all about?

-Well, I was so excited to be working with them – National Lampoon is an international comedy institution – and to think that I’m the next chapter in a book that includes classic films like Animal House, the Vacation movies, and Van Wilder is so incredibly humbling! How wild is that? Plus, when I found out that the filming for National Lampoon’s Strip Poker was taking place at the infamous Hedonism II nudist resort in Jamaica… well, a girl with a wild streak as big as mine isn’t going to turn down THAT opportunity! I also had my birthday in Jamaica during the filming, and getting to celebrate my birthday in tropical paradise was an incredible treat!

The filming was actually hard work; my time at Hedonism II was much more than having cold drinks on the beach, partying naked, and getting rowdy (although I did all those things!). Because of the intense Jamaican heat, we had to begin filming at the crack of dawn, and then take multiple breaks to mop-up our sweat, reapply makeup, and get out of the sun. Still, it was an amazing experience, and I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out. If any of your readers would like to check out my trailer, please visit Warning: My trailer does show naked shots of me, so be advised – it’s not work-safe! I don’t want any of you guys to get fired from your jobs because of me!

How did you get involved with the website?

After my WWE experience, National Lampoon approached me about writing a tell-all story about my recent adventure in sports entertainment. And you know, for a girl from Canada – who lived in the Philippines until age five, no less – to have an opportunity to represent prestigious entertainment icons like the WWE and National Lampoon is simply mind-boggling! It really shows that anything can happen… with lots of hard work, a little bit of luck, and the right attitude!

Really, I can’t reiterate how pleased I am to tell people that I had the privilege and honor of representing both the WWE and National Lampoon. Both companies treated me with class, warmth, and kindness – and for that I am so grateful!

Turning our attention to wrestling, what led to you applying to be part of the Diva Search competition?

A friend of mine forwarded me information about the 2005 Diva Search competition, knowing what a huge, hardcore wrestling fan I am. And when I think of a WWE diva, I imagine a strong, sexy, self-reliant woman who is respected for her hard work without acting all “high maintenance” or like a prima donna – and that’s me!

Plus, I’m a Canadian citizen, and so many of my fellow Canadians have done great things in the wrestling business. Trish Stratus in particular is someone I greatly admire, because not only is she from my adopted hometown of Toronto, but she also got her start as a fitness model – as did I. And it’s funny; I’ve never actually met Trish, but we appeared together in the same fitness calendar several years back called BABES.

We've heard of women who are involved in the wrestling business being overlooked during the final castings for the likes of yourself. Why do you think WWE are overlooking girls who can already wrestle in favour of individuals who are totally new to the business?

Actually, I had already taken pro wrestling classes back in Canada; the person who trained Trish also trained me. Pro wrestling was something I’ve loved for such a long time; it’s not a case of me learning about an opportunity with the WWE, and then trying to pretend that I’m a fan.

My childhood was pretty tough. I left the Philippines as a very young girl and moved to Canada, where I faced a culture clash and a language barrier. My mother died and my father never got along well with me… but among my best, most cherished childhood memories was watching the stars of pro wrestling with my family. That’s why it always pissed me off when elitist snobs condemn wrestling – and thus the fans of wrestling. What the WWE offers is a unique brand of sports entertainment featuring world class athletes, compelling storylines, riveting drama, and passionate crowd interaction. What’s not to like?! And if wrestling has given people like me so much pleasure over the years… why berate it, just because it doesn’t feature the kind of understated dialogue you might find in a Woody Allen movie?

One thing I never liked was when these quasi-celebrities or air-headed models – who you know didn’t care about wrestling whatsoever – would do a brief partnership with the WWE or WCW, solely to use it as a stepping stone. The wrestlers who bust their ass entertaining the audience deserve far better than that.

And by the way, you should know that some of the other Diva Search contestants feel the same way I do. Ashley had just started taking wrestling classes during the auditions, and Elisabeth is a very athletic girl who always wanted to wrestle. Wouldn’t it be great if the three of us met in the ring down the road? That would be like a dream come true!

OK, so you've made it to RAW for the first time. How did the day go prior to the show going live on TV?

The day I went “live” in Anaheim, I was so nervous! I was backstage, pacing back and forth, listening to my iPod (I had it programmed with kick ass music – the kind of stuff that would inspire a girl who’s mere hours away from stepping into a WWE ring!). And you know, right until the Diva Search segment aired, I wasn’t sure if I should answer Jonathon Coachman’s questions like a Miss America contestant – all bubbly and sweet – or if I should be myself, which is assertive and forthcoming. The trouble is, an assertive girl can often come across like a bitch… which wouldn’t be too helpful when soliciting support for online voting! I called up a close friend of mine to hear her thoughts… and she reminded me that I beat out 8,000 other Diva Search contestants by being myself. So I tried to be authentic in front of the cameras. What you saw is who I am.

By the way, the very first wrestler I ran into when I entered the arena was the greatest of all time – the Nature Boy Ric Flair! Here is a legend with uncanny inner strength and an amazing ability to turn boos into cheers (plus, I’ve always loved his outfits!).

You made reference via the National Lampoon website to a poem you wrote, referring to the terrible Katie Vick storyline. How about a world exclusive on that poem?

I’d love to! My plan was to be all cutthroat with my competition – but to do so in a funny, comedic way (not taking myself too seriously). We all had to exhibit a talent, and mine was going to be erotic poetry! I wanted to look all sexy & purr into the microphone: “I’m the most orally gifted of all the divas – and to prove it, here’s a poem I wrote just for you!” And here it is:

I’m sexy Alexis on this wrestling card,
And Jersey boys make my headlights so hard!

I’ll make your body contort and quiver,
I have Trish’s breasts – and Stone Cold’s liver!

I’m here to excite you – to titillate and tease,
But those other girls are swimming in disease!

Those wannabe divas act so cute and cuddly,
But without their implants, they look like Spike Dudley!

Inflated with saline, yet lifeless and sick,
They’re deader in the sack than the corpse of Katie Vick.

I’ll strip my opponents ‘til they’re naked and bare,
They’re fading faster than Shawn Michaels’ hair.

They’ll be cut from Raw because they’re third tier,
Cut short like Brock Lesnar’s football career.

So think of Alexis, so seductive and spread,
Flair’s the dirtiest player in the game – and I’m the dirtiest in the bed! WOOOO!

I thought the poem would play well with the audience, and was very disappointed that I didn’t have an opportunity to give it a shot. Maybe next time!

You (along with tons of wrestling fans) were somewhat critical of the writing team on RAW. Based on what you know of the product, what are your thoughts on the show and it's storylines?

Yeah, that small part of my article seems to have really gained traction among the “smart” wrestling fans out there. I guess lots of armchair wrestling GMs feel that they could do a better job, if they were given a chance. But really, the writers have an awfully tough task, when you stop and think about it. You consider about all the moving parts to writing a show: Live TV, no off-season, no retakes, continuous tapings, superstar egos, network regulations, sponsor demands, last minute vetoes, no reruns, managerial oversight & decrees, injuries and real-life disputes altering story angles, etc. Like lots of guys, I used to watch wrestling on TV and think to myself, “Hey, I can do that better than they can!” The truth, though, is that it’s a much more daunting task than you might think. The closer you are to the process, the more challenging it becomes.

And yes, the writers we worked with were all new – and I probably knew more about certain components of past WWE storyline than they did. That surprised me. But you should not interpret this as me being an egotistical bitch who didn’t appreciate all their hard work. They really are bright, capable writers who are trying to use their non-wrestling experience to give the WWE the feel of an exciting, anything-goes entertainment vehicle. And just because their life-long ambition wasn’t to be a pro wrestling writer, it does not mean that they aren’t talented, professional people who are an asset to the WWE and truly love being there.

Let me give an example: Trish was in medical school at York University before she joined the WWE. At that stage of her life, I’m sure she cared more about passing her finals than knowing the WWE story arc of several years ago – but with dedication and a vastly underrated athleticism, she was eventually able to perform her craft at an unbelievably high level. I think it’s fair to say that she’s the greatest female wrestling performer in the history of the industry. If Trish could eventually do it, why not these writers?

"Ribbing" is pretty common within wrestling. Were you or any of the Divas subject to a practical joke while you were there?

They are a professional company and they treated us with a lot of respect. No socializing with the WWE superstars was allowed (although backstage interactions are impossible to stop), and the WWE really went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. No one was allowed to belittle each other – on or off the squared circle – and there was a dress code in effect. I know it conflicts with his in-ring persona, but I truly felt that Vince has a lot of respect for his female talent. Yes, like many of you I’ve heard the horror stories from past divas like Sable… but what she claimed in that abandoned lawsuit just didn’t correlate whatsoever with my experiences with the company. Everyone was great to me, and I can’t say that enough.

Was there any negativity or words said with regards to the TV time you were taking away from any of the wrestlers?

-Honestly, the only real negative things I heard was from the hardcore Internet wrestling fans, which is certainly understandable; those guys (and among those “guys” are a surprisingly large number of women) love watching a match with an ultra-high work-rate, a clean finish, and young talent developing into main event threats. If that’s why you watch pro wrestling, I just can’t give you what you’re looking for during the Diva Search, no matter how hard I try – and I know that. But even though the hardcore Internet wrestling fans – which I consider myself one of, incidentally – has certain likes & dislikes, not all fans of WWE programming feel the same way. On the Monday Night Raw just prior to the Bikini Boot Camp edition, the Diva Search segment tied the in-ring return of Hulk Hogan for top overall ratings.

Here’s how I looked at it: Vince McMahon knows far more about pro wrestling than I ever will, and he values the contributions that female performers can provide to his overall product. And historically, certain female performers – such as Miss Elizabeth with the Mega Powers, Precious with the Garvins and Ric Flair, Stephanie and HHH, Lita and Edge/ Hardy/ Kane, and just about anything with Trish – only increases our enjoyment of the action by furthering the storyline. So I just wanted to do my best and fit in.

A little word association, if you'd like to answer and give your thoughts on:

Vince McMahon?

He is the MAC daddy the P.I.M.P. – and I mean that in a good, legal way! He's like the Hefner of wrestling! This guy is a genius to have transformed this industry and turned the WWE into such a huge corporation. He’s the big guy – the big boss.

John Cena?

Smooth and suave, John Cena is a natural born ladies man. He really is a Gentleman. And whoever said that the Diva Search contestants and WWE superstars shouldn’t socialize obviously never told John!

Triple H?

Very professional; Hunter is the strong, silent type. He really knows a lot about this business, and helped out the other WWE talent backstage.

Ric Flair?

He’s larger than life, a role model, a personal hero – and the greatest ICON in the history of wrestling. I’m a huge fan of his.

Stephanie McMahon?

If Ric Flair the MAN, then Stephanie is the WOMAN. She’s very entrepreneurial-minded and BUSINESS savvy. Her talent and leadership separates her from the rest of the pack.

Eric Bischoff?

Eric is a “go get ‘em tiger!” kind of guy who is constantly encouraging us all backstage. He’s dashing, stylish, and very aristocrat. He reminds me of fine wine – he gets better with age!

Your fellow Diva contestants?

Elizabeth is sporty chic. Kristal is a loveable goofball! Cameron is a girly-girl – very Heidi Klum-ish. Ashley is a tomboy. Leyla is a sex kitten. Simona is sort of like Ivana Trump. Summer is a Barbie doll.

Finally, do you see a future at all for yourself in wrestling, ir or out of WWE?

If they'll have me, I’d love to return! It's all up to the big guy (and I don’t mean the Big Show, but a certain flamboyant billionaire named Vince!). The WWE isn’t sharing any of its future plans or long-term storylines with me, so I really don’t know if I’m coming back or not. Hey, I’d like nothing more than to rain on the winning diva’s parade and clothesline her out of the ring! (laughs). Maybe Trish Stratus and I could create a little havoc and hell together, since we are both Canadian. Maybe a storyline between me and the Heart Throbs – where I break them apart! Nobody believes me, but Romeo is so hot when you see him in person!. And in my ultimate dream, I could always be Hulk Hogan's manager – or even better, a part of Ric Flair's entourage! WOOO!

Vince always says that anything can happen in the WWE! Let’s find out!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005



New York, NY (July 21, 2005) – TNA Entertainment, LLC has signed a deal with Spike TV to telecast TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling’s weekly action athletic entertainment series “iMPACT!” The weekly one-hour show will join Spike TV’s popular “Slammin’ Saturday Night” programming block starting this Fall, taping at Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

“We are thrilled to be coming to Spike TV,” said Dixie Carter, President, TNA Entertainment, LLC. “We look forward to bringing our exciting style of Total Non-stop Action and entertainment to their male viewers.”

The new wrestling alternative, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s iMPACT! delivers a distinct brand of high-risk, live-action athletic entertainment. TNA’s roster includes some of the most exciting and recognizable stars in wrestling today such as, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Abyss, Sean Waltman, Christopher Daniels, Monty Brown and others. TNA features the high-flying “X Division,” the “Six-Sided Ring,” and concept matches such as “Ultimate X,” “King of the Mountain,” and “Six Sides of Steel.”

TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, TN. TNA programming is currently available in 118 countries. TNA is also available on monthly pay-per-view on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, Dish Network and TVN as well as Viewer’s Choice, Bell ExpressVu and Shaw PPV in Canada. The names of all Total Nonstop Action Wrestling televised programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and all TNA Wrestling logos and trademarks are exclusive property of TNA Entertainment, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information, visit
Spike TV, the first network for men, is available in 88 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B).

Robert Pini Spike TV 212/846-8074
Debra Fazio Spike TV 212/846-6240

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Telling It Likt It Is....By John-Michael Newton

This Week: Thoughts on the PPV, and Where does TNA and WWE go from here??

Hello again. Hope everyone had fun at the PPV on Sunday. Gotta admit, it impressed the hell out of me. I am not going to go match by match, because Heather has done it in her last column, so doing it myself would be redundant, but there are some importand snippets to break down.

First, the PPV. Overall, stellar effort again. If only TNA could get a solid TV deal in place, they would be in business. AMW-Shane/Shelley was a great opener. Sonjay Dutt is just SICK!!! Look for him to get a push being he is 100% again. Styles-Waltman was kind of sluggish, until Jerry Lynn made it interesting by kicking Waltman's hands off of the ropes. Great to see Lynn back. Hopefully he will regain his old form. But the one thing that impressed me is that Jarrett actually had an entertaining segment. Shades of his old form showed when he did a shoot on the WWE's "Black Wednesday". Then pulled a trick with Rhino at the end of the dog collar match, which was awesome. Rhino looks GREAT!!!!! He looks like he can finally become the main eventer he should have been in WWE. Overall, EXCELLENT PPV.

Next, dealing with Black Wednesday....and other firings. If I am Jeff Jarrett, I am breaking off a call to Jim Cornette. If you cannot get Heyman, at least get a proven booker in Cornette. He is a guy who can make Jarrett matter again, as he did in the USWA and WWE heydays. That is a windfall waiting to happen.

TNA should also be looking at beinging Jackie Gayda and Dawn Marie in. I am sorry, but Scary Sherri...ERRRR Traci Brooks does not do anything for me. She is too stale.

Finally on the TNA side of the house. You guys have a golden opportunity again. The Dudleys, including Spike, are free. So is Matt Morgan. I have seen this guy, and given the RIGHT gimmmick, not the stupid stuttering one WWE gave him, He can be a huge star. WWE has left a huge array of talent go, and maybe more. Take advantage, TNA. And do not blow any more TV deals.

Moving on to WWE. What the hell is the deal with Matt Hardy? I have heard hew has a deal with WWE, then I hear not. Where is he going? Last night's run-in from Matt and Edge and Lita's subsequent taunting made for surreality. For the first time in a long time, the line between reality and play was suspended. Cena has benefitted from the change of scenery, as he is looking more over as Champ. And of course, Summerslam is now the PPV of the year, with Hogan and HBK. Vince finally took a cue from his disasterous 3rd Quarter showing, and locked up Hogan. Vince has 4 of the biggest draws in history under contract. Talent like that will be tough to beat.

That is all for now, Take care and be well.


Monday, July 18, 2005

No Surrender Review

As many of you may have noticed yesterday they redesigned the arena to add more seating for the fans! The arena now accommodates 2,000 screaming fans. I know I say every month that the PPV’S get better every month and they do but last nights PPV was by far one of TNA’S best PPV’S.

The pre show really got the night started when Jeff Jarrett came out and started to attack Don West and scream at Mike Tenay about how insulted he was that he would get arrested and taken away like a common criminal at last months PPV. Mike told Jeff to take it in the ring once in the ring Jeff started in on his TNA conspiracy theory rant!

The long and the short of the rant was that WWE experienced “Black Wednesday” and it wasn't going to be long before TNA felt the same thing because TNA would be pick up those wrestlers since they are the only other wrestling alternative out there but in order for TNA to pick up WWE’S released wrestlers TNA would have to release some!

Which Jeff said that he would be on the top of the list of wrestlers to get release and he said that that would be unfair because he had been there from the beginning helping to build TNA with his blood, sweat, and tears. He was yelling at Mike because Rhyno was in the back and he was demanding to know what was going on.

This set the pace for Jeff showing up all over the place to whisper to wrestlers messages full of doom and gloom the rest of the night! But before Jeff went into the back Don did tell Jeff to just go away because everyone was sick of listening to him.

Sadly the pre show match had nothing on the excitement before the match. The Match featured Orlando’s own Jerrelle Clark VS. Shocker. As always Jerrelle was on top of his game but Shocker tends to leave me feeling more bored than anything. Jerrelle won the match.

At some point during the pre show Cassidy Riley showed up in the audience behind Don and Jeremy in a black shirt and cut off shorts. It seems he hasn't been the same since Raven broke his fingers. I think he maybe channeling his inner Billy Kidman and full of hope that Raven will start a new Flock! I'm sure Raven will have some goodies instore for us.

The first match of the PPV was Michael Shane and Alex Shelley with Traci VS. AMW. Now I must say I was very impressed with this match. This was by far the best I have seen AMW in for a long time. Now I’m not saying yet that they have become more than a mediocre tag team what I’m saying is this was so much better than their normal match.

The match was very back and forth but for the most part it was an all out brawl. Traci of course could not stay out of the match so she went after Chris Harris to her dismay he grabbed her by her hair and handcuffed her to a ring post. Needless to say this did not sit well with Traci. With Traci out of the picture with the exception of her banshee like whaling, AMW was able to move in for the kill and winning the match.

The second match of the evening was a X-Division Cup qualifying match. This match had some of the top wrestlers in the X-Division. The wrestlers in this match were Sharkboy VS. Mikey Batts VS. “Primetime” Elix Skipper VS. Sonjay Dutt. This match had great action.

One thing I do have to mention now please keep in mind I am a girl so of course along with the action I notice what the wrestlers are wearing! What the hell was Batts wearing?? That vinyl ensemble was defiantly not the best look he could have went for. Even though I really think he is trying to work the heel angle he should go with something else.

But other than that this was an outstanding match with a lot of highflying action. I did think at one point that Elix really hurt himself when he stepped wrong when he was walking the top rope! The winner of this match was Sonjay Dutt. He now gets to move forward to the X-Division Cup Match.

Match three of the night was David Young and Simon Diamond VS. Sonny Siaki and Apolo. This match was a descent match considering the wrestlers involved. But I think there are other wrestlers in TNA that would have had a better match!

Match four of the night was Samoa Joe VS. Chris Sabin. This match was a real endurance challenge for Sabin. He came so close to winning the match on several occasions. Sabin also managed to break several of Joe’s amazing submission holds to bad Sabin couldn’t fight his way out of the one that caused him to lose the match.

Match five was Team Canada’s Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and A1 (aka Alistar) VS. The Naturals and Lance Hoyt with Jimmy Hart. This match was a hard match for Team Canada since they didn’t have Scott D’Amore because he was resting up and recovering from when Hoyt put him in the hospital. It was really great to see Jimmy coming out as a manager again and to see that he hasn’t lost his touch!

You know Jimmy and Jim Cornet always had a feud when they were in the same federation. With Cornet being released from WWE I wonder if TNA will pick him up. They are starting to use managers a lot more and I just love that. The managers always add a bit of flare to the matches.

Anyway back to the match it wasn’t long before Team Canada decided to try to use their hockey stick when it got taken away from them but when the referee Andrew Thomas turned around he saw the hockey stick in Jimmy’s hand and ejected him from the match. But without the help of Scott D’Amore Team Canada was no match for the team of the Naturals and Hoyt!

Match six of the night was Outlaw and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown VS. Konnan and "The Truth" Ron Killings of 3LK. This match exploded with the hate these 4 men have for each other! It got bloody really quick. Not 3 minutes into this violent match Outlaw was busted open.

The Outlaw beat up Andrew Thomas so he was out of the match but Senior Referee Rudy Charles came out to ref the match. Outlaw and Monty won the match with the bodies of Konnan and Killings laying dead inside and outside of the ring everyone noticed BG right outside the entrance tunnel.

Outlaw announced that he was going to say two words he hadn't said in a long time. He looked at BG and said "My Brother" BG came to the ring and was really struggling with who to side with Outlaw even gave him a chair to hit Killings with but he threw down the chair and left the ring. But the crowd was encouraging him to side with Outlaw.

Match seven of the night was Sean Waltman VS. AJ Styles with special guest referee Jerry Lynn. Before I start talking about this match I want to send a huge Welcome Back to Jerry.

He is an incredible athlete and I can't wait for him to get back into action. This match got bloody too both wrestlers were bleeding. Sean from the mouth and AJ from the nose and mouth.

They were just beating the hell out of each other until AJ was down and Sean got a chair and slid it on his knee. Jerry told him not to do that and take it off but Sean wouldn't so Jerry did.

AJ tried to pull Sean over to pin him but Sean grabbed the ropes until Jerry kicked his hands away causing AJ to get the pin fall. I'm sure there is going to be one hell of a feud between Jerry and Sean now.

The eight match of the night was X-Division champion "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. Team Canada's Petey Williams for the title. This match was a very equally matched match with several very close calls.

But in the end Daniels was able to retain his title. Samoa Joe came out to watch this match I think he has visions of titles in his future.

Match nine of the night was the main event that had everyone on the edge of their seats all night. Heavy weight Champion Raven VS. Abyss with James Mitchell in a dog collar match.

This match was by far the most brutal match of the night. It was right after the match started that Abyss was bleeding heavily out of his forehead. The two of these monsters just beat the hell out of each other. At one point Raven pulled out a $10 bill and stapled it to Abyss's forehead.

Both of these wrestlers are very lucky they were able to walk away from this match. Abyss brought out the thumb tacks and spread them out and went after a down Raven in the corner of the ring when Cassidy came out to help Raven but Abyss threw him over the top rope on to a table where he stayed the rest of the night!

But that gave Raven enough time to collect himself and send Abyss into the tacks. In the end of this match Raven retained his title but not after they both ended up in the tacks.

As Abyss took off with Mitchell and Raven was trying to get the tacks out of his ass. Jeff Jarrett came out and told Raven he wasn't there to talk about "Black Wednesday" but to give him a bit of advice turn around.

When Raven turned around Rhyno was there and spiked him into the mat and left with Rhyno. As always Jeff was playing mind games with everyone!

After a PPV like this one I can't wait to see what is instore for TNA fans next month!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Q&A, Part II: One second from WWE super-stardom


E. RUTHERFORD, N.J. — On July 11, Matt Striker, a New York City schoolteacher forced to resign from the classroom, came just one second away from outlasting former WWE Champion Kurt Angle.

It was the culmination of a wild series of events that received national media attention — and it was a chance for Striker to move one step closer to his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.

In Part II of this two-part series, Striker explains what it was like to momentarily be a star in front of thousands of fans at Continental Airlines Arena: Looking at the Kurt Angle Invitational this past Monday, what was going through your head when you were caught in the armbar early on?

Matt Striker: Going in, I said to myself, “Just use whatever wrestling knowledge I have.” But it’s such a naïve thought because for a split second you forget that Kurt Angle is the greatest mat wrestler in the entire world. And you can kid yourself into believing that you can do something. But once he had that armbar on … I knew going in that Angle was as tough as they come, but I think I was caught off guard by the amount of pain that armbar delivered. I used my other hand to try to alleviate some of the pressure. But I mean, I was very close to giving up right there, to be honest. With 40-seconds left, you actually had Angle out of the ring. At that point, fans everywhere started to believe you could actually outlast Angle. Walk us through that moment.

Matt Striker: That had come right after he had just thrown me over his head, so for a split-second, I blacked out. The next thing I know, I realized that someone is grabbing my ankle and I cannot be in this position, so out of desperation, I just kicked with my foot and I didn’t see but I heard a crash outside. And that’s when I looked up and I realized that Angle was outside the ring.
I thought to myself, “My God, this is great!” And then the fans start cheering for me. It was better than any dream I have ever had. That’s when I tried to keep the dream alive by going to the opposite end of the ring and praying that the referee counted a little faster than he normally would. But Kurt got back in right underneath the wire and something took over and I just went crazy just to try to keep him down. With 10-seconds left, you managed a low-blow.

Matt Striker: (Sigh) It’s not something I’m proud of, but desperate people do desperate things. How does it feel to review the tape and see just how close you came to victory?

Matt Striker: So many people said to me afterward, “One more second! You couldn’t hold on for one more second?” I don’t think they understand what it feels like to feel that your ankle is going to pop. The minute he turns that ankle, it feels like it’s going to pop out of the joint. You think, “My God, I want to keep my limbs intact!” You have no choice. You just want to make him stop and all I could think was, “Please stop! Please stop!” What do you think you would have done with Kurt’s Olympic gold medal?

Matt Striker: My first thought was, “I wonder how much I can get for it.” My second thought was how cool it’s going to look to run around my house wearing Kurt Angle’s medal. Then, the next thing I knew, I thought my ankle was going to be broken. Did you learn from your first Kurt Angle Invitational attempt back in February (posing as a Philadelphia local)?

Matt Striker: I certainly called upon my experiences with Kurt. I watched the tape over and over again. I do think that the experience of being in there with him one other time certainly lent itself to me being a little more aware and not as intimidated. And you can say all that, but you forget everything the minute he’s eye-to-eye with you, telling you, “I know you, you’re a liar!” You just stare into his eyes. Game plans are great on paper, but the minute you get into the ring with him, it’s a totally different world. When you were in the ring opposite Kurt Angle and he was making fun of your situation and calling you a liar in front of thousands of people, did you doubt yourself at all?

Matt Striker: To hear it from him in front of all those people on national television … you saw my face, I mean, I realize that what I did was wrong. But then right away, I realize that my passion and commitment to professional wrestling says so much for all of the people who have come before me who have paid the dues in blood and sweat. I mean, Barry Horowitz paid his dues and his blood and his sweat for years so that I could be in that ring, and just because he’s not a worldwide-known name, that doesn’t mean that I can’t realize that I made sacrifices for my passion the same way people like him did.

So, when Kurt was saying those things to me and making it a reality and addressing the things that I had done, I realized that (my actions) were wrong, and I realized that I have offered to repent. But I also realized that I would sacrifice anything to follow my dream and become a WWE Superstar.

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By: Bill Apter
7/16/2005 4:08:27 PM

My correspondent in Puerto Rico, Manuel Gonzalez, sent word that Puerto Rico's very own legendary star Miguel Perez Sr. has died at the age of 68 from a heart attack. Perez' greatest fame and fortune came in the 50's and 60's as the tag team partner of Antonino Rocca.

I recall seeing Rocca and Perez like it was just yesterday. They had totally different styles that really complimented each other. The Argentinian born Rocca was an innovative high-flyer, the man credited with the invention of the flying dropkick. Perez was more of a hold-for-hold type. Their feuds with The Graham Brothers, The Fabulous Kangaroos and others rocketed them to fame with many of their glory years being spent wrestling at the top of the bill in the old Madison Square Garden.

Not many people know this, but after Perez had become an established star, he opened a wrestling school in the Bronx, New York and trained aspiring wrestlers.

The wrestling business has lost another peice of it's rich history with the death of Miguel Perez Sr.

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No Surrender Tonight


TNA Wrestling Presents:
Live On Pay-Per-View
Sunday July 17th 2005 At 8pm ET / 5pm PT


Raven (c) Vs. "The Monster" Abyss

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (c) Vs. Petey Williams
"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles Vs. Sean Waltman

America's Most Wanted Vs. Michael Shane and Alex Shelley

Primetime Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mikey Batts

Konnan and The Truth vs. The Alpha Male and The Outlaw

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals & Lance Hoyt
vs. Team Canada

Samoa Joe Vs. Chris Sabin


This Week On iMPACT!
Simon Diamond and Trytan vs. Sonny Siaki and Apollo
Petey Williams and Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe and Fallen Angel, Shocker vs. Sonjay Dutt, A.J. Styles and Sean Waltman vs. A1 and Bobby Roode.
Also – more matches will be announced for July 17’s “No Surrender” PPV!

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Rhino To Attend Tonight's "No Surrender" Pay-Per-View


July 17th, 2005 03:33 has confirmed that Rhino will be in attendance at tonight's TNA "No Surrender" Pay-Per-View to finalize contract negotiations.

Rhino revealed in a recent interview that he was one of the new talent in talks to enter TNA and that he would be at the Pay-Per-View to meet with TNA officials. has also confirmed the star is already in Orlando.

Further information on Rhino will be provided during the "No Surrender" Pay-Per-View.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Two New Matches Added To Sunday's No Surrender

July 15th, 2005 11:05

Nashville, TN (July 16, 2005) – The Outlaw has been acting more like an in-law, causing estrangement and turmoil in the “marriage” of 3Live Kru.

Since this “home wrecker” arrived in TNA, the members of 3Live Kru have been dealing with issues of trust and infidelity. Like any dysfunctional relationship, they have reached the point of reconciliation or dissolution.

Two months ago, The Outlaw gave Konnan a wicked chair shot that sent him back to the ‘hood for several weeks. When Ron “The Truth” Killings beat The Outlaw at “Slammiversary,” B.G. James had the opportunity to exact some revenge for Konnan but couldn’t or wouldn’t pull the trigger.

This Sunday at “No Surrender,” Konnan and Ron “The Truth” Killings try to save their tag team partnership with B.G. James as they take on The Outlaw and his partner from Planet Jarrett, The Alpha Male, in a no DQ Street Fight.


Nashville, TN (July 15, 2005) – Team Canada has been the most dominant tag team force in TNA for the past year under the tutelage of Coach Scott D’Amore. The meddlesome manager has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat time and time again with his hockey stick.

After the Naturals teamed up with the late Chris Candido as their manager, they have evolved into a potent force, and are current champions of the tag team division. At “Slammiversary,” Chase Stevens was decimated by Team Canada until new “spiritual advisor” Jimmy Hart made the save with his ever-present megaphone.
Also at “Slammiversary,” Lance Hoyt was defeated by Bobby Roode but exacted revenge on D’Amore for an earlier beat down – sending him out of the ring on a stretcher.

Weeks ago on iMPACT!, Team Canada got some revenge in a four-against-one ambush on Hoyt until The Naturals stepped in to his rescue.

At “No Surrender” this Sunday, the unlikely pairing of Hoyt and The Naturals will team up to settle their individual and collective difference against Team Canada -- who will be without the services of D’Amore -- who has been convalescing at his home in Windsor, Ontario since “Slammiversary.”

How much does a coach mean to his team and can Team Canada overcome the loss of D’Amore? Will Jimmy Hart be able to continue the progress and maturation of The Naturals?

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Brutal Battle 05

Credit: SCW Newsletter

~This Saturday Night~
Eastmonte Civic Center
830 Magnolia Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Bell Time: 7:30pm Doors Open: 6:30pm


"The Shooter" Vordell Walker (c)
Scott Davis w/Gorgeous Gary Garvin

Words From The Champ.....
"We are only days away from Brutal Battle 05. It seems just like yesterday that I pinned Steve Corino's shoulders to the mat. After that victory, my stock went up real fast. I went on to become a major player on the Florida scene and got the shot of a life time that next year with wrestling for Ring of Honor. Gorgeous Gary Garvin seems to think that all of the traveling I've been doing over the past few months has taken a toll on me. Hell yeah it's taken a toll on me!!! However, that won't stop me from putting everything I have into the match this Saturday with you, Davis. You got a small taste of what I can do last time we meet in an SCW ring. However, this time there is a belt up for grabs and that belt belongs to me. I respect what you can do in the ring and I don't take you lightly at all one bit. This Saturday I will chop you down and paste your shoulders to the mat when the time is right."


Dagon Briggs w/Seven
Jason Hexx
The Brutal Battle match rules are simple. There is No Time Limit and No Disqualification.
There must be a winner and he who survives earns the opportunity to become the Southern Heavyweight Champion.

Jerrelle Clark
Aaron Epic
It was Jerrelle Clark that pinned Aaron Epic last month but the new Aaron Epic has requested another shot to prove his superiority. Altamonte Springs is the playground for these two competitors to display their in-ring prowess once and for all.

Other Matches
Sequel vs. Rip Malibu
Vito Denucci vs. Eddie Torres
Josh Rich vs. Kevin Kantrell
"The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko, The Heartbreak XPress AND MORE!

(card subject to change)

Q&A With....

The Queen of Extreme speaks exclusively to the E-Zone
regarding her appearance at Brutal Battle....or does she?

Q: Why have you chosen to appear at SCW's Brutal Battle?

A: Wouldn't you like to know...

Q: Can you give us a hint?

A: I'm gonna take care of some business.

Q: What can SCW fans expect to see from you this Saturday night?

Q: Maybe I'll satisfy their thirst for T&A, maybe I'll scout some talent and maybe I'll slap them in the face if they mess with me. I ain't the Queen of Extreme for nothing, just remember that.

For more on Francine...

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Friday, July 15, 2005

SCW Show

Saturday July 16 at 7:30pm join SWC for Brutal Battle 05!! With special guests "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko and ECW's Francine! Vito Denucci will be making his SCW return! For more information go to or call 407-474-4453.

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Matt Striker talks to

Credit: WWE.COM

Q&A, Part I: Sudden spotlight for schoolteacher-turned-wrestler
July 13, 2005

E. RUTHERFORD, N.J. — On July 11, Matt Striker, a New York City schoolteacher forced to resign from the classroom, came just one second away from outlasting former WWE Champion Kurt Angle.

It was the culmination of a wild series of events that received national media attention — and it was a chance for Striker to move one step closer to his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar. gets Striker’s side of the “sick-days scandal” in Part I of this two-part series: How do you explain this teaching controversy and your subsequent resignation?

Matt Striker: I was a New York City schoolteacher for this past year. I taught high school social studies. I was also pursuing my dream in sports-entertainment. An opportunity came up right before the holidays to go to Japan, which outside of working for WWE, is probably the greatest achievement you can have in wrestling. So, I took that opportunity, and I needed to take four days off right before the holiday break and I did that. What happened was, some of my students saw me appear on SmackDown! in my first Kurt Angle Invitational (back in February). So, they found out that I was, in fact, a professional wrestler. They found out that I had a Web site. So, they went to the Web site. And I guess as you scroll through the Web site you can look at past dates and appearances. And someone was able to match the dates that I had been in Japan to the dates that I had missed school. From there it became — in my opinion — a witch hunt to try to get rid of me at that school.

Things progressed. Things came across the assistant principal’s desk. She took it to the principal. He took it to the City and it just moved up the chain of command until finally they had an investigation and the teacher’s union appointed me a lawyer. That lawyer said that my best bet would be to resign so that I could maintain my teaching license in the City. So, that’s what I had done.

I had offered to pay back the money that I received for the four days that I had been “sick,” back to the City. I understood what I did was wrong because I took them as sick days when I could have taken them as personal days and I did not know that there was a difference in that. It had been my first year teaching in the City. So all of this, to my knowledge, had gone away until a couple of weeks ago — ironically enough a few days after school had ended — the Special Commissioner’s office puts out a report outlining my situation. It’s funny, though, that they put it out when they couldn’t reach any students, any parents, anyone who would speak in my favor. It’s also interesting that over this summer coming up, New York City and the New York City teacher’s union are going to go into contract negotiations because the teacher’s union does not have a contract for September. So, I’m assuming — that’s all I can really do — that anything the City could do to gain leverage in the negotiations they would.

But ultimately, I realized that it was the wrong course of action — that there was a different avenue that I could have explored to go to Japan. The offer’s still there to make things right by returning the four-day’s worth of pay to New York City. I’m apologetic and remorseful that it had to go down this way. I love teaching and I love kids almost as much as I love being a professional wrestler, and it’s just an unfortunate situation. But it has garnered me worldwide attention and ultimately it landed me in a WWE ring, so things work in mysterious ways, I suppose. Do you think teaching is still in your future?

Matt Striker: I think my future is to be a WWE Superstar. Will the fans see you in the ring again soon?

Matt Striker: I certainly hope so. I would want nothing more. You came to the ring with an apple on your tights. Was that poking fun at your teaching situation?

Matt Striker: Actually, I just had those made that morning. (The apple) was a “hello” to all my students because they always watch WWE television. And it was also a way for me to remind myself of the path in my life that had led me to that moment. I always like to remember where I come from because it makes where I’m going that much more important. So, I just thought it was pertinent and it was a glimpse into the way I am. Have you gotten support from your former students?

Matt Striker: Absolutely. There has been such an outpouring of support from my students, from my fellow teachers. The story has become international news, and fellow teachers and friends and family and students and people I’ve never met have come out to tell me that they support what’s gone on, and they don’t understand why (my situation) has been pursued so diligently. Like I said, it was really touching that so many people would come out and support me. Are there any parallels between your passion for teaching and your passion for sports-entertainment?

Matt Striker: The parallel is reaching people — of course in different ways. There’s a performance aspect to both. As a teacher, you’re in front of a classroom for six or seven hours in a row and you always have to be “on,” and you’re reaching people and you’re making a difference.

It’s the same thing with being a professional wrestler. The reason why people respond to Ric Flair and Triple H — the reason why these kids coming up are going crazy about John Cena — is because these men have impacted the fans’ lives in some way. I know that Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka were responsible for developing my personality as a child because they impacted me so much — their performance, their passion, the attention that I paid to them day-in and day-out — the same way that Ms. Brewster, my fifth-grade teacher, impacted my life and my personality because of the attention that I paid to her day-in and day-out. What’s your next goal in the world of sports-entertainment?

Matt Striker: I want to be a WWE Superstar.

Don’t miss Part II available Friday on Striker explains what it was like to momentarily be a star in front of thousands of fans at Continental Airlines Arena — nearly managing to outlast the man he calls “the greatest mat wrestler in the entire world.”

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Raven Makes First PPV Title Defense This Sunday vs. Abyss

July 13th, 2005 10:57

Nashville, TN (July 13 , 2005) – Is Abyss finally getting the legitimate title shot that he has been twice promised, or is he a pawn in a scheme by James Mitchell to destroy Raven?

There is no doubt that James Mitchell has delivered on his promise to get “The Monster” Abyss his long, overdue shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at “No Surrender” this Sunday. But Mitchell and Raven have a history in TNA. In one of the bloodiest, goriest moments in TNA History, Vampiro beat Raven in a “hair match” and Vampiro’s then manager, Mitchell used an electric razor to cut Ravens locks in what amounted to a bloody scalping.

Months later, Raven got his revenge in a beat-down on Mitchell that was so severe that he was hospitalized for massive blood loss.

Two weeks ago on iMPACT!, the stakes were raised when Raven stipulated that his first title defense would be a “Dog Collar No Surrender Match,” where he and Abyss would be tethered by a steel chain and victory will come by pin-fall only.

After a lengthy hiatus from TNA, why has James Mitchell returned? Is it to really help “The Monster” Abyss win the NWA Heavyweight Championship or is it a plan, hatched out by months of deliberation, to settle an old score with Raven?

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